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I See Old People

I See Old People: A True Story About How Small Acts of Kindness Lead Us to Extraordinary Love and Connections that Defy Our Wildest Dreams by [Jeanne Corvese Hussin]

I See Old People is a captivating memoir that tells the life story of Jeanne Corvese Hussin. Jeanne has led a life filled with happy moments, low times, challenges and more. Reading about her life, one can tell that Jeanne is a modest person. I enjoyed reading stories of her family; her mother, son, grandmother and everyone else in her family that she treasured. You can see the pure love in Jeanne. When the author loves, she loves with all her heart and I admire how committed she was to the people in her circle. I See Old People is a story of passion, breaking barriers, commitment and building self.

Every chapter in the book talks about a period in Jeanne’s life and the impact the periods had. The first chapter is about her grandmother. Jeanne talks fondly of her grandmother. Her words paint a vivid picture of the person she’s describing, allowing the reader get the impression of knowing them. I liked how the author details her connection to her grandmother. Reading about Jeanne’s grandmother’s colon cancer and her last days was agonizing. No one wants to see their loved one in pain. Jeanne talked of how she, her mother and aunts cared for her grandmother when she was ailing. Reading this brought tears to my eyes. Despite the solemn tone in this part of the book, I could see the love beneath all the pain. She loved her grandmother and her grandma loved her back. There was no greater bond than the one they created; and it was beautiful.

Jeanne Corvese Hussin’s sense of humor is displayed throughout the book. The author is witty and that is one of the elements that makes her writing engaging. Jeanne knows how to tell a story in a comical way and get the reader’s attention with little effort. Apart from her professional life, the author also shares stories from her personal life and dating. Her stories about the men in her life was interesting and relatable, but her humor really shined in these areas to make the stories absolutely fascinating.

Chapter 7 of the book touched on an important topic that is personal to me. Jeanne talks of how she lost her job in 2008, her continuous application of jobs after, dealing with loss and grief, and how she tried to balance her life. This chapter was insightful and had many life lessons that will help every reader.

I See Old People is an easy book to read. Jeanne Corvese Hussin is a wonderful storyteller. This stirring memoir will motivate you to be a kind person, better human, and help you embrace all the good things and challenges in life.

Pages: 192 | ASIN: B096T4VZRY


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A Curse of Silver and Blood

In A Curse of Silver and Blood, by Kimberly A. Banks, the mystery begins in Charleston South Carolina in the sweltering heat of July. Elijah is attending his best friend and brother, Owen’s funeral. He’s told Owen committed suicide, and this shocks Elijah more than anyone can understand. Elijah is a psychic and has been since his father died when he was a child. He experiences ghostly shadows and visions of the dead that terrify him. He even sees Owen’s ghostly form, but as always, he tells no one. Elijah knows in his heart that Owen was murdered and had not committed suicide. Now he must uncover the killer of his best friend.

Author Kimberly Banks is a truly gifted writer who portrays Elijah as an intriguing character we can sympathize with. The reader experiences the heart-wrenching pain he’s enduring. We also understand his special gift of being a psychic, as it is portrayed in an interesting way that feels authentic. Another thing I really enjoyed about A Curse of Silver and Blood was the chapter length. Each chapter was concise and ends in a way that makes you want to keep reading, making it very difficult to find a good place to put the book down. A real page-turner. Banks also describes the settings of Charleston and Beaufort South Carolina as well as Savannah Georgia in great detail so that we are immersed in the locations. The reader feels the intolerable humidity, dampness, and moldy smells indigenous to the southern states.

I found myself absorbed by the realistic characters Banks created. The authentic, well-developed dialogue among the characters and smooth narration keeps the story flowing. Unlike those who doubt Elijah’s claim that Owen was murdered, I found myself captivated and believing in the urgency of finding Owen’s killer.

A Curse of Silver and Blood is a thrilling dark fantasy novel that will appeal to crime fiction fans looking for a paranormal backdrop to a stimulating murder mystery. 

Pages: 352 | ASIN: B09DK59M57

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Leaving Phoenix follows the journey of Phoebe and her journey of self-discovery. There are a handful of important characters in Leaving Phoenix; the main character is Phoebe, a young woman who has been raised by her adoptive father Pop. She is a strong, capable young women, who has an interest in cars and music. Her character is well developed and authentic- this is achieved through the use of dialogue between characters, her physical descriptions and her thoughts and feelings. Other characters are also important, these include her adoptive father Pop, her biological Grandfather Liam and new friend Curt. Last but not least, Phoebe’s two pets, a dog and a parrot, are also an integral part of the story, they are always by her side, and thus help to fully develop her character.

The themes of this novel are interesting, predominantly it is a story about self-discovery, learning about one’s history, family ties and developing a sense of belonging. Although the story is sometimes heart wrenching, there are many uplifting moments in Phoebe’s journey. Other issues delved into include domestic abuse, and abortion.

