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Surviving Master Joshua

Surviving Master Joshua: The BDSM Memoir of An Unfaithful Wife by Karma Said is a memoir of the author’s experience as she retells her journey into the world of BDSM. Karma’s initial intention for getting involved begins with an investigation of the lives of religious people who are considered kinky or a part of the fetish community. She initially investigates BDSM for a story on religious people that are kinky. We quickly learn that the author’s real intention to get involved with this community is due to her feeling incomplete in her life and marriage. When she meets Master Joshua, he gives her life a new sense of enjoyment and purpose, but at what cost?

As Karma dives into the exciting world of BDSM, she struggles with compartmentalizing two sides of her life: her husband and two children on one side and Master Joshua’s ability to open her mind to a new, thrilling experience. Throughout her relationship with him, Karma is encouraged to divulge her activities to her husband, as Master Joshua values honesty and communication as a significant part of their relationship. This predicament creates a dilemma for Karma: does she disclose her involvement with BDSM and Master Joshua to her husband, risking everything, or keep it a secret against her dominant’s wishes?

When I initially began reading this book, I wasn’t sure which direction the author would take in handling the intriguing world and experiences with BDSM. It’s more than discovering innermost needs and fulfilling a new fantasy; it’s a tale about the impact of communication and how honesty, or a lack of it, can be destructive to a relationship. The author further explores the dynamics of each character and the complex nature of their personality. We see the ordinary side of Master Joshua and how he’s like everyone else, despite his dominant presence in the BDSM world.

The author portrays the depth of each character’s needs, Karma, her husband David, their emotions, and how they cope with life while battling their inner struggles. I found Surviving Master Joshua to be an exciting and well-written book. There is a great combination of intense sexual and power dynamics with the importance of interpersonal communication and honesty.

Pages: 232 | ASIN: B09SQBVL1Z

Symbolic Of My Hope

M.C. Lorbiecke Author Interview

The Infinydon follows a professor who must save humanity from an ancient leviathan who is hungry for blood. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration for this book was spurred by my passion for protecting this planet. I wish to urgently spread the message that we must begin caring for our world but in an exciting and compelling story. This book and the characters within were symbolic of my hope for the future despite the global situation of climate change, food shortages, poverty, and rampant viruses in which we currently find ourselves, which I believe can be remedied through love, respect, and innovation.

You have a variety of interesting characters in this book. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Some of the driving ideals behind my varied characters’ development were to illustrate some societal issues in which people of minority populations are often poorly represented; however, my desire was to highlight this in an engaging storytelling format. This is why I selected a mixed-race woman to be at the forefront of the group of academics, a young neurodivergent to lead the research team, and several others of varying color from a variety of nationalities and cultures to hold integral roles in the narrative, shedding light on each of their perspectives. Anton, the statistician, is not written as an autistic character; he is instead portrayed as an essential character who happens to be on the neurodivergent spectrum, as many of our world’s greatest minds are now suspected of having been. We rarely hear publications about how these individuals used their unique ways of thinking to excel. Instead, society chooses the perspective of intolerance toward these people while forcing them to conform to a standard. As an educator, I learned long ago that minds and bodies flourish most when each individual is allowed to develop outside of a society’s box of convenience, which is to serve the purpose of working as an interchangeable cog in a larger machine that has been proven to be a broken system. I believe that, instead, our distinctions should be encouraged and celebrated for the purpose of personal fulfillment as well as societal progression. Furthermore, the character of the infinydon was my manifestation of a marriage between Mother Earth and Father Time, ergo, God, or a higher power. I use the term God not to specify the god of Christianity necessarily but because that is the most prevalent term used to represent my meaning in the English language. I believe that our planet is a living organism with which that were preordained to live with in symbiosis; however, due to humankind losing their relationship with the Earth, we have lost touch with nature. This has had negative effects on our species as well as to our environment. My dream is that we fall back into harmony with our world for the betterment of all.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Some of the critical themes of the story were that we, as a species, are currently in a dire predicament; For this reason, we should consider our current trajectory and contemplate whether or not there may be improvements that could be made to the way we use our resources and interact with our fellow person. I strongly suspect that the illnesses, incomprehensible violence, climate change, and the declining mental health of our species directly correlate to directly to our actions. Never in the recorded history of our world has there been a species more violent, hierarchical, or destructive than our own. As an animal of higher intelligence, we should care more for each other and our environment. With all that we have learned and the capability to communicate with like-minded individuals worldwide, I believe that we now have the instruments necessary to transcend our current state of existence.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have a few projects in the works right now. Book Two of the God Slayer trilogy is in the planning stage. My prospective date for publication is Dec 2023. I have just written a delightful children’s book about a farm dog who finds the courage to save the farm from disaster, for which I am currently searching for an illustrator. The other is a science fiction novella which is now my primary focus, titled Hourus: The Metamorphosis of Eonians to Varisovans. It is about the plight of a race of aquatic peoples, essentially mermaids, who have lived on an hourglass-shaped planet in a solar system with two suns. The Hourans have lived in a beautiful harmonious utopia of amethystine waters for as long as their elders can remember when things begin to go awry in their world. This book is an epic mystery of love, discovery, and the ultimate betrayal in which you follow the main characters through the metamorphosis they must endure to prevail. I am very excited about this book; its prospective publication date is November 2022.

