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Emerged In My Mind

Author Interview
Winsome Board Author Interview

Justin’s Quest follows a young artist’s journey through the Australian Outback as he seeks to discover his destiny while exploring his cultural heritage. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

I do not know myself what was the inspiration for the Trilogy. It just happened that several readers of “Under Surveillance” requested a sequel. I said that that story was completed, but I asked myself if it would be possible for me to write a parallel story, using the same time frame and a similar setting, which I was comfortable with. Then the idea of the station “Shangri-la” came to me one night. I saw the place and the family as the characters and the background of each just emerged in my mind. Then came the idea of starting the story with the arrival of Constable Peter with the horse he had mentioned he was intending to buy. From then on, I just watched what the characters said and did, and the story wrote itself.

I have since heard that Lee Child uses the same method when he writes his Reacher books. He just watches his character and writes down what happens. It was not until I had completed “Justin’s Quest”. and my neighbour begged to know what happened next, that I did a little thinking about how I could possibly tie up some of the loose ends which had been floating along in the sidelines. Yet even then, I had to wait until the next chapter came to me: I did not even plan anything until it happened.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I was not conscious of any driving ideals when writing the story. But now, with the story complete, and looking back on my life from the vantage point of eighty-three years, I realize how important it is to not disregard the gifts with which we come to this world. Yet we also come with lessons to learn too. I did not attempt to become a professional artist until I turned fifty, although I could paint since childhood. See my website, for my paintings. I knew very well the difficulties Justin faced in surviving as an artist. I have always been interested in the complexity of the old Aboriginal culture, and I am very aware how difficult it is to integrate some of the Aboriginal ways of viewing reality with our individualistic and competitive modern society.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Again, I was not conscious of the themes when writing the story. In retrospect, the problems of family violence and drug abuse do interest me. I am more interested in possible solutions than dwelling on the problems. I did not think of Justin as being in constant danger, after all, he walked the streets of Darwin even at night without experiencing a sense of danger. His capture in “Confluence” was almost an accident from his foolhardiness. I am interested in seeking solutions to post traumatic stress, and the underlying problem of Aboriginal self confidence after their lived experience of alienation and powerlessness in the period of white domination. And I am interested in Aboriginal methods of psychological healing, which are just beginning to be given a degree of credibility. Actually, I thought it was a positive book rather than an analysis of darkness and danger.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I do not know if another book will be “given to me”. Obviously, Justin and Djet’s future will present many challenges, but I am not really comfortable in the digital world and the city. and that is where their future will take them. There will be the problem of changing the Aboriginal attitude of loyalty to their “mob” or tribal affiliation, to a wider view of the place of indigenous people in the modern, multicultural Australian society. There will be the continuing problem of how an artist can survive. A possible “bad” character could be someone who profits from Aboriginal art without giving due recognition to its origins. For now, I must learn how to promote the books I have written, and the original paintings and prints I have yet to dispose of.

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Why attempt the uncertain career path of an author.
Why be bothered by a heritage no one else in the family believes is of any importance.

What Is Life All About – Life Is About the Soul

In his thought-provoking book, What Is Life About? – Life Is About the Soul, author Alan Gill guides readers on a journey of self-discovery and purpose through his own experiences, insights, and personal encounters. Gill delves into various aspects of life, including religion, media, marriage, political history, and the nature of God. His straightforward writing style provides clarity and honesty, addressing challenging topics without sugarcoating the issues.

The book is divided into six parts, each focusing on critical aspects of life. Part one starts with discussions on living life differently, offering hope and positivity to readers. Gill’s emphasis on simple living and the importance of family, friends, and community resonates deeply. In addition, the inclusion of biblical verses throughout the text adds depth and context to the discussion.

From the first part to the sixth, Gill’s work is filled with information to inspire readers. One prominent subject in the book is exploring God’s existence, power, and relationship with humanity. Gill’s approach to discussing God is refreshing and accessible, enabling readers to feel a personal connection with the divine.

Gill’s diverse range of topics keeps readers engaged, with chapters that touch on related subjects but delve into a myriad of issues. One such captivating topic is death, which, although chilling, is both intriguing and important to discuss. By addressing both physical and spiritual death, Gill provides a well-rounded perspective on this often-avoided subject.

The simple yet profound text, historical stories, reference materials, and in-depth discussions make this a remarkable book. By engaging with Gill’s work, readers embark on a journey to seek the truth and find themselves. More than just an inspirational book, this transformative work encourages personal growth and improvement in all aspects of life.

Pages: 450 | ASIN : B0BVTBNCW5

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Jerrimiah Stonecastle Author Interview

Jerrimiah Stonecastle

Flash of Light follows a mother and her two children who are racing to their bomb shelter in the Catskill mountains in the wake of a nuclear bomb strike. When you first sat down to write this story, did you know where you were going, or did the twists come as you were writing?

This is one of my books where I actually stayed close to the outline until the last chapter. I had intended for this to be a stand alone issue but the ending opened up the possibilities of two more books in this series. After the Flash is the second book. I know there will be a third but have no clue what it’ll be about. But I know from the notes on the second book there will have to be a third book.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

On the third chapter of this spiritual thriller. If I can stay focused I hope to have it done in time for an Easter release.

