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What if I could have her back?

Daniel Santos Author Interview

Life is Inevitable follows two teens who commit suicide and accidentally switch bodies on their way back and are forced to fix their mistake. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration of this story spawned from the Death of a good friend of mine. She died by her own hand before my high school graduation and I always asked myself, “What if I could have her back?” That first question is what gave this story its idea of being given a second chance, and the body switch aspect came to mind when I kept wondering what life was like from her perspective.

Brennan and Olivia are interesting and well developed characters. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

For most of my characters I want to make sure that they represent a certain idea or philosophy. In fact, even the names Brennan and Olivia have their own meaning in different cultures. For example the name “Brennan” is a name of Gaelic decent meaning “sorrow”. I wanted him to be the embodiment of the quote “A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth.” He shows the idea that hurt children will grow to hurt others. On the other Olivia is a very different person and her name means “Peace”. This name is a perfect representation of her personality because even though she is hurt by the world, she shows compassion to everyone. I got the idea by giving her traits I wish I had, as well as traits I see many religious figures show.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The theme of nature versus nurture was one of the important things I wanted to explore in this book. While it’s not the only theme, it’s definitely one that fuels the other topics of suicide, death, and despair.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book I’m working on will complete the series Life is Inevitable and will be available at the beginning of 2023 at the earliest, or during the middle of 2023 at the latest.

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Brennan has spent most of his life angry at the world and everyone in it. Day by day his
rage escalates until he can see only one escape route. – Independent Book Review

Olivia has spent her life tormented by those around her. She’s constantly trying to shrink
herself in the hopes that people will stop noticing her. When making herself smaller
doesn’t work, she realizes the only other option is to stop existing. – Independent Book Review

A story about trauma, abuse, and mental health, Life is Inevitable is about Eighteen-year-old boy Brennan, and seventeen-year-old girl Olivia, who have their entire lives and worldview changed when they commit suicide on the same day. In this world, the dead are brought to a train station where they receive tickets that send them to heaven or hell. However, Olivia and Brennan are given a second chance. An angel gives them train tickets that will send them back to their bodies, but a new problem emerges when they accidentally switch their tickets. In the world of the living, they wake up in each other’s bodies and are now forced to undo the mistake they just made while living the other person’s life.

Delilah Recovered 

Delilah Recovered by Amelia Estelle Dellos tells the story of Delilah Smith, who lives a dull and uninteresting life as an accountant. Her world turns upside down when she meets the handsome Samuel Solomon, who introduces her to the exciting realm of fairies, witches, angels, and witch hunters. Delilah quickly learns that everything she thinks she knows about her ordinary reality is wrong. Her authentic memories reveal that she will play a pivotal role in this world. Delilah discovers that many of her memories have been sealed from her. She begins to learn about her prophesied destiny and that many aspects of life have been hidden from her. The world she uncovers is dark, extraordinary and ominous.

The world that is constructed by Amelia Estelle Dellos in this enthralling fantasy novel is imaginative and enchanting. I enjoyed how the author articulated the contrast between Delilah’s mundane existence as an accountant in an office and being thrown into a chaotic dark fantasy realm with danger and excitement. The book has a compelling story line and a fascinating protagonist. The story delves into the colorful and dynamic lives of the characters and I really enjoyed watching how their actions impacted one another; sort of like a paranormal melodrama on television. There is no shortage of action and intrigue to lure readers into this richly imagined world.

The author brilliantly integrates elements of the Samson and Delilah story into the book and shows how the past can have a profound effect on the present. Romance, mythology, magic, and an intriguing mystery all coalesce into an exciting journey. I was enthralled with the surreal theme of this book and reveled in the unique supernatural and time travel elements. I recommend Delilah Recovered to readers who are looking for an imaginative urban fantasy novel with a protagonist that goes through a massive evolution.

Pages: 276 | ISBN: 1639885145

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The Nephilim Project

The Nephilim Project: A Demon’s Chronicle is an intriguing historical/biblical fiction novel that focuses on demonic attempts to corrupt mankind throughout the ages. Starting at creation, we follow a servant of Satan, named Utoneious, as he records the events of early Old Testament figures like Noah and Moses, or more accurately, their less-famous family members who succumb to demonic temptation in one way or another. Over the course of Utoneious’s chronicles we are introduced to the Nephilim, creatures begotten by the mating of a demon and a human woman. The story eventually moves on to events of the New Testament, and then the Knights Templar of the Crusades.

The Nephilim Project is a visionary novel. The attitude of Utoneious is of someone who has a job to do, as opposed to someone hellbent on being evil for evil’s sake. As he observes mankind he also takes part in bureaucratic meetings with other demons, who are aptly described in horrific and beastly ways, but also have a certain diplomacy to them. The juxtaposition of the business-as-usual demonic conversations overlayed with something like the death of Christ is jarring, but amusing and entertaining.

I felt that author Steve O’Dell’s writing is a bit esoteric at times, but the story is still fascinating. The humans of the story are often driven by a loyalty or faith in God, but are corrupted through demonic interference, usually through an ancient relic. The demons themselves assail mankind with temptation rather than brute force more often than not, making their influence more subtle as man falls to greed, war, and other vices.

