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Quest For The Emerald Crystal – Book #2: Spiritual Warriors In Belize

Spiritual Warriors in Belize is the second book in Dan Ford’s Quest for the Emerald Crystal spiritual intrigue novel series. A spiritual thriller with fantasy elements, this novel picks up after the events of the first book in the series, Spiritual Warriors in the Bahamas. The protagonists, spiritual warriors known as “The Seekers,” follow Diana to the Central American country of Belize in their quest to stop her from dominating the world using an all-powerful crystal energy source used by the ancient Atlantean civilization. 

The novel is action-packed with twists and turns, keeping the reader on the edge of their seats. Diana Daggert, despite the confrontation in the Bahamas, manages to acquire the Emerald Crystal and sets her scientists to work on replicating this advanced technology. The plot follows the protagonists as they attempt to steal the crystal back from Diana and destroy it before she can use its power to dominate the world in every aspect.

In this sequel, new characters with new kinds of capabilities are introduced as they join the family of spiritual seekers in their quest in Belize. Throughout the story, the characters discover that they are all spiritually connected due to their past relationships. The story also has fantastic queer representations, as gay and lesbian characters have their own romantic subplots. An inspirational thriller aimed at mature readers, Spiritual Warriors in Belize deals with complex philosophical discussions on the origin and evolution of individual souls, violence, and sexual themes. However, the author’s excellent use of humor lightens up the mood, and the well-developed world immerses the reader fully into the story.

Dan Ford’s spiritual intrigue series keeps getting more interesting with each book. I would recommend the Quest for the Emerald Crystal series to everyone interested in knowing more about spirituality, mythology, and human evolution in the form of an action-packed thriller.

Pages: 399 | ASIN : B0BXFNL2GL

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To See God

In To See God, Bruce J. Berger enlightens the reader on the journey of spirituality, understanding God, and following religion. The author uses tales that believers can relate to sharing the message of a loving God, living righteously, and following the same steps as Christ did when he was on earth.

The tales in the book, the characters that the author uses as a reference, and the lessons at the end of every discussion are some of the notable elements in this book. Bruce J. Berger writes in an easy to comprehend manner. Reading this book gives one a sense of belonging. As a reader, you feel good about being a child of God and even feel better knowing that higher powers are looking over you.

The author tells the story of Jewish siblings and family who, despite being disconnected by distance, time, and religious beliefs, have a way of bonding at some point. The story reads like a surreal novel, with mystery and complex elements. The mixed mystery and suspense in the pages make for an exciting read. Bruce J. Berger’s manner of combining the different storylines into a larger overall plot was expertly done.  

In the main story, a lady by the name of Theodora gets a vision that her grand-nephew, who is in the United States of America, is likely the second coming of Jesus. Now, Theodora is a staunch Greek Orthodox nun who has gone through interesting experiences herself. However, one of the most notable moments in her life was when she was saved from the holocaust by the Virgin Mary. Theodora is in a country miles away from her grand-nephew, and following her journey was enchanting.

Bruce J. Berger writes to help readers build their faith. Amazingly, such a sacred and educational book was written not just for believers but also for readers that are questioning their spirituality. The author has a talent for conveying love, sanctity, and religion. As a reader, you are able to engage with the author through his words.

I like that as you read the book, you are able to ask multiple theological questions and get answers from the book. This is a thought-provoking book that will leave readers reflecting on family, and religious paths, balancing life’s experiences, dealing with personal challenges, and learning about God and spiritual life. To See God is a captivating addition to the Forgiveness and Faith Novel series.

Pages: 302 | ASIN : B0BNVQ7XQW

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I Am A Survivor by Janice E Holliman is a powerful memoir that details the author’s struggles with chronic Crohn’s disease and multiple other health concerns. In her pursuit of adequate healthcare despite various complex medical issues, she encounters many setbacks and learns how to identify the changes in her own body. Learning to identify the changes in herself and explain them to medical personnel was a key part of her story. Holliman shares her deeply personal poems throughout her journey, which serve as a window into her emotional experiences. In addition, her faith is a strong presence throughout the book, providing a source of strength and inspiration as she battles her illness.

The book’s central theme of survival highlights the indomitable human spirit’s ability to persevere in the face of adversity. Holliman’s writing beautifully captures the powerful connection between the mind and body, showcasing the importance of self-awareness and self-care in managing chronic illness. In addition, the author’s poetry featured in the book adds a layer of depth to the writing. This inspirational book is a moving testament to the resilience, strength, and unwavering determination of the human spirit in the face of unimaginable challenges.

