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Proactively Take Action

Stuart Parkin
Stuart Parkin Author Interview

Discovering Hope is filled with ideas and actions that anyone can take to improve their state of mind and their life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

In my work and away from it, I’ve had so many conversations with individuals struggling, with no work or too much work, lonely or overwhelmed with interaction! The individual and collective struggle exacerbated by the pandemic, compelled me beyond the encouragement I try to give on individual calls, to want to do something to help more broadly.

What do you feel is a common misconception people have about positivity?

The most common misconception is that people are positive or not and that there’s not much to be done to change that. The truth is we all have oscillating levels of positivity and can all proactively build it. Like anything, think of it as a muscle that needs to be nurtured.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

I want readers to see that far from being in a hopeless situation, that they can proactively take action
to improve the way they think and feel.

Do you have plans to publish more books on this same topic?

I have a follow up book which will be published in 2 months.

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook | Website

A tumultuous year has seen many people, albeit in different ways and at different times, challenged to stay positive and hopeful.

Do things feel hopeless?
Do you want to rediscover a more positive outlook?

Discovering Hope is full of ideas and actions designed to
Develop a more positive state of mind.

Turn to any page and you will be closer to feeling hope.

Solid Ground: A Foundation for Winning in Work and in Life

Solid Ground: A Foundation for Winning in Work and in Life by [T.W. Lewis]

T.W. Lewis speaks to everyone in his book Solid Ground; the elderly, young, those who have just started their careers, entrepreneurs, people that want to settle and have families, and many more. Reading Solid Ground: A Foundation For Winning In Work and In Life should be a routine for everyone who wants to change the direction their life is taking as the author has sound advice for everyone. I loved it when T.W. Lewis used his favorite phrases to get his message across. The words he uses enables the reader to connect with the author and the advice he was giving.

The author starts the book by talking about his personal journey. Part one of the book was one of my favorites because T.W. Lewis revealed things about his life that not many people know about. Despite being successful, the author lets us know that he too has had a fair share of challenges during different times in his life. It is encouraging to see a man of T.W. Lewis’ caliber open himself to the world. Personal stories and his individual experiences taught me that with hope, faith, and hard work, everything is achievable.

Solid Ground is divided into five parts. Each part has distinct topics that talk about various life experiences. Apart from the first part where the author talked about his journey, I also enjoyed reading parts three and four which talked about reaching one’s potential and life’s greatest achievements respectively. The two parts spoke to me on a more intimate level as the author made me realize that I can do more for myself. I appreciate T.W. Lewis and his advice as he makes you feel like he is your virtual life coach. His words are gentle and affirming, which is a great element in his writing as he makes the reading experience comfortable. T.W. Lewis makes an excellent counselor not just for students in school, but also for adults who may feel overwhelmed with life’s burdens.

In Solid Ground you will learn about making major decisions, living with people, appreciating what life offers, and aiming higher than the sky. I recommend this book to anyone who feels stuck and has no one to talk to. T.W. Lewis not only offers advice but also cheers the reader up with anecdotes and funny tales in between his narration. The book is perfectly balanced and one can tell when the author is serious about the discussions and when he wants the reader to enjoy some light moments. This is an inspirational personal development book that encourages you to do great things.

Pages: 368 | ASIN: B087H65FF4

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Discovering Hope

Discovering Hope by Stuart Parkin is really a bundle of positivity. It is filled with short pieces that reflect on life in its various incarnation. I will call them an amalgamation of poetry and prose that goes above and beyond the simple boundaries of their respective genres. The titles like Love, Inhibitions and Empathy explore the themes of hope and gratitude, that of Action Station, Taking Control and Choice empowers one to act. While titles like Music and Freshly Cut Grass are deep, thought-provoking and inspire you to discover the magic in everyday mundaneness.

Each piece is accompanied by relevant quotes from eminent personalities that adds more to the ideas. But what specifically made this book stand out to me is the vividness of its description. A simple yet powerful writing style that sucks you right in and makes you live and feel them through and through. I could actually visualize the ambience the author created and got lost in the setting pretty early.