Leaving Phoenix is set in the U.S., spanning differing time periods and states. The novel begins in Phoenix in 1974, in what can only be described as an emotional setting. The setting is described in excellent detail, from the emotions it conveys to the sterile environment. The following chapters progress through a couple of years, and then jump to 1999 where the rest of the story is set. The setting descriptions are rich, with descriptions of the weather in Arizona, as well as significant buildings such as Phoebe’s cottage. Each setting is described with just enough detail to draw the reader into the story. These descriptions continue as the settings change as Phoebe beings her road trip – or journey of self-discovery. The chapters are headed with each setting to ensure an easy transition. Overall, the setting draws the reader into the story quickly, and continues to keep the reader engaged throughout the book.

Leaving Phoenix is a psychological thriller that takes its time to build up an enthralling character and set her on wild journey of self discovery that gives her, and the readers, an experience that is unforgettable.

Pages: 346 | ASIN: B09BKQTWR4

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Destination Unknown: The Saga Continues – Book Trailer

Beth, now known as Emilie, did not return to the year 2016 with her brother, Russ. Instead, she left the life of partying and married Daniel.

Daniel and his children, Anna, Sara, and Toby strove to teach her the way of the land. But Emilie still found life in 1860 quite challenging.

When the family’s friend, Mrs. Knutson, learned of secret relatives, Daniel and Emilie accompanied her by wagon train to Saint Anthony. A trip which would’ve taken Emilie thirty minutes by car took three long days. But she trudged forward, determined to be strong even though calamity, with a side of nausea, followed her everywhere.

Now two teenage city boys, forced by their grandfather, had come back to live with them.

The size of her home wasn’t a concern. However, the items she’d brought back from the future were something to worry about. What if one found Toby’s video games? Or Anna’s hand-held sewing machine? She felt sure it would change history.

Meanwhile, Russ and Zena–the woman he had rescued–went to the future in search of a vaccine for his illness. Unable to time travel while recuperating, they found and stayed with Henry in the year 2110.

They had just completed building a larger Scorpion when Zena ran into trouble, causing her and Russ to flee back to the year 2016.

When the time came for Russ to travel again, he and Zena returned to Emilie’s era only to find things not as they should be.

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Dancing the Labyrinth

Dancing the Labyrinth by Karen Martin is a story filled with myths, legends, and goddesses. Karen has woven a tale of the past connecting flawlessly with the future by covering the bridge with a vision of the priestess. Dancing the Labyrinth is a story that makes you question your beliefs. I love tales which makes you broaden your horizons and forces you to see and experience something different, something that changes your perspective. Cressida, whose life changed when she arrived in her dream country of Greece, stumbling into a tomb where she experienced the parallels of the world, the past and the future. The experience was divine, yet gruesome.

Author Karen Martin describes the existence of a matriarchal society. Many religions claim it to be true, but Karen captures the essence of it. The transition that shifted society to a patriarchal and violent nature, the story tells this perspective through Pythia, Ashtar and Lydia. The Priestesses, the embodiment of the Mother, the Goddess. It’s a tale of time, conveyed to Cressida through her dreams. But the story doesn’t stop here. Instead, with the help of Angela, Cressida tries to understand and to decipher what happened to the civilization, the existence of the tomb. It is a harrowing story. With the suffering inflicted upon women, to the modern world. Greek mythology is famous all over the world, but the perspective on it in this book is unique and intriguing.

The story continuously switches writing styles. The book starts casually and with contemporary language and then switches to old an older writing style. Along with this we also get switches in point of views. The story is also filled with Greek myth references that will definitely appeal to readers who are familiar with the mythology.

Dancing the Labyrinth was a rewarding experience. I love a story where mythology meets science and the premise was refreshing and made for a riveting read.

Pages: 300 | ASIN: B0985T8VTH

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Self-Fulfillment And Discovery

Dr Ronald Lee Gaudreau
Dr Ronald Lee Gaudreau Author Interview

The Retirement Quilt follows a retiree and recent widow who seeks to make a quilt of his tie collection and meets interesting people along the way that teach him much about life. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

When I decided to retire from full-time work, my colleagues joked about what I would do with all my ties. I had worn ties all my life and to part with them was like destroying a part of my history. I had my first tie from Brooks Brothers in Boston, ties given to me by friends and lovers, ties from my overseas trips to Paris and Rome and ties from Australia.

I discussed this with a dear friend, Maisie, who said I could turn the ties into a quilt, find a new use for them and still retain the memories. I contacted several senior citizen centers and offered to underwrite the costs, including a small payment to the quilters. This proved far more problematic than I thought.

I wanted the quilt to be made by men since a man wore the ties and their history was a man’s history. It then occurred to me that I could write a story about the quilt’s creation by four men.

At the same time, my personal trainer posed a challenge. Complete the book by your birthday, the 28th of July. So in March, I started and did complete the first printed draft in July.

