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Surviving Baby Loss While Battling Infertility

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Shortly before delivering her first-born child, Christina suffers a complete placental abruption, and her life is forever changed. She faces loss, confusion, and frustration as she tries to understand the hand she and her new husband have been dealt. Nothing feels like the loss of a child, and nothing compares with the pain it brings. An otherwise healthy pregnancy ending so suddenly creates a myriad of questions and tests Christina’s faith in everything she thought she once knew and understood. Her story is real. Her story is true. And her story is a painful one.

Surviving Baby Loss While Battling Infertility is a poignant true story written by Kiali Jackie Garrett. The main character, Christina’s, story is told in present tense making it all the more enthralling. As she moves through the moments leading up to the heartbreaking placental abruption that takes her first-born son from her, the reader is pulled into her world and witnesses the true devastation she feels and how deeply she mourns for the baby she wanted so badly.

From planning for her tiny son’s funeral to moving through the steps of grief, Christina’s story is one to behold. She learns to open her heart again and feel. The raw emotions and true challenges with which she is presented offer readers a clear and moving picture of loss and how others cope with such tragedies. Throughout the book, Christina makes clear her conflicting feelings and is open about her inner struggles. Readers will find her easily relatable and find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

One of the most touching parts of Christina’s story is her frankness about her feelings. The fact that she and her husband struggle with even sharing their story is very telling. It is indicative of the world we live in and the criticism and questions they feared they might face. Theirs is an extremely private and painful battle. The author is to be commended for placing this story in the hands of readers who so desperately need someone on their side who does not sit in judgement.

Never have I read a more open and touching account of the loss of a child and the battle to overcome infertility. I recommend this book to any reader who needs to feel less alone in their world of pain and questions.

Pages: 148


Just Finish!

Just Finish!: Don't think you can; KNOW you can by [Kachmarski, Sean]

Sean Kachmarski was overweight and out of shape. He would laze around his couch but when he got off it, he really got off it. He got up and ran. Not very quickly but his commitment despite not being an athlete was impressive. This is a story of one regular everyday man overcoming his personal limitations to do something wonderful, impressive and to see things through.

This is not a motivational story for the overachiever, the one who wins everything. It is a motivational story for the average person. The person who tries to achieve something by sheer will. It is a story of the trials and tribulations that come with committing to something and the urge to quit becomes so strong that you almost choke from it.

Sean Kachmarski has bared all in this inspirational book. He has let the reader see his whole journey. The bad, the ugly and the fortunate. The candid narration of his story from the futon to the lineup is not only inspiring; it is a kick in the butt for anyone who may be stuck in a rut.

Regular folks need motivational stories from other regular folks. Imagine an overweight unfit person being told how they can run a marathon by a seasoned athlete. If you were the overweight person, you would not believe it.

The way Sean tells this story makes it relatable. He makes his story interesting by relating personal stories with simple language. The story is relatable but its unique perspective gives the reader a heartfelt literary experience.

Sean Kachmarski delivers a down to earth story about the human spirit and the will to change yourself. By the end of the book, you really will know you can. You will no longer doubt your ability. His positivity is infectious and something I admired. This is a book you will both enjoy and benefit from.

Pages: 205 | ASIN: B084BVCDD2

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The Legacy of Hope

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The Legacy of Hope by Carine Jennings explores what the true definition of happiness means to people. Happiness has several definitions for people. Do we need to be in a relationship to be happy? Does having the career you always wanted make you a happy person? Or does the definition of happiness refer to your own outlook on life and yourself? Carine Jennings describes what the true meaning of happiness leads to and how feeling lost is okay. Life works in mysterious ways and sometimes it is unfair. It’s all about your outlook.

I was surprised at how meaningful this book was for me. It certainly gave me a new perspective on the importance of being happy. Happiness and being positive is very important to me and sometimes I take it a little too far. I learned that it is okay to feel rejection, turmoil, and to be sad. This book taught me that we should not be afraid to feel those feelings. Not everyone is happy. I fell that this story is important to all audiences, especially those who are just graduating from college and going into the real world.

It was tough reading the section about Jenning’s abusive marriage. Jennings’s vocabulary is strong and I liked the way she vividly described situations. I could feel the raw emotion in those moments. It’s okay to make mistakes in life. However, we should never deny mistakes. Mistakes are important because we learn from them.

Carine Jennings A Legacy of Hope is an impassioned and thought-provoking book that probes the idea of happiness. As Jennings says, there is hope for everyone. It doesn’t matter who you are or how you grew up, “We all have different stories and different types of suffering. But two things should always be present: Hope and faith.” (Pg. 119).

A Legacy of Hope opened my mind to the difficult trials and tribulations some people face in life when Carine Jennings was assessing her abusive marriage, “Today, I feel like the abuse I endured has formed the basis of freedom…” (pg. 119). Love has always been a crucial theme in life, where some rush into a relationship or a marriage believing that it is the direction to go because other people do it.