The hope and desire the author aims to promote through his words is thoroughly achieved. They are powerful yet subtle. Commanding yet gentle. The words resonated within me and kept coming back long after I turned the last page. I was left with so much faith, happiness and positivity among such depressing times. Definitely a great read.

Pages: 106 | ASIN: B08Q38TSQ9

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Grief Looks Different For Everyone

Lucy Layne
Lucy Layne Author Interview

Dead Mom Disease is a heart-felt memoir about the loss of a loved one and the roller-coaster of emotions that come with it. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I always wanted to be a writer, but I never wanted to be an author. I can’t tell you how many times people told me I should write a book, and my answer never changed – I didn’t want to. In college, I had an assignment in a lit class. We had three or four options of the type of project we would turn in. One of them was to write the first three or four chapters of our autobiography. That option is the only one that I had any interest in, and I didn’t even think about the subject – my sister and I had coined the term, “Dead Mom Disease,” a few years prior, and we already floated around the idea of using it for a book title. A few years after I graduated, I was offered a freelance job to edit a book. That’s what made me realize that I could absolutely write a book. I guess the only reason I never really wanted to before was because I didn’t think I could. So, was it important in the sense that I set a goal for myself to write the book, and I wanted to accomplish it? Yes. But, I never really thought of writing the book “Dead Mom Disease” as something that was important for me to do – it was more like I wanted to write a book, and it was only natural that this is the story I would tell.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope, whether it’s through my book or any other means, more people start to realize that grief looks different for everyone and that it lasts forever.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you when you lost your mother?

Honestly … nothing. I had all of the advice I needed. What I didn’t have was the understanding. For a while, I wished that I had listened to more people – about how time is precious and not to take people for granted. But you just can’t understand some things until you have experienced them. I was a kid. Of course there are things I would have done differently then if I knew what I knew now, but I think pretty much everyone can say that about everything.

My mom’s advice was always, “Follow your heart.” And my dad has always reminded me that “There’s a time for everything.” I have carried these two pieces of advice everywhere with me since I was a small child, and they will go with me to my grave.

What was the writing process like for you to complete this book?

Well, it was a process, that’s for sure. It was interesting, fun, sad, weird, eye-opening, educational, and so much more. While writing the book, it’s as if my mind was subconsciously aware that I was working on something, so it was bringing all of these memories to the surface. I remembered things I had long forgotten, realized I forgot things I never thought I would, it made me curious about things I never questioned before, it forced me to face a lot of darkness, and it made me so proud to hold the finished manuscript in my hand. It was something that I put a lot of effort into, and I was motivated to do it even though I had no idea what I would do once I was done writing it. It also taught me how important it is to define goals, make plans to achieve them, and hold yourself accountable. I used to wonder how people wrote books, and now I know – the same way anyone does anything … you have to start.

Author Links: GoodReads | Facebook | Twitter

Dead Mom Disease is the memoir of a girl whose mom died. It’s about her life with a mom, her life without a mom, and the imperfectly perfect balance between her two lives. It’s about the world. It’s about society and culture and the way people treat people. It’s about not saying “I’m sorry” automatically when someone says, “My mom died.” It’s about how condolences don’t come in the form of words from the people who matter, from the people who mean them. They come encased in gut-wrenching tears and embraces that nuclear weapons couldn’t break. It’s about pain and grieving. It’s about life and moving on. But mostly, it’s about death and what that really means.

The knowledge of the willing

Ramzi Najjar
Ramzi Najjar Author Interview

The YOU beyond you shares your experiences to help readers reach their true potential. You stated in our previous interview that people need to stay motivated to survive. How do you stay motivated?

Well motivation alone is not sufficient. One can be motivated all the time but reach no place. You can compare motivation to a muscles car, if you have a bad driver behind the wheel the experience would generate a lot of chaos. Before being motivated, one should filter all negativity acquired from the outside, by avoiding putting himself in unpleasant scenarios or situations and reasoning his actions and reactions, thus implementing a system where he uses his consciousness in everything he does. We need to be proactive in acquiring knowledge and not let data in, in a passive manner. I personally have removed TV, news, unhealthy social interactions, and all sorts of data that can get to my mind in an unconscious way by totally avoiding being exposed to them.