This is a spellbinding Christian fiction novel. I enjoyed the unique and fascinating mythology of this world and reveled in it’s creativity. Readers who enjoy historical fiction with a supernatural element, especially history centering on the time of the Crusades, will really enjoy The Nephilim Project.

Pages: 389 | ASIN: B01N2WJ4I9

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Finding The Murderous Sidney Friedlander

Len Handeland Author Interview

Requiem for Miriam follows a young detective with a hidden psychic gift as finds herself in mortal danger from the man she’s hunting. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

When I was young, I briefly thought about going into law enforcement (specifically, undercover work as a detective). Growing up, I was intrigued by classic television shows involving strong women in law enforcement, including Charlie’s Angels, Policewoman, and Murder She Wrote as was my character Maria Rodriguez. Rather than make the lead detective a man (with men being the majority of lead detectives in the 1980s) in charge of finding the murderous Sidney Friedlander, I wanted the lead detective in the case to be a woman and someone of color, as it’s essential to include as much diversity in my novels as possible.

Your characters are fascinating and well developed. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Writers, from time to time, including myself, are inspired by actual events that occurred. The story of Miriam and Sidney Friedlander was inspired by the Sunny Von Bulow case back in the 1980s. At that time, my husband and I lived in New York, so naturally, the news was filled with the events surrounding the murder of the wealthy heiress and the husband confessing to the killing of his wife. Despite the Von Bulow’s being the typical New York “WASPS” (white Anglo-Saxons), I wanted to represent the Jewish community as New York has a large Jewish community. I worked for a Jewish boss and had many Jewish friends who introduced me to the customs, traditions and life celebrations of the Jewish community. I wanted my main characters (Sidney and Miriam) to be anything but the typical gentile couple. The other characters (Maria Rodriguez & Raphaella ) were inspired by people I met while I lived in New York. One was a strong, very vocal, and opinionated Haitian woman I worked with, and the other was an equally strong, proud, and beautiful Puerto Rican-American woman I befriended while studying at FIT (The Fashion Institute) in Manhattan. The Haitian character Raphaella appeared in my first novel, “The Darkest Gift.” She is one of my favorite characters and interesting enough to be included in two of my books!

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

My novel’s themes included love, devotion, deception, jealousy, rage, revenge, adversity, and justice.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My next novel is called “Transplant – The evil that dwells within,” which is the story of a young woman (Elizabeth Bennington) who was born and struggled with a congenital heart condition. Her life is further complicated by being bullied in school, leading to depression and attempted suicide. Being institutionalized, including therapy. Meeting the man of her dreams, having a child which strains her health, requiring a heart transplant with the donor being unknown, leading to destructive urges that overcome Elizabeth as if she’s being possessed by the donor who turns out to have been a serial killer. It should be released by January or February of 2023.

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Sidney and Miriam seem to be the perfect, successful New York couple, but their marriage is a tragic sham. When Sidney’s glamorous mistress, Tori, urges him to get rid of his troublesome wife, a murderous series of events ensues. Sidney kills Miriam in a fit of rage, and with her last breath, she curses him. Tori dies horribly at the hands of a vengeful ghost and Sidney goes on the run.
Maria, an ambitious young detective with a hidden psychic gift, is on the case. With the help of her Haitian lover, Raphaella, a striking, rum-drinking voodoo expert, she tracks Sidney down and goes undercover to entrap him. But Maria soon finds herself in mortal danger from the man she is hunting.
Will Maria and Raphaella get their man? And will Miriam find the justice – and revenge – she seeks from beyond the grave?

Taiwan Butterfly

Amadeus Rockefeller Author Interview

Taiwan Butterfly follows a British missionary who comes into possession of a powerful Tibetan grimoire called ‘The Book of the Butterfly’. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Taiwan Butterfly is the second installment of a series I am writing called The Book of The Butterfly. The prequel will be released later, which details the adventures of the main character Jonathan Woods and his travels around Asia as he searches for occult material. Something Jonathan has been obsessed about since a teenager. The beginning of Taiwan Butterfly picks up from the ending of the first novel ‘Book of the Butterfly.’ I released the second book first, ‘Taiwan Butterfly’ because it deals with death and resurrection. I am an English teacher and recently had a young twelve-year-old private English student of mine pass away from a childhood stroke. She had been my student since she was five years old. So I released Taiwan Butterfly first as a tribute to her and with a wish that it could be true.

Jonathan Woods is an interesting character that was fun to follow. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Jonathan Woods is a composite character formed from Indiana Jones, Merlin, and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Three of my favorite fictional characters. All I had to do then was imagine what such a character would be like and do.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The death of someone we love and how it affects our belief in life was what I wanted to explore. I wanted to say that life is precious, and we should cherish it. Too many books and entertainment glorify death and the killing of people for fun or without hesitation. I find it very sad that people disrespect life so much. We are only here once on this earth. We will never be here again. Respect life and love it while you can. That’s what Taiwan Butterfly is about.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m multi-tasking on that one! I am writing four books at the same time. First to be released will be a gothic-horror story called ‘Formosan Vampire’ in mid-July 2023. The second will be a political thriller called ‘The Illuminati’ regarding a secret world order that has been controlling everything happening in the world, both good and bad. The third will be the prequel to ‘Taiwan Butterfly’. And the fourth is a sci-fi epic called ‘Conquest of our Forefathers’ about an ancient alien race that created an experimental lifeform and placed it on planet Earth to see what would happen. The human race is that experiment! Then, after a break, I will write the prequel to ‘Legend Blade’, my first novel that was published in 2021.