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Holding his breath, he gathered the gall to peek out the porthole. Darkness. He moved closer, fogging the window with panicked exhalation. Blinking, he noticed the infantile sensation of soiling his pants, warm and sticky, pressing molding smoothly between his flesh and underwear. As the fog cleared, his eyes focused; he saw the ribbing of a throat. The beast drifted backward. Teeth. She had several rows of teeth that seemed intelligently designed for grabbing, ripping, and tearing. Flexing her muscles, her jaw protruded beyond her broad snout in a horrifying display. She presented rows of gyrating scythes, sawing in opposing motions.
As she repelled further back, he noticed the pulsing of her monstrous gills, fins moving systematically. The monster moved so gracefully, delicately. Looking intently into the vessel, her large, catlike eye narrowed: searching. Fascinated, he forgot to be afraid, secure within the ship’s safety. The tapetum lucidum of her mirroring pupil flashed reflectively through the cabin. He ducked instinctively to avoid the searching of her eyeball, heart palpitating painfully. His eyes squeezed so tight he saw spots. With his back to the wall, he told himself to calm down. In and out, he panted, his heart racing, one hand covering his eyes and the other clutching his chest. Sweat dripped from his brow. With intention, he began to relax. With one subaqueous explosion, his lungs were filled with water as the leviathan drove through the hold of the frigate and entered the cabin. Before he could react, his torso was severed cleanly from his trunk. Satisfied, the man’s trunk held delicately within her jaws. She gave one vigorous flip of her keel and splintered the boat. Task concluded, she swam on, creating a mile-long wake with her powerful tail, poaching weapons disabled, appetite unabated by her meal.

My Dark Fantasy – Book Trailer

“Even The Darkness Has A Fantasy…”

He – Lived and died by the Life that chose him.
She – Lived her Life according to the needs of the men in control of it.
Both of them on a collision course that would end with one of them in a self-imposed exile, and the other… In the clutches of the abyss. Whether real or imagined, one’s Love and Loyalty will ultimately lead to the other’s Hate and Betrayal. But even… There’s nothing more potent, or more powerful than Love, and the Darkness it contains.

The One Getting Explored

Ed Silva Author Interview

Paradise 69 follows a group of friends that take a vacation to Tahiti where they encounter the world of rich and powerful men that look to fulfill their darkest sexual fantasies. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Sam Mijan is the villain from two of my previous stories. He was always running from the CIA. I wanted to give him feelings. Not the constant adrenaline of running from the law. I wanted to let him figure out how to love… Tahiti island was the perfect setup! The nature surrounding the island was my inspiration. The perfect place for a hide out. coincidentally, Scarlett de Santis was arriving in Tahiti, ready to explore… or wait I have it all wrong… she was the one getting explored.

What was your approach to writing the interactions between characters?

