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The Potential To Alter A Current Reality

K P Weaver Author Interview

Life Magic is a phenomenal book that introduces readers to the Alchemy of Life Magic Course series. What motivated you to write and publish this book?

Thank you for your kind words. The Life Magic Conquer Kit is the second in a series of actionable books based on my signature seven life principles of Mindfulness, Knowing, Intent, Love Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Belief. When applied at any stage in life these principles have the potential to alter a current reality and make life so much more. I prioritise joy very highly and so these books are designed to be fun, not a chore.

I will be launching a new course to accompany this book later in 2022.

What were some critical ideas you wanted to include in your life magic mastery conquer kit?

I hope that readers take away many critical ideas but the biggest ones that I feel have the most direct impact are:

  • To release yourself from fear through knowing.
  • Instantly shift onto a manifestation vibe through gratitude.
  • Loving energy is a super fuel!

What is the first step readers must take before opening your book?

Make a sacred promise to themselves that they will step a little outside of their comfort zone because that is where the magic of life resides.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is struggling to see their potential?

To change your current reality, you must do something different. One simple shift will change your current trajectory. Life is or living, you are the one who makes the choices!

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Unleashing Their Potential

Edmund Yeung Author Interview

Winning Your Biggest Paycheck provides readers with clear guidance and actionable advice to advance their career and achieve financial freedom. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I have always wanted to write a book on career advancement. After my limited success in business, I wanted to give back. I think I have a gift for simplifying complex concepts and inspiring others in plain words. I have been a lecturer, coach, and mentor. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than inspiring people and unleashing their potential in life and business.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who’s struggling to advance their career?

I was going to say, “read my book!”

Develop and follow a career plan that includes job skill training and getting a mentor. Fear of failure and procrastination hold people back. A sense of accomplishment builds confidence. The learning routine will condition your mind to stay focused and positive.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about entrepreneurship?

People think as entrepreneurs, they will make more money than working for someone else. And the issues they faced at work previously will diminish. However, they will become the chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and most importantly, the chief revenue officer once they decide to start a business. They will face many more challenges, including making a profit and maintaining cash flow.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Build a strong personal brand. Your personal brand is an essential element of your career success. Your paycheck will grow as you elevate your brand!

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In Winning Your Biggest Paycheck, author, top 1% salesman, and successful entrepreneur Edmund S. Yeung unveils his revolutionary wealth-building and earnings optimization strategy that he developed over 25 years of top-level sales performance and recent successes, like finishing a fiscal year 510% over quota and earning an extra $1M sales credit. Are you dreaming big enough? Probably not… but you should be.
By deploying the common-sense, real-world strategies offered in this potentially life-changing personal success book, you will learn powerful methods that any professional or entrepreneur can use to drastically improve your win rate and sell the highest margin products to the most profitable customers. You will learn how to use strategies Yeung routinely uses to sustain winning streaks that allow him to double his quota and hit the biggest commission accelerators and bonuses available.
In this empowering personal productivity and earnings improvement book, you will learn:
How to use the power of a long-term customer advocacy and customer relations mindset to build strong relationships that will allow you to cash in your largest contracts and land the biggest clients in your career
The 10 most important qualities of a trustworthy partner or employee – vital qualities of a top-line salesperson
How to increase your services or products’ values with elite branding strategy – product positioning, value proposition, DNA, and differentiating yourself from your competition
The 3 most powerful techniques that can be used to formulate career-changing strategies – The T.C.M. process, which addresses the two biggest challenges in business and life – lack of time and money
How to persevere, stop procrastinating and how not to be late ever again—it will change your life!
Use these proven strategies and techniques to overachieve and maximize take-home income in any profession, including automobile sales, insurance, consulting, software sales and luxury item sales.
If you’ve been reading book after book or listening to podcast after podcast, and you still haven’t found that breakthrough strategy that will allow you to earn more money or win that promotion that you’ve been looking for that will break the ceiling and change your life, look no further. Winning Your Biggest Paycheck will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to make that life-changing leap to career success and substantial wealth.

Master Your Mortgage

Master Your Mortgage by Brighton Gbarazia is an ideal book for prospective home buyers and people in the mortgage industry. Brighton Gbarazia writes a comprehensive buyer’s guide for anyone interested in a mortgage and shares tips, ideas, and tricks on how to get the best deal when you invest in real estate. How do banks operate and review an application for a mortgage? What are the dos and don’ts of mortgages? Brighton Gbarazia shares his experiences as a real estate expert, guiding the readers on what to look for when shopping for a new home or investment property.

