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Find Yourself.

Haelee Moone
Haelee P. Moone Author Interview

The Rules of a Big Boss provides readers with the inspiration and tools they need to improve their self love and self esteem. What inspired you to write this book?

My fourth grade teacher was my inspiration. One day when our class was acting up, she sat us down and talked about her daughters friend who was a year younger than us and she wrote a book and was traveling the world. That made me think “wow, here we are acting up and she’s traveling the world signing books.” So I wanted to inspire others and I decided to write the rules ,

What is the first step on this self improvement journey that readers need to take?

The first step is to find yourself.

What is the biggest challenge to young women’s self-esteem in today’s society?

Societal standards (European standards, gender roles, etc.). Pretty much placing unrealistic standards upon young women and shaming them whether they fit that standard or not.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is struggling with their self-esteem?

Find the root of where your insecurity is coming from and then you can take the steps from my book (The rules of a big boss: A book of self-love).

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This book is a manual for young and adult women to maximize higher self esteem. Please know that I cannot make you more comfortable in yourself however. Improved self-love a journey that you have to travel alone for the most part. The good news is that I will do what I can to support you along the way. The things contained within this book are what help me daily. My hope is that they help you as they do me.

The Rules of a Big Boss: A book of Self-Love

Written by 13-year-old Halee P. Moone, The Rules of a Big Boss details the steps one must take to become a “big boss,” which is essentially just a better version of yourself. With a mixture of rules to follow and personal anecdotes from Halee P. Moone’s life, the book centers on the importance of individuality and self-care.

Despite this being written by a teen and written with the colloquialisms that come from being a young adult (which I personally found charming), the essence of the book is perfect for anyone needing reassurance in where to take their life. Even at thirteen, she is hyper-aware of the influence of social media, specifically the impact it can have on someone’s self-image. I think my favorite chapter is when she discusses the influence that someone’s style can have and that it is still important to attempt to be original. She stresses the importance of being inspired and making someone’s style that you may like into your own with individuality instead of just copying. I think this is an important message because it touches on the influence that social media has on fast fashion and overconsumption. Other tips that Moone mentions include, choosing your friends wisely, avoiding bad vibes, and having self-respect.

As a self-help book, it encourages a lot of self-reflection. At the end of each chapter, there are also questions that you can answer that allow you to write down your thoughts and steps you might take to implement the advice she provides.

The Rules of a Big Boss is an enlightening and thought-provoking book on personal development and spiritual growth that gives readers the tools they need to improve their self-worth and self-esteem.

Pages: 79 | ASIN: B08BTMMK9H

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Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit

Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit by [Kyle Pleasant LMT]

Kyle Pleasant LMT wants you to take control of your surroundings. He wants you as a reader to be in charge of your life and anything that you invite into your space. In his book Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit, author Kyle Pleasant writes about the different energies around us and how we can convert negative energies into positive energies. The author uses real life experiences and situations that he has gone through to demonstrate that there is more to life than just existing and going about your usual routines. This book is like a life manual that is full of positive affirmations and lessons that will help readers navigate life in a more constructive and positive way. Kyle Pleasant LMT uses friendly language and pertinent examples that readers can easily comprehend.

I found every chapter in Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit to be useful. The book is divided into three sections and ten chapters, Each section focuses on a main topic while chapters consist of sub topics. The first section is about discovering one’s value. I found this section to be crucial. In the section, we learn about boosting our self esteem and being proud of what we have achieved. Section two of the book was on cherishing your energy. I loved the chapters under this section because of the numerous lessons they had. My favorite take from this section was being mindful of what we say and how we think as whatever we confess, we profess.

Kyle Pleasant knows the right words to use and will emphasize a subject when he feels it is too important to only be read once. I enjoyed tales about his experiences and the lessons he learned. Through his life, I learned why it is important to take it one step at a time. This book has the power to make you forget about your bad experiences and focus on what brings you peace. Through the book, we learn that we project whatever feeling we are going through, whether knowingly or unknowingly. This book gives readers the tools they need to control their issues.

