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Minotaur’s Lair

Minotaur’s Lair – Servant of the Gods – Book Three by Luciana Cavallaro is the final installment in the trilogy, which follows Evan, who must face Queen Antioche and stop the Dark Master from becoming a deity. If the Dark Master successfully gains this power, Evan and his alliances face an uncertain future. There are many unexpected twists throughout his journey and fate, making this book an incredible read.

The story maintains a consistent pace that conjures excitement from the start. Cavallaro creates an action-packed tale with elements of ancient mythology and mystical places, contrasting with time travel and modern technology. Evan must quickly adapt and learn how his quest shifts from one challenge to the next, whether Queen Antioch attempts to entice him with tempting gifts and promises or he becomes face-to-face with a new enemy. He must also follow his father’s legacy by locating a sacred artifact while defeating his captors.

Cavallaro’s fantastic writing style is sharp and descriptive without slowing the story’s pace. The author thoroughly researches the architecture, landscapes, and scenarios in mythology. It’s a fantastic adventure full of exciting developments and lively characters. As the story delves into the thrilling mythology of an ancient world, Evan becomes eager to find a way home to his time in the future.

I found this book, and the trilogy, an excellent story that’s engaging and enjoyable from start to finish. The author does a fantastic job of creating an intricate world with layers of fascinating developments and characters that keep the reader moving from one chapter to the next. Minotaur’s Lair – Servant of the Gods – Book Three by Luciana Cavallaro is an excellent read for science fiction and fantasy fans. I recommend the trilogy and look forward to more books from this author.

Pages: 396 | ASIN : B0BFGW1Z6S

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Being Indie

Eeva Lancaster’s informative book clearly lays out all the steps an indie author needs to take when publishing and selling their book. Each chapter dives into a separate topic, explaining why the section is important first before moving onto the detailed how-to section. Sprinkled with anecdotes to help drive the points home, Being Indie is as fun as it is educational.

This book really impressed me with how quickly the author gets to the core of the problem or misconception that many authors have. The book then moves on to quickly dispel those flawed notions and proceeds to educate the reader on the proper way to go about tackling the variety of obstacles that indie authors face. Eeva’s driven personality and perceptive humor helps to make readers feel at ease, and drives home the fact that Eeva knows what she’s talking about.

What separates this book from others of its kind is that this book covers absolutely everything that an indie author needs to publish their book and sell it, and themselves, after it’s published. Many books will cover one topic of the other, but this book does both. While it comprehensively covers all the tasks authors must accomplish before and after publication, what truly makes this book stand out is how quickly we get to the heart of the matter on each topic. With only a few paragraphs to explain why things are important, readers will appreciate how quickly they get into the meat of solving the problem. With clear step by step instructions, and suggestions on further learning, it will be impossible to fail.

I needed to read this book before publishing my first book. It could have saved me so much time, money, and sleepless nights. Now that I know the solution to many of the problems authors face, reading Eeva’s book now makes me shake my head in amazement with how clearly she identified my previous problems and how quickly she resolved them.

While the self-publishing journey may be long, Eeva has formatted her book so that it works easily as a reference guide whenever you are ready to move onto the next step in your adventure.

Being Indie is a no-nonsense guide to self-publishing with a direct tone that delivers concise instructions in easily digestible segments. This is an effective crash course on being an indie author that I highly recommend to any aspiring or current indie authors that want to create a book that SELLS.

Pages: 211 | ASIN: B072BT3J37

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Elysium Protocol 

Elysium Protocol by C.A. MacLean is the third book in the Architects of the Illusion science fiction series. Following a species-diverse team known as the “Fireseeds,” Elysium Protocol picks up the shattered pieces left over from the devastating war in book two, The Great Scourge. In a time of interstellar conflict, multiple factions, some seen, some working from the shadows, are vying for power, control, and sometimes, just plain survival. Set in a distant future, the last remnants of humanity are part of an intergalactic organization known as “The Convergence,” an alliance consisting of “quintillions” of citizens.

The Fireseeds are pitted against a vast alien force known as the “hiven,” an insect-like species bent on zealous destruction and domination. Several science fiction tropes appear here, but they are executed skillfully; which ensures longtime fans of science fiction will find something familiar yet still intriguing. There are multiple alien races present: humanoid bird-persons (Arkerians), crystal people (Altaran), bug people (hiven), and more. The story is rife with many planet names and systems, such as Everan, Serrona, Vraunlith-3, etc. I feel this might make it difficult to follow at times but adds to the depth of a world that seems full of possbilites and begs to be explored further. I would have loved to have seen a map of systems in the book to look back on because this story reaches epic fantasy levels where readers will be completely immersed in a large world.