This informative guide is a serious but important read that doesn’t hold back from the grim realities of the situation. Brighton Bgarazia shares his knowledge on spot deals that are too good to be true and how buying property without experience can place some new homeowners in a vulnerable position and at the mercy of swindlers and scams.

As an immigrant to Canada, Brighton Gbarazia shares his background in real estate, experience in dealing with banking, and his passion for helping people make well-informed decisions. The author demonstrates a clear knowledge of the industry and his commitment to helping people navigate through the process of buying a home. Throughout the book, he also shares personal experiences and situations, including a bit about his family life and the goal of helping people succeed.

I learned a significant amount about owning property and how to get the best deal. The book thoroughly covers crucial topics related to the complex world of real estate in a way that keeps the reader engaged and eager to learn about mortgages. His real-life scenarios are well integrated into the book, which makes it more interesting to read and stay engaged. The author also incorporates a sense of humor to keep the subject light-hearted at times while staying on point throughout the book.

I recommend Master Your Mortgage: What the Bank Won’t Tell You About Buying the Right Home for its comprehensive coverage and personal touch in dealing with the real estate industry. This enlightening book tells you exactly what to look out for, and how to apply for a mortgage to avoid the pitfalls of hidden costs, and other issues that can arise with the responsibility of homeownership.

Pages: 236 | ASIN: B09VMD5ZH5

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Holding It All Together When You’re Hypermobile

Christie Cox’s life changed forever the day she fell asleep behind the wheel and rear-ended the car in front of her. This was the last of many times she found herself swerving due to unexplained drowsiness. After a lifetime of seeking answers as to why she seemed so accident-prone and being dismissed by one doctor after another, she finally had the answer to all her questions. The severe neck injury she sustained due to her car accident led to a battery of tests that gave a name to her condition. Cox now knew–she had hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hEDS).

Holding it All Together When You’re Hypermobile, by Christie Cox, is the author’s own story of her battle to find a diagnosis that accurately explained the chronic symptoms she experienced throughout her life. In this open, caring, and motivating piece, Cox gives hope to others who suffer from chronic disorders and are fighting what seems to be a losing battle when it comes to finding a physician they can trust, finally receiving an accurate diagnosis, and managing their own healing habits.

Cox provides readers with an intimate look at her own experience and explains in great detail what makes EDS so incredibly debilitating. It’s this type of openness and willingness to share personal stories that helps others suffering with the same condition know they are not alone. In addition, patients and family members of those with EDS can find, not only solace, but information about EDS. Cox goes out of her way to provide hope and reassurance to readers, and this is a welcome tone in a book that contains facts that could easily become overwhelming.

The list of calming and healing techniques Cox offers is extensive. This is one of my favorite parts of her writing. She goes out of her way to offer readers dozens of strategies for coping on their most challenging days. Meditation is an important part of the advice Cox provides. She helps readers both recognize when they need to try meditation and instructs them on the most effective techniques for their situation. Everything about her writing exhibits care and concern for her readers and fellow patients.

It is difficult to share deeply personal stories, especially those that deal with debilitating diseases and the struggles with medical diagnoses. Cox manages to do so with grace while broadening readers’ knowledge and giving them the hope they so desperately seek. I recommend Cox’s book to anyone who has been diagnosed with EDS or POTS or believes they may suffer from them. I also believe Cox’s story can provide immense comfort to family members and caregivers of anyone with a chronic illness. 

Pages: 374 | ASIN: B0B7QGX5BD

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I Love My Kids, But I Don’t Always Like Them

I Love My Kids But I Don’t Always Like Them by Franki Bagdade provides readers with guidance that will help struggling parents understand their children. This book is written in easy to understand language and career-specific terms are explained with many practical examples.

In each chapter the author addresses the different areas that parents may find challenging. From infant age to toddlerhood up to adolescence, Bagdade left no stone unturned in taking readers through the peculiar roadblocks associated with child developmental milestones. Bagdade, a mother of three children herself, demonstrates mastery of the behavioral pattern of children and provides actionable advice on how to handle situations where your children behave in ways you don’t approve of. While admitting her failure to handle some situations in the best way, Bagdade provides advice on how to deal with the guilt that comes with those situations.

In exploring perhaps the most difficult aspect that comes with parenting, the author explains how to understand children with special needs. That moment when you don’t know if your child’s tantrum is some behavioral flaw that requires expert opinion and support or just another moody day. This book offers a solution on how to get those in contact with your child, from teachers to family relatives, to make adequate provisions for your child.

In the chapter, “Right Size Your Expectations”, the author shares with readers how to prioritize intent over the outcome of actions. This helps to handle times when parents feel disappointed in their child’s behavior especially when the children are not doing anything necessarily bad.