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Award Winning Book from author Amadeus Rockefeller. An ancient and powerful Tibetan grimoire called ‘The Book of the Butterfly’ that has existed secretly for thousands of years comes into the possession of a British missionary named Jonathan Woods during the Chinese Civil war. Jonathan flees to Taiwan with the ancient spell book and takes up residence in a high mountain township at the centre of the island. There he tutors a rich landowners daughter Chen Mei-Ying about language, life and sorcery. Mei-Ying enthusiastically takes to the dark arts. But when she is killed in a freak accident, her boyfriend Huang Lee-Yang approaches the sorcerer, hoping to learn the power he wields to bring her back to life.


When twelve-year-old Abby Wincoff is murdered by a serial killer on the loose, Joey Marks, there is much more involved than a straightforward crime case. The entire town is on edge as the locals recall seeing the strange man arriving at the grand hotel in the area. They soon realize how easily this serial killer preyed on one of their own. Though ending the life of one of his victims, Abby, this did not end with her tragic death.

Abby haunts the grounds where her life ended as the local sheriff and his deputies search for her. As Marks realizes that he isn’t as inconspicuous as he thinks, the psychopath will soon pay for his crimes against young girls. The story unfolds in a bleak and dark, but unrelenting way that is rich with vivid imagery and intense emotions as the town unravels in response to this horrific crime.

Birdwatcher is a thoroughly entertaining and thrilling novel. This is a great crime fiction story that is infused with a unique paranormal element. The story is heavily plot-driven but is still captivating. The author’s narration is very descriptive, with lively and emotional dialogue and dynamic developments. Greyson writes a gripping, dark, and entertaining novel that blends horror and paranormal mystery elements. It’s a well-written story that will keep readers engaged and eager to learn about Abby’s fate in the afterlife and the fate of the serial killer.

While I thought some of the character portrayal and dialogue could use a bit more refinement, I still found the book to be highly enjoyable. I recommend Birdwatcher for its entertaining storyline and the thrilling developments throughout the book. It’s a fantastic story that will keep you on the edge of your seat and swiftly turning pages.

Pages: 338 | ASIN: B0B6HHKT1M

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The Ghost Comes Out – Book Trailer

Grayton, a small fictional town community in western Tennessee, in 1964, is unaware of the civil rights movement taking place across the nation. It all begins with the Scholl family, as the oldest girl, Rosie, sets up a summer school and invites others to join. There are eight students all told, including two African Americans, which prove highly unpopular with the ice cream man, racist, and KKK wannabee, Joe Puckett. While the children gather during the summer vacation, events unfold around them, including a biracial relationship, a kidnapping, the death of a loved one, and the murder of a domestic abuser.

Situated in a time shortly after the JFK assassination, the residents of this community–with all their secrets and mysteries to hide–come alive and reveal themselves when the Ghost Comes Out is played. The town is left questioning who in their close-knit community could the “ghost” be as neighbors lock their never-latched doors and question each other with distrust and fear. After the summer of ’64, no citizen in that town is ever quite the same.

This is a moral tale in its way in which the good get their reward and the bad their punishment, but it also recognizes that good people can get caught in the cross fire and that no one is perfect.

Pages: 352 | ASIN: B094YVLPL7

Life is Inevitable 

Life Is Inevitable by Daniel Santos is a story that begins at the end. Life is difficult for some people, and for Olivia and Brennan, two young people no longer able to face the challenges in their lives, decide to end them. It is only once they cross over to the other side, and wind up in purgatory, that things get interesting. As Olivia and Brennan are set to take separate trains out of purgatory to their next destination, there is a mix-up, and they wake up in a new place, with new challenges, in each other’s bodies.

Now facing what they must endure in their next existence and desperate to reunite and switch back into their bodies, they quickly learn that this plan will not go as smoothly as expected. The author tackles some relevant and difficult themes throughout the book, including suicide and the despair felt by young adults. He handles the challenging subject matter well and in a way that gives the reader a sense of hope that life will give you another chance, even following a big mistake or life-shattering experience.

This book is a thought-provoking and important read. The author does a good job of getting the message across so that the reader can imagine themselves in each character’s situation, how they would handle life’s unexpected challenges, and how to move on from the worst experiences. While the sensitive theme of this story may not be for everyone, it is a cleverly written story that provides an interesting perspective on a difficult topic.

There is a lot of imagination and creativity throughout the story, which is a brilliant way of handling such a powerful message. It’s also an interesting way to glimpse at more than one perspective on the matter, and how each character handles their situation. While not a light read, it is a great story that is worth sharing.

Pages: 234 | ASIN: B0B97GXP5M

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