Readers will be encouraged by Holliman’s incredible resilience and willingness to help others. This insightful book offers a unique perspective on the unexpected gifts that sickness and misfortune can bestow upon a person. I Am A Survivor is an essential read that captures a unique voice and lived experience that will undoubtedly benefit others facing similar challenges. Those who enjoy biographies and survival stories will find Holliman’s book memorable and inspirational.

Pages: 306 | ISBN : 1648583830

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Naomi’s Journey Into the Light

Naomi’s Journey Into the Light is a story about Naomi Larson, a woman whose life encounters are both intriguing and inspiring. Naomi may seem like the typical girl next door, but her life is a testimony that God exists and loves his people. The author starts the book on a relatively sad note as the reader is introduced to 18-year-old Naomi, who has just learned that her mother is fatally ill. Now, this would be distressing for any child. However, mothers are pillars in most homes, and for Naomi, her mother being sick and possibly having a short time to live frightened her. It was unfortunate that her mother later passed on, but in her passing, Naomi came to understand some things that she was previously oblivious to.

Author Sam Rawlins writes about Naomi in the most natural way. As a reader, you feel you have met Naomi or can relate to some of her stories. Naomi’s life was not extraordinary life, but she was different. A lot of things happened after the loss of her mother. She encountered challenges, met good friends, met people who appeared to be guardian angels, and even found her path to God. Naomi also worked as a chaplain assistant in a hospice, which revealed to her the true purpose she had on this earth, among other things. Through Naomi’s story, Sam Rawlins can show readers how to realize their true purpose on earth, the journey of faith, and why religion is crucial for everyone.

As the author narrates Naomi’s and other peoples’ tales, the reader can pick lifetime lessons, notes on spirituality, and how to lead a righteous life. I especially like Sam Rawlins’s writing style, as he is charming and entertaining. Even as he writes about God, faith, hope, and being Christ’s soldiers, the author incorporates light moments in the text to make the reading exciting. Through the book, one realizes that we have often encountered God differently. You have probably met God through your work, at school, and in different seasons in your life, but you have no idea when it happened. I appreciate the author for making us reflect on our daily encounters and helping Christians strengthen their faith in God through the sacred text in his book. Every chapter in the book has a crucial lesson on finding the light and becoming a true child of God. Like Naomi, most Christians go through experiences that they may not fully comprehend at first but understand in the future.

Naomi’s Journey Into the Light is an inspirational book that takes readers on a spiritual journey. This well-written book will be an excellent read for believers aiming to live fulfilling lives, those facing obstacles, Christians battling spiritual wars, and those wanting to do missionary work. Sam Rawlins is a fantastic author with gems on spirituality, believing, and being God’s servants.

Pages: 176 | ASIN : B0B2374T8L

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Quest For The Emerald Crystal – Book #1

Spiritual Warriors in the Bahamas by Dan Ford is the first book in the Quest for the Emerald Crystal spiritual intrigue novel series. I would describe it as a supernatural thriller that follows a group of spiritual seekers on their journey to explore the secrets of Atlantis, the lost continent set in the Bahamas.

While the plot of this book is complex and detailed, the characters are wonderfully complex, and the writing is exceptional. The book is primarily aimed at mature readers, as it deals with in-depth philosophical discussions on the origin and evolutionary process of individual souls. It’s a challenging but worthwhile read that involves a complicated plot and suspense, as various interrelated subplots serve as pieces of a lamore giantuzzle. The main themes of the book are reincarnation, the spiritual concepts of Zenithians, who are potent entities and guides, and the Supreme Consciousness, an all-powerful source of energy that created the Earth, its souls, and as an extension of itself.

Ford takes the reader on a journey through time, from the beginning of human evolution to the present. When Adam, the novel’s protagonist, survives an accident due to divine intervention, he embarks on a journey of spiritual discovery, finding himself in a plot bigger than life. He soon learns of more excellent plans in action and must face dangers ahead, which threaten humanity in the same way Atlantis was annihilated.

I would recommend the Quest for the Emerald Crystal series to everyone interested in knowing more about spirituality, mythology, and human evolution in the form of a thriller.

ASIN B0BB8PPHDG | Pages: 479

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Margaret Anne: Child of the West Wind

Margaret Anne by Ronan James Cassidy is a story about a child born from a forbidden love between a wealthy businessman from the Carolinas and a beautiful Haitian woman. The plot centers around how the child offers divine love and inspiration in a world surrounded by mysteries that influence people’s paths in life, including blessings and curses from powers beyond our realm.

