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IZ-The Saga Creation

The story begins with Dr. Ursula von Menglebort, an extremely skilled geneticist on the breakthrough of a discovery that could potentially rid the world of Olympyans. Over in Olympia,the Ponce Heridon Instittue headed by the young but talented Dorf Tzeus accelrated their work in order to combat all anatgonistic efforts through the development of vaccines. Along the way, many different interesting characters and their adorable pet sidekicks get entangled with the happenings. Their series of misadventures include everything from weaponized prosthetic limbs to animal antics that foil villainous plots.

This is a sophisticated and incredibly detailed universe. It took a while to catch on- but once I caught up with all the somewhat difficult to pronounce names (Olympyon and Valympyon and whatnot), I was totally immersed. It’s a sweeping epic with enough nuance to make it engaging.

It’s also a surprisingly humorous story. Although the humor is hidden in fun little pockets- in the puns (the world of Auithar) and the gems that Izzy sprouts. The little comic relief goes a long way in what is a pretty intense book.

It was also strange to be reading about the dangers of biological warfare in times like these. I felt like it was resonant with what the world is experiencing now, but also provided a sense of objectivity regarding the true danger and politics of it. Despite this being a fictional book, I felt like a lot of what was written regarding the development of bioweaponry rang true.

Throughout, I was stunned by the creativity and imagination that must have gone into making this novel. There’s also a fantastic Dyzzleberry dictionary at the end. This novel has all the best elements of a science fiction fantasy while remaining strikingly original. Probably because of the way it integrates the reality of our own Earth into the story- there’s chapter names like Fake News and Kan-Du Attitude.

IZ – The Saga: Creation is a smart, creative, and fast-paced adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat for the whole ride. I was thoroughly charmed by Izzy and Chico and was enraged by the insidious and manipulative plotting of the Valympyians. I’m excited for whatever these pair of authors and their fantastic world have in store for me.

Pages: 381

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