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America is hit by an unprovoked nuclear missile attack by North Korea. While NATO works to deescalate the Nuclear holocaust, a mother, a mechanical engineering expert, and her two children race through panic-stricken cities in an attempt to reach their atomic bomb-resistant shelter in the mountains.

A second air blast over New York knocks out all the car’s electronics except for The Beast, the mother’s armored, custom-made, Dodge Durango Hellcat.

Can they make it through the marauding gangs who have taken advantage of the cities abandoned by the cops to protect their own families? Will the prototype regenerative fuel cell she developed last until they reach the Catskill Mountains and safety?

Hang on for the high octane, action-packed, death race to safety from the Next Name in Horror.

Love For The First Time

Véronique Iswery Pasquet Author Interview

The Four Lives of Robinson Appleson follows a man living with a curse who must find a way to break it if he ever wants to experience love and happiness. What was the inspiration for the setup of your story?

First of all, my aim when I started to write this book was to create an unconventional hero. I wanted to make him being hated by the readers in the beginning and then slowly through the pages, I wanted to bring them to forgive him and like him at the end. Second, one of my favorite tales is “the Beast and the beauty.” So, I took inspiration from that to create this story. In both, the hero is cursed, and only true love can liberate them from the spell.

What do you think were some of the defining moments in Robinson’s development?

Actually, two things. First the encounter with Oscar, his cousin, who become his mentor. And second, the encounter with Gwendolyn, his sweetheart.

Robinson is a spoiled young man, until he met Oscar who teach him about self-discipline. Despite being surrounded by people, Robinson lacked of a guide. So far no one had the gut to tell him his wrong doings. When Oscar did, he recognize his faults. We all need a mentor to walk straight in life. That mentor could be parents, a teacher or God.

With Gwendolyn, my hero experience love for the first time. From a selfish human being, he becomes a caring man who is ready to sacrifice his life to save hers. This was only possible thanks to the unconditionally love he got from her. The more you receive, the more you give. That’s the law.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The themes that I wanted to explore are about romance, emotion and love. How far a human beinggoes on and on to forgiving someone? My heroine, out of love forgive his lover for murdering her. She knew that he is doomed to kill out of love. Instead of escaping her fate, she embraces that. Only out of love. Love is a powerful weapon thanks to what the impossible can become possible. Many parents have forgiven the blunders of their child. How they managed? It’s all out of Love. Thanks to that gesture, the criminals got a chance to express remorse, redeem themselves.   

What is the next story that you’re writing and when will it be published?

The next book is about a paranormal romance. It tells the story of young woman who lives in Mackinac Island. When her grandma and cousin died. She has to come to her hometown to assist the funeral. Unfortunately, she has to stay a few more weeks to take charge of her parent’s hotels while their absence. A few days later, she is victim of aggression from an invisible entity during her sleep. She wakes up with scratches and bites on her body. Thanks to the friendship of a hitchhiker whom she met on her way home, she will find the courage to get rid of that entity.

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Can a killer turn a new leaf?
Robinson Appleson is one lucky bastard!
We get only one life. He has had four so far.
And it’s not like he deserved them, either.

In his first life, he was a Porcian prince who was known to devour humans. His obsession with eternal youth and beauty made him addicted to the
taste of human flesh, much to the dismay and terror of his kingdom’s subjects.

Reborn as a rich kid in Beverly Hills, California, he has no recollection of his past life and thinks of himself as a blessing to mankind. He holds no respect or feelings for women and treats them like objects. It leads to everyone avoiding him like the plague.

His third life is different, as he is born as a jaguar in the African savannah. Filled with new wisdom, he fights against his instinct to hunt while the smell of prey drives him mad with hunger.

His last life lands him in the body of a beautiful but poverty-stricken Black woman who was also unfaithful!

Each of his lives has been different from the last, except that it looked as if he was doomed to make the same blunders. The woman he loves dies in his arms in all of his lives, because of a curse placed on his family.

Having been selfish and cruel in his previous lives, he attempts to change this forever. Using a range of tricks learned from Oscar, his mentor, he hopes to suppress and destroy the evil lurking inside him.
Would he manage to escape from his fate?

Coachability: The Leadership Superpower

In “Coachability: The Leadership Superpower,” esteemed author Kevin D. Wilde provides a captivating exploration of leadership, coachability, and the secrets to outpacing the competition. Utilizing realistic scenarios to illustrate the significance of exceptional leadership in any context, Wilde offers readers an intimate glimpse into his life and the essence of the book as he introduces each topic.

Wilde’s authenticity shines throughout his writing, as he candidly shares not only his accomplishments but also his own missteps and imperfections. The book is structured in two primary sections: the first establishes the concept of coachability and its vital importance, while the second delves into the art of becoming a highly coachable leader.

