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Seeing is Believing

Dr. Qooz Author Interview

Dr. Qooz Author Interview

What do you find is a common misconception kids have about problems with their vision?

The MOST common misconception kids have about their vision is they don’t believe they have a vision problem. This is because they have nothing to compare bad vision to.

I thought the scenes with Tode at the optometrist were very cute. Do you have a favorite scene from the book, Sight to See: Seeing is Believing ?

My favorite scene of Tode at the optometrist is when Dr. Kitty asks Tode to come into his office and Tode thinks he is in trouble and explains, “I didn’t pull Krissy’s tail, I just held on and she drug me in here!”

This is book two in your Fargone series, what can readers expect from book three, Where Are We?: A field Trip to Paradise?

Book 3 of the Fargone Series, “Where Are We?: A field Trip to Paradise” defines a common state of boredom, where everyone wants to be on the greener side of life, a place more exciting than where they are. This historical history lesson, takes the entire class on a field trip that is only 10 feet from where they started from but 151 million years…

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Sight to See: Seeing is Believing (Fargone Book 2) by [Dr. Qooz, Irena Urosevic]A children’s book with a message to parents and young readers. Tode the Turtle is one out of every five children that will have a learning disability because of a correctable handicap, that he nor his parents know that he has. Discover the ease of correcting this universal plague in minutes as this beautifully illustrated story comes to life.

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Chasing Scaredy Away

Chasing Scaredy Away: No More Fraidy of the Dark (Fargone Book 4) by [Dr. Qooz, Irena Urosevic, Derrill Fussell]

Chasing Scaredy Away: No More Fraidy in the Dark, by Dr Qooz is a fun book that does a fantastic job presenting the concept of fear management to young children.

The story starts out with the main character, Zora, going to buy some honey from a local honey seller. Readers follow Zora to the honey seller who tells an interesting story about how much bears love honey. Although the seller does not intend to instill fear in Zora with his story, some aspects of the tale frighten her. Zora carries those fears with her, and they grow.

The author does a great job bringing the reader through Zora’s process of fear, understanding, and later coming into a confident and fearless state thanks to greater understanding of why she had been afraid in the first place. Dr. Qooz finishes the story with a clear lesson in conquering fear using the tools at our disposal.

This book is a touching story that children would fall in love with. Parents will have fun reading this to their children while enjoying the lively and colorful images in the book.

Pages: 26 | ASIN: B0863F87YK

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Sight to See: Seeing is Believing

Sight to See: Seeing is Believing, written by Dr Qooz and illustrated by Irena Urosevic, is a wonderful book for children that could very well open their eyes to a clearer, brighter world. The main character in the story suffers from many problems and is not able to identify the cause of all his troubles until receiving the help and advice of a friend who suggests that the main character may require the help of an optometrist. Glasses soon follow and our main character is amazed at what he has been missing.

Sight to See: Seeing is Believing encourages children – and their parents – to consider whether they are fully equipped to take in the world around them. The message this smart book coveys in a brilliantly illustrated fashion is that many children suffer from not resolving vision-related problems and that providing children with a solution can drastically improve their life experiences.

Both the artwork is cut and bright and the message being conveyed is important and suited for kids from around 6 to 9 years old I think. The language and writing style used seem to sit at a slightly higher maturity level than what the other aspects of the book seem to be geared towards. Which leads me to suggest that this book is better suited for parents and children to read together so that parents can offer answers to questions that may arise. With this adjustment this book is not only educational but entertaining as well. I’ve never seen a kids book that tackles the subject of vision and optometry, so this is certainly a unique book.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B07YR4CJW4

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A Path to New Friendships

Dr. Qooz Author Interview

Dr. Qooz Author Interview

Who Are You? follows Gerri as he handles the ups and downs of his first day of school. Why was this an important book for you to write?

Who Are You was written from a personal experience watching the chaos on day one of the 1st grade. The second most traumatic event in a child’s life is the first time the child is left alone without Mom or Dad. The most traumatic is birth. My parents gave me an insight to the first time alone and promised to come back and pick me up after work. What a life raft the information was to me. The disastrous events of the children not knowing what was happening was a vivid picture I still see today, 63 years later. I was motivated to share the “night before preview for new parents, hoping to diminish the trauma of the child’s 1st time alone.

The book explores difficult topics like bullying and teasing in school. What do you hope readers take away from this book?

My hopes are that new parents will prepare their child with a comforting story that previews the morrow, identifies differences in classmates, delivers a path to new friendships and assures the child that mom and dad will be there to pick them up after school. Teasing and bullying is everywhere. I hope to enlighten the child and parent that their classmates may be acting this way because they are uncomfortable too.

The art in this book is bright, cute and high quality. What was the art collaboration like on this project?

The art collaboration in this book started with my drawing of Gerrie the awkward, out of place feeling giraffe on the cover. My two daughters did a page each, ‘animals with long legs’ and the ‘animals all hugged’ up toward the end, then I employed an artist to fill in the other drawings.

This is book one in your Fargone series. What can readers expect in book two, Sight to See?

Book two of the Fargone series addresses the handicap that one out of 5 children have, a learning disability or behavioral problem because they cannot see. Tode’s classmate’s dad is an Optometrist and suggests a trip to have Tode’s eyes examined. The child is entertained and the parents are reminded to have their child’s eyes checked NOW. This book was also a number one best seller on Amazon.

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Who Are You?: First Day Of School (Fargone Book 1) by [Qooz, Dr.]

Who Are You, is a children’s book for young children ages 2-6. This kid’s book is an introductory story of Gerri, from Fargone. Gerri’s first day of school, alone, portrays a child that is unsure and awkwardly thrust into a crowd that he doesn’t know and how Gerri navigates through this environment of teasing, bullying and finally acceptance. This children’s picture book features vibrant colorful jungle animals that jump right off the page with dialog for a growing child.

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Who Are You?

Who Are You?: First Day Of School (Fargone Book 1) by [Qooz, Dr.]

Who Are You? First Day of School by Dr. Qooz is  a children’s book full of animals of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Gerri the Giraffe is new to the class. Gerri seems a bit shy and nervous at first, but the other animals are very welcoming. This is a feel-good book that has lots of underlying messages for young readers.

I think this book will appeal to young readers. Early elementary-aged kids will enjoy the bright illustrations and the variety of animal characters in the story. Dr. Qooz’s writing style is simple and somewhat repetitive with a lot of dialogue between characters.The repetitive dialogue could also be good for new readers who are learning to predict what’s coming next.

Gerri from Fargone is a loveable but awkward character. New students to a school could identify with Gerri’s hesitance. They will also find hope in how quickly Gerri makes friends with the herd of jungle classmates. Gerri’s classmates point out their own differences in a way that makes them feel proud, not different.

This is a great little book that could be an important tool for families to use during a move to a new town or school. Guidance counselors could also use the book to emphasize acceptance and empathy among classmates. It could help bring young students together as they identify with the cast of characters.

Who Are You? First Day of School by Dr. Qooz is a fun and simple book for young children. For the most part, it is written simply enough for a young student to understand, especially with the help of a teacher or parent. I think there are good messages here that could help them through new starts. I’d like to see more original work by Dr. Qooz.

Pages: 34 | ASIN: B07D1B7JNZ

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