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Tierra Day

When Tierra joins her eagle friend Eli for a walk along a nature trail, they are dismayed at the amount of trash scattered around the landscape. They meet up with Monte Mountain Lion on the trail and brainstorm ways to clean up land together. They devise a plan to hold Tierra Day on Earth Day, a celebration and community clean-up event to help humans and animals.

Tierra Day, written by Rachel Bate, is an inspiring children’s book that teaches the importance of recycling and cleaning up after yourself. The story talks about how keeping the Earth clean is a community effort. One person alone can not do it all, and this story highlights the value of getting the entire community involved. The animals even work together to surprise the humans on this special day.

The artwork done by Rebecca Jacob is beautiful and colorful. The paintings will appeal to children with their vivid colors and textures. I especially liked Monty; his expressions made me laugh.

At the end of this educational book is a fact sheet on Earth Day and a glossary; this makes it perfect for classrooms and teachers to use for a lesson on Earth Day. Many children’s books on Earth Day focus just on actually cleaning up and the importance of recycling. What stood out for me in this book was that the planning was discussed. The author emphasizes how important it is to get the word out and get involvement from the community, even the Mayor and Governor. This shows children that it is the responsibility of all people, no matter how important their jobs are, to help keep the Earth clean and trash-free.

Tierra Day is a well-thought-out and written children’s book with an important message about doing your part to keep your community clean. This book would be excellent for anyone who wants to teach children the importance of recycling and how taking care of the Earth impacts not just humans but the animals we share the planet with.

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Kayla Travels in Her Dreams

Kayla wakes up and is excited for her family to travel and see their friends. She is all packed and ready to head to the airport, full of energy and anticipation. Unforintly, her father has to tell her that they can no longer go on their trip that day because of a big snowstorm. Kayla is devastated and ends up falling asleep while crying on her mom’s lap. In her sleep, Kayla dreams of traveling. She visits places all around the world and sees her friends in her dreams, but her family is not in her dream with her. After many countries and sites, Kayla realizes that even though she has her friends, her family is not with her, and she wants to return home.

Kayla Travels in Her Dreams by author Kyra Zeidan is a magical story about traveling and the importance of family. Children reading this picture book will see images from Dubai, China, Australia, France, Egypt, and even the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Each country she visits gives children a few fun facts about the location, accompanied by bright, colorful images created by illustrator Musa Abdul Aziz Hasan. They will also be shown that even with all the unique places a person can visit, it is not the same if you are not with your family and the ones you love. Therefore, traveling is better with family.

This educational children’s book includes resources for parents and teachers. The included questions and lesson ideas allow this story to be used in various ways by parents and teachers. There is even a page for cutting out the characters to create their own stories.

Kayla Travels in Her Dreams is a whimsical picture book that takes children worldwide to see all the unique sites found in different countries. Parents will love the included message about the importance of family.

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Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm

In this touching story written by Warren Martin, we follow Dean and Levi, who learn about the importance of spending quality time with family. All families have their traditions. It could be yearly summer vacations, specific foods during the holidays, or a family trip. In, Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm this is where Dean and Levi year after year spend time with their loved ones on a family trip. We watch through sweet illustrations done by Kat Powell as each member grows and connects with one another with every passing year.

Children will love following Dean and Levi as they visit Grant’s Farm. They will see all the different animals on the farm. It is also great to see how they return for other holidays and how things change and stay the same, highlighting how one place can bring many different memories and emotions. It is touching to see how not only did the farm change over time but so did the family.

This story hits a very emotional spot by the end. It showcases the time we all have together and highlights the fact that we should all fully enjoy the experiences we have with one another and be so grateful for the time allotted to us. Our love and memories of the past make up a good part of who we are as people. The message of family is delivered clearly enough for any reader to grasp and enjoy.

Adventures with Pop Pop at Grant’s Farm is a touching children’s book about the importance of cherishing family. This book made me reflect on my memories with loved ones who are still with us and those who are not. Although it made me tear up by the end, they were happy tears. I would recommend this to any reader; just maybe grab a tissue or two.

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A Splash of Colour

Great educational tools are immensely fundamental to child development, but I have found they are scarce in young readers’ libraries. A Splash of Colour, written and illustrated by Susannah Nilsen, has given us a supreme perfect example of an educational book aid.

The beginning starts us off with common sight words that help us while we read, and the writing is simple enough to follow, so young readers can pick up these sight words quickly. Although this story does not follow a specific storyline or have an overall theme, it does, in fact, allow for an entertaining way to learn. The rhythmic verses leaped from the page with a steady pulse that kept the reader hanging from every word.

I recommend this book to any family or young reader who is learning to read or needs help gaining more powerful reading skills. This book will allow for quick and entertaining learning. The illustrations and the sight words were effortlessly cohesive and echo a seamless connection to the sight words allowing for an even better teaching aid.

I believe that the gift of reading is magical and can help us do amazing things. The author explains at the end of the book, “Her classroom experience affords a deep understanding of the value of picture books in the classroom, both as a vehicle to teach across the curriculum and to explore all manner of concepts.” this is something I clearly saw through her writing and the illustrations themselves.

