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What Are Mondays Good For, Anyway? 

Who likes Mondays? Monday morning means the fun from the weekend is over, and it is time to return to school. Bennie hates Mondays and dreads them each week. This Monday starts off with stinky green socks coming out of his favorite cereal box. At first, Bennie is irritated, but a small smile creeps across his face as he sees the humor in the situation. As his day continues, all the things he thinks he dreads about the day end up offering a glimpse of amusement. Can Mondays actually be good for something?

What are Mondays good for, anyway? by Nicole Frankel is a humorous picture book that teaches children to find the positive in things. Each situation that Bennie encounters could have been a disaster and made him grumpy all day. Instead, he finds something to smile or laugh about with each situation and, by the end of the day, realizes he has actually enjoyed his Monday. This story is a good reminder that just because something unexpected happens, it is not automatically a bad thing. It helps teach children to see things in a different light and look closer at situations. For example, Bennie could have been mad when he fell but instead saw the smile the fallen cereal made. Finding the good in all circumstances is a skill set that children need to learn early in life to help them through the more challenging areas as they grow.

I feel that one of the most important messages in this picture book is that we need to find a reason to laugh every day. Laughter can be healing, and smiling is contagious. What are Mondays good for, anyway? Is a wonderful children’s book with children and adults laughing and relating to little Bennie. The reminder to find joy and laughter in situations will benefit readers, young and old.

Pages: 35 | ASIN : B0BVWL596S

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A Birch Tree’s Year

A Birch Tree’s Year by Tuula Pere follows a sapling that has grown into a big birch tree. We follow this birch tree and the family the birch is near as the birch experiences the changes in the season. We start in the month of January as there is a severe winter frost, and from there, we move into the year as the snow starts to melt and the birch begins to grow leaves in preparation for spring. Next, we experience the love and laughter the birch tree feels, being able to experience summer with the family that the tree is next to. Finally, we experience the changing of the leaves in preparation for autumn, and this is the moment the birch realizes that it will soon be lonely again as the winter season approaches.

Tuula Pere offers readers a beautiful story that takes readers through the changes in the seasons but also the different months of the year. I found it adorable that the birch tree enjoyed the family it watched over and especially looked forward to the summertime when birds would visit, and the children would play outside near the tree. However, I found November to be a melancholy month because the birch begins to feel lonely as the winter chill rolls in. Pere’s storytelling is beautiful and showcases the relationship between the birch and the family that lives next to it. The author paints a vivid picture of the birch tree’s life, making it impossible not to feel a deep connection to this magnificent tree.

The Birch Tree is a heartwarming story that teaches young readers the importance of nature and the beauty that surrounds us. I recommend this magical story to those who enjoy a book about nature and human interaction.

Pages: 34 | ISBN : 9523570153

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Are You A Bird Like Me?

Are You A Bird Like Me? Is a captivating tale of a little bird named Sky who, with the help of her friends, learns to fly. Newly hatched Sky accidentally falls out of her nest while her parents are out looking for worms. Unable to fly back up to her nest, she ventures out to look for her parents. Along the way, she meets Nutso the squirrel, Mona, the butterfly, and Stretch the Giraffe, who all lend a helping hand. But will Sky overcome her fear of failing and take to the skies?

Authors Ms. Noel Foy and Mr. Nicholas Roberto have crafted a charming and heartwarming story that will capture the imagination of young readers. Sky is an endearing character, and her journey of growth and self-discovery is beautifully portrayed. The friendship and support of Sky’s animal companions are uplifting and show the power of collaboration in achieving a shared goal. The book’s illustrations are enchanting and transport readers into Sky’s world. Ms. Foy and Mr. Roberto skillfully weave a message of teamwork, courage, and perseverance that applies to readers of all ages. The book’s overarching theme is particularly relevant for young readers who are learning the value of working together to achieve a common goal, both in school and later in life.

Are You A Bird Like Me? is an inspiring and delightful read that encourages young readers to face their fears, try new things, and accept help from others. I highly recommend this book to young readers as it is sure to capture their hearts and imaginations as they follow Sky and her friends on their quest to help her find her way back home.

Pages: 54 | ISBN : 1625020562

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A Butterfly’s Song

A small little butterfly emerges from her cocoon, amazed by the world around her. Her joy and wonder are soon diminished as a bright-colored, and outgoing butterfly group flutters by but ignores her when she tries to make friends. Pupa is not brightly colored or large like the other butterflies and blends into the land around her. She feels as if there is nothing special about her and grows sadder at the moment. When she tries to sing like a nightingale, she is unable to and curls up crying. When a kind and friendly, gentle breeze spots Pupa, he stops to show her that she has beautiful music inside her and teaches her that she is special.

A Butterfly’s Song by Tuula Pere is a magical story for children that teaches them that how a person is on the inside is more important than what they look like or what special skills they have, like singing. They will learn that real beauty comes from inside and that everyone is unique and has something to contribute, even if it seems small. This wonderful message about positive self-esteem and not trying to be something that you are not are important lessons for young children to grasp early on. The sooner they learn that they are perfect just the way they are, the sooner they will discover their hidden talents and abilities.