This is a robust novel, almost as long as the two previous entries combined. There is a lot of action going on with all of the characters and races. Readers have to be fully engaged in this story to keep up with who is who and what species is what; reminding me of the breadth of George R.R. Martin novels. However, the author effectively handles the task of keeping things straight, with the central characters being well developed with strong individual personalities. The Arkerian Engami sisters, Eva and Ashy, the tragic Altaran, Caleb Braze, the modest human, Daniel Byre, and many more fill this impressive work with relatable characters and a compelling story. Despite some massive decisions, the memorable characters and gripping action bring a universe of primordial planets, advanced spacecraft, and futuristic cities to life.

Architects Of The Illusion, Part III: Elysium Protocol is an action-filled science fiction space opera with memorable characters and planets. Readers will be able to escape into the world that has been created and feel like they are in the action.

Pages: 777 | ASIN : B09NPPJL1Q

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So . . . You Wrote a Book, Now What?

Every aspiring writer should get a hold of this book not only because of the great advice given by Christian Freed but also because of how funny he is when explaining concepts. So . . . You Wrote a Book, Now What? is an informative book that provides a lot of great advice that is relevant to writers embarking on their publishing journey.  Christian Freed writes about real challenges that you will encounter as you struggle to come up with the idea of the book, the writing process and how to arrange your thoughts. I also enjoyed how the author discusses the ugly side of writing, which is a topic often overlooked. He gives readers an idea of how difficult the journey can be without being discouraging. Christian Freed uses his experience as an example to give readers a clear picture of how exciting and tedious the writing process can be.

You have written your book well, and it has been published, now what? How do you sell your book? Which methods are best for marketing? How do you look for support from your friends, family and colleagues? Christian Freed addresses all these issues that authors face. He talks of successful published authors and discusses what they did right. The author also provides great advice on building your name or author brand, which is a section that I found particularly helpful. Among all the practical advice the author infuses amusing jokes and quotes to keep readers engaged and smiling.

Christian Freed brings the reader into his world, unafraid of pointing out his own mistakes. By doing this, the author forms a connection with the reader, understand where he’s coming from, and makes it easy for one to digest his content.

Every chapter in the book is significant, but one of the chapters I found most crucial was on building a brand. How do you make your name and book big? The author shares quick tips on how to make yourself known.

So . . . You Wrote a Book, Now What? provides actionable advice for authors that are trying to find their way in the wild world of publishing. It can seem daunting, but Christian Freed gives readers a prescription for success with his enlightening guide.

Pages: 108 | ASIN: B09DB1BHWR

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If I Don’t Get The Word Out

Dale L. Roberts
Dale L. Roberts Author Interview

The Amazon Self Publisher provides authors with the information they need to successfully promote and sell books on Amazon. What is the biggest motivating factor for you in helping indie authors?

The BIGGEST motivating factor when it comes to providing this content is fear. I made terrible mistakes and learned the hard way in my author business. I’m truly afraid people will repeat the same mistakes I did. If I don’t get the word out, I feel like my mistakes were a true waste.

What is the single biggest hurdle you find new authors face today and how can they overcome it?

The monkey mind – quite a few authors talk themselves out of great opportunities because they feel undeserving. Rather than feeling I’m inadequate, I force myself to pull the trigger. Of course, that’s easier said than done for most people.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you published your first book?

I wish someone told me to hire an editor and good cover designer. My first book is appalling on so many levels.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m about 3 manuscripts deep with a fourth in the works. I’d like to start launching monthly releases in 2022. By that first book launch, I’ll have about six manuscripts ready to go.

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You wrote the book.
And now it’s published.
But you’re not getting any sales! What gives?!
Most people would have you believe self-publishing on Amazon is easy. Yet, why aren’t you seeing the results they claim you should get?
Your lack of book sales comes down to 3 culprits:
Marketing and promotion
Book reviews

It’s time you put all your self-publishing woes to bed and finally increase your book sales for good.
Enter The Amazon Self-Publisher series.
You’ll learn:
The secrets to keyword research and selection
Cheap yet effective book promotions
How to get book reviews the legit way
Where Amazon Advertising will serve your book best

And hundreds of powerful insights!
You’ll love learning all about Amazon self-publishing, because once you discover proven strategies in self-publishing, your life will change for the good.
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Self-Publishing with Dale

Dale L. Roberts
Dale L. Roberts Author Interview

Amazon Keywords for Books helps authors understand how to use keywords to increase discovery and sales of their book on Amazon. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I started my YouTube channel, Self-Publishing with Dale, over 4 years ago. Three common pain points are promoting, getting reviews, and keywords. I knew if I was going to do a series devoted to these common pain points, I had to lead with the most often misunderstood area – keywords.

Believe it or not, most authors have a basic understanding of keywords. The biggest issue is over-analysis. Instead of focusing on the end user, authors get caught up in what’s a trending keyword, is it profitable, and will it reach a large audience. Instead of serving the reader, authors end up catering to the Amazon algorithm.

