Birth of a Unicorn: Six Basic Steps to Success

Birth of a Unicorn: Six Basic Steps to Success by [Heather Wilde]

Birth Of A Unicorn, Six Basic Steps To Success by Heather Wilde is an insightful business book littered with autobiographical elements that detail the author’s journey to success. Wilde exudes wisdom as she details six practical steps to finding success in her own life and career through Uncertainty, Significance, Love/Connection, Growth, Contribution, and Certainty. In this book, the reader is taken through each of the steps with examples learned through life experiences, mistakes, adventures, and achievements of Wilde, her husband, and cats. From the six steps, one unifying idea is that our identity is connected with our search for happiness.

An endearing read, Birth Of A Unicorn enchanted me with the success story of Heather & her husband. Ups and downs of their marriage and careers were exposed in the hopes that their experiences would be helpful to the reader. Their cats played a pivotal role in their travels and gave some comedic relief to the seriousness of some encounters. This book kept me rooting for the author and her husband, as they left meandered careers and eventually found work as partners together for Evernote.

In Birth Of A Unicorn, we see the loss of jobs, pursuit of education, relocating for new jobs, the chase of dreams, and travel to foreign countries. Adventurous and thrilling, this book had me captivated from the beginning. Overall, I was left with a sense of achievement as I rooted for Wilde and her search for identity and happiness. She had seemingly found what we would classify as success, and in finding that success, continued looking ahead to the future.

The author does a great job keeping readers captivated in her story, while also leaving room for readers to reflect upon their own path to success. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an uplifting memoir that takes you through entrepreneurship and family life and leaves you feeling like anything is possible.

Pages: 184 | ASIN: B08Q7DTVH1

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