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Champion Your Career

Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by [Halimah Bellows]

Author Halimah Bellows gives hope with her inspiring book and motivates readers to go the extra mile, experiment with new careers, and be confident about the choices we make in the careers that we choose. This book is a gem. The information and knowledge the author has can help someone have a brighter future and achieve much more than they thought they would. Halimah Bellows not only writes like an experienced career coach but you also get to enjoy the prudence she shares in the book and even feel her passion. I love that the author not only wrote about one’s professional life but also touched on other aspects of a person’s image.

The author shares stories of her personal life, her family, the growth she has witnessed, and even adds in a few jokes when sharing life lessons. When writing about a particular topic, the author exhausts all points and even adds more information that you never knew you needed. Halimah Bellows is engaging throughout her book. While reading this practical self-help guide you notice that the author aims to communicate directly with the reader. This is through the short questions she asks and later answers, real-life experiences she narrates about, and her style of writing that makes one reflect on the choices they made.

The first chapter in the book was one of my favorites. It is titled ‘Focus on Your Future’. This chapter is helpful to many because we all think about what the future holds for us. As a young person, senior citizen, or even a student, reading this topic will open your eyes to many things in life. You will understand the importance of planning for your future and learned that the decisions you make today will affect the outcome of things in the future. Every topic in the book is enlightening. Want to change careers? Thinking of trying a new hobby? Want to make more money? Are you considering going back to school? Do you want to change your circle of friends? Does retirement scare you? These and more questions will be answered in the book.

After reading is enlightening book, one feels refreshed and ready to face any challenge they encounter in their career. The gentle tone, relatable stories, informative content in the book, and a little history of the author made the reading experience fun and exciting. Champion Your Career is the kind of book that you keep as reference material because the advice in the book will never go out of fashion.

Pages: 224 | ASIN: B00W4LAMJ2

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If I Don’t Get The Word Out

Dale L. Roberts
Dale L. Roberts Author Interview

The Amazon Self Publisher provides authors with the information they need to successfully promote and sell books on Amazon. What is the biggest motivating factor for you in helping indie authors?

The BIGGEST motivating factor when it comes to providing this content is fear. I made terrible mistakes and learned the hard way in my author business. I’m truly afraid people will repeat the same mistakes I did. If I don’t get the word out, I feel like my mistakes were a true waste.

What is the single biggest hurdle you find new authors face today and how can they overcome it?

The monkey mind – quite a few authors talk themselves out of great opportunities because they feel undeserving. Rather than feeling I’m inadequate, I force myself to pull the trigger. Of course, that’s easier said than done for most people.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you published your first book?

I wish someone told me to hire an editor and good cover designer. My first book is appalling on so many levels.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m about 3 manuscripts deep with a fourth in the works. I’d like to start launching monthly releases in 2022. By that first book launch, I’ll have about six manuscripts ready to go.

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The Essential Journey

Christopher Kent Gilbert
Christopher Kent Gilbert Author Interview

The Noble Edge provides readers with actionable guidance they can use to make ethical decisions in their lives. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I want to start a sorely needed, national and dare I say, international, conversation about making good choices and trust building. In a time of deepening divisions and “alternative facts”, trust and authenticity grow more precious by the hour. The truth is that our most rewarding business, personal, and family relationships are founded on honesty. My book, The Noble Edge shatters the myth that situational ethics and half-truths are the right path to a rewarding life. It is based on nine research-proven steps and twenty-one principles for leading an ethically driven life. The book offers mastery of an essential virtue for living well and building strong, useful relationships. I wanted to create an accessible, and essential guidebook spiced with humor and personal experience about one of the most poignant purposes of life – the essential journey for our own moral progress.

What is a common obstacle you find people face when making ethical decisions?

It is what I have come to phrase the ethics out-of-body experience- in essence judging others with a different set of lenses than we judge ourselves. It’s the common act of standing apart from our own ability to make bad choices that we rationalize are right for us even as we see bad choice-makers caught in public sandals who do exactly the same thing only on a bigger scale. We need a shot in the arm to inoculate us against the thinking that bad ethics come from the bad folks and good ethics come from the rest of us when we all move up and down the moral ladder with our different choices every day.

What were some key ideas you wanted to share in this book?

I’ll tap three major ideas:

First and foremost, to remind folks that ethics are an exercise of our virtues not an exercise of our rights. Trustfulness and trustworthiness are perhaps the most important virtues that we have. Love may be our most human virtue, and an important one at that but what underscores true love is trust. Concentrate on the idea of creating more trust or at least not eroding any trust with every decision you make.

Second, we must stop thinking about ethics as situational or iffy or grey. Ethics, like the guardrails on a high bridge, are there to protect our direction- tell us the right choice. The situation may be complex and the right choice hard to see, but like those guardrails, there is guidance for the right path and protection against the wrong direction in our ethics. Using the phrase ethics are grey is like using the phrase, “sort of pregnant,” or “I sort of voted”, or “I’m sort of human”. Either you are or you are not , you did or you did not. Ethics tell us right from wrong and we are starved for that solid ground, especailly when we make our toughest choices.

