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Christianity A Flawed Religion

Christianity A Flawed Religion provides an argument on how Christian dogma keeps humanity in bondage to sin and a suffering world, and how to fix it. This insightful book provides readers with author Warren William Luce’s wisdom and thought-provoking arguments about Christianity and its tenants. This informative book presents details of the philosophy behind why Christianity, like many other religions, is flawed in some aspects. Among the chief reasons for this logic are the arguments of Trials and Tribulations, Change, Excommunication, and how man has inserted their views into the word of Christ. Luce presents a well-thought-out thesis for the arguments made and does a great job of expanding upon those ideas.

The beginning of the book entails a broad view of Luce’s life. It goes into detail about his upbringing, his family life, time in the war, and living a nominal Christian life– that is, being a Christian in name only, instead of abiding by the true teachings of Jesus. Among many arguments made, the details that hindered Luce’s belief in Christian doctrine consist of questions, the validity of his own beliefs, and how professing Christians in the world today do not mirror the Christians found in early church accounts and biblical scriptures. The book closes with a charge from Warren, asking who it is you believe: Christian theologians or Jesus. And if it is Jesus you profess in creed, then to live through the example He set, and the way of life He paved according to the Christian scriptures.

Luce has written a compelling book that brings up good points and ideas to support his argument that Christianity is a flawed religion in some ways. However, it seemed as if the views in this book were relatively negative, but ended with a challenge to the reader, and had plenty of scriptures to support the claims made. I would recommend this book to anyone who might be interested in exploring religion or challenging their own viewpoints of Christianity.

Christianity a Flawed Religion: How Christian Dogma Inadvertently Keeps Humanity In Bondage to Sin and a Suffering World and How to Fix It is a thoughtful book that will interest readers of religious dogma, spiritual texts, and philosophical non-fiction.

Pages: 248 | ISBN : 9781716028793

Not a Blueprint; It’s the Shoeprints That Matter

Relationships play a significant role in human experiences throughout life’s journey. Nina Norstrom, in her memoir Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoeprints That Matters refers to the toxic relationships she lives, endures, and learns through as a daughter, mate, mother, and working woman. The reader is taken on the author’s journey as they follow the shoeprints she leaves along her life path and those left behind by many others in her life. By going along with these shoeprints, the by-products of her life, readers learn about her battle against toxic relationships in various forms.

There are seventeen chapters in the memoir, which begin with an account of the author’s life. In the first nine chapters of the book, the author describes her experiences and struggles with domestic violence, both as a child witness it and in her own personal relationships. Throughout the remaining chapters, the author vividly recalls, her experiences while dealing with the toxic relationship with cancer that invades the life of her angel, her daughter.

In addition to expressing the author’s diverse emotions, the book pays homage to Nina Norstrom’s daughter, who tragically succumbed to a diseased toxic relationship in her life. My experience as a reader was emotional, and I commend the author for being open about her feelings while letting the readers inside the usually restricted area of a person’s psyche. The poems written for the departed soul of her daughter are beautifully expressed, seeping out the multitude of emotions of a parent. Moreover, the other feelings expressed in the book, whether it’s grief, anger, or resentment towards certain people, fate, or God, are raw and genuine.

This inspirational non-fiction story recounts Nina Norstrom’s journey of grief, guilt, and anger at God, to the path of finding peace with the will of God. Apart from providing solid shoes with which one can walk the hard paths of life, God also accompanies His children as they leave their shoeprints along the life journey. In the end, four appendices provide support resources, centers, and reading materials for those who are caught up in toxic relationships and would like support.

Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoeprints That Matter is a deeply personal memoir that is recommended for those who want motivation from a genuine account of a battle with toxicity and self-reflection in the aftermath of trauma.

Pages: 179 | ASIN : B016X198SO

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Her Heart

Her Heart by Mary L. Schmidt is an inspiring and emotionally riveting story of a woman who, after years of abuse, can finally find love. Sarah is a warm-hearted nurse, a loving mother, and a women who experienced an unpleasant childhood. After years of abuse from a husband she doesn’t love she manages to leave with her son. Concerned for her son’s wellbeing, Sarah starts a new life on her own. Free of the abusive husband, and with a fresh start on life, Sarah has no intention of getting into a relationship or even thinking of marriage again. That is until an old friend from her past comes back into her life. Will Sarah believe she is worthy enough to be loved? Will she be able to trust again?