Once this is in place, you can put a clear vision for your life and the lack of demotivators can leave space to motivation which can be directed towards productive goals. Remove all negative data intake from what surrounds you and your mind and thoughts will be automatically shift towards productivity.

You stated that the majority of what we know is only partial. What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to come to terms with that?

Yes, I believe all what we know and all what we could ever know no matter how ample it is, would remain partial in nature and this is due to the fact that we as humans are just a small fragment of the reality we live in, and our brains can only read a limited spectrum of it. The way to deal with that is to always take this as a constant and never have rigid beliefs in life which always lead to aggressiveness and mind-blocks.

Knowing that our knowledge is partial in any subject should always lead to more lenient social interactions.

Moreover, one should work on segregating these partial realities inside of him and encompass his logic as to what to keep and what to let go, on daily basis. This is a strength and not a weakness, as if our knowledge was rigid and complete, our humanity would be stagnant with little room of development.

Do you plan to write more books on this same subject?

Yes, this was the tip of the iceberg. I am intending to write a second book explaining more in depth the dynamics I communicated to readers in The YOU beyond you – The knowledge of the willing.

Author Links: GoodReads | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

The YOU beyond you — A book that will change your perception of life

We always experience life through our subjective perceptions, built-up beliefs, and what we have been taught or told by others and seldomly stop to meditate on the reality which surrounds us.

Most of our beliefs and perceptions today are nothing but a collection of misleading ideas due to the many blockages in our lives, that hinder to a great extent our understanding of our own reality.

This enlightened guide offers the reader a method to dissolve all that is acquired as bad habits, beliefs, and energies, which have been gathered through experiences and passive knowledge and unlocks a new dimension of reality based on its true mechanics and mode of action and based on concepts, principles, and givens never heard of before.

“The YOU beyond you” contains the real secrets of life and how they operate within us and within our environment. A process that occurs right before our eyes yet mostly goes unseen due to the many obstructions in our lives.

A must-read of at least once in a lifetime, for everyone who is willing to experience the real dimension of existence and go beyond the limited norms. The book contains the tip of the iceberg of life’s nature, on which one can use as a platform to unveil his full knowledge and his true potentials.

No matter who we are or what our life goal is, our bad habits and unhealthy beliefs are the only reasons that trouble us in becoming the best versions of ourselves.

In this book, you will embark on thorough research on how these bad habits and chaotic knowledge which are gathered through our lives get embedded in our life system and create a negative framework for our lives. You will also be set on an attitude that lets you consciously and unconsciously break free from these limitations and experience the true path where everything prospers.

A guide for readers of all ages, helping them to rise to the level of their life goals. Written with the sole purpose of assisting the reader to understand how mind, body, and soul work within our environment and how these age-old beliefs and perceptions which we accumulated can be turned around, dissolved, or turned into a directed drive to flourish.

Inspired by biological and psychological theories, ideas, and true-life experiences, this comprehensive guide provides you with an extraordinary life approach to reach new heights. The book will truly transform your life.

To Paddle My Feet

To Paddle My Feet by [Rita Sandford]

To Paddle My Feet by Rita Sandford is a heartfelt autobiography, portraying the author’s emotional yet highly inspiring journey towards achieving her dreams. The attack of Poliovirus snatched away Rita’s normal life– she lost her mother, became disabled, and was sent to the hospital to recover. Life in the hospital was harder than one could imagine– the harsh treatments meted out to the patients had a deep impact on the life of young Rita. Even though her feet barely had any power to move, she was expected to walk with the help of some assistance, which became all the more painful for her. 

At home, her life underwent a major change, as her father had remarried. She struggled to fit in with a family that was emotionally unavailable for her. When she lost her brother, she had none to console her tender heart. After her boarding school ended, her new-found zeal led her to find an independent life. She began living alone and went on to travel the world in her wheelchair– Australia, Africa, South America, and many other places. 

Author Rita Sandford’s story is a powerful commentary on how people with physical disabilities were treated in the 1950s. They were ousted out of society, with little compassion shown towards them. 

This autobiographical account can be read as a coming-of-age story, of a girl who learns to cope with her impairment, and how she goes on to live the life she had dreamt of, despite all odds. The linear plotline is simple to follow. The author uses simple and lucid language that kept me interested, if not hooked.

