The Fix Yourself Handbook

The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey by [Faust Ruggiero]

Sometimes we get bogged down by our conscience and inner feelings. We spend so much time dwelling on our mistakes and shortcomings that we miss out on living and being better people. The Fix Yourself Handbook by Faust Rugiero’s is the key to being someone who can still move forward and find happiness despite life changing events. This is a guide to being a better person and learning from your mistakes. A guide to getting up quickly after falling. A guide to truly living as opposed to simply existing, stewing in our self-inflicted misery.

There are many books out there all prescribing and promising self-improvement and happiness. There are even more books promising wealth, health and purpose. The difference between The Fix Yourself Handbook and many of those is that this has actually been written from a place of knowledge and expertise. The author has vast experience from his long career in counseling. This is evident from his tone of writing, the simplicity, and practicality of his suggestions as well as the structure of the entire book.

The Fix Yourself Handbook reads like a conversation between a person and his or her mentor. The author speaks from a place of understanding. I felt like he really understands the human psyche and what it is to struggle with making oneself better. Faust Ruggiero understands that the steps to improving and becoming better need not be complex.

This guide touches on a range of things from communication, to setting and achieving goals and even identification of inner barriers. This covers pretty much everything for a person aiming towards self-actualization. The author also understands challenging emotions like anger, envy, forgiveness, and fear and how these emotions can get in the way of self-improvement. The book then moves on to prescribe an effective way of dealing with these four debilitating issues.

The Fix Yourself Handbook is a book you would want to keep on hand to reference whenever you need guidance. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for personal transformation through an easy to understand method.

Pages: 260 | ASIN: B083842TGT

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