Ripped Away

Ripped Away (Uncommon Senses Book 2) by [S.D. Christopher]

What if there were individuals in real life with powers that defied science and logic? What would you do? Would you sympathize with the challenges they have endured? Or would you rather have them locked up for everyone’s good?

Ripped Away, by S.D. Christopher is an engaging tale of such individuals who are struggling to come to terms with their special abilities. Called Sensitives, these people have abilities that have made them the target of dangerous people.

S.D. Christopher has crafted a meticulous story abundantly supplied with details that will immerse you in this sci-fi world. Sensitives have all the issues that ordinary people do, but in their case their issues are amplified by the side effects of their abilities. Whether it is the ability of acute hearing, high pain tolerance, or a fatal sweat, the issues they face in their own lives intriguing and relatable.

The novel builds steadily, developing dynamic characters along the way, which all lead towards a provocative crescendo. I was initially concerned that it might be a retelling where Dr. Maddy Gibson is a sort of a guide and counselor to these gifted individuals. It is her who has created a sort of bundle of these misfits who are not able to blend it with others. For a while, I was miffed that it may be a variant of the X-Men series, but soon the story blossomed into a unique adventure with riveting narratives.

Ripped Away is able to keep things grounded, even with the amazing abilities that characters have, and the characters feel much more real because of this. We have a large cast of characters that is rarely hard to follow, but mostly things are kept concise and focused. This gives the murder mystery within the story time to breath, which allows these Sensitives to inhabit a noir-esque crime story that, I think, is unique to the superhuman/hero genre.

Ripped Away is one of the most engrossing science fiction books I’ve read so far this year. S.D. Christopher has woven a great plot with characters that appear as vulnerable as any other ordinary individuals, but rise to the occasion when most needed. If you enjoy the superhuman genre, but really enjoy a good mystery novel then this book is for you.

Pages: 290 | ASIN: B0858Y57KN

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