Mary L. Schmidt has written a powerful story that will inspire women who are going through the turmoil of abuse. Sarah’s story is a testament that a better life for themselves is possible, and that they are worthy of being happy. Mary’s writing is honest, and she doesn’t hold back when describing the horrifying and disturbing situations that abused women face. The author takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster and readers really get to feel Sarah’s hopelessness. Mary’s character development is one to be admired as you see Sarah, who is an emotionally broken woman, come out of this shell of defeat and begin to rebuild her life. Through the guidance of her Cherokee grandmother’s spirit, Sarah finds her voice.

Her Heart is a powerful and emotionally stirring story that will have you rooting for Sarah. This fast and gripping read will appeal to those who can relate to Sarah’s experience but also to readers who want to understand the same trauma that Sarah lives through. It is a heartfelt story of drama, self-discovery, and perseverance.

Pages: 94 | ASIN : B09CP2C1LK

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Building With Discarded Stones

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Timothy Buckley writes extensively about God, spirituality, the bible and Christianity in his illuminating book, Building With Discarded Stones. Readers get to be enlightened about an array of topics that range from being a believer to how religion has impacted the masses. I loved it when the author included history references when expounding on a subject. The history lessons were remarkable and gave one the urge to read more. Stories about himself, family and associate were also fascinating and contained numerous lessons. One thing I learned from the tales that Timothy Buckley gave was that patience is one of the virtues that many people do not have, but need. Life is a journey and not everything can happen in an instance. As a Christian, there are many examples in the bible that teach patience. The author encourages the reader to love the scripture as the bible is like a life manual for Christians.

The tone in the book is modest. Timothy Buckley understands his readers and thus uses a friendly language even when talking about hard-hitting subjects. One thing you will love about the author is the honesty he displays. He freely talks about his missteps and even points out vices in society that have been normalized. Reading this book will show you how phony people can be, and how one can help them change their behavior. The author also helps you as a reader to see yourself through a different lens. Timothy Buckley will help you improve your character and get you to lead a righteous life like Jesus wants.

This book is full of love and positivity. Some of the topics that had a heavy impact on me include chapters that touched on human love, being prayerful, your connection to God almighty and how to relate with believers and non believers, the role of the bible, forgiveness and reconciliation. I appreciate the author for the diversity in topics. This book is mostly about religion and spirituality, but the reader gets enlightened about much more than just religion. You get to learn how to live better and how to appreciate what life offers.

Building With Discarded Stones is an encouraging and poignant spiritual guide that shares life changing lessons that have the potential to improve your life.

Pages: 166 | ISBN: 1664158316

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Presence, the Play

Presence, the Play by [William Jefferson]

Presence, The Play is an intellectually invigorating tale that plays with the imagination and words itself. Script is a Brother in Estillyen’s Sacred Order of Storytellers, an ancient order of monks dedicated to telling the stories of the world and creating them. Script’s play, Presence is about to open in the Theatre Portesque, but tragedy strikes. Script is thrust into a world in which not everything is clear to see and he is tasked with a very important mission that will place him in Hell itself.

The concept of Presence, The Play is similar to Alice in Wonderland in the complete creation of a new world with its own laws and wording that can be literal and metaphorical. However, the book is not the typical Alice in Wonderland story in that our hero, Script, controls his own fate and learns to navigate this new world. There are hidden meanings within Script’s journey that he unravels and applies to life. Another element of the book that makes it so interesting is its religious aspect. The religious ideas never become overly didactic, but it is applied in a unique perspective, particularly as it relates to the power of words and stories. Another element of the Alice in Wonderland style narrative is that in the end, the reader is left questioning how much is real or imagined.