A Splash of Colour is a whimsical picture book that will engage preschool and toddler-age children with its vivid images and entertaining text. Parents and teachers will find this to be a valuable children’s book to have for teaching about colours and introducing sight words. This is a wonderful addition to a home or classroom library.

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The Poetry Mouse

A little mouse named Evie lived in a quaint little town near the forest. This little mouse spent her days baking, mending clothes, and keeping her home neat and tidy. However, these things are not what gave her joy in life; instead, she did these things because that is what was expected of her. Evie’s real passion, which she spent hours daydreaming about, was writing poetry.

One day she heads off to the woods with her paper and pen in hand; she spots some rabbits and composes a poem about them there. From there, she writes more until she ends up at a bench talking with Brayden Fox. Now Brayden recognizes that Evie is talented and encourages her to think about what she really wants in life and focus on that, not on what other people think she should be doing with her time.

The Poetry Mouse, written by Derek R. King and Julie L. Kusma, is a beautifully written children’s story and collection of poetry intertwined together to create a whimsical book that children and adults can enjoy. The story of Evie the mouse is cute and adorable, with the watercolor images illustrating the pages. This is a story of self-discovery, breaking out of the mold that society says you must fit into. For children, it teaches them that they do not have to fit into stereotypical molds and that they can follow their passions in life and be happy. It encourages children to dream and take action to make those dreams come true.

The second half of this marvelous book is Evie the mouse’s poetry. Placed on the pages in the illustrations of her journal, it adds to the feeling that the little mouse is composing and sharing a part of her dream with readers. Each poem written about nature is filled with passion and wonder. The poem about the owl gliding through the night sky was my favorite. I can envision the downy feathers as they glide to the earth as the Owl moves across the moon’s silhouette. The poetry is organic, drawing the reader into a moment in time. They will glimpse nature in its pure form for that one breath of time. It is not often such simple poetry that can have the power to make you stop and visualize a single moment that, had it been mentioned any other way, would have been mundane. King and Kusma take the ordinary and transform it into breathtaking.

The Poetry Mouse is an astonishing children’s poetry book that will bring joy and wonder to children reading the story and looking at the beautiful artwork. Adults will find a more profound message in the story, one of following your dreams and stopping to appreciate the simple things in life. This storybook is one that readers will want to own and keep on the shelf for years to come.

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Billy’s Wide Crack

What happens when you wake up and look in the mirror while getting ready for school only to realize something is really not right. Unfortunately, that is what happened to Billy. He discovers something alarming that morning, and his solution is to hide in his bed and pretend it doesn’t exist. Then, one by one, his family members come in and observe what he has seen, and all of them are unsure of what to make of the situation.

Billy’s Wide Crack, written by JD Von Lafsalot and illustrator by Pietro Peres, is a humorous picture book with children and adults laughing with each page. The entertaining images and expressions on the characters’ faces will have children guessing right from the start as to what crack Billy has found. I loved that on each page, there was a little bee that seemed to add to the drama of the situation, like sitting on the dad’s tie.

At the end of the book are some quick questions teachers can use to review the story with their class. This helps children recall and identify the context of stories. Some questions require them to have keen observation skills and will allow them to go back and pick out details they may have missed at first.

Billy’s Wide Crack: A Fun Rhyming Story of Assumptions and False Thinking is a light-hearted picture book that will have readers of all ages laughing. With children’s active imaginations, the story will surely bring about many fun, exciting class discussions and laughs.

Pages: 35 | ASIN : B0BFDTGNH7

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La Aventura de Algodón de Azúcar: The Adventure of Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is on the hunt for her friend, Peppermint. As she goes from one neighbor to the next, she gets the same response and even less hope of finding Peppermint. No one seems to know where her friend has gone. As she knocks on doors and travels all day long, she questions everyone she encounters, but there is no help to be found. Every food, animal, and object–Cotton Candy tries them all. Will she ever find her friend? Is there anyone at all who can help her?

La Aventura de Algodòn de Azùcar (The Adventure of Cotton Candy), by Tara Giri, tells the story of Cotton Candy, who is on the search for her friend, Peppermint. Each and every character responds to her question with an emphatic “I don’t know.” The book features both Spanish and English text and is a wonderful example of repetitive text. Young readers will benefit from seeing and hearing the same question and answer on each page. Whether they are English or Spanish readers, they will find themselves quickly absorbing the corresponding translation.

Perhaps the most striking feature of Giri’s work is the focus on the use of adjectives. As an elementary teacher, I am glad to see a children’s book focusing on a specific part of speech. It is difficult to find trade books that offer multiple opportunities to practice with adjectives. Giri has given parents and teachers a wonderful teaching tool. The only thing that I did not love about this book was the formatting. On some pages, the text can be somewhat difficult to read where it is layered over the illustrations.

La Aventura de Algodòn de Azùcar is a magical bilingual picture book that will captivate and entertain children as they go on an adventure searching for their missing friend. I recommend Giri’s work to any parent or teacher looking to introduce their children to a second language.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B0B37Z73QD

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