The last chapters are among the most important chapters for anyone that is conscious about their health. The author writes about mental health, physical health, emotional health, spiritual health and being of service in the last section.

Fostering Energy: Cherish Your Energy for a Pleasant Spirit has the potential to make you a wholesome individual; physically, spiritually, and also help you balance energies in your life.

Pages: 100 | ASIN: B08ZCKVX57

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Conquering the Seeds of Destruction

Conquering the Seeds of Destruction by [Maureen Y. Smith]

Maureen Y. Smith’s Conquering the Seeds of Destruction is one book that I think every adult should have. The amount of prudence displayed in the author’s text is what many adults need to be exposed to. Maureen Y. Smith writes about life, its challenges and the negative energies we surround ourselves with that make us fail to thrive. As a reader, you get to enjoy the text in the book as the subjects covered are real and relatable to many. Conquering the Seeds of Destruction is a book about living a fulfilling life. You only live once, make the most out of it. Every experience that you go through counts. The author writes about enjoying the good experiences and how one can amend their future through the lessons they learned from the awful experiences.

Most of the chapters in Conquering the Seeds of Destruction have the word ‘seed’ in their title. ‘Seed of Anger’, ‘Seed of Bitterness’, ‘Seed of Lust’ and so on. I appreciate the choice of topics as the author talked of negative feelings, situations and habits that many people are not comfortable talking about. No one wants to be told that they are a bitter soul. No one wants to face their anger issues, be told that they are proud or told that they are lonely. I appreciate the author for bringing self awareness to the forefront.

Maureen Y. Smith help readers see the negative side of themselves so that they may improve it. Every issue that is introduced is followed up with an actionable and pragmatic solution. Are you bitter with life? Examine yourself, visit your past, look at your surroundings, you will know why you feel like you hate everything. Every chapter is well written, with practical and easily-understood solutions. The book does a great job of highlighting the problem and then objectively giving the reader the answer they were looking for.

This book gave me the impression of attending a virtual therapy session. The author has kind words for those facing difficulties, and reminds the reader why they matter. This book will help you make better decisions for yourself and have a positive approach in life. Apart from helping one be the better version of themselves, Maureen Y. Smith will also help you mend your relationship with God. She talks about God being a supreme being and why he is important in every believer’s life. Conquering the Seeds of Destruction will teach you about appreciating our differences and more.

Pages: 462 | ASIN: B00BMVRVV2

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Literary Titan Book Awards June 2021

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Award Winners

Silver Award Winners


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Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks

All the power to build yourself up to a happier, more successful, more fulfilled person lies in you. Not everyone has the coping skills for the daily grind that is life, but everyone has the ability to learn them, which can make all the difference when it comes to finding balance. While people often look to external sources to find happiness and justification, they tend to fall short of doing so because those feelings ultimately are generated within. We are all in charge of our own fulfillment, we just have to be aware of the tools to get there and know how to use them.

Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks by Minii Begum is a substantive self help book that lays out some of the ways we can look inside ourselves and find the keys to our own happiness. The chapters are set up in easy to follow sections that cover a lot of the ground that we all need to become more aware, more mature, and an overall better person. Chapters include tips about forgiveness, mindfulness, maturity, boundaries, and balance. The book uses language that is broad, making the goals seem easy to achieve. I find this to be beneficial. While some people may need more specifics to enact change in their lives, others can definitely benefit from seeing the bigger picture as a means of motivation to take that first step. Begum continuously states that the journey to being a better you is not always an easy one, but the baby steps she does mention are generalized to accommodate the fact that everyone’s journey will be different. 

Change. Self Heal. One Day it Just Clicks is all about being a better person and breaks down the different places we can likely use some improvement in our lives to reach that goal. From self-awareness, to holding on to our anger, to the level of satisfaction in the workplace, many factors can prevent happiness and the ability to live life to the fullest. Begum aims to help each of us identify what is holding us back and shed whatever issues we may have.