The characters in your story were all varied and interesting. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I wanted my main male characters to be strong individuals in various stages on the road to self-fulfillment and discovery. So I had identified each male character with an Australian actor – Geoffrey Rush as Geoffrey, Russell Crowe as Russell, Barry Otto as Barry and Bryan Brown as Bryan. The main female characters were also strong. Margaret, although dead, plays a role in the lives of all characters. I wanted my characters to experience all the normal emotions of middle-aged men and women and discover love.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The theme of resurrection dominates the interaction of the four men, and by the end of the book, each finds his path to fulfillment and happiness.

The role of Morton places an important role in the story, not only for its historical significance but for the support it provides all characters.

As Margaret and the Bigelow family demonstrates, the role of heritage and tradition colors the social setting. It is woven into the story as the quilt is being designed and executed.

Finally, the development of friendship and trust is woven into the fabric of the quilt.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I am completing a book called “The Secrets of Ferncrest,” which traces four generations of a family, their role in Newport, Boston and New York society and the family’s Newport home.” Ferncrest. It is told through the diary entries of the principal characters as transcribed by the grandson and son of the main characters.

It reflects their life from 1900 to 1946 and touches on all the important social, intellectual and political events in the United States. For example, it reflects the reaction to the sinking of the Titanic, the passage of government acts that sought to redistribute wealth and increased the role of government in social welfare programs, the Women’s Suffrage and Settlement House movements, the financial panic of 1929, the Spanish Flu, and two world wars.

I expect to complete the book by the first quarter of 2022.

Author Links: Amazon | GoodReads

In Morton, 2016, a small historical town located in the Hunter Valley NSW, Australia , Geoffrey Hamilton, a 69 year old, recently widowed CEO of Robotic Solutions Limited is retiring. Unsure of what to do with his collection of ties he decides to create a quilt with the assistance of Bryan, a 60s ex-con, ex-drug addict and retired Navy Warrant Officer chef, Barry, 50s year old recovering alcoholic and gay entertainer and Russell, 60s ex-Boxing champion. Each brings something special to the quilt project and to Morton.

However, it is the spirit and love of Margaret, Geoffrey‘s deceased wife, which affects everyone and leads Geoffrey to love and happiness.

This is a beautiful story of love and loss that is destined to enchant and inspire.

SuperPower: The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Next Generation (Book #2)

SuperPower: The Ability to Fly or to Become Invisible: The Next Generation (Book #2) by [E Pedersen, Roger]

The Next Generation by Roger E Pedersen is the second book in a super powered series featuring Professor Steele’s ‘Golden Eagle’ organization, taken over by his nephews after his disappearance. At the same time, twin brothers take control of the rival group DODGE (Department of Defense Genetically Engineered). Both organizations set out to find talented new recruits with the strongest superpowers, and this book charts the activities of the recruiters who travel the world wielding their power mostly for selfish or trivial advantage. The action culminates in a thrilling air battle bringing all the characters together for a final clash of superpower against superpower.

This fascinating story is written as a series of dossiers, as if recording facts, although it is not clear who is making the records. This is an interesting and original idea that could have been quite successful as a structural technique, particularly with the historical fantasy nature of the plot. However, I felt the structure was inconsistent, as the ‘dossiers’ contained descriptions of actions as well as dialogue.

The story is very detailed and filled with lots of facts and descriptions that serve to create very detailed characters, just as in book one. For example, Brittany’s description of the value of her necklace:

“… many people compliment Brittany on her beautiful emerald, [sic] green necklace. She says, “Thank you. It was a birthday present to me. I’ve always wanted an emerald necklace from Columbia [sic] where the darkish green and most expensive emeralds are mined.”

The Next Generation continues the intriguing story setup in book one and illustrates Pedersen’s painstaking research into the detailed development of his characters. For fans of super hero fiction, or for anyone looking for a book that focuses on character development, you will find plenty of details to dive into in Roger E Pedersen’s fascinating action adventure novel.

Pages: 316 | ASIN: B098VPTXM9

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Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence by [Lynn McAllister]

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence is an educational picture book warning kids, in hilarious fashion, about the dangers of spending too much time on their phone.

After spending too much time on her phone Pixie Van Dimple suffers from AI Infiltration. Someone must save her, and they better do it soon, or else Pixie will certainly be doomed.

This fun children’s book is told in rhyme and every other page has brightly colored comic art that serves as fantastic eye candy while reading the book. I think this book is more for higher grade elementary students, but in either case, the lesson taught here is a valuable one for todays youth. I loved the fun rhymes and the beautiful art and the story was very detailed. I would love to have seen this story as a kids chapter book for middle grade readers because I feel like there is some hints at a larger world that would be fun to explore.

Pixie Van Dimple and the Wrong Kind of Artificial Intelligence is wonderfully representative of todays kids and provides a good lesson in a fun story that will surely keep children laughing as they eagerly flip the pages of the this whimsical picture book.

Pages: 28 | ASIN: B087BPDK11

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