Readers will be enthralled by the invaluable strategies imparted by Wilde, the insights gleaned from thorough research, and the compelling stories of various leaders featured in the book. With seven distinct strategies presented across the chapters, Wilde demonstrates how highly coachable leaders can capitalize on these approaches, making them particularly useful for those aspiring to leadership roles.

“Coachability: The Leadership Superpower” comprises seven well-crafted chapters, each elucidating different facets of coachability with utmost clarity. Chapter two stands out as particularly impactful, as Wilde expounds upon the transformative powers of coachability. This essential chapter guides readers through the often unfamiliar territory of coachability, providing a unique perspective that every aspiring leader should experience.

Wilde’s open-mindedness and expertise are evident as he introduces new concepts to readers, taking care to explain any specialized vocabulary or technical jargon. Through “Coachability: The Leadership Superpower,” readers will gain an understanding of how to seamlessly ascend the career ladder and effectively engage with a diverse array of individuals and groups.

The exceptional clarity and distinctiveness of Wilde’s writing make “Coachability: The Leadership Superpower” an especially enjoyable read. By imparting insights on navigating one’s career trajectory and building fruitful relationships with diverse individuals and organizations, this book proves to be an invaluable resource. Highly recommended for those seeking guidance on coaching and leadership, “Coachability: The Leadership Superpower” offers a comprehensive, all-encompassing approach to these crucial topics, ensuring that readers can easily grasp and internalize the key messages presented.

Pages: 162 | ASIN: B0BLT722YQ

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Lifeline to a Soul

Lifeline to a Soul is an inspiring autobiographical account of John K. McLaughlin’s journey as an entrepreneur turned teacher. From his humble beginnings to his successful ventures in the business world, the author shares his experiences and lessons learned, culminating in his decision to become a teacher in a prison.

Through engaging prose, McLaughlin provides a vivid depiction of life in prison, sharing anecdotes about the incarcerated individuals he encountered. His unique perspective sheds light on the prison system, offering key information that many may not be aware of. He also provides insight into the harsh realities that prisoners endure, making this book a valuable resource for those interested in understanding the criminal justice system. More importantly, Lifeline to a Soul serves as a source of encouragement for anyone who has experienced setbacks, regardless of the cause. The author’s dedication to those who have broken the law and learned from their experiences sets the tone for the book, emphasizing its deeper purpose beyond simply recounting McLaughlin’s life story. The heart of the book lies in McLaughlin’s experiences as a teacher in a prison, where he imparted valuable life lessons to his students. Through their stories, he showcases the resilience and determination of those who have been able to overcome their circumstances and achieve great things.

Overall, Lifeline to a Soul is a refreshing departure from typical entrepreneurial books, offering a unique perspective on life and success. It is a must-read for anyone looking for inspiration and encouragement, regardless of their personal or professional circumstances.

Pages: 237 | ASIN: B0BX4ZVSF7

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Can You Hear The Trumpets? – Book Trailer

Joel Adelman was celebrating his Bar Mitzvah when his cruise ship was taken over by Islamic extremists. When they start executing the Jewish passengers, Joel uses the power of the shofar horn his grandmother gifted him, to call forth the Destroyer and his army of angels.

Goat Song

In Dean Gessie’s captivating poetry collection, Goat Song, readers are treated to twenty-three thought-provoking poems spread across just over eighty pages. Each poem varies in length, with only a handful confined to a single page. The anthology explores a diverse array of themes, ranging from intimate personal experiences to pressing international political issues such as race, aging, mental health, environmental concerns, and the evaluation of poetry prizes.

Gessie’s work demonstrates an impressive breadth of reference, seamlessly juxtaposing elements from Ancient Greece with contemporary topics like the recent pandemic and the vernacular of social media. The acknowledgments section highlights an impressive array of accolades garnered by the poems in this collection.

Readers are advised to have a dictionary and search engine at the ready, as Gessie’s extensive linguistic repertoire introduces terms like “ectothermic” and “Apocrypha” alongside onomatopoeic expressions and colloquialisms. The experience of feeling lost in the text is not uncommon, and one might even feel a touch of illiteracy when confronted with the author’s superlative language. However, the glowing endorsements on the back cover serve as a reminder that the challenge is part of the journey, and readers are encouraged to embrace their role as intrepid explorers in the realm of this literary titan.

Gessie’s work may be described as postmodern, but it also possesses a unique quality that defies easy categorization. The collection contains poems that resonate deeply with readers, such as “A Mother Mulls Her Son’s Self-Injuries,” which presents a litany of personal traumas in search of a catalyst. The opening poem, “[sic]stemic,” implores readers to distinguish between the poet and the persona, as the line “I take my black skin out for a walk” comes from a Caucasian writer. The collection also offers moments of tongue-in-cheek irony, eliciting wry smiles as song lyrics intermingle with introspective prose lines that ponder the actions of the living after one’s demise.

Dean Gessie’s Goat Song is a rich and rewarding collection of poetry that invites readers to traverse a vast landscape of themes and linguistic styles. Embark on this journey with an open mind and a willingness to embrace the unknown, and you will surely be captivated by the powerful voice and keen insights that await within its pages.

Pages: 83 | ASIN: B0BV4CK6HN

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