The advice that is provided in this remarkable book is extremely solid, but will require the readers to really push for that change. If you are motivated and ready for change, this book will provide actionable guidance that has the potential to change your life.

Pages: 160 | ASIN: B096BDJM25

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The World Is As We Are

Judi Miller
Judi Miller Author Interview

Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation illustrates the ways in which the Universe orchestrates our lives toward a state of healing, wholeness, and love. Why was this an important book for you to write?

For most of my life, I was plagued by feelings of being different, unworthy and not enough. On this journey, I learned that the stories we create around the events of our lives are not always true – the mind does not always tell the truth! Our stories, labels and judgements act as a giant filter that paints the way we see the world. The world is as we are. Our fears and doubts are manifested into reality in the people and circumstances of our lives. The imperfections we see in others is often a reflection of the burdens we carry within ourselves. By learning to let go of the stories and labels that no longer served me, I was able to experience each moment through the eyes of love where there is no judgement. I am now able to experience greater levels of freedom, joy and happiness. When I look out into the world, I see so many people struggling with the same feelings and fears that I did. I know that we no longer need to live that way!

When we let go of our stories, labels and judgements, we see everything through the eyes of love – where there is no separation.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone that is struggling to forgive?

There are so many different definitions of forgiveness. For me, it is really simple. Forgiveness means to forgo or to let go of. Painful and unwanted events are going to happen to all of us. We can either experience the event once or we can play it over and over again in our minds until it becomes stuck – it becomes our identities and then we become too afraid to let it go. I believe the most dangerous part of an unwanted event is not the event itself but the stories we create about the events.

When we forgive, we are not condoning the actions that might have hurt us. Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. It is an act of self-love. It allows us to release negative, contracted energy that we are holding in our bodies and allows us to move forward. It also allows us to move beyond the stories we may have created. It frees us so we can experience true freedom and happiness.

Also, what if we stepped back and saw our lives from a grander, larger perspective? If we looked at our lives from that 1,000-foot view, what would we see? How would all the events of our lives weave together to tell a much larger, richer story? Can we see how the events of our lives might actually be serving us?

It is often difficult to see how traumatic events are serving us. However, it is in the contrasts of life that we gain clarity on what it is we want and don’t want – and in that clarity we create.

On earth, we experience everything – the good and the bad; the light and the dark; and the ups and the downs. In our most difficult moments, we often gain clarity on what we do not want. The contrast creates the clarity and from that clarity we create the laws to protect us, the inventions to make our lives easier or the life that we desire.

What if the contrast creates the clarity that then creates the expansion or change that we desire?

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

Life is meant to be experienced in our bodies as feelings without labels, rather than through the stories created in the mind.

The essence of who we are is love. As love, our purpose is to expand and to create, for we are the creator of our lives. The reason we are here, alive, is to experience who we are and to learn to choose love in every moment.

Forgiveness is letting go of the contracted negative stories and energies that no longer serve us so we can move forward and experience true joy and happiness. It is a gift that we give ourselves. It is an act of self-love.

As humans, we have over 60,000 thoughts a day and 85% of them are quite negative. We are hardwired to notice the negative aspects of life as it was critical for our survival thousands of years ago. We no longer need to operate on autopilot. We need to become aware of our thoughts and disrupt the ones that are no longer serving us. We need to scratch that record so it can no longer play! One of the most precious gifts we have as humans is our ability to be aware.

The mind creates stories that are not always true. The body tells the truth. After an event occurs, it only takes us 90 seconds to process that event through our body as sensations and then let it go. After those 90 seconds are up, it’s up to us. We can either let it go or begin to create a story.

Our bodies are infinitely intelligent and often hold the trauma that we’ve experienced. Whenever I feel a contraction in my body, I say thank you. It’s our bodies way of saying that there is something to heal and be released. It is the same in the world today – the contraction and division that we are experiencing is the Universe’s way of telling us that there is an opportunity to heal.

