The Nameless

The Nameless (Tales of an Outcast Faerie Book 1) by [Allison Rose]

The Nameless by Allison Rose is a wondrous story about a enigmatic group of fairies living in seclusion away from human eyes. When dark magic takes over the human world, Nola, a human with powers of her own, begs for help from Kelty and her band of outcast faeries. While Kelty is stuck trying to decide what she should do: ignore the human world or sacrifice her own world to save the humans from a horrible fate. Unbeknownst to Kelty, someone in her tribe is plotting against her.

The Nameless is an imaginative tale that captivated me from the beginning. Although it starts slow it knows how to build suspense through careful story telling and a slow character build that ultimately leads to some exciting scenes. Allison Rose does an incredible job of connecting readers to this mysterious world that the faeries live in. Her garrulous descriptions were vivid and a welcome addition to a fantasy story that sets an ominous yet vibrant tone with its intricate backdrops. Set against these meticulous scenes are well defined characters. Kelty is a figure that all readers can relate to. She isn’t the most confident of the faeries, but she does what she can with what little power she has to stop the human world from coming to harm from this dark magic.

One of my favorite aspects in this novel was the perspective given through Kelty and Nola’s eyes. While not written in the first person I felt like I really understood her feelings because of the well articulated emotions throughout the novel. Despite the differences in how these characters live their lives, Kelty and Rose are facing similar dilemmas.

At times the plot was a little intense, but the story is punctuated by moments of levity that serve to unwind from the unmitigated drama. We’re treated to an exploration of each characters relationship that I enjoyed because it gave me a moment to ask, who’s side would I be on?

Fantasy lovers are sure to enjoy The Nameless. This is a fanciful and romantic vision of contemporary faeries that young adult readers will easily escape into.

Pages: 206 | ASIN: B07LC4D1HY

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