The themes explored in this contemplative novel are intriguing. The book is a great reminder of the power and importance of words and stories. The religious undertones enhance this message as well by emphasizing the power of ancient stories and lessons. Furthermore, the book seems to impart the lessons of rejoicing in art and literature and sharing them with others or being kind to others in this age of social media. In a world where the power of art is diminished by media every day, this book is a powerful reminder of the potent messages art carries.

Presence, the Play is a thought-provoking story that is well-written, has great characters, and a great message. If you enjoy uniquely expressive novels then this imaginative story is for you.

Pages: 257 | ASIN: B08X6B7RHF

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Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical

Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is an intriguing book. It gets the reader to think about the spiritual world, the real world, and draw comparisons. The author writes in detail, capturing all the important information that the reader may want to learn about. Reading this book was a pleasant experience. Austin Maleik Collings gets one to think beyond the world we live in. Each page has something unique. The reader not only learns about one’s physical self, but also one’s spirituality and how to connect the two. The book goes over a topic more than once just so the audience understands the subject matter being discussed.

Some of the topics discussed appeared complex at first but after reading through a few pages, the reader gets to understand why the author selected the topics. I appreciate the author for writing this book as at the end of the reading, one gets to learn about different topics that can help one understand life. Reading about righteousness and evil was one of my favorite moments. How does one decide to be good or bad? Is free will a great thing for humans? While reading parts of the book that talked about evil, I reflected on my experiences and encounters with people who did good and some that were disappointing. Austin Maleik Collings will help you know more about yourself.

There are some pages which focus on being human and relating to God. These pages were also favorites. As an adult, it is one’s responsibility to live according to God’s wishes and taking part in constructive activities. Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is the kind of book believers and every human being should read because it enables one to understand complex subjects like the spiritual world, the power God has and our existence. One thing that stands out in Austin Maleik Collings’s writing is his narration and breaking down of points. The author does not rush especially when he introduces a new topic. While reading, you get to realize that the author writes hoping to engage with readers of all kinds. The diction in the book is excellent and the words used are easy to comprehend.

Austin Maleik Collings does not use technical terms which can be confusing for the reader. The paragraphs are far from complicated and the author’s inclusion of tales is a fun concept. Insights to the spiritual world and interactions with the physical is the kind of book that you read on a quiet afternoon when you are relaxing. Getting to learn about the earth, the spiritual side and the physical side was a delight. The ending of the book leaves readers in suspense, which was a great concept as it gets every avid reader to think of possible scenarios that would follow while digesting the content of the book.


Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity

Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity by [Mary Krygiel, Jen Yoon]

Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity is a great book not only for people that are enthusiastic and appreciative of history but also for readers that want to better themselves. Mary Krygiel is a gentle and patient writer. She writes about different concepts in ancient China, and explains every element, how useful it is and why people need to have the information in the book.

I like Mary Krygiel’s style of writing because unlike many authors that write about Chinese art, Krygiel makes the reader feel like they are part of the narration. She does not make assumptions nor does she rush over topics. Krygiel understands that not all of her readers are familiar with the topics in the book and so she puts in the extra effort when expounding on a particular subject. The first thing I liked about this book was the introduction. The author talks about the ancient Chinese and how they moved with nature. Through the introduction alone, the reader gets to learn how to understand and appreciate nature. On a deeper level, the author talks about when not to rush things, when to stop, how to move with times, and how one cultivates positive energy around them.

The introduction is not the only part of the book that had crucial lessons. Each chapter had nuggets of wisdom that readers will appreciate. These key lessons are spread throughout the book. At no point does the author flood a page with information. She knows how to balance the tales she gives in the book, a little history, comparisons of the present, and key lessons for the reader to take. Everything in the book from the narration to the delivery is a perfect balance.

There are a dozen topics that were fascinating to me. All the 5 realms in the book were interesting to read but the fire realm and the water realm stood out the most for me. I feel like the author was exceptional when writing these topics and many of the texts between the topics make sense to me more than any other. The texts on the earth realm, the metal realm, and the wood realm were also great and practical.

