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Peace, Joy and Love: Christmas in Africa

Author and traveler Terry Lister brings back the true meaning of Christmas in Peace, Joy, And Love: Christmas In Africa. In this short page-turner, we go on a journey across Africa and discover the Christmas traditions of African countries. From folklore-based traditions to unique holiday cuisine, there is something to learn on every page. Throughout the book, we are reminded of the true Christmas spirit and how to reshape how we view and celebrate the holiday.

We often forget that Christmas is more than Black Friday shopping sprees, taking pictures at a mall, and opening lavish gifts on a random December morning. If I could sum up the impact of this book in one word, it would be “enlightening.” Lister lays bare the wholesome, unique, and sometimes overly simplistic traditions of many impoverished African communities in an honoring and respectful manner. He does not see these communities as lacking but rather admirable. That gives the reader a more positive perspective on a Holiday that has been taken over by global marketing giants. I appreciated the respect he showed to each African community in his writing.

Lister does a fantastic job at sharing facts in a simplistic but entertaining fashion. It felt easy to retain the information; I often let chapters simmer in my mind before moving on to the next. The photographs were a beautifully added touch. Although many were not high-quality in the traditional sense, they showcased rawness and the natural state of these festivities as if they were happening in real-time. It also added a feel of a travel diary to the overall writing and book that I thoroughly enjoyed – we went on the journey with Lister to discover these traditions.

My reading of Peace, Joy, And Love: Christmas In Africa left me feeling humbled, joyful, and ready to enter the season ahead with a new perspective. If you are looking to switch up your holiday reading from the traditional classic tales, I recommend diving into the Christmas spirit-filled pages of this book.

Pages: 90 | ASIN : B0BGQGC82G

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The Good News According to Jesus

The Good News According to Jesus: The Message and Resurrection of Jesus for the Mission of the Church is a book that can be used as excellent reference material for Jesus’ teachings. The author analyzes the bible extensively and writes about the word of God perfectly for the average reader to understand. The author discusses a variety of topics that give clarity to significant spiritual issues and are helpful in the Christian life. One of the most notable things one will notice in this well-researched book is the author’s inclusion of bible scriptures. Every topic discussed has a reference to its bible verse, which is an ideal way of getting one to read the bible. The author has relevant verses for every chapter and also discusses in depth the significance of the word of God.

After the introduction, the author starts by discussing new testament books. What do you know about the life of Jesus when he was on earth? Do religious books write enough about Jesus’ time, his purpose, and why he died? The author broadly covers the life of Jesus and his relations and writes about his work. I appreciate that the author poses questions as he writes and answers them satisfactorily. I was enlightened as I read about the death of Jesus, the challenges he faced, and the opposition he had to deal with. The author is thorough. One of his strengths is knowing how to break down a single event in the bible to share multiple lessons about Christianity and contemporary life.

The author, Donald Blosser, is unpretentious in his writing and emphasizes truths. In his thought-provoking book, the reader is introduced to fresh topics as the author discusses insightfully the role of religion. As a Christian, one gets the fulfillment of learning about the bible and following God’s teachings. The author’s use of simple terms and a friendly attitude make this book intriguing. He uses words that are easy to comprehend and engages the reader through the question and biblical references he has. He is also inspirational and uses an encouraging tone. This makes the book accessible to a wider range of readers, and not just religious scholars.

The Good News According to Jesus, is the ultimate guide to leading a Christian life. The author is open-minded and discusses issues that affect Christians in the modern world. He compares times in the bible and speaks of today’s ills as he shares what the Lord wants his people to do.  I recommend this book to Christian believers and individuals who want to renew their hope.

Pages: 84 | ISBN : 1645509761

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Inside Your Heaven

For readers searching for a book that hypothesizes the contents of the afterlife, this one is for you. Whether you’ve experienced something paranormal or psychic, or choose to believe in a world beyond the present, then Inside Your Heaven: Inspiring Stories of the Afterlife by April Natale is a must-read.

In a unique storytelling fashion, Natale has an openness that is real and raw about the experiences so many of us come face to face with life. She tells her story in a heart-warming and comforting tone, allowing readers to feel the authenticity of her experience. Furthermore, the inclusion of pop culture quoted from the likes of bands, singers, poets, and beyond personalized Natale’s story and gave credibility to her spiritual awakening.

Across thirty-nine chapters, Natale shares her journey from an abused child to a self-actualized adult. Through intuition that can only be described as ‘gifts,’ her experiences are memorable and astonishing at times. She frequently received messages in her dreams, angel numbers, and emotional surges. Natale provides evidence of her gifts through the anecdotal testimonials of friends, family members, and complete strangers. It’s nothing short of mind-blowing.