This is a critical resource for parents that will help parents re-evaluate their parenting style and promote conversations on parenting and how there is no one-formula-fits-all in raising different children even within the same family. With quirky humor and a free-spirited tone, Bagdade has written an engaging parenting book that is colored by her experience as a mother and consultant educator. She details easy-to-follow approaches to parenting that will help parents enjoy their children, even during their worst times.

Pages: 157 | ASIN: B09KLZBZFF

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Make A Dramatic Positive Impact

Zach Touchon Author Interview

You Have Everything You Need to Get What You Want is a step-by-step guide that will help readers transform their life, relationships, and business. Why was this such an important book for you to write?

This book was so important for me to write because it helped me to understand that if I just open my eyes and switch my perspective I have all the tools I need to get what I want. I just have to see it. We are all making excuses everyday. We get held up on going after our dreams because we have a lacking mentality and we tell ourselves that we don’t have everything it takes to go after it. I wanted people to have the realization, like I did, that when you have an abundance mindset and you are utilizing the assets in your life the possibilities are endless. That doesn’t mean it won’t be hard work but when you have a system to use your possibilities are increased dramatically. Like I like to say in the book, “when you’re on your path luck has a way of finding you.”

I needed, and I knew others needed, a system to really make a dramatic positive impact on their life right now using the things they already have. Following COVID, war, and economic problems there has never been a better time to get this information out there. We all have so many things weighing us down but when we free ourselves of the things that don’t  serve any purpose we are able to get closer to the freedom, the happiness, and the fulfillment we all desire. This all really comes back to the balance sheet of life.

I came from a first person perspective when I was telling the stories but I’m hoping that readers can relate to those stories, imagine themselves in my position and have revalations of how they can apply the same ideas to go after what they want. I’ve always felt like stories are the best way to learn. We’re all just big kids after all.

What is the first critical step someone must take to make a lasting positive change in their life?

The first step that anyone should do is to be willing to try. We all tell ourselves that something we want to go after is too scary, we aren’t ready, it won’t work out, it’s impossible, that’s been done before. So, we stay where we are content to carry on as we always have wandering through life lost, without a system knowing the entire time, deep down, that if we just put our mind to it we can find a way. But this takes being willing to try.

We’ve all heard the quote by Confucious, “the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.”  This is so true because it all starts with willingness. The willingness to try helps us take that first step and that starts us on our journey. Guess what? We figure it out along the way.

What is a common obstacle that you see people facing when they try to manage their bad habits?

Managing our bad habits is the ultimate key to getting to our goals faster. We all know that. The funny thing is that we all know what the bad habits are. I mean they are easy to identify. But we do it anyway. So how do we turn it around? The first key is to identify the bad habit. Make it known. Once something is on the radar it’s easier to conquer.

One of the biggest obstacles  that people face with bad habits is that they won’t face them. Managing bad habits is very difficult because they always come back in full force when you let your guard down.

A concept that I talk about in my book is “Ignore, Improve, Remove”.  These are the three options to deal with the things holding us back in our lives. You clearly can’t ignore a bad habit. You have to overcome it especially if it is keeping you from getting what you want in life. You can improve a bad habit but it always comes back. Ultimately, a very bad habit has to be removed. That’s the only real solid conclusion to come to.

How do you do this? You replace the bad habits with good habits. The concept is easy to understand but the actual doing of it is one of life’s great challenges. This is why I emphasize the power of starting over. Starting over is how we constantly refresh our commitment to ourselves and try again, always improving. We forgive ourselves and start over.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I want people to know there’s hope. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I want to help people uncover the resources in front of them and see the assets in their life. I want them to have a newfound sense of gratitude for what they do have, not a feeling of lacking for what they don’t have. I want to help people “see it”. When you can “see it” you can believe it and when you believe it anything is possible.

The subtitle of my book is “You Have the Power to Change Everything.” This is something I really want to drive home to readers. Your life is in your power and you can change anything or everything you want. In the book I say, “you are the writer of your story and as the writer you can change the next chapter in your life, just like I did.”

I come from what I call, “humble beginnings” and what this basically means is I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I was surrounded by drugs, gangs, violence, abuse, and poverty. The thing you hear so many people say is, “I’ll never make it out.” No matter where my readers are in the world I want them to know that there is hope, there is a way. Let’s face it, there’s a lot of people out there going through a hard time. Trust me, I understand. The one thing I want people to know is that if you have a system, and you stick to it and do it everyday you can make it real.