Reign: A Guide to Ruling Your Inner Kingdom of Self with Grace, Power, and Authenticity is about knowing oneself, becoming a better person, and healing. The author has wise words of encouragement for people that may doubt their potential. Mary Krygiel’s words will push you to reach your goals and enable you to achieve your aspirations sooner than you expected. This is an enlightening book that will be critical to anyone on a journey of personal development and spiritual enlightenment.

Pages: 104 | ASIN: B08P9QBX4G

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The knowledge of the willing

Ramzi Najjar
Ramzi Najjar Author Interview

The YOU beyond you shares your experiences to help readers reach their true potential. You stated in our previous interview that people need to stay motivated to survive. How do you stay motivated?

Well motivation alone is not sufficient. One can be motivated all the time but reach no place. You can compare motivation to a muscles car, if you have a bad driver behind the wheel the experience would generate a lot of chaos. Before being motivated, one should filter all negativity acquired from the outside, by avoiding putting himself in unpleasant scenarios or situations and reasoning his actions and reactions, thus implementing a system where he uses his consciousness in everything he does. We need to be proactive in acquiring knowledge and not let data in, in a passive manner. I personally have removed TV, news, unhealthy social interactions, and all sorts of data that can get to my mind in an unconscious way by totally avoiding being exposed to them.

Once this is in place, you can put a clear vision for your life and the lack of demotivators can leave space to motivation which can be directed towards productive goals. Remove all negative data intake from what surrounds you and your mind and thoughts will be automatically shift towards productivity.

You stated that the majority of what we know is only partial. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to come to terms with that?

Yes, I believe all what we know and all what we could ever know no matter how ample it is, would remain partial in nature and this is due to the fact that we as humans are just a small fragment of the reality we live in, and our brains can only read a limited spectrum of it. The way to deal with that is to always take this as a constant and never have rigid beliefs in life which always lead to aggressiveness and mind-blocks.

Knowing that our knowledge is partial in any subject should always lead to more lenient social interactions.

Moreover, one should work on segregating these partial realities inside of him and encompass his logic as to what to keep and what to let go, on daily basis. This is a strength and not a weakness, as if our knowledge was rigid and complete, our humanity would be stagnant with little room of development.

Do you plan to write more books on this same subject?

Yes, this was the tip of the iceberg. I am intending to write a second book explaining more in depth the dynamics I communicated to readers in The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the willing.

Author Links: GoodReads | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

The YOU beyond you — A book that will change your perception of life

We always experience life through our subjective perceptions, built-up beliefs, and what we have been taught or told by others and seldomly stop to meditate on the reality which surrounds us.

Most of our beliefs and perceptions today are nothing but a collection of misleading ideas due to the many blockages in our lives, that hinder to a great extent our understanding of our own reality.

This enlightened guide offers the reader a method to dissolve all that is acquired as bad habits, beliefs, and energies, which have been gathered through experiences and passive knowledge and unlocks a new dimension of reality based on its true mechanics and mode of action and based on concepts, principles, and givens never heard of before.

“The YOU beyond you” contains the real secrets of life and how they operate within us and within our environment. A process that occurs right before our eyes yet mostly goes unseen due to the many obstructions in our lives.

A must-read of at least once in a lifetime, for everyone who is willing to experience the real dimension of existence and go beyond the limited norms. The book contains the tip of the iceberg of life’s nature, on which one can use as a platform to unveil his full knowledge and his true potentials.

No matter who we are or what our life goal is, our bad habits and unhealthy beliefs are the only reasons that trouble us in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

In this book, you will embark on thorough research on how these bad habits and chaotic knowledge which are gathered through our lives get embedded in our life system and create a negative framework for our lives. You will also be set on an attitude that lets you consciously and unconsciously break free from these limitations and experience the true path where everything prospers.

A guide for readers of all ages, helping them to rise to the level of their life goals. Written with the sole purpose of assisting the reader to understand how mind, body, and soul work within our environment and how these age-old beliefs and perceptions which we accumulated can be turned around, dissolved, or turned into a directed drive to flourish.

Inspired by biological and psychological theories, ideas, and true-life experiences, this comprehensive guide provides you with an extraordinary life approach to reach new heights. The book will truly transform your life.

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