The First Boy She’d Kill

Emma WoodsEmma Woods, author of the fantastic Beasts and Savages novel, answers some questions about her book, symbolism, and what to do if Hollywood comes knocking.

Beasts and Savages tells the story of aging into womanhood from a wild perspective and the choices and struggles that come with it. How did this idea develop into a novel for you?

I saw a post on social media complaining about all YA novels being about a girl meeting a boy and changing into someone special because of that chance meeting. Someone ask if they’d read the book if the boy she met was the first boy she’d kill. I took that idea and ran with it. Sure, Lea’s run in with Tanner is a pivotal part of the story, but she’s already established as a person and doesn’t change too much because of him. In fact, in some ways she remains the same despite him.

I found a lot of symbolism in Beasts and Savages. Were there any symbols you intended to write into the story, or did some come about organically?

Some of the symbols are on purpose. White rabbit fur? Not organic. Rabbits are a known symbol for fertility and white traditionally represents purity in some cultures. Others came about organically, and honestly, I’m not sure that I’d catch them all. I’d love for an English lit class to deconstruct this and tell me how many symbols they find.

Lea is an intriguing character. What was your inspiration for her? Anything pulled from your life experience?

Lea’s character isn’t pulled from who I am, but who I’d like to be. She isn’t a lemming, following the crowd, but she also isn’t a rebel just because she feel like rebelling. She goes through some very intense ordeals and doesn’t come out of the experience hateful or bitter. Lea is smart and she forgets her place sometimes, but she recovers quickly and learns from her mistakes.

So, Hollywood is knocking, they want to make Beasts and Savages into a movie. Who do you cast as the leads?

I see someone like Aimee Carrero as Lea and someone like Logan Lerman of Skander Keynes as Tanner. I’ve also pictured Christian Fortune as Miller and Madison Pettis as Rally.

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Beasts and SavagesLea Corre was taught to value community, family, and The Hunt. Her blood stems from a long line of proud hunters. When Lea prepares for her own hunt, she questions the brutality and morality of the deadly custom. As Lea uncovers dark secrets and delves into her mother’s broken past, she determines she will make her own fate. Along the way she encounters Tanner, her intended prey. His village decides to take a stand against the tyranny of women. When Lea’s prey becomes her captor, she learns more about their lives, the world, and herself. In the end, Lea must choose between two worlds, in which neither she belongs. Buy Now From

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