Random Summer Storms

Dee has never known boredom. There isn’t a day in her life that hasn’t been fraught with drama, violence, or intrigue of one kind or another. From very early in life, Dee lived a youth that was leaps and bound beyond those of others her age. She and her surfer friends managed to survive a youth most could never imagine. After overcoming threats against her family and an unwilling involvement with the Cartel, Dee manages to build a life for herself–one that is filled with all the luxuries one could ever desire. Her life with Ian is, by all accounts, a perfect one. Or is it?

Random Summer Storms: Book Three–Family, by Denise Ann Stock, details the life of Dee and those who are important to her. Dee has a large closely knit family, and she reminisces about all of their accomplishments and relishes the thought of her own children’s promising futures. Family is everything to Dee and her husband, Ian. Their questionable past is behind them, and they have moved forward to create an enviable life.

As narratives go, Stock’s book has it all. Dee’s story lacks absolutely nothing when it comes to descriptions of the character’s lives, the lives of their children, and the interactions they have with extended family and friends. From Dee and Ian’s youth to their present stage of life, this first-person narrative extensively describes the lives of virtually everyone involved in Dee and Ian’s lives.

While the author does a thorough job of writing a well-developed narrative, there is almost no dialogue in the book. For all of the incredible life situations the narrator describes, I feel there is a lack of exchanges between characters that could have added to the intensity and drama of the book. A few verbal exchanges occur in flashbacks as Dee reminisces, but it isn’t extensive and doesn’t lend itself to any plot point.

I also missed any rising action and climax in this installment of the Random Summer Storms series. Early on, there is a hint at what may be coming. The narrator gives a mention of some impending doom, but then the reader is led on a journey through Dee’s memories and descriptions of her new life. After a couple of chapters, it is easy to forget there was a mention of a possible conflict.

Random Summer Storms has the potential to be a fascinating journal-style novel or an incredible drama. I can, however, recommend this book to any fan of personal narratives. Stock’s characters are interesting and represent amazing lives readers will find intriguing.

Pages: 252 | ISBN: 1952269474

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