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Haelee Moone
Haelee P. Moone Author Interview

The Rules of a Big Boss provides readers with the inspiration and tools they need to improve their self love and self esteem. What inspired you to write this book?

My fourth grade teacher was my inspiration. One day when our class was acting up, she sat us down and talked about her daughters friend who was a year younger than us and she wrote a book and was traveling the world. That made me think “wow, here we are acting up and she’s traveling the world signing books.” So I wanted to inspire others and I decided to write the rules ,

What is the first step on this self improvement journey that readers need to take?

The first step is to find yourself.

What is the biggest challenge to young women’s self-esteem in today’s society?

Societal standards (European standards, gender roles, etc.). Pretty much placing unrealistic standards upon young women and shaming them whether they fit that standard or not.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is struggling with their self-esteem?

Find the root of where your insecurity is coming from and then you can take the steps from my book (The rules of a big boss: A book of self-love).

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This book is a manual for young and adult women to maximize higher self esteem. Please know that I cannot make you more comfortable in yourself however. Improved self-love a journey that you have to travel alone for the most part. The good news is that I will do what I can to support you along the way. The things contained within this book are what help me daily. My hope is that they help you as they do me.

The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of Self-Love

Written by 13-year-old Halee P. Moone, The Rules of a Big Boss details the steps one must take to become a “big boss,” which is essentially just a better version of yourself. With a mixture of rules to follow and personal anecdotes from Halee P. Moone’s life, the book centers on the importance of individuality and self-care.

Despite this being written by a teen and written with the colloquialisms that come from being a young adult (which I personally found charming), the essence of the book is perfect for anyone needing reassurance in where to take their life. Even at thirteen, she is hyper-aware of the influence of social media, specifically the impact it can have on someone’s self-image. I think my favorite chapter is when she discusses the influence that someone’s style can have and that it is still important to attempt to be original. She stresses the importance of being inspired and making someone’s style that you may like into your own with individuality instead of just copying. I think this is an important message because it touches on the influence that social media has on fast fashion and overconsumption. Other tips that Moone mentions include, choosing your friends wisely, avoiding bad vibes, and having self-respect.

As a self-help book, it encourages a lot of self-reflection. At the end of each chapter, there are also questions that you can answer that allow you to write down your thoughts and steps you might take to implement the advice she provides.

The Rules of a Big Boss is an enlightening and thought-provoking book on personal development and spiritual growth that gives readers the tools they need to improve their self-worth and self-esteem.

Pages: 79 | ASIN: B08BTMMK9H

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Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat

Becoming a Cfi: A Story About the Right Seat. by [Radek Wyrzykowski]

In ‘Becoming a CFI : A Story About the Right Seat’, author Radek Wyrzykowski  shares his experiences in the aviation industry, how to become the ideal Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), the joys of flying, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Through this book, readers will learn the beauty of aviation and why it is more than just being up in the sky.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat provides readers with pragmatic and actionable guidance that flight instructors, or forthcoming flight instructors, can utilize to identify and implement crucial components of effective aviation education. Through the book, readers will gain knowledge on the significance of patience, learning new skills, listening to pioneers and how to have a successful career.

Radek Wyrzykowski writes about aviation with passion and that affection comes through in every word. That decade of experience that author Radek Wyrzykowski has is pronounced throughout this book and elevates the content. His passion and enthusiasm is encouraging especially to students that want to pursue a career in aviation. As a chief flight instructor, Radek Wyrzykowski writes about his best days, the challenges he went through, working with other professionals and how best to handle every individual. Reading about his stories while in the field was a delight.

Becoming a CFI is more than just being up in the sky. I enjoyed reading about the author’s family and his encounters outside his profession. His stories give you a different perspective nf life. You learn to appreciate every time you are alive and able to work. Becoming a CFI can also be classified under inspirational books. The author time and again encourages his reader’s not to give up on what they love. Radek Wyrzykowski is able to flawlessly switch from talking about careers to talking about real life situations that everyone who is trying to make it is going through. The seamless transition of the text keeps readers engaged throughout the book.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat is an engaging flight reference book that explores flight instruction and makes it accessible to everyone. This was an informative book, and I enjoyed the fascinating anecdotes that broke up the text and made this instructional guide very enjoyable.

