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The Noble Edge

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time by [Christopher Gilbert, PhD]

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time is a remarkably inspirational self-help book that will provide readers with the tools they need to make better choices in their lives. Author Christopher Gilbert PhD discusses an array of topics that range from personal development, to the corporate world, to politics and a number of isms. What I enjoyed about Christopher Gilbert’s writing is that it triggers curiosity in the reader. As a reader, you get into an inquisitive mode and begin to examine different things in your life and the spaces that you share with others. The author also takes time to define and explain new topics in an appealing manner.

This was one of the easiest nonfiction books I’ve read this year. The language is simple throughout and ideas are expressed in ways that anyone can understand. This also helps the reader connect with the writing, especially when the author narrates past experiences and how he dealt with issues. Christopher Gilbert writes as if he is having a one on one conversation with his readers.

The book explores sensitive topics in ways that never feel derisive and remove the confrontation from the ideas and provides a basis where we can have a candid and open discussion. Which is remarkable in a book where I thought we would just be given some advice and sent on our way. The author provides real world examples to apply the lessons that he’s teaching.

Some of the chapters that I would recommend everyone pay more attention to include chapters on the wisdom of ethics, truth of ethics, subjectivism, relativism, transformation and the chapter where he discussed The Philosopher’s Vs. The Practitioner’s Ethics. I found these topics to be enlightening as well as illuminating.

With The Noble Edge, you are able to look and scrutinize your background, ask questions and challenge systems without fear. By the end of the reading, you will learn how to live ethically and make something out of yourself. This book is also great for psychology and business students. You will get tons of knowledge on how to navigate the aforementioned fields and learn of things not taught in the classroom.

Pages: 254 | ASIN: B09215ZSZQ

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A Moment Of Grace

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A Moment of Grace is an uplifting devotional on christen values, the joys of living and how to make the best of ourselves. Dr. Jerome Butler makes the reader understand where he is coming from when talking about a particular topic.

A Moment of Grace; is a helpful book. You will get nuggets of wisdom and read about experiences from the author and those that he has interacted with. I enjoyed reading personal stories as they made me appreciate the differences in all of God’s people.

This book is especially great because of how the author has arranged the text. You can read a chapter a day for a whole month as the author has words of wisdom for each day of the month. The chapters are titled ‘Day 1’ through ‘Day 31’, which is a remarkable concept as the style the author used will enable the reader to consume the content in the book well and have a better understanding of what is discussed. I loved the topics selected through the days and would encourage those that consider themselves slow readers to get this book as it is more appealing to them. The author is also considerate and does not push readers to subscribe to what he believes in. He simply guides and lets the reader make a decision for themselves.

A Moment of Grace will enable you to live in grace and joy. By reading about the word of God and understanding Him, you will change your ways and start living a righteous life. I love that the author included bible scriptures when narrating the book. This was a great model as it encourages Christians to read their bibles more often. The author selected interesting bible scriptures and verses that related to the content that he was discussing. The language in the book can be described as optimistic, serious, and friendly. By the end of the reading, the reader feels more connected to their spiritual side.

Towards the end of the book Dr. Jerome Butler writes about a ’Devotional Minute’. This chapter was especially effective for me because I really loved the ideas presented as they were thought-provoking and had me pondering all day long.

A Moment of Grace is a powerfully moving devotional that will bring you close to God and leave you feeling refreshed.

Pages: 115


Put It On Your Shelf

Author Interview
Misty Long Author Interview

My Fight For Survival is an impassioned memoir that takes readers through your personal struggles to inspire them and show them that anything is possible. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I find it is Important to let other people know there are other people who understand what you may be going through and to reach out. I find it is important for people to know you can make it through your struggles.

I appreciated how candid you were when telling your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

The hardest thing for me to go back to are the sexual assaults I went through.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some important ideas were the way I handled some situations in my life and how to get out of them.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

There is a very important rule I live by that was once told to me by a very wise person. The things that are controlling your feelings because they are bad and you can’t do anything about it, are things that absolutely everyone experiences. If it’s one thing I remember which helps me a lot is to “put it on your shelf”. It’s an imaginary shelf that you set your problems on and leave them there until you can pull it off that shelf and something can be done. No point in worrying and carrying around sad and horrible things when you can’t currently do anything about it. You, and you alone will know when it’s time to pull that off your shelf and handle it then.

