Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity

Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity by [Mary Krygiel, Jen Yoon]

Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity is a great book not only for people that are enthusiastic and appreciative of history but also for readers that want to better themselves. Mary Krygiel is a gentle and patient writer. She writes about different concepts in ancient China, and explains every element, how useful it is and why people need to have the information in the book.

I like Mary Krygiel’s style of writing because unlike many authors that write about Chinese art, Krygiel makes the reader feel like they are part of the narration. She does not make assumptions nor does she rush over topics. Krygiel understands that not all of her readers are familiar with the topics in the book and so she puts in the extra effort when expounding on a particular subject. The first thing I liked about this book was the introduction. The author talks about the ancient Chinese and how they moved with nature. Through the introduction alone, the reader gets to learn how to understand and appreciate nature. On a deeper level, the author talks about when not to rush things, when to stop, how to move with times, and how one cultivates positive energy around them.

The introduction is not the only part of the book that had crucial lessons. Each chapter had nuggets of wisdom that readers will appreciate. These key lessons are spread throughout the book. At no point does the author flood a page with information. She knows how to balance the tales she gives in the book, a little history, comparisons of the present, and key lessons for the reader to take. Everything in the book from the narration to the delivery is a perfect balance.

There are a dozen topics that were fascinating to me. All the 5 realms in the book were interesting to read but the fire realm and the water realm stood out the most for me. I feel like the author was exceptional when writing these topics and many of the texts between the topics make sense to me more than any other. The texts on the earth realm, the metal realm, and the wood realm were also great and practical.

Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity is about knowing oneself, becoming a better person, and healing. The author has wise words of encouragement for people that may doubt their potential. Mary Krygiel’s words will push you to reach your goals and enable you to achieve your aspirations sooner than you expected. This is an enlightening book that will be critical to anyone on a journey of personal development and spiritual enlightenment.

Pages: 104 | ASIN: B08P9QBX4G

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