Sixty Position With Pleasure

Sahlan Diver’s Sixty Position With Pleasure is an intricate mixture of erotica, mystery, and futuristic themes. Set in 2050, it follows the life of Charlie Gibbs – an English man who just moved to a small Irish town – Kilgarney. As a computer specialist freelancer, he is tasked with undertaking a tedious job at a local company.

As the rest of the world is reeling from the aftermath of global warming, Kilgarney is prospering. It has lost its former freezing weather, leaving it at just the ideal temperatures – not too cold nor too hot. Coupled with the town’s newly-formed lake and beautiful scenes, everything seems to have suddenly conspired to make Kilgarney a tourist attraction.

But while this brings in extra revenue, it also attracts powerful yet manipulative people to the town. This culminates in a political power struggle and a game-changing referendum to decide whether Kilgarney should be an independent state. Amid all this political turmoil, strange things are also happening in Charlie’s personal and work life.

For one, his boss dies mysteriously, bringing a new woman to his life – a woman with sexual demands that are beyond the ordinary. All through the book, we see Charlie struggle to make sense of a mind-boggling mystery while being a politically active citizen experiencing an exciting affair.

Since most of the story is told from Charlie’s perspective, it is really relatable. We get a clear understanding of who Charlie is and can truly empathize with him. The mystery part of the narrative is particularly riveting because we only know what he knows. As such, we are also quite invested in finding out who the bad guys are.

If there is one thing that makes this book stand out though, it has to be its unpredictability. The author does a good job of giving us clues while still leaving us in the dark. From page to page, we learn new information that makes us more interested but still struggling to create a pattern.

Clearly, the author took their time to create a solid plot. Beyond that, they managed to mirror our current society and the issues that usually divide us. Within this book, issues like climate change, religion, politics, and women’s rights are tackled in interesting ways and seamlessly woven into the narrative.

Moreover, the writing is light yet informative, sometimes even humorous, making the book easy to read. Ultimately, considering its level of complexity, it was executed beautifully. Sixty Position With Pleasure is a provocative and thrilling novel that will leave you with plenty to ponder.

Pages: 438 | ISBN: 1838229116

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