As evil walks beside us, so does light, which sometimes shines from the most unexpected source. Through the turmoil of the Civil War and tenets of slavery comes a story of a beautiful child destined to purify the world. Who is she, what is her purpose, and will she be able to fulfill her sacred mission? What will be the cost of the divine plan to her and those she loves?

The storyline unfolds against the backdrop of the colonial south, where many people faced numerous challenges in life when one’s skin color dictated social and economic standing in society. The book is an exciting journey of one young woman searching for a way to save her world from dark forces lurking in the shadows of plain sight.

This is an incredibly intricate novel written in the classical style of the nineteenth century. The language is rich, descriptive, and perfectly conveys the people and settings of this time. It’s a great read that will delight those who enjoy mystery storylines and the writing style of James Fenimore Cooper or Jane Austin. Margaret Anne is a must-read guaranteed to leave you captivated and enchanted.

ASIN B0B57PKYGP| Pages: 683

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A Fresh Look At Living Forever

A Fresh Look At Living Forever by Donald L. Thomas is a book he put together after decades of restless research, first and foremost, to give himself answers to some of the world’s most asked and never answered questions.

Thomas was a college student when he was faced with Darwin’s theory of evolution; this led him to his decades-long quest to answer the biggest question out there: Are we here by chance or by plan? In other terms, are we here thanks to billions of years of evolution, or were we created by a creator? Thomas mentions that the probability of life existing merely by chance is 1. A planet with water, just the right amount away from the sun, with oxygen, and simple organisms that have evolved into what they are today. How does nature know that we need a nose to breathe or eyes to see? How does nature know that feet are for walking and fins are for swimming? These are just a few of the questions Thomas asks.

A huge focus in this book is indeed God or a Creator, whatever that might be for the reader. Thomas does not hide that he was raised in a religious family, which impacted him and his beliefs. He also mentions that we believe in the existence of God primarily because we believe our existence has a purpose and that he has found that many people will believe in their religion no matter what.

What I really appreciate about this book as a reader is that even though the author clearly has a viewpoint that he firmly believes in, he does not in any way say anything that would dismiss other people’s beliefs. Rather it is about if we are here thanks to evolution or a creator. Furthermore, he mentions different religions and historical figures such as Jesus, Moises, and Mohamed, official religious texts, and more to support his theory.

In addition to that, even though the book tackles subjects that are extremely abstract and muddled in day-to-day life, the tone in which it is written is remarkably friendly and luring. As a result, you will find yourself reading and feeling like you are having an intense and meaningful chat with a friend.

The great thing about A Fresh Look At Living Forever is that it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the author’s beliefs. They are presented in a manner that is nonconfrontational and will leave the reader with much to think about. It is really interesting to read about all of these topics and see these questions answered and backed up by science and history. I recommend this book to any curious soul out there who has a few hours to spare for a genuinely good book. 

Pages: 102 | ISBN : 1949813231

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Faith, Hope, and Other Verse

Faith, Hope, and Other Verse is author Thomas Frackenpohl’s interpretation of the wonders the world has bestowed around his life, bound across several dozen short poems in this thought-provoking book.

Frackenpohl’s writing is reflective. An obvious theme across the numerous pieces is the somber opening tone. It generally brings with it a degree of melancholy that provokes the reader to evaluate their own personal circumstances and to uptake the lessons on the page that correlate with the theme of each verse. These, however, end on an uplifting note with an overall message that life is difficult at the best of times – all we owe to ourselves is to serve our souls kindly. Schoolings on the purpose of life, values, and morals alongside virtues are the foundations of this piece of work.

Overall, the structure of these verses results in scenic, quick reads that achieve the claims in the author’s note. Frackenpohl’s writing could have benefitted from being divided into sections with sub-themes for a greater reading experience and optimal impact.

The imagery has been achieved by showing the progressive aspect of the poem’s topic through a series of repeated verbs.  The verse Possibilities is structured in such a way that forces the reader to acknowledge that opportunities will not be created without exploring or thinking outside the box. It fashions an urgency that something is happening that will leave the reader behind if they do not act immediately. The push for mental action encourages a revaluation of the reader’s present way of living towards a revolutionized purpose with capabilities ripe for the taking.

Faith, Hope, and Other Verse by Thomas Frackenpohl is the perfect read for those who are dabbling into introspection. With an overall well-rounded summary of life experiences, it is not overly heavy or complex and will suit a broad audience.

Pages: 116 | ASIN : B096T3J7BS

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