The Grim Reaper

THE GRIM REAPER by [William Hanna]

Meet Mike Walker, a war correspondent who has dedicated his life to reporting the whole and honest truth. He exposes those who lie, exploit, and kill, to stay in power. That unwavering commitment has earned him a few enemies. Unfortunately for Walker, he’s exposed the wrong truth about the wrong person, and the Grim Reaper has come a knockin’.

The Grim Reaper by William Hanna does two things extraordinarily well. Even though this is a political fiction, the events Walker reports on are very real. The author puts a considerable amount of research into detailing his message. He pinpoints how seemingly innocuous policies gradually condition the population to accept genocide and mass murder as natural and for the good of the country. The second thing the author did well was explain the motivations for action and inaction in response to the innocuous looking policies. He breaks down the why and how of influencing someone to make a certain action. Half-way through the book, Walker makes the excellent point that prior victim-hood does not guarantee future innocence. Tangentially related he argues that bullies of the past, who have grown and changed, have an obligation to call out bullies of the present. This loop of responsibility and accountability is the only way to prevent, or barring that, shorten the amount of suffering experienced by the exploited.

If you are a lover of enthralling political fiction novels, then there are no downsides to this book. Keep in mind that Walker is an avid reporter of the truth who holds himself to a high level of integrity. He leaves nothing out when reporting the sort of events that produce refugees. The subject matter is dark, gritty, and real. It is an enjoyable book that lays it all out in an accessible way. It’s a long read, but that is not always a bad thing. I easily recommend it if you love thrilling mysteries steeped in political intrigue.

Pages: 356 | ASIN: B084YRFNYN

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