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Surviving life is a challenge, but when you throw more your way than you can take. That’s just whole other ball game…

I yearned to be a therapist of some sort to help those who experience the struggles in life I have. I want to reach people on a personal level. I want to help people understand, they can get through anything.

My Fight For Survival

My Fight for Survival by Misty Long starts off with a bang—Misty awakes in a jail cell, knowing that something has gone horribly wrong. We don’t know just how she ended up in that cell, only that Misty has been suffering for some time and putting her family through a tense sort of agony. What caused this stress and terror? What exactly is Misty fighting for?

Misty takes us back to her childhood and the beginning of her long battle with her unseen demons. From the very first chapter, we see how Misty’s life was intertwined with drugs at the hands of her unreliable mother. From the start, terrifying instances of assault happen to Misty, and the reader watches as she fights her way out of traumatizing experiences. While she suffers from mental health struggles and a cruel world around her, it’s clear that Misty is a strong woman as she perseveres.

I found My Fight for Survival incredibly inspiring. Misty acknowledges mistakes that she made while allowing herself to be vulnerable and share the hardships that were thrown her way. I loved watching her find herself with the births of her children and her desire to push through substance abuse to become a better person.

While this book is dark, it calls to light some of the sweeter moments in life. I really enjoyed hearing about Misty’s care for her children. I would have loved to read even more about Misty’s own childhood and the experiences she had growing up with her parents being separated. However, I found that the pieces of her life she did share were so impactful that it still made for a riveting story.

My Fight for Survival is an impassioned story about the importance of believing in yourself and fighting for the life that you want. I think anyone who needs a reminder that they have support around them and hope for a great world should read this book and hold Misty Long’s inspiration close to them.

 Pages: 86 | ASIN: B099168V7G

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The Classroom of Life

The Classroom of Life: Tools and Skills to Overcome Obstacles and Adversity by [Anthony J. Cedolini]

The Classroom of Life is an illuminating and informative self help book that delivers sagely advice coupled with candid and grounded life lessons. The profound lessons conveyed within Anthony Cedolini’s book will appeal to young adult readers, or anyone that finds themselves facing the many obstacles that life throws at them. I found this book to be intellectually invigorating because it is filled with wisdom, not only from the author, but also from venerated people throughout time. Their wise quotes are delivered in bite sizes and with context so that young adults will be able to understand and apply those quotes and information to their own lives, which I think is vital for young people. Telling people what they should and shouldn’t do only serves as an abstract lesson, Anthony Cedolini is able to deliver thoughtful and practical advice that is actionable. What I appreciated most about this motivational guide is that the information is delivered colloquially with understanding and care, making everything very easy to take in and understand. This could have easily been a dry discourse on life, but Anthony Cedolini’s writing instead shares meaningful life lessons in an engaging and satisfying way.

This is an educational book that is bursting with poignant and stirring anecdotes and filled with wonderfully detailed observations on life. Anthony Cedolini translates his life experiences into conversational yet captivating prose. The Classroom of Life is written with a precision and depth of understanding that is often lacking in other self helps books. Readers are given personal glimpses into Anthony Cedolini life that serve to deliver various and thoughtful lessons. We’re given useful tips that readers will be able to implement in their own life; for example, creating a family creed. The Classroom of Life is an inspirational and deeply thoughtful book that has the potential to change your life for the better.

Pages: 413 | ASIN:‎ B095FRPD9L

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The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms

The Unfakeable Code®: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms. by [Tony Jeton Selimi]

The Unfakeable Code(R): Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms helps readers improve their lives by becoming more authentic and changing their mindset. Author Tony Jeton Selimi writes with enthusiasm and with the intent to help his readers. While reading the book, you get to learn about every aspect of life; career, businesses, friendships, family and building networks.

In the introduction, the author introduces the unfakeable code to readers. He explains in detail what it entails and even explains some of the topics to be covered in the book. The introduction is where I connected with the author. Tony Jeton Selimi is engaging from the start. One gets the impression of having a real time conversation with him because of how easily the text flows. All chapters have content that will help you grow. Young readers, senior citizens, folks experienced in their careers and students alike have a lot to benefit just by reading this book.

The joy about reading this book is that the author gives fresh content with every new chapter. The author is diverse with his discussion and ensures that every topic or subtopic has enough material to help the reader understand. He understands that his readers are from different backgrounds and so he makes content that can be consumed by all. When reading about a particular subject, the author uses questions, real life examples and talks to the reader on an individual level to get his point across. At the end of the reading, the reader feels fulfilled and inspired to take the right step in their life.