Beyond talk of the mystic, this book encompasses the emotional themes of sorrow, loss, trauma, and how the spiritual world doubled as a coping mechanism across various stages of the author’s life. An entire chapter is dedicated to the stages of grief fought after the loss of her beloved step-father. It validates the depths of sadness of the loss of a love that is relatable and the individualism that comes with healing, including the guilt of those who continue to remain on earth.

Pages: 244 | ASIN : B09B1JZDD6

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You Are The Driver Of Your Own Life

Author Interview
Elizabeth Grubbs Author Interview

Grip Life is a self-help book that will help readers find balance in the key areas of their life using a Christian-based approach backed with research to guide them. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This book was important for me to write because it raises awareness of the need for a person to care for his or her health, in all seven elements of health- physically, mental, family, vocational, spiritual, financial, and social and to remind all humanity that one element can influence the status of the other health elements.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

Life offers choices in every element of health regardless of quality. If one is breathing one is participating in life. Thus, one needs to evaluate self/ health to maintain or improve his or her health.

What Is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

You are the driver of your own life. Don’t allow anybody to sit in your seat.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from this book?

Life is precious because you only get a chance to live it one time. Grip Life by caring for all seven elements of your health.

Author Links: Facebook

Grip Life addresses the following seven health elements that are experienced by most humans:
•physical health: body wellness
•mental health: mind wellness
•family health: relative contacts
•vocational health: employment skills
•financial health: budget mastery
•social health: group participation
•spiritual health: Christian living

Use the suggestions in this book to help yourself to maintain or to acquire a normal, productive life by not neglecting any element of your life. Use the spaces provided to write your improvement plan or maintenance plan for each element for a healthier you.

Grip Life

Grip Life by Elizabeth Grubbs helps readers to look within themselves and find areas that need improvement based on the seven elements of life. These seven elements are physical, mental, family, financial, vocational, social, and spiritual health. The author discusses each element by providing her experiences and her professional opinion, which is backed by science. At the end of each chapter is a biblical thought that relates to the seven elements and a checklist for readers to create a plan to better themselves in these areas.

Author Grubbs has written a mentally stimulating short read that doesn’t waste time with extra fluff. The author gets to the point, and I appreciate that she included her own experiences based on these elements as it helped make her advice believable. The author also provides research to back up her claims making this a credible read.

The seven elements listed are great points to help you become a well-rounded person as it touches upon your mental health, work, physical health, and even your social life. This is the perfect read to guide us to bettering ourselves in certain areas of our lives especially since we are all picking up the pieces from dealing with COVID. I appreciated that the author included a health self- checkup list after each element, as this allowed me to score myself in this particular area and list my thoughts on what I just read. This helped me to reflect on the information that was provided to me as well as the areas I need to improve.

I highly recommend Grip Life to everyone in different stages of their life as there is always something to improve within ourselves. The fact that this is a short read is perfect for our busy lives.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0916ZYK3V

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Unite My Readers and Offer Hope For the Future

MD,Lori Schneider Author Interview

A Brighter TOMORROW is a collection of poetry and artwork that inspires hope for the future. What motivates you to write poetry?

Thank you so much for the kind review of my book! I discovered my love of writing poetry during the pandemic. I have been a neurologist in private practice since 1994, and in the past, I did not have time for creative writing. It was not until the lockdown that I discovered the catharsis of writing. I initially found myself drawn into contentious debates on Facebook and started writing daily blogs regarding the pandemic and politics. After many heated discussions, I felt great sorrow that the world was so divided and despondent. This dark time in history spurred me to write inspirational poetry to unite my readers and offer hope for the future.

I created a Facebook Poetry page and posted new poems weekly. Suddenly, the same people who disagreed with my political views were thanking me for brightening their day and motivating me to keep writing. As my poetry collection grew, many of my readers encouraged me to publish my work, and the idea for A Brighter TOMORROW was born. My former medical school colleague, Dr. Mark Salevitz, is an accomplished artist. I felt his beautiful, brightly colored impressionist artwork perfectly complemented my uplifting poetry and helped create a unique coffee table book.

My favorite poem from this collection is ‘No Regrets’. Do you have a favorite poem in this book?

“We Are the Same, You and Me” is my favorite poem in the book. Michael Beschloss’s thought-provoking book Presidents of War sparked the idea for this poem. So many wars have been waged without just cause by impulsive, arrogant, misguided, and, at times, evil leaders. This poem eerily foreshadowed the war in Ukraine and was published in the anthology “War Against Peace” to promote peace and solidarity for Ukraine across the globe.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in your poetry?

