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Obligation To The Family – Book Trailer

The short mystery thriller novels in this series can be read as stand-alone books but we would recommend following the sequence and feeling the intense build-up as each of the murderers are introduced in Mr Davies, 1A Penn Road and Jay Deux. They all then meet up in the final book, The Gentleman.

The three murderers are tasked with an assassination and must work together to kill the target for the good of the family. But things do not go as planned. The target reveals a secret about the family and as a result… one of them ends up dead!

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The Knife Thrower’s Wife

Picture the setting of a peaceful suburban neighborhood with the perfect family, the perfect house with the perfect neighbors. A mirage for the American dream. Julia Green is in a marital rut. As she struggles to put the pieces of her happy life back together, she finds things are not as picture-perfect as they may seem. Oblivious to her husband’s true nature, she starts to unintendingly dig up the dirt on a life she thought was full of love and bliss. To cope with her failed marriage, Julia starts painting scenes from her daydreams that unexpectedly turn her into the prime suspect in her husband’s death.

Author Sheila McGraw takes us through an unconventional murder mystery in The Knife Thrower’s Wife. We follow an average American family whose life turns upside-down when plots of murderous intent and scandalous affairs come to light. This inventive story takes off when Julia is arrested, and her trial begins. This twist in the plot is a beautiful example of the nail-biting anticipation McGraw expertly executes all the way to the climax of this mystery. The author builds suspense for readers as the story races towards the finale. McGraw leaves readers second-guessing Julia’s innocence, and the much-anticipated climax reveals who the killer really is. The story’s rising action created an opportunity for the author to completely surprise her readers.

This psychological thriller is a character study in Julia’s personality. Who she is at the beginning of this complex novel is a complete 180 from where she ends up. Readers will cheer for her as she finds her voice and stops being overlooked and walked over.

The Knife Thrower’s Wife is a riveting murder mystery that will keep you on your toes and have you wondering just what will happen next. The action and suspense are thrilling and make for a page-turning experience readers can not put down till the end.

Pages: 346 | ASIN : B08FHBKPH9

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Hot Shot

Solomon King has only ever done things one way- his way…much to the chagrin of his superiors. However, despite their frustrations, no one could deny that Solomon was one of the greatest assets to the Durham Police Department. He ends up assigned to a case involving a string of apparently random, accidental deaths, determined to prove their connection to each other and find the person behind it all. With little more to go on than some tenuous leads and a deep gut instinct, Solomon has to work against time and a police task force to solve a crime with no solid clues. But, if anyone can do it, Solomon King can.

Hot Shot by Wayne Daye is written in the solid tradition of hard-boiled crime thrillers. This suspenseful action novel reads like a fast-paced, cat-and-mouse game between a grizzled old detective and an unhinged killer. While the killer is introduced to the readers reasonably early on, watching Solomon and his partner trying to connect the dots and reach the same conclusion is both tense and exciting. Daye creates enough twists and turns to keep the story fresh while keeping things from ever getting too deep. Readers will enjoy following the clues and watching as Solomon analyzes facts and uses his intuition to make connections that other team members miss.

This intriguing story is a fun and enjoyable read. There were some editing challenges in parts where readers may have to slow down and reread a few lines, but overall this does not distract from the novel’s composition. The creativity of this unique storyline makes up for any missteps there may be in editing. Watching the mind of a star detective at work is always fascinating, and the killer was also a well-written and multi-faceted character who was fun to watch.

Hot Shot is a riveting crime mystery novel that lovers of detective stories will gravitate to. The character of Solomon makes this suspenseful thriller novel a must-read.

Pages: 217 | ASIN : B08T5X667Q

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The Gentleman – Book Trailer

Featured in: BBC Radio Leeds, Female First Magazine, Ujima Radio, Siren FM, Business Matters Magazine, Global Woman Magazine

This is Book 4, the last book in Series One.

The Gentleman is a short suspense thriller that asks the question: How far are you willing to self-sacrifice for an obligation to the family? In the last book in series one, all the previous killers meet up to plot a significant murder, but the final victim turns out to be very unexpected from the initial plan.

Keaton Fountayne is a Mastermind.

He has a vast capacity for understanding, thinking, and reasoning. He does not waste time with emotions, desires and wishful thinking. He is a gentleman that is methodical, logical and organised.

If you have a project that requires skilful directing or creative intelligence then there is no other person to call. As long as you have the funds and understand that once the game is in play, there are no take-backs.

