A Simple Act Of Kindness

J.B. Auchter Author Interview

Oliver the Oyster and the Pearl Gifts follows a curious oyster who goes on an adventure to discover how acts of kindness can make a difference in the world. What was the inspiration for your story?

It is my personal belief that the world we live in only gets harder each and every day. As such, I want children to feel inspired, and encouraged to always help those around us. Everyone, even the closest of our loved ones, can all use a simple act of kindness from time-to-time.

What were some educational aspects that were important for you to include in this children’s book?

Some of my most favorite books have always had some sort of historical or learning aspect to them. Books like Dan Brown’s “DaVinci Code” are loaded with tons of true and made-up facts. Books like that have always inspired me to want to learn more about what they were discussing.

In my own way, I also wanted to incorporate some learning moments. I wanted my story to flow in such a way that children learned something, without knowing that they were learning something. Sort of like how your parent may have hide a vegetable in something that you were eating as a kid and you didn’t realize it at the time.

What were some goals you set for yourself as a writer in this book?

Children’s books should not just be fun, but they should also be inspiring, encouraging, and slightly educational. Those were my goals as a writing in this book.

Where does the next book in the series take the characters?

New to the harbor is Clara the clam who has unfortunately experienced some sad moments in her life. However, with the help of her new friends Oliver the oyster, Cathy the crab, and Miriah the mermaid, Clara discovers the secret to living her life full of happiness regardless of anything that has happened or could happen.

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A fun and slightly educational journey set in the seaside town of Wellfleet, MA. With the help of his friends Cathy the crab and Miriah the mermaid, Oliver the oyster discovers how simple acts of kindness can make a difference. All along the adventure, children will learn interesting seaside details that they can share with their family and friends.

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