When we remember we’re writing books for human beings and not algorithms, then we’ll have better success as authors. This is why I lead with keywords – so more authors can start getting results NOW!

There is a lot of great advice in this book, but what I really like was how easy all the information was to consume. What was the writing process like to ensure this information was easily accessible?

The writing process was easier than you’d think. I start every book by brain dumping all the ideas I have onto one sheet. Then, I organize all the ideas in a logical order and remove anything that doesn’t quite fit. After that, I write out questions pertaining to each point and drill down as deep as I can.

Whenever I write, I think about who my audience is. For this book, I knew my audience would be experienced authors who had pretty good insights about the self-publishing business. Once I had an outline set, I was ready to go. Here’s where it gets crazy!

I wanted to get the first draft done ASAP. Rather than dragging my feet and chipping away at it, I challenged myself to get it done in 24 hours. In fact, I talked about the whole process in this video:

What is a common misconception you feel people have about Amazon keywords?

Authors believe keywords will sell books. Many authors think if they get the right keyword with low competition and high search volume, they’ll sell a ton of books. The truth is keywords ONLY help a book become more discoverable. If your book cover is trash and your book description is horrible, no one will buy it.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My upcoming book Promotional Strategies for Books is the second in The Amazon Self-Publisher Series. The release date is on Sun., Nov. 1, 2020. Shortly after is the last in the series called Amazon Reviews for Books, due for release by Dec. 1, 2020. Both ebooks will be available on Amazon and the print books will be widely available through Amazon and all major retailers.

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You wrote the book.

The cover is on point.

Why isn’t it selling?

The answer is simple: Nobody knows it exists.

Amazon is a market place and when someone goes there to find a new book, they do a search, and that’s where the keywords become crucial.

You need them for:

  • Meta Data (7-keywords)
  • Description (Help Amazon’s Algorithm)
  • Running AMS ads

You’ll learn:

  • The importance & function of keywords
  • How to fill the 7 backend keyword slots in KDP
  • Why keyword relevance determines your success
  •  How to leverage search engines to do your work
  • And so much more…

The most wonderful part is the AMS Ads tool might be the best kept secret in keyword research and Dale will show you how to get the most out of it.

Are you ready for success?

You’ll love this comprehensive book on keywords, because it’s easy to follow and will teach you what you need to forever master the subject.

Get it now.

Amazon Keywords for Books

Amazon Keywords for Books: How to Use Keywords for Better Discovery on Amazon (The Amazon Self Publisher Book 1) by [Dale L. Roberts]

If you had told me that a former professional wrestler would have any words of value for me as a writer of children’s books, I’d have laughed you right out the door. To think that two so different professions could possibly have any bearing on each other was unthinkable to me–until I read Dale L. Roberts’s book, Amazon Keywords for Books: How to Use Keywords for Better Discovery on Amazon. Having self-published two children’s books of my own through Amazon, I assumed I had dotted every i and crossed every t. After reading Roberts’s advice on how to restructure my thinking on keywords, I see I have a lot to learn and even more to gain by following his tips.

In this first of three books guiding users through the process of self-publishing specifically via Amazon’s services, Roberts lays out a clear path to identifying your readers, understanding the important difference between people and algorithms as they relate to your product, and carefully customizing the keywords you choose for your book. I would never have thought to revisit my selection of keywords and certainly never realized how important keywords are in achieving ranks and increasing circulation. Roberts makes clear the need to switch keywords regularly every 90 days–something I wouldn’t have thought to do. Judging from my sales, I am long overdue for it, too. Roberts’s advice is easy to understand and simple to follow and helped me get back on track to increasing my sales.

I am giving Dale L. Roberts’s book, Amazon Keywords for Books: How to Use Keywords for Better Discovery on Amazon, a resounding 5 out of 5 stars. The author has packed a virtual gold mine of information into a tiny 90-page book of sage advice. I look forward to applying his tips to my own self-published works and seeing an improvement in sales and circulation.

Pages: 89 | ASIN: B08HMCNKVT

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Heart of a Warrior Angel: From Darkness to Light


Articulate and full of spiritualism, Heart of a Warrior Angel by Lali A. Love is a journey not only in the world but within oneself. Our protagonist, Lilac, reflects on her life’s path as she reaches her twilight years. She recalls her journey through life as she crosses literal and metaphorical oceans to become the person she is in the moment. We learn her life story, her heartache, and her triumphs. We celebrate and grieve with her as this book lays bare the raw emotions that entangle themselves with the journey of life.

Heart of a Warrior Angel drips with dramatic tension, and excellent descriptions of the living situation Lilac regales us with is moving and heart rendering. It is a metaphysical thriller, with a touch of supernatural fantasy, following one woman’s journey through the hell on earth she was forced to live as she comes to terms with her ascension onto a spiritual plane deserving of her essence.

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