The science of epigenetics has shown that not only do we inherit physical traits from our parents through our DNA – we can also inherit the pain and trauma that our ancestors experienced. Many indigenous cultures believe that when we heal, we heal seven generations back and seven generations forward. When we heal, we are not just doing it for ourselves – we are doing it for all who go before and after us.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

Our greatest superpower is the power to choose. In every moment, we decide. It is in these momentary decisions that we create our lives.

In that space between stimulus and response, we decide how we respond. We choose our reaction and the stories that we create. We also have the power to not create a story at all or to learn to let them go. We are that powerful!

In every moment, we can choose love or we can choose fear. When we choose fear, we are living in the past, hoping to change what has already been. When we choose fear, we are focusing on what we don’t want in the future. So why not focus on the present and appreciate the moment.

We are more powerful than we can imagine because we have the power to choose how our lives will unfold in every moment!

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The Universe’s “Perfect” Path to Righting a Wrong Committed Decades Ago
This life-changing book illustrates the amazing way the Universe orchestrates our lives toward a state of healing, wholeness, and love—whether we are aware of it or not!
Perfect is a true recounting of the transformational journey that Judi Miller was guided to take that brought the exact right people together, in the exact right order, to right a wrong committed decades ago; before her birth and which left its shadow on her soul.
All her life, Judi was plagued by feelings of fear, of not fitting in, and of not being enough. Facing a crisis of purpose, she embarks on a transformational journey of self-discovery and uncovers a shocking ancestral connection to the very person she trusted to heal her. She learns to open her heart, release her stories, and understand forgiveness in a whole new way.
This compelling and relatable narrative includes reflections and exercises to help you open your own heart and access forgiveness, even for the most painful acts. You’ll come away with a profound understanding that despite—or perhaps because of—our perceived flaws and mistakes, we can all heal.
Beautifully written and woven together with deep emotion and honesty—with a foreword by Marci Shimoff, author of the international bestseller Happy for No ReasonPerfect reads like a novel. It chronicles Judi’s journey, orchestrated by unseen hands, that erased her fears, healed three generations, guided her to her purpose in life, and opened her heart to love.
Order your copy of Perfect today. Available in Kindle, paperback and hardcover.

Pies to Die For: How to Live a Vibrant Life Despite a Fatal Diagnosis

Pies to Die For is a how-to for those dealing with terminal diseases. Carole Weaver was first diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2016, two days before she was about to see her grandson Mac Weaver for the first time. In the book, she talks about how she has been dealing with her disease. The book is not just about how to deal with the disease, how to have a semblance of an everyday life, but rather how to have a vibrant one, regardless of how big or small the disease is. She shares several incidents from her own life and the work of her husband, Ken, who creates appraisals for those who have lost art through death, debt, divorce, or disaster. The book is influenced by his profession and talks about the beauty and importance of art in one’s life, stage four cancer or not.

The book explores common issues that people tend to face, like pain, depression, panic attacks, and lesser dealt with topics such as intimacy problems, information overload etc. It provides unique insights into the life and struggles of those dealing with terminal diseases and thus is helpful for those wishing to overcome related issues, people who might have just received their news and are scared of the uncertainty the lies beyond, or friends and family who want to help and understand better.

The best part about the book is that it is a true to the soul, first-hand account of someone battling cancer. More often than not, we see self-help gurus, psychologists, and doctors publishing books on how to deal with cancer and other terminal diseases. However, no matter their expertise in their fields, they have no idea what a survivor deals with. Pies to Die For is an authentic, relatable, and touching first-hand account.

I also appreciated the appendix, which gives a quick go-to for dealing with a bad day. The book also gives you questions to ask in a group discussion. This is a complete guide answering questions and providing information that is not provided in the endless doctor appointments. This book tells you how to live a vibrant life and not just survive post-diagnosis.

Pies to Die For is an impassioned story that bares insight into a survivor’s life and provides tools to make their life full of joyous moments to remember. It provides actionable advice for dealing with your diagnosis and the life after that, even the things that you didn’t know you needed. This is an inspirational book that makes you appreciate your life, no matter how long or short, or how hard or easy.

Pages: 141 | ASIN: B092MCDBC3

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