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Overcome a Multiplicity of Adversities

Coach Michael Taylor Author Interview

Coach Michael Taylor Author Interview

The Cure For Onlyness is a motivational guide to help black men live a life filled with joy, passion and purpose. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Despite the mainstream media generated narrative that suggests black men are in danger of becoming extinct, I personally believe black men are positioned to experience unprecedented levels of success in America today. Now more than ever, black men need to be exposed to optimistic stories that refute the negative media generated stereotypes about black men. My intention with the book was to not only share some reasons for optimism, but to also provide some insights and strategies that support them in becoming optimistic about the future.

You have dedicated your life to empowering men and women. How has your experience helped you write this book?

After overcoming divorce, bankruptcy, foreclosure, depression and being homeless for 2 years living out of my car, I decided I wanted to share the lessons I learned during those challenging times in my life. Since I was able to overcome a multiplicity of adversities in my own life, I definitely have first hand experience in dealing with adversity. Being able to rebuild my life after all of these challenges gives me credibility and my story gives others permission to challenge themselves to overcome any adversity in their own lives. I’m a firm believer that experience is the best teacher, and my experiences have definitely made me a great teacher.

I enjoyed your view on positivity expressed in this book. What do you find is a common misconception people have about positivity?

Because of the over proliferation of negative news stories, most people are extremely pessimistic about the world right now. I on the other hand happen to be extremely optimistic about the future. A big misconception that people have about optimists is that we are in denial about the challenges facing our world. The truth is we aren’t. We simply choose to focus our attention on the things that are right with the world versus the things that are wrong. If a person is willing to look past negative media headlines they would find there are a lot more things that are right with the world than are wrong with it. It’s really all about perception and the lens through which we see the world. I love this quote by Deepak Chopra, “There are two types of people in the world. Those who believe the world is primarily a dangerous place with only moments of safety, and those who believe the world is primarily a safe place with only moments of danger. I choose the latter.

I found this book to be ultimately uplifting. What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I hope people will feel a sense of optimism in regards to race relations in this country and abroad. I personally do not believe race relations are getting worse in this country despite the current racial tensions we all feel. As an optimist, I see the world through an evolutionary lens and I believe humanity is still evolving. We are evolving in consciousness and ultimately, we will evolve to the understanding that we are all a part of one human family. More specifically, my hope is this book reaches the millions of men of color who have given up on their dreams and let them know they have everything they need already inside of them to create an extraordinary life. I hope my story inspires them to find their joy, passion and purpose in life.

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The Cure For Onlyness: A Black Man's Guide To Joy, Passion & Purpose by [Coach Michael Taylor]

Discover the secrets of thriving as a black male in a world that is rigged against you with this definitive guide to self-improvement for black men!

Do you often find yourself despairing at the abysmal and “doom-and-gloom” statistics of black men? Are you tired of being forced to conform to noxious societal labels and subscribe to stereotypes that don’t serve your ultimate purpose and goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this guide might just be what you need.

In this powerful guide, Michael Taylor, an accomplished life coach and entrepreneur, shows you how to shatter limiting beliefs peculiar to black men and hands you the blueprint to living a life of joy, happiness, fulfillment and accomplishment.

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The Process Way of Life

Faust Ruggiero Author Interview

Faust Ruggiero Author Interview

The Fix Yourself Handbook presents an easy to follow process that will help positively change lives. Why was this an important book for you to write?

After seeing well over 2,000 people use the Process Way of Life become happier and more productive, I wanted to show readers that they can make these changes too.

This guide touches on a range of things from communication to setting and achieving goals. What were some ideas you felt were important for readers to grasp?

I want then to know that getting better doesn’t have to be a complicated process. I also wanted them to understand that the Process Way of Life presented in The Fix Yourself Handbook can help them understand themselves and how to live a happy life. If they are willing to commit themselves to the plan, they will see positive changes.

What do you find is a common misconception people have about happiness?

The most important misconception is that something outside of us is going to make us happy. The truth is that all we need is already inside us. We just need to understand how to access, understand, and apply it, and the happiness we receive will be genuine and sustained.

I appreciated how the book helped me understand emotions like anger and forgiveness. What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I wanted everyone to understand that inside them is a wonderful and powerful person, and that if they are willing to take the time to make the changes, they will introduce themselves to that person.

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The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey by [Faust Ruggiero]

The Fix Yourself Handbook presents the Process Way of Life, a step-by-step program that can transform your life into one that is happy, healthy, purposeful, and content. Who we are is the product of the interplay between our physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual attributes.

The Process Way of Life’s fifty-two internal processes will help you create a state of internal balance as these four attributes operate together, providing you with a pure loving energy source that will change your life. Learning to understand and love yourself, and to apply your love to others, is the enduring final gift of the Process Way of Life.