There are many lessons in this book that the reader learns about. The major lessons that I found to be most valuable were how to be yourself and being bold enough to try new things. The author gave me a challenge to explore my potential, learn new skills and be productive at all times. The Unfakeable Code is a manual that will guide you as you navigate life and also helps you find solutions to real problems. The author is straightforward with his experiences and expounds on every issue. The Unfakeable Code has the potential to help you become a better person, improve your career, your mental health, physical health and personal relationships. The Unfakeable Code is an inspirational book that I recommend to anyone looking for a personal development path that is uplifting and illuminating.

Pages: 205 | ASIN: B0928MJ4XH

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The Power of Knowing

The Power of Knowing (The Alchemy of Life Magic Collection Book 2) by [K P Weaver]

Reading The Power of Knowing will make you realize how important it is to be self aware. The author writes in depth why it is crucial to understand self, know your environment and get to work on your goals. The text is friendly and one can easily resonate with what the author is talking about. I enjoyed reading The Power of Knowing especially because the author writes about relatable content. The examples she gives in the book, encounters and situations demonstrated in the book are all significant to either one reader or the next.

The major theme in the book is about knowing, but the chapters in the book are diverse. The first chapter is titled ‘Feel It’. This is one of my most valued chapters in the book. The chapter consists of three sub topics that are helpful to anyone trying to discover self. One of my most treasured lessons discussed in this chapter was on how to prioritize things. The author discussed in depth why it is imperative to know what to prioritize. She even demonstrated how one can do it and went ahead to explain how to accomplish set targets. K P Weaver’s words will be a blessing to many, especially those that have challenges with procrastinating.

The first chapters in the book were especially great as they enable one to see how much power they have. K P Weaver will have you examine yourself and your traits. She will have you change some habits and have you embrace better. I loved the topics on embracing adversity, essence of faith and healing. These topics spoke  to me on a personal level and I am grateful to the author for the wisdom she shared. The stories in ‘Knowing Stories’ were fascinating to read and had tons of knowledge not just for women, but different people as well.

The Power of Knowing is an illuminating self help book that you read once and carry with you for further reading. The brevity and short number of pages make it a great accessory in one’s bag as it is not heavy to carry. K P Weaver teaches that part of growing and knowing is unlearning bad habits and knowing what works best for you as an individual. I recommend this book to readers that enjoy motivational works and people who are ready and willing to make a positive change in the lives.

Pages: 139 | ASIN: B08DDK43YR

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Pies to Die For: How to Live a Vibrant Life Despite a Fatal Diagnosis

Pies to Die For is a how-to for those dealing with terminal diseases. Carole Weaver was first diagnosed with metastatic cancer in 2016, two days before she was about to see her grandson Mac Weaver for the first time. In the book, she talks about how she has been dealing with her disease. The book is not just about how to deal with the disease, how to have a semblance of an everyday life, but rather how to have a vibrant one, regardless of how big or small the disease is. She shares several incidents from her own life and the work of her husband, Ken, who creates appraisals for those who have lost art through death, debt, divorce, or disaster. The book is influenced by his profession and talks about the beauty and importance of art in one’s life, stage four cancer or not.

The book explores common issues that people tend to face, like pain, depression, panic attacks, and lesser dealt with topics such as intimacy problems, information overload etc. It provides unique insights into the life and struggles of those dealing with terminal diseases and thus is helpful for those wishing to overcome related issues, people who might have just received their news and are scared of the uncertainty the lies beyond, or friends and family who want to help and understand better.

The best part about the book is that it is a true to the soul, first-hand account of someone battling cancer. More often than not, we see self-help gurus, psychologists, and doctors publishing books on how to deal with cancer and other terminal diseases. However, no matter their expertise in their fields, they have no idea what a survivor deals with. Pies to Die For is an authentic, relatable, and touching first-hand account.

I also appreciated the appendix, which gives a quick go-to for dealing with a bad day. The book also gives you questions to ask in a group discussion. This is a complete guide answering questions and providing information that is not provided in the endless doctor appointments. This book tells you how to live a vibrant life and not just survive post-diagnosis.

Pies to Die For is an impassioned story that bares insight into a survivor’s life and provides tools to make their life full of joyous moments to remember. It provides actionable advice for dealing with your diagnosis and the life after that, even the things that you didn’t know you needed. This is an inspirational book that makes you appreciate your life, no matter how long or short, or how hard or easy.

Pages: 141 | ASIN: B092MCDBC3

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