Don’t hold yourself back from living the life that you want to live. Jennings took risks and uses A Legacy of Hope to explore how those decisions affected herself either positively or negatively. A Legacy of Hope opened my mind about making decisions and that you are the writer of your own life. Make it a good story.

Pages: 120


At 40… – Trailer

In the backstreets of a bustling city, grew a bright, different girl. Nicknamed Hilda, her fire and strength set her apart. These were her parents’ engrained traits fueling her and were the tools she used to survive being torn apart at different stages of life.

As she reached adult and motherhood, she struggled virtually alone to carry the heavy responsibilities through testing ups and downs in her personal life and career.

Battling against the odds in a man’s world; bullied, isolated and discriminated against, Hilda’s inspiring journey into the trading market, while sweeping accolades in her upward path, shows how resilience, determination and sheer grit maketh a woman at 40…


Young Offender

Young Offender by [Maisey, Michael]

Michael makes his entrance to the world in an uneventful fashion, but little does he know that life is about to deal him a series of devastating blows. Forced to go on the run with his mother in an attempt to get away from his abusive father, young Michael learns next to nothing about what it means to be nurtured and protected by loved ones. His mother’s addiction to alcohol tears her away from him and he soon finds himself looking for care, empathy and a sense of belonging in all the wrong places. The arms of crime and addiction become his ”safe place.” But how does his story end? Does he find his way to redemption or do his relentless demons prove too difficult to be vanquished?

Young Offender by Michael Maisey smashes the stereotype of memoirs being unimaginative. I was helplessly hooked by the surreal nature of the writer’s escapades (I feel tempted to share a few but I’ll let you find out for yourself). I turned each page, curious to see where his self-sabotaging adventures would lead him to next.

The majority of the occurrences took place in London in the 1990s and 2000s. Maisey was careful to include relevant details about places where he grew up or called home, but he was clearly (and thankfully) more interested in telling his story than in describing his environment in detail. Altogether, we can get a decent feel of the state of the locations where he spent some time.

I found Maisey’s portrayal of the main character highly intriguing. ”But what could be so special about telling a story about one’s self?” you might wonder. Well, Maisey’s secret ingredients were brutal honesty and inspiring courage. He gave us unfettered access even to the darkest and most convoluted workings of his mind as he exchanged punches with life. He held nothing back. Going by the way he related some unpleasant memories, it was clear that unearthing them for documentation was an incredibly difficult process. He had to do it to invite readers into his story and make them feel the weight of the pain, guilt and struggles of an addict.

It’s worth mentioning that a few bloopers appeared in the book though. For example, on numerous occasions, names of certain characters were erroneously replaced by new ones, so while reading, you need to pay close attention so you don’t get confused due to those errors.

My pick of the positives of the book is the vividness of the thematic pictures the writer paints. He shows us the impacts of a dysfunctional family on the children, the significance of proper role models, and my personal favourite: the nature of the path to serious change. Each of his experiences, mistakes and victories hold invaluable lessons for the keen mind. This is no ordinary story.

If you are a fan of zero nonsense, riveting and emotional real-life stories, Young Offender is one book you should read. Who knows, you might even shed a tear or two, like I did.

Pages: 320 | ASIN: B07MTPSX1M

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The Blue Chameleon

The Blue Chameleon: The Life Story of a Supercop by [Cinquanta, Daril]

Retired Detective Daril Cinquata gave decades to the Denver PD. He earned commendations, awards, and medals throughout his career. He meted out justice by arresting thousands of felons. He was a hard-working cop who played on the edge of legality to ensure that justice has been served. Even the best TV cops never play by the rules. His adherence to the law and commitment to the service for all was admirable and used as an example. However, not everyone liked his brand of justice. Many people would have liked to see him fail. This only worked to increase his thirst for justice.

The author plunges the reader into a fast-paced world of police work and the politics that lace the police force. You will get a first-hand account of actual events during Detective Cinquata’s service. You will get an insider’s look. This book is like being cast deep into an intense episode of NCIS where it is all action and tough-talking detectives. The narration is so vivid with clear descriptions and masterful settings that the reader will take a virtual walk through the precincts and have a bird’s eye view of crime scenes throughout the book. From the tone of the book and spirit that lurks within the pages, you can feel the passion that one man had for his work. You cannot help but admire his bravery. At the end of this book, not only will you greatly appreciate Detective Daril Cinquata but also have a newfound respect for any man in blue.

