She Finds Herself Immersed

Scott Shinberg
Scott Shinberg Author Interview

Eden is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some obstacles you felt were important to her character development?

In Fly by Night, Eden experiences a range of situations and emotions that she has not had to deal with on the job before. She’s challenged throughout the book in ways that neither she nor the reader could have anticipated from the events of the first chapter. In the first two books in the series, she had to overcome any number of physical challenges while, in book three, she’s challenged both emotionally and intellectually. She certainly rises to the occasion and shows how creative she can be, too.

I appreciated how the novel flowed from action to culture and a bit of history. What were some themes you wanted to focus on in this book?

Just as Michelle is not a one-dimentional character, the locations, cultures, and events in which she finds herself immersed are interrelated and influenced by both her and each other. It’s important, not just for Michelle but for all of us, to understand where we’ve been since it has such a significant impact on where we’re going. In Fly by Night, I wanted to weave elements of the locales and people Michelle interacts with into the fabric of the story since it provides insight into the actions, reactions, attitudes, and sensitivities of the characters Michelle relies on, interacts with, goes up against, and/or has to rely on.

This is book three in your Michelle Reagan series. What can readers expect in book four?

Well, I can tell you this much: Book # 4 in the Michelle Reagan series starts out with a bang! Readers of the eBook version of Fly by Night can get a jump on the action and read the first chapter of Book # 4 as a special feature at the end of the eBook. In the next book, called Sargon the Third, Michelle criss-crosses Europe and the Middle East to find and stop an up-and-coming terrorist leader. Without giving away any spoilers, I can say that things get sexy, things get dangerous, and nothing ever goes as planned. In the end, readers will be choking back their own emotions as they flip pages as fast as they can to see how it all ends!

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The rescue of a kidnapped CIA officer takes an unimaginable turn for the worse.
To rescue a kidnapped CIA officer, the Agency sends elite tactical operator Michelle Reagan—code name Eden—into action. With the life of the kidnapped woman in the hands of a terrorist, Eden uncovers a sinister plot against America. She leads an elite team in a heart-pounding race against time to uncover the truth about a terrorist plot and unmask a possible mole in the CIA.

In a life-and-death fight against an enemy willing to die for its cause, Michelle struggles to accept the personal consequences of what she must do to stop the dramatic attack. Will she have to sacrifice the life of a friend in order to save the lives of thousands of innocent Americans?

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