The Process Way of Life is the product of more than twenty years of Faust Ruggiero’s research and practical counseling application. It is your guide on an exciting and enlightening life journey that will touch every part of you. The Process Way of Life creates one of life’s most exciting and wondrous life journeys, and yours is about to begin.

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My Perception of the Afterlife

Linda Perry McCarthy Author Interview

Linda Perry McCarthy Author Interview

Life Sounds In Verse deftly explores various emotions through lyrical verse. What was the inspiration that made you want to publish this book?

Some poets and writers have a muse. I pray that God will guide and inspire my words; to be an instrument in His hands to assure all of His love and to hopefully encourage the downtrodden who are without hope. Helping to build or re-build faith is another of my intents when I seek inspiration, which comes to me through the Holy Spirit. I also find inspiration in Nature and through all God’s creations, including my family. The scriptures are a tremendous source of inspiration for me.

You explore many different emotions and topics in this collection. What do you find yourself often drifting towards when writing?

I drift toward the hereafter, according to my deeply-held religious beliefs. As much as I enjoy living in the now, I am limited physically by Parkinson’s Disease. I drift toward and dream of the day when I can scale mountains. For now, I create my own scenarios- my own worlds, often word and digitally-created scenes in my perception of the afterlife.

In reference to emotions explored in my poetry, I am personally familiar with each—good and not-so.

My favorite poem from the collection is ‘The Boy Prophet’. Do you have a favorite from the book?

I have a few favorite poems. If I narrow the choice down to one, it would be, “Land of My Father’s Birth.”

Do you plan on publishing more works of poetry?

I have published seven books of poetry now, and I am presently working on another. Just a few days ago, my most recent book—a memoir–was released: “Family Forever.”

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Life sounds are sounds of truth, love, faith, hope and beauty, as well as sounds of pain, sadness and grief. Transmitted by the Author and Creator of such sounds, they echo in our hearts and minds as we find and use them for ourselves and for the good of others.

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Literary Titan Book Awards May 2020

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Literary Titan Gold Book Award

Gold Award Winners

Surviving Baby Loss While Battling Infertility by Kiali Jackie Garrett
Literary Titan Silver Book Award

Silver Award Winners



Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information and see all award winners.

Change is Necessary for Growth

Peterson Francois Author Interview

Peterson Francois Author Interview

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has been Transformed into Reality is an inspirational book that invokes confidence in readers. What was the inspiration that made you want to write this book?

My poverty was the inspiration that made me want to write this book. I have been humiliated by many people because I was living in poverty. Some individuals use my hardships to despise me. However, I never wanted to live in misery. There are many people who failed to understand life is filled with sorrows and happiness. After dealing with my circumstances, I was able to experience joy and success in my life. I have transformed my humiliations and deceptions into inspirations which inspired millions and millions of people around the world.

You explore many different ideas in this book. What were some themes that were important for you to focus on?

Some themes that were important for me to focus on were Sticking to Your Principles Flexibility and Change Are Necessary for Growth.

What do you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope readers will take away incredible ideas and knowledge from my book. They will be able to learn how to choose their friends carefully, develop strong financial literacy, understand how to view the world around them, and acquire comprehension skills

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The next book that I am working on is the second edition of Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality.

Author Links: Facebook | Amazon

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality by [Peterson Francois]

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality focuses on human interests and finding the balance that can change your life forever. Author Peterson Francois has compiled inspiring quotes and information that can instill confidence in anyone who is working hard for success. Information is power, and this handbook is designed to provide enough power to handle any situation you might encounter.

A collection of quotes that offer valuable lessons Francois has learned from his experiences in America, Inspirations is arranged by topic. From Sticking to Your Principles to Flexibility and Change Are Necessary for Growth, his goal is to see all people around the world live as happy and productive individuals.

Francois has provided a great deal of stirring, useful information designed to enable to everyone to make better lives for themselves and to better position themselves for success in todays society. His ultimate goal is to help people gain knowledge, achieve their goals, resolve their problems, and enable their success in todays fast-paced world.

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality fulfills Francoiss vision of enabling everyone to make their future success a reality.

Peterson Francois is a thoughtful individual whose many ideas will cause readers to reflect upon their lives in a way that could likely lead to a more fulfilling life.

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The Cure For Onlyness

Life is hard enough to sail through without the pressures of society. It is difficult enough to establish oneself and be successful without unnecessary stereotyping from people all over the place. The Cure for Onlyness is a guide for muting the negative voices and only letting the beneficial ones seep through. It is about being happy and existing on your own terms without input from people of no consequence to you. At a time when discrimination and profiling are still rampant, this book is very relevant and helps readers break the chains of societal expectations for the sake of one’s happiness and success.