The goal of my book was to explore critical issues that became more magnified during the pandemic, including racism, loneliness, mental illness, loss, etc., and then have the book evolve to celebrate human resourcefulness with the themes of courage, love, and hope. I was particularly impressed by all the brave frontline workers who sacrificed so much for the well-being of others. My poems also go back in time to illustrate prior hardships such as World War II, the Spanish flu, and natural disasters, highlighting the human will to persevere.

Do you have plans to write and publish more works of poetry?

I am currently working on an inspirational poetry book for children, The Inspiring World of Ella Rose La Fleur, to be published next year. My YouTube Channel, The Adventures of Ella Rose La Fleur, contains animated videos inspired by these poems. These videos are helping to raise awareness and money for The Pinky Swear Foundation, a wonderful charity supporting children battling cancer.

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook-Book | Facebook-Author | YouTube | YouTube – EllaRose

No one could have truly predicted the mass devastation of the pandemic of 2020. Everyone in the world has been affected and forever changed in some way by the pandemic. Hopefully, most people will emerge as better human beings, with a greater level of understanding and support for their fellow man.

During this tumultuous time, I was overwhelmed with emotions regarding COVID-19, politics, racial injustice, love, and courage. I turned to pen and paper to express my feelings and discovered poetry as an extremely cathartic form of writing.

Through poetry, I found great insight and solace during a very dark time in history. I believe poetry is the window to the soul that can help illuminate the darkness.

I hope the reader finds great comfort and hope for the future through the poetry and beautiful artwork contained in this book. Together we can have a brighter tomorrow!

A Brighter Tomorrow

A Brighter Tomorrow by Dr. Lori Schneider is an inspirational and thought-provoking book of poems that cover an array of topics. The book serves as a diary in which Lori Schneider discusses the Covid- 19 pandemic, racial injustice, love, and many more issues. Each poem is accompanied by beautiful eye-catching images. These images make the reader stop and reflect on the verse that they have just read and ponder how the images relate to the words.

The topic of the pandemic is incredibly precious, as Dr. Schneider is a practicing neurologist and more than likely had an up-close look at the chaos and horror of the Covid-19 pandemic. Writing poetry was her way of coping with this dark time that engulfed the world.

Schneider does not shy away from showing her emotional and vulnerable side. By doing so, her poems seem more relatable and honest, making this a valuable read for those struggling to manage the complex feelings of this time. Her poems are inspiring and uplifting, and I appreciate that through a dark time, she found light through writing.

The book is divided into several different topics, with each topic clearly important to the author and significant moments that have impacted us as a society. Schneider’s poems are not overladed with metaphors or overly complicated word choices, making this a smooth read that is accessible to readers on many levels. With the diversity of topics, there is something for all readers to find and connect with.

Dr. Lori Schneider’s poems are candid and evoke emotions in the readers, making this one book hard to put down. Yet, this is one book that can be read over again and shared with friends. A Brighter TOMORROW is the collection of poetry we all need to heal from these past few years.

Pages: 100 | ASIN : B09QVDG7RT

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Protectors of the Light

Protectors of the Light, by Ivy Gilbert, introduces us to Hannah and Nick Hanley. Hannah is involved in a car accident and has an out of body experience. Years later, Hannah returns home after her parents deaths and runs into Nick, her twin brother. Over the years, the two had grown distant from one another and they both…have secrets. Nick, too, had an experience similar to Hannah’s. With time, Hannah and Nick realize coming clean and working together would save countless lives. But will their secrets be exposed in time, or will darkness prevail?

Protectors of the Light is a story readers of many genres will enjoy. The bond between the two siblings is explored at length in the story and is an enjoyable relationship to follow. The fact that they each have flaws but are still open to giving each other a chance is what makes the plot interesting. The supernatural element in the story is fascinating and well-crafted. Gilbert’s descriptions immerse the reader in the story and give a real sense of the characters’ surroundings and what they are feeling.

Hannah is going through the empty-nest phase of life and now wonders how best to fill her time. Nick has been searching for something that has been missing in his life for years. Their struggles are highly relatable. The author manages to weave a tale of the supernatual seamlessly with the search for a higher purpose. As the story progresses, the author expertly builds the mystery, tension, and action as the plot unfolds making this a book that is difficult to put down.

I highly recommend Protectors of the Light, by Ivy Gilbert. This thrilling supernatural read is perfect for those who are looking for a fascinating plot with well-developed characters who will help them get in touch with their spiritual side.

Pages: 229 | ASIN: ‎ B0B1JBRDBR

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