Interview: Jay Chris

Jay_Chris_Pic[1]If you’re reading this then that means you have eyeballs. Congratulations! Continue to use those to read this quick interview between the Monster and author Jay Chris about his book Envenom.

Envenom is a very imaginative book with lots of interesting gizmos and situations. What was your inspiration for the technology in the book?

  • I have always enjoyed science so in the midst of writing, I sat down at my desk and asked myself, “what technology would a rebuilt world have in it?” And also, “what would make this story more interesting?” The combination of these two questions, science, and family support inspired the technology throughout the novel.

There were times when Ash and Cora often butted heads over Kelvin, even when Kelvin was obviously not interested in Ash. What were your ideas behind exploring the dynamic between these characters interactions?

I thought it would be interesting to have a lopsided love triangle in the midst of the mission to give the story a bit more spark. Due to this, Ash developed into a determined, focused, and funny character.

In Envenom Kelvin has an idea that someone in his group is working for the other side, but he’s not sure who. Did you always know who would turn or is that something that happened organically?

This was something that actually happened organically. At first, it was supposed to be a different character who did the betraying. However, I felt an unsung connection between Kelvin and the other character.

If this book was turned into a movie who do you imagine would play your characters; Kelvin, Ash, Cora, Deadeye, and The General?

I was actually thinking about this not too long ago. Kelvin- Josh Hutcherson, Ash- Ashley Madekwe, Cora- Lindsey Morgan, Deadeye- Thomas McDonell, and The General- Kevin Spacey.

The ending of the book ends with a wild twist. Can you give us an idea of what to expect in the book two of this series?

Of course! Cora still has a lot to learn about her family, her hometown, the initial rebellion, and of course, Kelvin. There is a deeper, yet unforeseen connection between two of the characters that will be explored. Readers will be able to meet the man who started it all, The Crusader. Finally, I plan to explore Kelvin’s connection to his past and how this will affect his life as he tries to save Cora’s life.

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