The next book is Mrs Davies by CE Okwera which is Book 1 in Series 2

When Loyalty Is Betrayed

Joseph Lewis
Joseph Lewis Author Interview

Blaze In, Blaze Out follows two detectives that after putting away a crime lord are now in danger along with their families. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Up until Blaze, my books featured adolescent boys with cops as side characters. I wanted to change that up a bit and feature two/three cops that my readers enjoy. Pat O’Connor, Paul Eiselmann, and Jamie Graff. There is quite the back story on all three, and I wanted to explore that with the reader. I also wanted to give a shout out to law enforcement for their commitment, for sometimes putting the lives of others above their own. There were two spots in particular where that came out: Eiselmann’s inner dialogue about his family and the danger he and his family were in, and with O’Connor’s conversation late at night with Brian.

In previous books, there were mentions of hunting and fishing with the boys going on trips with those three cops. I used hunting and fishing as the backdrop for Blaze for several reasons, both subtle and not so subtle.

There were a lot of strong and dynamic characters in Blaze In, Blaze Out. What was your favorite character to write for and why?

Wow, great question! Trying to pick a favorite character is much like trying to determine who my favorite child is. Each is unique and special in their own way, much like my characters. However, if you had a gun to my head and asked that question, I would Brian because of the depth of the character. Having been a teacher, coach, counselor and administrator for 46 years and counting, I’ve come to know many, many kids struggling like Brian. Trying to find who they are and to be accepted for who they are. His strength, not so apparent to himself but to others, stands out.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I think the themes of loyalty, perseverance, family, love, and acceptance are important. They are themes all of us deal with daily. More importantly, to explore the reactions when loyalty is betrayed, when family and love are in conflict, and when acceptance is withheld. Those are themes near and dear to me, because I’ve witnessed these in my roles in education.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I am in the middle of a book tentatively titled, Fan Mail about a fan who takes it to the extreme. It explores some of the same themes in my other books, but as with my other books, there is a crime/thriller/mystery in it. I hope to have it available sometime in 2022.

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Working with a joint multi-law enforcement task force, Detective Pat O’Connor infiltrated a Ukrainian crime family. Headed by Dmitry Andruko. O’Connor and his control, Detective Paul Eiselmann were the lynchpins in the guilty verdict.

The two detectives thought it was over.

Eiselmann planned for a quiet weekend with his family at home. O’Connor planned on attending a high school soccer game and then head to Northern Wisconsin for a fishing trip with another cop, Detective Jamie Graff and four teenage, adopted brothers: George Tokay, Brian Evans, Brett McGovern, and Michael Two Feathers.

But Andruko is ruthless and vindictive. From his prison cell, he hires two contract killers to kill both O’Connor and Eiselmann and anyone else in the way. The killers can be anyone. The killers could be anywhere, and the killers could strike at any time.

The quiet weekend and the short vacation turn into a deadly nightmare as O’Connor’s and Eiselmann’s lives and the lives of the four boys are in peril.


Vindictive by author Ryan Lawrence is a captivating mystery with twists and turns where readers least expect them. This exciting book starts when Jules is eight years old and is forced to make a decision that will change her life forever. That decision sets off a chain of events full of lies, deceit, revenge, and manipulation later in her life. But what if what you’ve thought all along isn’t what it seems? What if you, yourself, have been manipulated for someone else’s quest for vengeance. This is precisely what happens to Jules, who seeks control in every aspect of her life. Often disliked by those around her, she prefers it that way to keep a layer of protection around herself. When a ghost from her past comes back to haunt her, though, Jules feels that control start to falter. The things she built her life upon turns out to be a fabrication of the truth, causing her to question the decisions she’s made as an adult.

Lawrence does not fall short on creativity. The author writes in detail, explaining fully when laying out settings and plots. Readers will recognize that Lawrence did a fair share of research or is a subject matter expert when describing fight scenes. Vindictive has many sub-plots intertwined in the storyline and Lawrence weaves them in flawlessly. The characters come to life with highly detailed back stories allowing readers to get into their mind and understand their actions. Building the back story to set up this stimulating novel allows readers to become fully immersed in the world created by Lawrence.

The characters had similar scheming personalities. Jules, Stella, Joseph, Miles, and even Denise were all brutal in their verbal attacks and only looking out for their own best interest. Phillip was the most tolerable character, seeming beaten down by a swarm of controlling people in his life, most notably Jules. Readers will enjoy experiencing the rekindled friendship between Amanda and Jules. Although Jules used Amanda years ago, Amanda comes through when Jules needs her most. It was nice to see a moment of Jules letting her guard down when having a heart-to-heart with Amanda on why things ended the way they did. It impacted how their friendship can move forward with having a better understanding of each other and their expectations.

Vindictive is a riveting murder mystery novel that will have readers turning the pages to find out what happens with Jules and how the lies she has been told unfold. A fast paced novel perfect for readers looking for action, suspense and thrills.