The illustrations by Roksolana Panchyshyn in this picture book are whimsical and engaging. Children will be able to see the emotions Pupa is feeling as they read through this story. Each full-colored page will draw in children and keep them engaged in the tale.

I recommend A Butterfly’s Song by Tuula Pere for all preschool and kindergarten classrooms and for families. This beautifully written story will inspire children to love themselves and appreciate who they are.

Pages: 38 | ISBN : 9523578421

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Room in the Nest

Room in the Nest by Holly Marlow is a beautifully written story about foster care for preschoolers and young elementary-age children. First, Mr. and Mrs. Swan build a giant, comfortable nest with enough room for themselves and anyone needing a safe place to stay. Then, one day, Caring Goose comes by and asks them if they have room to take in Baby Pigeon for a few days while her mom makes her house safe. They, of course, agree to help out. This is the start of the Swan’s ongoing mission to help other little birds that, for one reason or another, need a safe and loving place to stay, no matter if it was a few days or a few years.

Holly Marlow has written a children’s book that explains in child-friendly terms what foster care is and some of the many reasons why children may end up in foster care. This magnificent story shows sensitivity to the topic and complicated feelings surrounding foster care. She explains how the Caring Goose always tries to help the parents out first and give them guidance and that she is not trying to rip families apart but instead shows compassion and works to try and keep families together. Still, sometimes that is not always best for the children.

Room in the Nest is a heartwarming picture book that teaches children about foster care, foster placements, long-term fostering, kinship care, reunification, adoption, and a broad look at family court. This is a beautiful story to share with children that have to go through this process to help ease their fears and for other children to understand what happens if someone they know goes into foster care. This honest and beautiful look at the system is a much-needed resource for families, teachers, social workers, and anyone working with troubled families.

Pages: 25 | ASIN : B0BBBRWLMS

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Dead Squirrels Everywhere

Not all children are inspired by princesses and puppies. Sometimes children (or even adults) like unusual, strange, and even morbid at times topics. Considering this, children’s author Gabrielle Ferrara has written a unique counting picture book that will appeal to children who like things that are a bit different.

Dead Squirrels Everywhere starts off with, “One dead squirrel was poked with a stick.” The illustrations done by Natalia Nova are beautiful and even whimsical despite the topic being dead animals. The squirrels are never shown in a gorry or scary way; most look like they are sleeping, or in the case of the squirrels shocked by a wire, in funny images that will leave you laughing. The story flows well and is a joy to read out loud. The lyrical and rhyming lines will have kids laughing and following along, wondering what disasters will strike the poor squirrels next.

Learning to count to ten has never been so shocking and entertaining. This picture book also highlights many of the dangers that impact wildlife and can open up discussions with children leading to lessons in science as well. I could see this as a beautiful book for classes around Halloween with its slightly spooky but not scary images.

Dead Squirrels Everywhere is a highly original and unforgettable children’s book focused on counting to ten. This is the perfect addition to a classroom or home library for children that like things a bit dark and out of the ordinary. Preschoolers through early elementary students will be captivated by this unconventional tale. This is sure to become a favorite story for many children.

Pages: 28 | ASIN : B0B24DCWSF

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Twins Mac & Madi Back to School

Twins Mac & Madi Back to School is a beautifully written picture book about twin sisters who will be separated at school for the first time in their lives. Due to an injury, Madi would have to ride a bus and go to a different school than her twin Mac. Neither was happy about this situation, and both feared having to go to third grade without the other. However, their wonderful mom helped them through this challenging time, and they learned that doing things apart is not always bad.

Twins have a special bond, and it can be a challenge when they have to do different things at a young age. This heartfelt story also addresses the fears of young children when they have to do something different and new. Making new friends is hard, and going someplace new without knowing anyone is also tricky. These topics are addressed in a way that young children can understand and see that their fears are normal. Author Linda Herron gives children relatable situations and solutions that are adaptable to their own lives. I love how Herron validates the girls’ feelings and does not minimize their struggles. Kids in early elementary need to know that their feelings are normal and it is ok to have them.

Twins Mac & Madi Back to School, written by Linda Herron and beautifully illustrated by Marie Delon, is a phenomenal picture book that teaches children about friendship, dealing with new situations, and how to manage their feelings of fear and the unknown. I highly recommend this for children that are starting a new school and dealing with new situations.

Pages: 31 | ASIN : B0BC9RHYSF

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My Little World – Book Trailer

In a world where sometimes, the focus is on what we aren’t able to do, comes a story to encourage young children to consider all the things that they can do. My Little World is a story that follows four friends Summer, Chris, Kira and Juan. To this group of friends there seems to be two worlds. There is the little world and the big world. Each of these four friends feels that they are often just too little. They feel like there are so many things that they just can’t do. Join this group of friends on their journey of discussion and experiences as they grow and become excited about all the things that they can do and will do in the future.

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