The way this story is told, with all the rough cuts and the gruff way only a cop can speak, you will feel like the author is narrating the story in person. He has done nothing to mask the true cop in him. There is a certain honesty in this book that is simply unmistakable. The story of this man’s life and the events throughout his career are told with absolute frankness and transparency. The events are corroborated by local news stories. So honest that he does not hide his imperfections either. He regales the reader with an embarrassing account of being caught pants down (or at least open). The author is not afraid to show his blemishes. He is not afraid to admit that he was scared at times, to reveal his vulnerabilities. This adds a layer of excitement and reality to this book. It lets the reader connect with the author and the story in a special way.

Rarely do we get to see an unairbrushed version of police work. The Blue Chameleon is simply a gem. Kudos for his enthusiasm and commitment to the job. Utmost gratitude for allowing an inside look into a decorated detective’s service and life in the force. The Blue Chameleon is definitely worth a read.

Pages: 322 | ASIN: B075BP3XXN

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Black Nation: The Deadliest West African Genocide

Imagine being young again and feeling sure of yourself, heading into the world with your beliefs in place and determined to change the world. Now imagine that you’re finishing college and about to take a job that you’re excited about but of which your family disapproves. Life isn’t easy, but you’re young and have a strong mind made stronger by your education–things will be fine. What if the leaders in your country have other ideas? This is where Chino finds himself. He is torn. He is disappointed, and he is devastated. As quickly as he begins his new life, he is faced with the terror of what politics can do to a nation and its people.

Black Nation: The Deadliest West African Genocide, by Jonathan E. Ifeanyi, is based on actual events and follows the journey of young Chinedu as he watches things crumble around him during his service in the National Youth Service Corps. He is both young and eager which makes this story all the more tragic whether it’s based on real events or entirely fiction. The innocence of youth and the grand expectations they have is tragic when juxtaposed with the corruption of government. Chinedu is certainly no exception to this rule.

The author does an excellent job of expressing his main character’s distress and despair regarding the way in which the world he expected changes so rapidly. Chinedu is relatable, and readers will find themselves easily understanding how he can change his own stance and political leanings. As differently as Chinedu was raised and as far-removed as his own culture is from that of many readers, his experience is an excellent testament to the damage done by political parties and the horrific consequences dealt citizens when politics go awry.

Loss plays a huge part in Chinedu’s experience. Whether readers can easily relate to the culture in Nigeria or not, they will sympathize with Chinedu as he copes with multiple losses and finds a way to deal with the carnage around him. Watching a young man, fresh from college become so quickly jaded is not easy, but it is relatable.

I found the writing style and organization to be rather scattered overall. I felt that it was difficult to follow the events and visualize them in order. Some parts of the writing seem to have been written with more authentic dialogue while others have a more standard feel. Authentic dialogue is, by no means, a drawback. In fact, this is what gives the book a genuine feel. I wish, however, there was more consistency with the narrative overall.

While it gives a riveting account of true events in Nigeria, I had to reread some sections looking for clarity. I would recommend this book to readers seeking more information about the atrocities of genocide in Nigeria. Jonathan E. Ifeanyi gives readers food for thought as he relates a tale that needs so desperately to be told and heard.

Pages: 445

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Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball

Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball by [DeLucia, Mike]
There is a certain quality about people who make valuable contributions to history. They seem to have an uncanny ability to remain focused on their goals and to overcome their hurdles with stoic determination. Such is the story of one Angelo-Giuseppi ‘Hank’ Luisetti. Some people may not know who this is, including some basketball fanatics. However, the fact remains that Hank revolutionized basketball. Madness is his story of courage, focus, determination and immeasurable passion for the game.

The legacy of Hank Luisetti should never go unrecognized. He lived an inspiring life of hard work and motivating those around him to be better. Mike DeLucia tells his story in a compelling manner. He pulls in the reader right from the introduction with a peek into Hank’s life before basketball; being taught not to question God and a whole delve into his life during basketball. You will get to see the struggles as a ‘different’ kid. Nothing has been held back. This book is marked with candid banter and a knack to inspire the reader.

The book does not discriminate between demographics. It is enjoyable by anyone of any age. It is written in simple language. It weaves the plot of Hank’s life in a way that keeps you interested in how one person can be such a pillar of strength, not only for his self but for others too. You will find all the spirit, joy and heart of the game and the man himself captured between the lines of this book. The story is told in such vivid detail that you can almost see the sweat trickle down Hank’s face. You can feel his heart beat in his chest every time he was on the court.

Mike DeLucia uses true events but has created fictional characters to support the plot. These characters are properly built with enough backdrop and dimensions but it is done so carefully so that they do not overshadow the purpose of the story. They are great characters that will appeal to the reader. These characters will affirm that truly no great man becomes so without a few trusted people to him along the way.

There is a lot to learn from this book. You do not even have to be a fan of basketball. You could know absolutely nothing about the sport but you would still enjoy it. Madness: The Man Who Changed Basketball is a trip into the heart of one of the greatest sportsmen of all time.

Pages: 251 | ASIN: B07N87N384

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