The Dead Kids Club

Never did they imagine taking a human’s life but when the law failed to put their innocent son’s killer behind bars, Rebecca and her Ex-husband decided to wear the hat of justice and punish the unrepentant killer in the only way that could bring them peace and closure… vengeance. To exact their revenge unnoticed, the couple joined a support group among other things. What happens when they find themselves in a world filled with parents whose young innocent children were murdered? Will they be forced to have a change of heart? Or could things get even more…dark?

The Dead kids club, by Rich Hosek, is the dark story of a couple, who out of the negligence of the law, was introduced into the world of crime and murder. Fueled with the bitterness of seeing their son’s killer walking free and happy without a care in the world, the once harmless civilians had a new reason to live, to kill their son’s murderer. Overnight, they became experts in the art of planning murder as well as self-proclaimed executors of justice.

Rich Hosek has written an intriguing story filled with sadness, emptiness and tension. He gives his readers front-row seats to all the action and planning from the eyes and mind of the very calculating protagonists. He designed his characters to slowly transform at a pace that is realistic and simple. The story starts out sad and depressing as you witness the death of their son and you also witness the deterioration of their marriage. As time goes on we witness the couple slowly put themselves back together because they now have one thing that is driving them to live. This book will have you wondering just how you would react if you were in their shoes?

I found it fascinating that the author has written the story from the husband’s perspective and manages to keep him nameless. Whether you are a parent or not you will immediately relate to the couple as they are grieving for their son. Author Hosek does an excellent job at getting the readers to feel what the couple is feeling without telling them.

The Dead Kids Club is an enthralling must read for those who love a good crime thriller novel.

Pages: 307 | ASIN: B08TVWVLR2

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