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Making Christian Decisions

Making Christian Decisions : In an Age of Deception by [Loyst Streeter]

Making Christian Decisions in an Age of Deception is an informative book that will help you make shrewd choices as a believer. The author talks about Christianity in the past versus Christianity today, the different denominations Christians subscribe to and how modern times have impacted the way of life of Christians among other things. Reading Loyst Streeter’s work was a pleasant experience as the author is objective, factual and engaging. Every chapter in the book has something distinct for the reader.

The chapter on conservative Christianity versus liberal Christianity was one of my favorites in the book. Loyst Streeter breaks down the topics systematically, defining each realm and getting the reader to understand the similarities and differences. I enjoyed this chapter especially because the author got me questioning which side I was on. I love that Loyst Streeter makes his readers reflect on their faith and the path that they choose to follow. This book is like a fountain of knowledge for those that feel lost. Every every topic is explained in detail and helps the reader fully understand Christianity and why believers should choose to be righteous.

One thing you will love about the author is his ability to help the reader follow his work with ease. Loyst Streeter does not complicate statements. I enjoyed this book because the author is friendly and understands his audience. By the end of the reading, the reader is filled with prudence and gets a clear picture of how to approach issues from a Christian perspective. There is nothing as good as being content with the choice one makes especially if they affect not just the individual, but also the people around them. Loyst Streeter’s book will help you make informed choices.

Making Christian Decisions in an Age of Deception is an enlightening an easy read that will help you make critical decisions in contemporary society and provide you with the intellectual tools needed to face increasingly complex and global issues.

Pages: 100 | ASIN: B08J5Y9ZP8

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I Didn’t Know What to Say

I Didn't Know What to Say: Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience Loss by [David Knapp, Crystal Wacker Knapp]

At first I thought David Knapp’s book was going to be a self-help book on grieving. A literary pat on the back, but I was pleasantly surprised to find so much more in this valuable resource. I Didn’t Know What to Say: Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience Loss provides actionable advice, beyond sagely wisdom, as it applies to the loss of a loved one. It’s a literal how-to on loss and grief. And not just for people that have lost a loved one. What do you say to a friend that lost someone, or a casual acquaintance, or a stranger? Before this book, I certainly didn’t know what to say. David Knapp has given me, and readers, the skills we need to deal with loss and know what to say.

David Knapp shares his heartbreaking story in order for us to understand his point of view, his experience, but also that loss is something we all deal with, or will have to deal with. By narrating his experiences with grief, the reader is able to relate with David Knapp on a personal level. The style David Knapp uses to share his most intimate experience, his wording, the phrases he uses and warm tone in his book are some of the features that make the author excellent in his art. When David talks about a particular experience in his life, he is articulate, and makes the reader feel like they are part of the story. I Didn’t Know What to Say will help you understand the agony of the person experiencing loss, give you the tool to help them through difficult situations and make them comfortable to express themselves.

This is a book for anyone that knows someone who is experiencing loss; this could be a friendship, a professional relationship or someone much closer. The author gives you the right words to use. He guides the reader on what to say, how to say it, and when to say it, so as not to appear insensitive. By reading this book, you are able to go through bereavement in a better way and talk to mourners in a more humane manner. This is a critical book for anyone to read now as well, as surely we’ll experience loss at some point in our lives. It’s important to learn the skills now so that we are ready, and in that way, David Knapp’s book is essential reading.

Pages: 237 | ASIN: B0112SC9AC

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The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging

The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging: How To Die Young as Late in Life as Possible by [Jason Elias]

The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging by Jason Elias is a comedic guide on how to age more gracefully. The book is broken up into sections and stories that have their own complete messages. This is an ideal book to come back to time and again as needed to read the parts that hit home at the right times. Elias’s “Pathfinders”, as he calls the individuals he interviewed for the book, provide beautiful nuggets of wisdom, as well as practical (often humorous) advice to live by. Their inspirational stories will help you take a look at your life and recognize where you can or should make adjustments to live a more comfortable, more harmonious life with those around you.

This book helps to demystify death and growing old and remove some of the fear by helping one become more comfortable with the concepts. Each of the Seven Graces that Elias discusses has valuable practical application to help fortify the mind, strengthen our beliefs and spirituality, and reinforce the body as much as is physically possible as we age, through advice regarding dieting and exercise.

Initially, I thought this book might be more specifically geared towards older readers, but I find it has given me a lot to think about, as well. I don’t think age need be a deterrent when considering whether or not to read this book. Elias has structured this book and curated his content in such a way that even if you’re a younger reader, this book can address questions, concerns, or even fears you might have about the future, about growing older, and about the finality of death and how to accept that. I also think this book is a great read for anyone who has an older someone in their life that they want to help, as they could easily share the inspirational words and advice provided by these elder Pathfinders (or just lend them the book next!) And it’s not just the personal stories of elders, Elias provides a lot of actual scientific research based on the findings of some very interesting studies from a plethora of scientific professionals. In some cases, Elias even provides links to some online resources for further independent study.

