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Sharing Heartbreaks and Success

Denise Ann Stock
Denise Ann Stock Author Interview

Random Summer Storms follows the Conners family to Florida where they weather the storm of life together. What were some sources that informed this books development?

I looked up the history of the city of Jacksonville before I started to write this story. I also talked with different people and asked them to share some of the pivotal moments in their lives that made them strong or broke them down. Listening to people and sharing heartbreaks and successes inspired this book.

The relationship between Dee and Ian is an interesting one. What were some obstacles you felt were important to their development?

It is important to me that people relate to my characters, that they believe the character as real. I wanted them to seem perfect but not at the same time.

This was an interesting book that felt more like a memoir. Was there anything from your own life that you used in the novel?

My husband and I have kids and we did move from California to Florida. My style of writing is to narrate as if I am the character. People often ask me if I am Dee. We have had family drama over the years as most families do. Fortunately not at this level. I dedicated the book to my nephew who died of a drug overdose. I incorporated a fictional family to bring awareness to this crisis in America.

This is book three in your series. What can readers expect in book four?

Action and Adventure. I think the Connors need to Travel…

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Life can sometimes be a collection of random storms that we must weather, like ships at sea. Families maneuver these storms throughout their lives.
Ian and Dee Conner share the storms their family members experience in this third book of a series. The Conners are a close-knit family of five who live in a beach community, enjoying surfing, biking, and doing what most families do. Together they weather some tumultuous storms.
The couple tried to run from a big storm they created in California, moving to the east coast of Florida to start over and raise their family. They shut away the skeletons of their past, never telling anyone their secrets.
Other skeletons appear on both sides of Ian and Dee’s family trees, but often these skeletons (storms) are what bring families together.
Eventually, Ian and Dee realize that nothing can stop a raging storm: They must face the past to have a future. Their family and children must chart their own course in life. It may not always be what they hoped, but one day the storm will end, and the waters will calm. That is, until the next Random Summer Storms.

Random Summer Storms: Book Three – Family

Dee is a surfer who has lived an eventful youth. Managing to survive one dangerous scenario after another, she has pretty much experienced it all. From swimming with Orcas to experimenting with drugs and trying to outwit known criminals, Dee and her friends knew no boundaries. Her summers were filled with one breathtaking encounter after another. She recalls these times fondly and describes the thrill associated with each of their close-calls with an unmatched level of nostalgia. As the years passed, Dee’s family grew and her family meets with their own challenges and successes. Theirs is a life many would look upon with amazement.

Random Summer Storms, by Denise Ann Stock, is the third book in contemporary fiction a series. Main characters, Dee and Ian, have a past rooted in turmoil. They have known nothing but drama since their youth on the coast of California. Wishing to leave their past behind and begin a new life, Dee and Ian set their sights on Florida for their fresh start.

Stock’s third book in a series is, by and large, a narrative. With few exchanges between characters, Random Summer Storms reads more like a memoir than a story with a clearly-defined sequence of events. Dee, the narrator, relates a detailed description of every family member’s activities and challenges. From her own husband and children to her extended family members, she paints a clear picture of each one’s celebrations as well as their business dealings, legal or otherwise.

Random Summer Storms is written in a unique style. While I prefer more dialogue in my realistic fiction, I enjoyed the feel of the memoir. I would have appreciated a little more organization to the story as I felt like it was a bit aimless at times, which left me with questions. This family fiction story felt as though it contained a little bit of everything, there was a motley collection of striking dilemmas and curious conflicts.

Random Summer Storms has the potential to be a truly engaging story, but I felt like the characters are not given an opportunity to flourish in a well-developed plot. Had Random Summer Storms been touted as memoir-esque and edited to read in a more diary-type narration, it could have been quite a fascinating piece of literature.

Pages: 252 | ISBN: 1952269474

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