So find a system, overcome your fear of taking the first step, identify your bad habits, and stick to it and do it everyday. We have everything we need to get what we want. All we have to do is see it.

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“It doesn’t matter who you are, how much you’ve got, how much you don’t have, what you do, or where you work, anyone can use these tools and practices to help them achieve their goals faster than you ever thought possible.” – Zach Touchon

In this book, you will discover…

– A step-by-step guide to easily transform your life, your relationships, and your business.
– How to identify what you want and what your major purpose is.
– How to gain from a loss in your life.
– How to identify what is holding you back and how, to be honest with yourself.
– How to uncover resources that are hiding right in front of you in plain sight.
– Tools to help you deal with the things that are holding you back in your life.
– Tools to put the assets in your life to work for you.
– Principles to live your life by.
– How to identify negative habits and replace them with positive habits.
– How to uncover your deep-rooted fear and tools to help you overcome that fear and even use it as your new superpower.

“You are the writer of your story and as the writer of your story you can change the next chapter in your life, just like I did. You have the power to change everything!” – Zach Touchon

Winning Your Biggest Paycheck

Winning Your Biggest Paycheck explains in depth how to win big and achieve more than the average person. The author teaches the reader how to have a triumphant mindset, be positive and how to work smart. Edmund S. Yeung starts by discussing how to become a true customer advocate, and how it works. I appreciate that the author goes beyond the dictionary definition with the terms he uses, as he argues in profundity and shares all the information. Winning Your Biggest Paycheck is the tool you need to make more money. Author Edmund S. Yeung uses examples and succinctly explains how to attract customers.

I like that the author brings up questions in his writing, and gives answers right after. This makes the book engaging and helped me understand how to connect ideas. As you read every chapter, you get a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment.

The stories in between the discussions were a great way to bridge discussions. The author is never short of interesting, amusing and academic stories about his life. In the stories lies lessons that one can apply in business, career, and personal  growth. After reading Winning your Biggest Paycheck, you get lessons on how to be more prudent money-wise, and how to be a well-rounded person. The author reveals tricks that have enabled him get where he is despite every obstacle he has faced.

There are many topics in Winning Your Biggest Paycheck that I enjoyed reading. Every topic is illuminating and instructive. One of my favorite topics was on branding. How do you build a brand? What are the essential elements that will make you stand out? How distinct do you want your brand to be? Edmund S. Yeung gets you to think like a client, and have a wider perspective. Readers will learn that being a salesperson requires more than just being a marketing genius, as you need to be emotionally intelligent too.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned  is how to approach customers and how to attract them to my product. Other lessons you get from the book are on paying attention to detail, learning business ethics, being productive, and being persistent.

Winning Your Biggest Paycheck candidly demonstrated how to win in life. The author teaches readers how to not underestimate their potential. From this book, readers will learn how to improve their financial status, amass wealth and grow their business utilizing simple steps. This is a critical tool for any entrepreneur that’s struggling to find breakout success.

Pages: 292 | ASIN: B0BCDQ9HMY

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Ten Pathways: A framework for redefining happiness

Ten Pathways by Fleur Chambers is a thought-provoking read that gives the reader a new perspective on a world that has seen many changes. In a world that has been so bruised in the last two years, we are all suppressing the fatigue of repetitive mantras and slogans. Ten Pathways is the book to reignite healing. It shines a light on pain as part of human existence and cautions us against thinking it should be suppressed. Fleur redefines happiness in a way that allows you to experience your sense of insecurity or struggles, whether it’s deeply personal, economical, or familiar, in a safe space, so you can focus on embracing life and the gains you can acquire through negative experiences. The author highlights acceptance and gratitude in all situations, whether good or bad, as long as we align our actions with our core beliefs. While acceptance is often what most people seek, following your path with integrity is far more rewarding and will often work out better for you and your happiness.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is, “Learning to take a moment to pause and ensure that your actions are tethered to an inner belief that you are enough is an important aspect of redefining happiness.” If you are looking to redefine your life or beliefs, especially given that there is a very big shift in the outlook of how life should be, then this is the book for you. Chambers provides relatable real-life examples of how to be true to yourself instead of vaguely pointing out that changes need to be made.

As you read through each chapter, you’ll find a series of exercises developed to give you the tools you need to get the most out of the book. It’s a great book to read a little at a time to absorb your thoughts and emotions before moving on to the next chapter. The fantastic illustrations by Sarah Hawkinson provides a nice break between chapters and exercises while allowing the reader to focus on various points made. I recommend Ten Pathways as it is a great read that will help people reclaim happiness in life.

Pages: 284 | ASIN: 0645437468

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