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Sight to See: Seeing is Believing

Sight to See: Seeing is Believing, written by Dr Qooz and illustrated by Irena Urosevic, is a wonderful book for children that could very well open their eyes to a clearer, brighter world. The main character in the story suffers from many problems and is not able to identify the cause of all his troubles until receiving the help and advice of a friend who suggests that the main character may require the help of an optometrist. Glasses soon follow and our main character is amazed at what he has been missing.

Sight to See: Seeing is Believing encourages children – and their parents – to consider whether they are fully equipped to take in the world around them. The message this smart book coveys in a brilliantly illustrated fashion is that many children suffer from not resolving vision-related problems and that providing children with a solution can drastically improve their life experiences.

Both the artwork is cut and bright and the message being conveyed is important and suited for kids from around 6 to 9 years old I think. The language and writing style used seem to sit at a slightly higher maturity level than what the other aspects of the book seem to be geared towards. Which leads me to suggest that this book is better suited for parents and children to read together so that parents can offer answers to questions that may arise. With this adjustment this book is not only educational but entertaining as well. I’ve never seen a kids book that tackles the subject of vision and optometry, so this is certainly a unique book.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B07YR4CJW4

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