Besides her battle with the world, the book also depicts her struggle to overcome the inner demons. Her indomitable spirit allowed her to break away from the memories of a disturbed childhood, accept herself as she truly is, and pushed her to not lose sight of her dreams and aspirations. 

The author has a powerful voice all throughout the story that vividly illustrates her life before the reader’s eyes, but I think that more gripping storytelling would have allowed the plot to achieve greater heights, as it deserves. 

To Paddle My Feet is a heartfelt memoir that is ultimately uplifting and encouraging. This is a fantastic book to read in these especially difficult times as it will provide some comfort and with  a profound journey that delivers a sincere message. 

Pages: 309 | ASIN: B085TLFL4B

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Harness the Power of This System

Ari Gunzburg
Ari Gunzburg Author Interview

The Little Book of Greatness shares with readers five keys they can use to achieve their dreams and live a better life. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I really like helping people, so once I came up with this concept of the 5 Keys, I knew I had to get it out there so people can access it in as many ways as possible. I have a video course in post production, a workbook that is in the works, and more. I just want people to be able to harness the power of this system to improve their own lives.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about self improvement?

Oh wow. So many! That a system will just do everything for you. That your life will change without the hard work. That just because it worked for him or her, that it will work for me. We are all incredibly different, so what works for you won’t necessarily work for me. And of course, it takes actual action to make it happen. That’s one of the reasons I think my framework is so powerful, because it is light enough to allow you to apply it to your life in many many different ways.

How did you develop the 5 Keys to Greatness that you share in the book?

Lots and lots of driving. No, seriously! I was in a situation where I drove around 9000 miles in a summer, so when I wasn’t listening to music or books or anything else, I was working on this concept, and eventually I settled on these 5 main key areas.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

To make incremental improvements. If we are only a little better each day than we were, we will accomplish so much. Too many of us feel like we have to make big moves; we don’t need big moves as much as we need many small moves.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn | Facebook | Website

Rekindle Life’s Magic with the 5 Keys To Greatness

David is overwhelmed, falling apart, and moments away from possibly ending it all. He feels there should be more to life – but what?! A stranger appears as David sits on a cliff, and convinces David to try to rediscover the magic of life using five simple keys. As David starts his quest, he learns he may never have the chance to learn the keys.

Journey with David as he tries to learn the 5 Keys To Greatness, and see how the 5 Keys can help you also, as you discover how to unlock your destiny, achieve your dreams, and live your best life. This easy-to-read and enjoyable parable has been described by readers as reminiscent of The Alchemist, Robin Sharma’s The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Mitch Albom, The Secret, and more.

Question Everything

Jordan Ring
Jordan Ring Author Interview

Volcanic Momentum helps readers set and achieve goals and gives them the tools they need to keep the momentum going. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I was struggling with momentum not just as I wrote it, but most of my life. I needed to tell my story of what it takes to keep moving forward from a real perspective. I’m not an expert or guru who’s “made it.” I’m a relatable guy whos down in the trenches clawing my way to success bit by bit.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about the goals they set for themselves?

The most common misconception is believing it won’t take long to meet our goals. Often it takes many times longer than we think or expect.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

I hope they learn to question everything. To question their beliefs, goals, personality, current circumstance, everything. We can only learn once we admit we don’t know very much at all.

Do you plan to write more books on this same topic?

Absolutely. My next book, Catalyze Your Destiny is launching in early 2021.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Website

Finish What You Start Without Losing Momentum

In this inspiring work, Jordan shares how you can build a solid foundation for lifelong success with 9 powerful momentum strategies. Using these tools, you will never again lose motivation, inspiration, and the drive needed to meet your goals once and for all!
Whether it’s those pesky last ten pounds, the remaining twenty pages of your thesis paper, or the kite-making side-hustle that you know will one day make oodles of money — getting a copy of Volcanic Momentum in your hands will give you superpowers.
With Destiny Goals, your potential will be reached, and your purpose on this earth made clear to you. With the Energy Code You’ll discover how to never again lose steam. With your next steps in hand, you’ll be unstoppable. 
Stop dreaming about “someday” and let Volcanic Momentum show you how to tap into unlimited energy and reach your goals now, not later.
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