Pages: 448 | ASIN : B09HFZ4C56

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Everything Is One Great Butterfly Effect

Lorraine Evanoff
Lorraine Evanoff Author Interview

Devil’s Ledger follows a fierce and confident spy set on a mission to expose the corruption behind the world’s oldest bank in Italy. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The prologue of Devil’s Ledger gives a quick background of the real-life tragic death of the Russian attorney, Sergei Magnitsky, who fought to defend Russian-based American investment fund manager, Bill Browder. Magnitsky subsequently died in a Russian prison, leading to the U.S. passing the anti-corruption Magnitsky Act, named after him.

The opening chapters of Devil’s Ledger pick up where the lives of Louise Moscow and other recurring series characters left off in the 2nd book of the series, PINOT NOIR. Every fascinating and powerful character in the Louise Moscow novels are inspired by actual situations and people I have met.

Louise Moscow is an intriguing and well-developed character. What were some driving ideals behind her character’s development?

This is a very pointed question. Louise Moscow embodies ethical integrity and honesty, in the face of venality, greed, and corruption. She’s not judgmental. Rather, unethical character flaws fascinate her. She tries desperately to understand what drives others to lie, cheat and steal for something as meaningless as money. The other major motivation behind Louise’s actions is her fascination with making connections. She sees everything in life as a clue, something tied to something else and worth a closer look. Everything is one great butterfly effect.

I enjoyed the mystery at the heart of this story. Did you plan it or did it develop organically while writing?

Another great question! Before sitting down to write Devil’s Ledger, I had already decided to base it on the major Banker’s Grave story, the events surrounding the Magnitsky Act. However, my research soon led me to the world’s oldest bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena, and I knew I had found my yellow brick road for the story!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have decided to write an offshoot of Louise Moscow, in retirement, solving a murder for a friend, kind of a J.B. Fletcher / Murder She Wrote, or Agatha Christie novel. Fingers crossed it will be available for purchase October 2022!

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Evil is brewing in the heart of Italy…and the Devil is in the details.Ten years after cracking her last banker’s grave murder case, the CIA has recruited Louise Moscow into their financial crimes division.
Louise is ready to shed her cover as a Burgundy lavender farmer…and return to the spy game. All roads lead to Siena on her top-secret mission: to expose the devastating corruption behind the collapse of the world’s oldest bank.
Her investigation becomes a race to discover an ancient and mysterious treasure, while fighting a new enemy…The Master of the Russian Dark Arts.
It’s not long before Louise finds herself in the cross hairs of powerful enemies. Risking her life to shine a light on financial and political wrongdoing, can Louise expose the rot that has taken hold of Siena?
Or has she finally met her match?
Filled with suspense and international espionage, spirited female sleuth, Louise Moscow’s next adventure is where James Bond meets Temperance Brennan.


Unexpected events are occurring, rumors are spreading, and the Granstadt Police Department is doing everything they can to get to the bottom of it all. Escapade by Margery A. Neely is a mystery novel centered in a small town in Missouri. Two deaths are being investigated, an unlikely connection between them. A lady has been found drowned. The body of an unidentified male has also been found inside a tarp, just after allegedly being run over by a plane. Sergeant Phil Tyler is trying to solve both of the mysteries as he connects the dots and discovers secrets concerning the military service, civilian politics and the Korean conflict.

The book starts right away with an enigma, as the officials first realize the recent, strange murders that have occurred in their town. A group of young boys from the JROTC also cause some commotion after inappropriately and rudely interrupting the General’s salute. The book follows the style of detective stories, and shows chapter by chapter the varied links and assumptions that the people in the town make about the recent events.

The story accurately portrays the dynamics between people in an American town and makes important references surrounding American politics. There are talks about the upcoming election, the Korean conflict, spies and communism, all of it connected to the recent crimes and to the culture of the town. It’s interesting following along the dynamics shown between the different characters, as they try to make sense of what’s been going on. Is it all just an accident or is there something more sinister behind it all?

The narrative style is detailed and allows the author to cover all the possible links and intricacies of the plot. The slow-burn style allows readers to fully get to know what’s going on. A few hints are given alongside the chapters, the relevant connection between the murders and the world of politics being revealed as new clues appear. There’s certainly a charm in seeing the people of such a little town be involved in an event that could potentially be connected with spies, a war and international politics.

Escapade by Margery A. Neely is a engaging thriller with an immersive plot set in 1950’s America. This riveting novel will attract the attention of readers that have a passion for alluring crimes and mysteries.

Pages: 362 | ASIN : B07C135DCS

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