The Seven Graces of Ageless Aging is a quick and easy read with sections you will want to bookmark and come back to later, with several funny anecdotes from the Pathfinders that you will want to share with those around you. A humorous but practical guide on living your best life.

Pages: 256 | ASIN: B08WZZ1T7F

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Hard Work Is The Only Path

Pradeep Kumar Yadav
Pradeep Kumar Yadav Author Interview

Shotokan Karate provides readers with clear guidance on how to achieve black belt. Why was this an important book for you to write?

As I am a Sensei or coach in Karate, my first lesson for the students or Karateka is to teach them about the glossary of Karate with photos, so that they all can learn what Sensei is going to ask them or to perform specific stances. In Karate, Karateka learns from the academy but chances are there that he or she can forget next time when Sensei asks for it. So, mostly I used to give them a small paper where I write about glossary or perform Kata in front of the students. I thought that the book would be an alternative for all the students, if they forget any glossary or Kata stances, the book will be an excellent source. That’s why I wrote this wondrous book.

What is the first lesson practitioners must learn on their path to black belt?

First lesson for the practitioners is that hard work is the only path through which they can earn their Black Belt. There is no other source to get Black Belt. Yes, they can take the benefit through this pictorial book where all the Kata stances are performed by me with High-Definition photographs along with Kata’s description, which is very important to understand.

What were some key ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

None of the authors or Karate Grandmasters, have written a book which is fully colored, Coffee-Table sized, and a pictorial book on Shotokan Karate. I have made this record and for this record, I have conferred with America Book of Records 2021, International Book of Records 2021, Asia Book of Records 2021, and India Book of Records 2021. Besides these three records, there were some other key ideas which were important to include like history of the evolution of Karate date-wise till the inclusion of Karate in Tokyo Olympics, Karate competition glossary, syllabus for all color belts, etc. I can say it’s a complete package for Karate enthusiasts.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I am sure readers will gain a lot of knowledge and can practice with the help of this book. This is a great book that Karate enthusiasts throughout the world will love to read. It has a lot of information about Karate that readers will take away from my book.

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“FOREWORD” for this magnificent book is written by 6 Time World Boxing Champion, M.C. Mary Kom. The remarkable part of this Karate book is that it is fully colored adorned with high-resolution photographs and its coffee-table size makes it a memorable and unique book in the world.
This book is precious and useful for those Karateka who need to take in Shotokan style Karate from White Belt to Black Belt with the aim of full devotion towards learning and rehearsing Karate. Each pursuer of this book will know much about the fundamentals of Shotokan Kata. What’s more, this book incorporates a portrayal of the positions of some advanced movements of the Shotokan style that are performed by me only, so that every Karateka can see clear photos and catch on it quickly in a simple manner.

Shotokan Karate

Shotokan Karate- Easiest way to get Black Belt explains Shotokan Karate in detail, which is a style of karate developed from various martial arts by Gichin Funakoshi and his son Gigo Funakoshi. The author provides a history of this sport before delving into specifics. This helps to place the martial art in context of history and provides a jumping off point for the rest of the text.

The authors years of experience and enthusiasm for the subject clearly shines through his text. The author provides clear and actionable advice throughout the book that will help readers in martial arts but in life as well. The author pays homage to those that came before him and continues to appreciate his mentors throughout the book.

There are so many things that readers will love about this book. Readers will understand why Karate, and especially Shotokan Karate, needs passion and patience for one to enjoy. Some of the most vital topics that I enjoyed in the book were the benefits of Shotokan Karate, the basis of Shotokan Karate, fixing one’s attitude, building a solid frame as an individual, being competitive and the principles of the sport. The tone throughout the book is professional and impassioned, ensuring the text is engaging throughout.

Reading this book was a pleasant experience and fun especially for readers like me who have a passion for the art, but are not a master. The step by step approach used by the author when introducing and expounding on new topics made it easy for me to follow along and understand the lessons. I loved the high resolution images the author added because it adds a personal and authentic touch to this instructional book.

What better way to learn about Shotokan Karate than from a renowned Shotokan Karate master and champion. The expert advice provided in this illuminating book will help martial art practitioners at any of the lower levels and provides a clear guide to achieving black belt.

Shotokan Karate- Easiest way to get Black Belt is a straight-forward and informative guide to achieving black belt. This is an exciting way to master this art with advice directly from a champion.