Besides being relevant, The Cure For Onlyness: A Black Man’s Guide To Joy, Passion & Purpose is very useful. It provides an analysis of our modern society as well as how it is being handled vs. how it should be handled. It is an all-inclusive lesson on how to really live and meet your full potential. The book is colored with personal experiences. The narration of the book is casual and feels like the life coach Michael Taylor is talking directly to the reader. This kind of writing makes the subject matter engaging and much more fun to read.

One of the things that really stood out to me about this book is the author’s stance on positivity. While he admits to being a big believer in it, he also concedes that positivity can be double-edged. On the one hand, you should always be positive. On the other, positivity can be used by a person to mask some issues from the past. Issues that may stand in the way of a bright future. In this case, the author advises one to be honest with themselves and deal with the past. This actually does make quite a bit of sense. At first, it may feel controversial but then the argument provided is a sober one. Sober is a good adjective to apply to the whole book. It is all wisdom. Sober wisdom, so to speak.

You should expect this book to open your eyes to truths you may have not seen before. Truths you may have neglected to see. It will open your eyes to your potential and how you have been letting society get in your way. Everyone has a quality that puts them in a societal box. A box that comes with expectations. Expectations that prevent a fully blossomed self. Although The Cure For Onlyness is geared toward black males, I feel like anyone can learn from this enlightening book.

Pages: 192 | ISBN: 0996948791

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The Fix Yourself Handbook

The Fix Yourself Handbook: Using the Process Way of Life to Transform Your Life into a Happy, Healthy Journey by [Faust Ruggiero]

Sometimes we get bogged down by our conscience and inner feelings. We spend so much time dwelling on our mistakes and shortcomings that we miss out on living and being better people. The Fix Yourself Handbook by Faust Rugiero’s is the key to being someone who can still move forward and find happiness despite life changing events. This is a guide to being a better person and learning from your mistakes. A guide to getting up quickly after falling. A guide to truly living as opposed to simply existing, stewing in our self-inflicted misery.

There are many books out there all prescribing and promising self-improvement and happiness. There are even more books promising wealth, health and purpose. The difference between The Fix Yourself Handbook and many of those is that this has actually been written from a place of knowledge and expertise. The author has vast experience from his long career in counseling. This is evident from his tone of writing, the simplicity, and practicality of his suggestions as well as the structure of the entire book.

The Fix Yourself Handbook reads like a conversation between a person and his or her mentor. The author speaks from a place of understanding. I felt like he really understands the human psyche and what it is to struggle with making oneself better. Faust Ruggiero understands that the steps to improving and becoming better need not be complex.

This guide touches on a range of things from communication, to setting and achieving goals and even identification of inner barriers. This covers pretty much everything for a person aiming towards self-actualization. The author also understands challenging emotions like anger, envy, forgiveness, and fear and how these emotions can get in the way of self-improvement. The book then moves on to prescribe an effective way of dealing with these four debilitating issues.

The Fix Yourself Handbook is a book you would want to keep on hand to reference whenever you need guidance. I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for personal transformation through an easy to understand method.

Pages: 260 | ASIN: B083842TGT

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Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has been Transformed into Reality

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has Been Transformed into Reality by [Francois, Peterson]

Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has been Transformed into Reality, by Peterson Francois, is a well-meaning book written by a person who has not only survived but thrived against all odds. Been through it all, as it were. Moved from an impoverished nation to one considered by most as the land of dreams and opportunities, the United States of America. With a profound understanding of how low he is in the social pyramid, he toils through pure grit, gets himself a sound education- where he achieves two university degrees and consequently climbs to the top. As he writes this book, he claims to have achieved financial freedom and self-actualization, and is on his way to clinch a PhD. This a story to inspire readers that anything conceivable is achievable.

Besides some grammatical errors I found this book to be most splendid and is an otherwise great inspirational book. I believe the intentions of Peter Francois are quite noble. Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has been Transformed into Reality sets up the author as a genius who intends to explain a simple scientific concept, but instead delivers a myriad of ideas. Chapter 3 stands out to me as a notable one, entitled Accepting Responsibility and Being Truthful where the author discuses American and Haitian politics. With the varied ideas and ruminations on disparate subjects I would’ve liked to have seen more cited facts in his book. The author had claimed that before Obama came to power, the American economy was completely down. Although the ideas are presented in an interesting manner, it seems more like a personal opinion than a fact, so I think more resources and quotations would have helped this otherwise genuine book.

This book has great potential, a little editing and concise ideas would make for a powerful read. Peterson Francois inspires reflection on oneself and the world in Inspirations: My Vivid Imagination Has been Transformed into Reality.

Pages: 224 | ASIN: B0792WKKWX

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