This was a simple approach. I simply imagined being with my closest friends and I pretended we were all there.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

I wanted to shed light on the amateur porn industry through the experiences of four young women in a trip to Tahiti. This new wave of people trying out Only Fans, and how some were getting bombarded with private messages from scout agents trying to lure them in were a big part of why I wrote “Paradise 69.” Not everything is what it seems. We just have to always remain vigilant, and make sure our kids are safe on the internet. My grandmother used to say “Don’t give out your phone number to strangers.” Well, with “Paradise 69” I wanted to let readers in and wonder what happens when somethings go too far.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’ve been writing for a decade, and I always focused on the British government and the Royal family. Until I thought of Paradise 69 and that was when I decided to steer away from British conspiracies. Well, now that this project is over, I have been working a on a sci-fi. This will be taking place on the Moon. Here is a hint: You might read about Sam Mijan and Scarlett de Santis together…Just Ummh… Breaking the “law” in outer space.

Author Links: Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Website

After her sexual desires are awakened by this handsome, wealthy stranger… Scarlett de Santis plunges hands first into a life of the rich and the famous.

Falling into the trap that her stranger’s flamboyant lifestyles might have appeared fun…a quick and easy way to make money…she learns that his lifestyle comes with a dark side. She now finds herself in situations impossible to get out of…

A bright, beautiful, young woman meets a dangerously handsome young man who fall deeply into sex.

Wanda’s Tower

Wanda’s Tower is an erotic novel by Robert Beatty. Meticulous and calculated, Wanda has been sure since her teenage years about what she wants to do with her life. As her sexuality suddenly awakens, she makes a detailed plan to follow: to live on the road, chasing the horizon and hopping from bar to bar, sleeping with any man that sparks her interest. With time she gets used to her highly calculated routine, leaving no trace behind her as she mysteriously departs from her lovers, leaving them with the hope of someday seeing her again. She’s determined to live life with no attachments, following her own rules, but might her lifestyle eventually, against all odds, lead her to finding the one person that will change her perspective on love for good?

Robert Beatty’s novel stands out for one main thing, and that is its highly descriptive narrative. He makes sure to give details about everything, be it things that are happening or the characters’ internal monologues: not one detail is left out. This gives a very structured storyline to the book, making it easy for the readers to immediately immerse in the world and the characters’ minds. Lots of interesting themes are explored, and one can clearly see through Wanda’s character the often times present female fantasy of living a sexually liberated life.

The story is gripping and has a good pace; there is always tension present that makes the reader want to keep reading. Though this is an erotica, various dimensions of the characters are explored apart from sex. Wanda is an unusual woman; it’s not only because of her uncharacteristic sexual nature that she lets completely free, but she also has other interests and passions and excels in a profession that’s dominated by men: electronics. A phone company technician during the day and a wanderer temptress during the night, Wanda has carefully organized her life to fully enjoy what she’s attracted to the most.

Going by many names, Wanda’s life will eventually be uprooted by a mysterious man that seems to share lots of similarities with her. She’ll have to make a decision: to accept love and welcome it into her life, or to stick to her plan of forever living on the road, pleasing herself with as many men as she can get.

Wanda’s Tower by Robert Beatty is a fun and playful erotica with intriguing characters and a compelling narrative.

Pages: 516 | ASIN : B097P8SC1L

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Calm Before The Storm

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Storm is one of three brothers who are identical twins. After sacrificing himself to save his family from their uncle victor, Storm has lost himself. He hides secrets from his family, and he knows they are hiding secrets from him, but he is determined to bring an end to the lies and secrets once and for all.

Calm Before the Storm, by Steven Paul Germanè, is book seven in the sultry Storm series. The story continues to follow Philip Steven, who is referred to as Storm in the book, as well many other interesting characters from the previous stories. The author has written a steamy erotic novel that is filled with provocative sex scenes with a little bit of mystery woven into the plot to break up all the sex.

While I found the story gripping, I felt that it was a little difficult to keep track of who is who because there are a lot of characters in the story. The main storyline takes a backseat to the plethora of erotic scenes that take place throughout the book that show how Storm uses sex as a way to get what he wants.