Pages: 176 | ASIN: B08X1KP6Q3

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The Miracle of Intent

The Miracle of Intent by [Weaver, K P,]

The Miracle of Intent by K P Weaver explores Weaver’s personal experiences and practices she has used to be intentional in every aspect of her life. Through real life examples from both Weaver and many of her colleagues, Weaver provides step-by-step actions seen over time to be beneficial in coming to terms with the power of intention that lies in every individual. By “planting the seed” of long-term goals and achievements with strong intentions, readers can find that miracles do happen, and they start with the dedication to one’s body and mind.

Weaver uses accessible language when discussing intent and how to best apply that intention. Because this is a concept I have heard of, but not particularly applied to my way of living, I found her explanations and definitions to be very conversational and easy to understand. Rather than feeling like a textbook, Weaver captures this fascinating concept in a very natural way, allowing me to believe in the power of intention and want to explore the concept further.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and because Weaver utilizes real life experiences in this book, I felt seen and understood in my own philosophy of living. As Weaver describes the feeling, I realized that I too would like to better reflect on myself and find out what is stopping me from achieving my goals in life, proving to be a beneficial and thought-provoking read.

One aspect that I found to be different from a lot of self-help books that I truly enjoyed was Weaver’s integration of interactivity. There are many places within the book to write down and consider on my own life and helps to allow readers to set their own intentions, utilizing her step-by-step processes.

Weaver proves to be well versed and educated in this area of expertise, providing an opening to a new way of life set through intention and perseverance. The Miracle of Intent is an uplifting and potent self help book that has the potential to change you and your life.

Pages: 196 | ASIN: B08X1RYNXY

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The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships

The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships: Christian strategies and tactics to master the art of human connection - everywhere and every time! (The Diamond Soul Character Book 3) by [George Vasilca]

George Vasilca’s book explores how the mind works and how relationships of any nature work. The author writes about ways one can improve their relationship with others and become a better person. The solutions provided, encounters he experienced and issues that arise in life are all real and the answers he gives for problems are practical.

I like how the author starts the book. He gives a little background information before going to the main subject that he wants to discuss. Chapter one is one of the most important chapters in the book. In this chapter, George Vasilca writes about your diamond soul character. The statement ‘The moral character forms the solid foundation of any relationship’ will forever be engraved in my mind. This line is very simple yet it carries a heavy meaning. While reading this book you will notice that there are many wise sayings like the aforementioned line and many quotable that can help one in the path to finding and mending relationships. Chapter three was another gem. I particularly enjoyed this chapter because of the selection of topics and how the author broke down every topic. Each chapter has information that will help the reader in one relationship or the other. I became a different person with unique thinking capabilities when I finished the book. The author writes about every vice, betrayal and type of relationship human beings have.

I liked that the author titled the chapters as secrets. I think that the naming style was a genius concept and intriguing for any reader. One thing I appreciated about George Vasilca is that he does not force the reader to subscribe to his beliefs. His text is persuasive but the author has the reader decide for themselves even after giving advice. George Vasilca writes with prudence and understands that his book is meant for readers from different backgrounds.

The book does a fantastic job of succinctly, and convincingly, providing practical tips on how to be a better communicator and how to bring out issues when you feel like the other party has offended you. The Nine Secrets of Super-Effective Relationships is a substantive book that will help improve relationships for both Christians and non believers too.

Pages: 296 | ASIN: B0976H5LB7

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The Classroom of Life

The Classroom of Life: Tools and Skills to Overcome Obstacles and Adversity by [Anthony J. Cedolini]

The Classroom of Life is an illuminating and informative self help book that delivers sagely advice coupled with candid and grounded life lessons. The profound lessons conveyed within Anthony Cedolini’s book will appeal to young adult readers, or anyone that finds themselves facing the many obstacles that life throws at them. I found this book to be intellectually invigorating because it is filled with wisdom, not only from the author, but also from venerated people throughout time. Their wise quotes are delivered in bite sizes and with context so that young adults will be able to understand and apply those quotes and information to their own lives, which I think is vital for young people. Telling people what they should and shouldn’t do only serves as an abstract lesson, Anthony Cedolini is able to deliver thoughtful and practical advice that is actionable. What I appreciated most about this motivational guide is that the information is delivered colloquially with understanding and care, making everything very easy to take in and understand. This could have easily been a dry discourse on life, but Anthony Cedolini’s writing instead shares meaningful life lessons in an engaging and satisfying way.

This is an educational book that is bursting with poignant and stirring anecdotes and filled with wonderfully detailed observations on life. Anthony Cedolini translates his life experiences into conversational yet captivating prose. The Classroom of Life is written with a precision and depth of understanding that is often lacking in other self helps books. Readers are given personal glimpses into Anthony Cedolini life that serve to deliver various and thoughtful lessons. We’re given useful tips that readers will be able to implement in their own life; for example, creating a family creed. The Classroom of Life is an inspirational and deeply thoughtful book that has the potential to change your life for the better.

Pages: 413 | ASIN:‎ B095FRPD9L

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