Pages: 84 | ASIN: B093F91CT6

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Conquering the Seeds of Destruction

Conquering the Seeds of Destruction by [Maureen Y. Smith]

Maureen Y. Smith’s Conquering the Seeds of Destruction is one book that I think every adult should have. The amount of prudence displayed in the author’s text is what many adults need to be exposed to. Maureen Y. Smith writes about life, its challenges and the negative energies we surround ourselves with that make us fail to thrive. As a reader, you get to enjoy the text in the book as the subjects covered are real and relatable to many. Conquering the Seeds of Destruction is a book about living a fulfilling life. You only live once, make the most out of it. Every experience that you go through counts. The author writes about enjoying the good experiences and how one can amend their future through the lessons they learned from the awful experiences.

Most of the chapters in Conquering the Seeds of Destruction have the word ‘seed’ in their title. ‘Seed of Anger’, ‘Seed of Bitterness’, ‘Seed of Lust’ and so on. I appreciate the choice of topics as the author talked of negative feelings, situations and habits that many people are not comfortable talking about. No one wants to be told that they are a bitter soul. No one wants to face their anger issues, be told that they are proud or told that they are lonely. I appreciate the author for bringing self awareness to the forefront.

Maureen Y. Smith help readers see the negative side of themselves so that they may improve it. Every issue that is introduced is followed up with an actionable and pragmatic solution. Are you bitter with life? Examine yourself, visit your past, look at your surroundings, you will know why you feel like you hate everything. Every chapter is well written, with practical and easily-understood solutions. The book does a great job of highlighting the problem and then objectively giving the reader the answer they were looking for.

This book gave me the impression of attending a virtual therapy session. The author has kind words for those facing difficulties, and reminds the reader why they matter. This book will help you make better decisions for yourself and have a positive approach in life. Apart from helping one be the better version of themselves, Maureen Y. Smith will also help you mend your relationship with God. She talks about God being a supreme being and why he is important in every believer’s life. Conquering the Seeds of Destruction will teach you about appreciating our differences and more.

Pages: 462 | ASIN: B00BMVRVV2

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Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks

All the power to build yourself up to a happier, more successful, more fulfilled person lies in you. Not everyone has the coping skills for the daily grind that is life, but everyone has the ability to learn them, which can make all the difference when it comes to finding balance. While people often look to external sources to find happiness and justification, they tend to fall short of doing so because those feelings ultimately are generated within. We are all in charge of our own fulfillment, we just have to be aware of the tools to get there and know how to use them.

Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks by Minii Begum is a substantive self help book that lays out some of the ways we can look inside ourselves and find the keys to our own happiness. The chapters are set up in easy to follow sections that cover a lot of the ground that we all need to become more aware, more mature, and an overall better person. Chapters include tips about forgiveness, mindfulness, maturity, boundaries, and balance. The book uses language that is broad, making the goals seem easy to achieve. I find this to be beneficial. While some people may need more specifics to enact change in their lives, others can definitely benefit from seeing the bigger picture as a means of motivation to take that first step. Begum continuously states that the journey to being a better you is not always an easy one, but the baby steps she does mention are generalized to accommodate the fact that everyone’s journey will be different. 

Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks is all about being a better person and breaks down the different places we can likely use some improvement in our lives to reach that goal. From self-awareness, to holding on to our anger, to the level of satisfaction in the workplace, many factors can prevent happiness and the ability to live life to the fullest. Begum aims to help each of us identify what is holding us back and shed whatever issues we may have.

The advice that is provided in this remarkable book is extremely solid, but will require the readers to really push for that change. If you are motivated and ready for change, this book will provide actionable guidance that has the potential to change your life.