There are a few things that some readers might find triggering in this story, like talk of incest. The author’s writing is raw and detailed so some of the scenes can be shocking at times. But because of this the story is also easy to read and gets to the point without any surprise or climatic moments. This book can be read on its own but I would recommend you read the other books in the series to get a better sense of who Storm is as well as the other characters in the book because they are a main part in the series.

Readers who want to read about Storms’ various provocative sexual endeavors will enjoy the vivid detail that the author utilizes to bring these scenes to life. Storm is an intriguing character and I was more invested in the romance and the drama surrounding Storm rather than finding out the family’s truth. Steven Paul Germane writing is vivid and unfiltered, allowing the reader to fully immerse themselves in Storm’s love life. This is unadulterated and potent erotica that will appeal to hard core fans of the genre.

Pages: 204

Longing And Limerence

Debbie Burke Author Interview

Glissando follows a divorced woman who is successful in her career and is ready to try her hand at love again, what she ends up with is two men and some big life decisions to make. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I was in a community jazz band in northeastern Pennsylvania (I play alto sax) and just like any other group of people, there were relationships formed, wished for, begun and discarded. When love and lust were put against a backdrop of jazz, this became fascinating to me.

Ellie recovers from her divorce and builds a good life for herself before getting involved again. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

She’s flawed. She knows better, but doesn’t always choose to do the things that will help her evolve. It was important to show a smart woman who was nevertheless stuck in her bad decisions.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Longing and limerence; loneliness and companionship; and ultimately, seeking the right, loving partner.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Thanks for asking! It’s a noir mystery about a sax player who falls to his death, but the question remains: accident or murder? The protagonist is once again a woman, and she goes to Russia to find a very rare jazz record. Once there, she learns more about the jazz world and what likely caused the death of the sax player. Like it or not, she finds herself involved in the investigation. It’s out in December. Watch this space:

Author Links: Website | GoodReads | Twitter

LOVE – LUST – and JAZZ Sharp-witted paralegal Ellie Greenberg has a dynamite career at a law firm in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Happily divorced, in the middle years of her life and keeping sexy ‘n’ sassy, she decompresses from the demands of her career by joining the jazz scene at a local college. The instant she sees the very-married new soloist, trumpet player Vincent Keyes, she’s speared directly in the heart by Cupid’s arrow. Unfortunately, Ellie has also walked straight into the romantic cross-hairs of ace lawyer Stan Feldman. Ellie tries to gain her footing in the emotional tornado, where the ride is thrilling but ultimately unsustainable. She agonizes over choosing between the two men…or changing her life completely.


Glissando by Debbie Burke is a compelling story of love, lust, and jazz revolving around Ellie Greenberg. At 23, Ellie is love-struck immediately when she meets Rudy. She marries him, but their matrimony is short-lived when he steps out on her. Now, In her mid-fifties, juggling an amiable social life and a flourishing career as a paralegal at Schneider & Snee, Ellie joins a community jazz band where she meets and falls hopelessly for musician and somewhat jazz legend Vince Keyes. To her dismay, he is married to a much younger woman. Ellie starts dating co-worker Stan while contemplating whether to pursue Vince or not.

Debbie Burke has a way with words. It is impressive how she comfortably switches from one story to another and still carries the reader along. Ellie’s love for jazz illuminates the pages. Her character is relatable and intelligent enough to know what she wants. The fallibility and realistic portrayal of Ellie’s character, not to talk of her quirky soliloquies, will constantly make you laugh.

The story is fascinating, even without a lot of drama. It is the story of a successful divorced woman that is trying to figure out her own love life in her fifties. It is realistic in the sense that sometimes people don’t know what they want and have to work out in their own minds what is important and what they really want. However, I feel that some of the chapters seem to have a monotonous sound with many filler scenes that held no significance to the development of the plot. Glissando is still a book worth reading as Ellie is a great character to read about and get to know.

We all love a woman who has a mind of her own. Readers with a knack for resilient female protagonists will find Glissando enjoyable. I particularly loved how Ellie retained her youthful sensuality and imagination, proving that middle-aged women can still have fun.

Pages: 264 | ASIN : B08QR27H6F

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