What Monsters I Would Fear

Joshua Delaney is kind enough to sit down with The Monster and discuss his book, The World Beyond Sight.

One thing that stands out to me in The World Beyond Sight is the creativity embedded in this world. What was your inspiration for creating such and imaginative world?

The creation of the world was a tad bit difficult as I had not been able to see many forms of media for a while due to work. However the combinations of King Arthur’s tales as well as other medieval stories helped me to map out the area.

The creatures in this book were very intriguing. How did you go about creating them for this book?

The creatures were something that actually holds a bit of myself to them. Each of these creatures are something that I have often imagined before and always made me think of what monsters I would fear and what creatures would be best suitable to survive that landscape.

The three captains that they come across are all exceptionally skilled. Who was your favorite captain to write for?

My favorite captain had to be Karolin. She was a bit of a tough one to write for as I haven’t ever had to explore the thoughts and ideals of a strong female character. I can see why in most media today they have become a staple in strong and heavily followed shows and books.

What is one thing that you hope readers take away from this book?

I would hope that instead of from the book but the entire series is that no matter what the problem is. Sitting down and letting everything fall apart is not the way to handle it. One must stand on their own feet and continue to look for ways to succeed at whatever they do. Without stepping on others to do it.

I felt the prospect of a connection between Karolin and Arata. How do you see their relationship?

The relationship of Arata and Karolin is a bit of a mystery. Sorry readers I can’t disclose too much on their thoughts. Just know that their close.

The World Beyond Sight: Upon Arrival!In a world far from our own. A dark force wishes to consume all living beings to end everything. Battling this force for centuries the gods of Light decide to use one last ditch effort to bring peace and order back. Choosing a young man from our world to be their last resistance against the Darkness and unable to return home until his mission is finished. Arata Moore will make new friends and enemies along his path. Can he survive or will the Darkness consume him as it has so many others.

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