Pages: 160 | ASIN: B096BDJM25

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Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians

Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians: Overcoming Our Many Health Issues & Expanding Our Minds by [Dr. Lauren J. Ball]

Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians: Overcoming Our Many Health Issues & Expanding Our Minds is a valuable book for any adult that has ever experienced physical pain or any form of agony. The author talks to people from different backgrounds, giving advice on life and sharing his wisdom gained throughout the years. Dr. Lauren J. Ball is raw, authentic, and one can feel his words directly have an impact immediately after reading. This book is a special kind of self help book. The author does not just give words of encouragement, but also shares tips on how to navigate the treacherous paths in life.

As a reader, you get to connect with the author on a deeper level even before completing the book. Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians: Overcoming Our Many Health Issues & Expanding Our Minds is your go-to book when you have no one to talk to. When starting the book, the author gives a little introduction of himself, briefly talks about the content in the book and shares with readers how to use the book.

Ever thought of how much power the words you use carry? There is power in what comes from your mouth. One of the major lessons in the book was about affirmations and assertions. Whatever you affirm will come to pass. It is advised that as a human being who is growing and facing challenges, you train your mind to think positive. Make it a habit to have good and positive thoughts. Even as you engage with others, be the one that brings brightness to dark rooms. Whatever you confess will happen. The chapters in Hypnotherapy Assertions and Affirmations for Christians are short and easy to read, but no less impactful.

One thing I appreciate Dr. Lauren J. Ball in his writing is how he reiterates points. The author could talk about a particular subject; explain the topic in detail and still keeps highlighting the important message as you read on. This is important because by repeating what he thinks is crucial, the message gets stuck in the reader’s mind. The author is also practical in his book. He not only talks about surviving the hard times and being closer to God, but also deeply discusses health.

I recommend this book because it contains everything you need to improve your life in practical ways. You will get answers on how to improve your physical health, get closer to God, and how to improve your personal life. This a personal development book that has the potential to change readers lives in more ways than one.

Pages: 148 | ASIN: B07BT3WXZH

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GO ALL IN: A Formula to Accelerate Your Success

Go All In: A Formula to Accelerate Your Success by Nim Stant is an empowering read that gives readers the tools they need to “go all in” when setting out to achieve their goals. From the beginning, the author sets the parameters of her book, which aims to include all goals, from personal development to family-oriented and career growth. The message is clear: playing it safe is not an option if you’re poised to achieve success. Going all in means taking risks and focusing on your passion. This process means letting go of fear, embracing obsession, and moving forward without restraint.

Decisions, strategies for success, and navigating around chaos and uncertainty are recurring themes in the book. The author shares her struggles with a yoga retreat business shutting down amid the global pandemic in 2020 and how she quickly shifted her goals to alternative routes to achievement rather than dwell on the losses. The author establishes a relationship with the reader from anecdotal experiences, then dives into the heart of how success is achieved: let go of your comfort zone and dive into the deep end.

While some readers may find the author’s “go all in” approach a bit daring, this method has a few reasons. Readers are given a challenge: place enough faith or confidence in yourself, which will be your path to achievement. The author states that most individuals who do not reach their goals hold themselves back. They are unwilling to accept risk, which keeps them in a cycle of playing safe in financial mediocracy.

Throughout the book, after each chapter, there is an exercise that consists of thought-provoking questions. These offer the reader an opportunity to look within, at that moment, and assess their personal needs and goals. Let go of your fears, make a firm commitment, and everything else will follow in time. Nim Stant wants you to abandon the obstacles that stand in your way, as they prevent you from taking the next step towards your goal. She does an incredible job of taking the reader through each obstacle to effectively break down these barriers as you work through the book.

Go All In is an inspiring read for anyone who needs a boost in motivation and practical advice. I highly recommend it as the perfect read when you commute to work or need that push to put your ideas into motion. I am giving Go All In by Nim Stant 5 out of 5 stars for its ability to give readers realistic hope during a difficult and uncertain time while giving them the tools they need to navigate through challenges and achieve success.

Pages: 167 | ASIN: B08MY2LHMF

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Literary Titan Book Awards March 2021

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Award Winners

Silver Award Winners

Trust vs Lust… a biography by Ian D. Niall

Intrepid Spirit by David Tunno


Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.


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