To See God

In To See God, Bruce J. Berger enlightens the reader on the journey of spirituality, understanding God, and following religion. The author uses tales that believers can relate to sharing the message of a loving God, living righteously, and following the same steps as Christ did when he was on earth.

The tales in the book, the characters that the author uses as a reference, and the lessons at the end of every discussion are some of the notable elements in this book. Bruce J. Berger writes in an easy to comprehend manner. Reading this book gives one a sense of belonging. As a reader, you feel good about being a child of God and even feel better knowing that higher powers are looking over you.

The author tells the story of Jewish siblings and family who, despite being disconnected by distance, time, and religious beliefs, have a way of bonding at some point. The story reads like a surreal novel, with mystery and complex elements. The mixed mystery and suspense in the pages make for an exciting read. Bruce J. Berger’s manner of combining the different storylines into a larger overall plot was expertly done.  

In the main story, a lady by the name of Theodora gets a vision that her grand-nephew, who is in the United States of America, is likely the second coming of Jesus. Now, Theodora is a staunch Greek Orthodox nun who has gone through interesting experiences herself. However, one of the most notable moments in her life was when she was saved from the holocaust by the Virgin Mary. Theodora is in a country miles away from her grand-nephew, and following her journey was enchanting.

Bruce J. Berger writes to help readers build their faith. Amazingly, such a sacred and educational book was written not just for believers but also for readers that are questioning their spirituality. The author has a talent for conveying love, sanctity, and religion. As a reader, you are able to engage with the author through his words.

I like that as you read the book, you are able to ask multiple theological questions and get answers from the book. This is a thought-provoking book that will leave readers reflecting on family, and religious paths, balancing life’s experiences, dealing with personal challenges, and learning about God and spiritual life. To See God is a captivating addition to the Forgiveness and Faith Novel series.

Pages: 302 | ASIN : B0BNVQ7XQW

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