And third, the most powerful action in the book is climbing the moral ladder. Each step brings greater moral clarity- from the lowest rung, the outcome of my ethical choice is all about me, to the middle rung, the outcome of my choice is about some of us, those I care about for instance, to the third and highest rung, the outcome of my ethical choice is about all of us- all of us affected by what happens. That is a powerful thought process for our ethics.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

The truth is, when it comes to an honest world, we have two choices. We can either continue down our current path of increasingly “situational ethics” that treat some more fairly than others and where honesty, empathy and compassion in our professional connections and personal relationships is the luck of the draw, or we can believe we have the capacity to create a world where integrity is practiced by everyone for everyone. The book is action-oriented toward that latter world

There is a great reward in thinking about advancing your character–climbing toward what the book describes as The Noble Edge. There is so much better of a world in knowing that we’re consistently making ethical choices. The community thrives and as it does, we thrive and visa versa. It is our two-fold moral purpose in life.

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Being trusted is the foundation of our greatest personal freedoms.

In a time of deepening divisions and “alternative facts”, trust and authenticity grow more precious by the hour. More and more people find themselves driven to overcome the personal, professional and social pressures for ignoring what is right in favor of what passes for ‘success.’ They want:

Truth in their decisions
Authenticity in their relationships, and
Solid ground for making tough, ethical choices in business and life

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time provides these answers as Dr. Christopher Gilbert invites readers into an inspirational conversation spiced with personal stories, humorous anecdotes and invaluable guidance about making consistently good choices. Based on three research-proven steps and nine principles for leading an ethically driven life, The Noble Edge brings a fresh approach to personal growth and inspires real change to empower a brighter future.

As useful in the board room as the family room, this easy-to-follow book contains insightful stories and a powerful model that sharpens the ethical lens and empowers readers to examine their own standards and values by applying transformational concepts to their life. Most importantly, readers will finish The Noble Edge encouraged that they have the power and capacities— individually and collectively— to achieve moral progress and bring better ethics into their organizations, families, communities and the world.

The Amazon Self Publisher: How to Sell More Books on Amazon

The Amazon Self Publisher: How to Sell More Books on Amazon by [Dale L. Roberts, Julie Broad]

Save yourself some time and heartache and read this book before going out and promoting your book. Especially if you are a first-time author. When I published my first book I went out and tried to tell the world about it. Long story short, I did everything wrong. Everything that author Dale Roberts tells you specifically not to do in his book The Amazon Self Publisher. It took me months to learn these lessons the hard way. Lesson’s that Dale details in his book. You’ll learn what works, what not to do, and where to spend time doing your research.

What I like most about this book is how personable it is. There are plenty of tips and tricks and practical advice all throughout this book, but what we also get is personal stories from Dale about his own publishing experiences. All of the stories provide more context or real-world examples of the ideas we’re exploring in each chapter. This reminds me of Stephen Kings book On Writing, where we are given great advice along with personal stories to create something that is way more valuable then either on their own. Where Stephen King’s On Writing will tell you how to write a book, Dale Robert’s book will tell you how to set that book up for success when you publish.

The Amazon Self Publisher is a collection of Dale’s three books in his Amazon Self Publisher series, and is a distillation of the ideas he shares on his YouTube channel. This is a fantastic starting point for new authors, or authors struggling to figure out how Amazon Keywords work, how to get reviews, and how to promote their book. While I would have appreciated more depth to some of the topics, and more actionable tips, everything that is presented is perfect to get struggling authors off the ground and put them on a level playing field with other successful indie authors.

The Amazon Self Publisher gives readers an understanding of the Amazon platform along with strategies to promote your book on that platform, and to be successful outside of it as well. This is a fantastic resource for authors and anyone that wants insight into selling a product on Amazon.

Pages: 303 | ASIN: B08TF8GB83

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The Noble Edge

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time by [Christopher Gilbert, PhD]

The Noble Edge: Reclaiming an Ethical World One Choice at a Time is a remarkably inspirational self-help book that will provide readers with the tools they need to make better choices in their lives. Author Christopher Gilbert PhD discusses an array of topics that range from personal development, to the corporate world, to politics and a number of isms. What I enjoyed about Christopher Gilbert’s writing is that it triggers curiosity in the reader. As a reader, you get into an inquisitive mode and begin to examine different things in your life and the spaces that you share with others. The author also takes time to define and explain new topics in an appealing manner.

This was one of the easiest nonfiction books I’ve read this year. The language is simple throughout and ideas are expressed in ways that anyone can understand. This also helps the reader connect with the writing, especially when the author narrates past experiences and how he dealt with issues. Christopher Gilbert writes as if he is having a one on one conversation with his readers.

The book explores sensitive topics in ways that never feel derisive and remove the confrontation from the ideas and provides a basis where we can have a candid and open discussion. Which is remarkable in a book where I thought we would just be given some advice and sent on our way. The author provides real world examples to apply the lessons that he’s teaching.

Some of the chapters that I would recommend everyone pay more attention to include chapters on the wisdom of ethics, truth of ethics, subjectivism, relativism, transformation and the chapter where he discussed The Philosopher’s Vs. The Practitioner’s Ethics. I found these topics to be enlightening as well as illuminating.

With The Noble Edge, you are able to look and scrutinize your background, ask questions and challenge systems without fear. By the end of the reading, you will learn how to live ethically and make something out of yourself. This book is also great for psychology and business students. You will get tons of knowledge on how to navigate the aforementioned fields and learn of things not taught in the classroom.

Pages: 254 | ASIN: B09215ZSZQ

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Civility at Work

Civility at Work: How People Treatment is a Critical Success Driver for Business (ISSN) by [Lewena Bayer]

Civility At Work, by Dr. Lewena Bayer is a detailed and enlightening book that outlines, in detail, the method by which an employee is treated, negatively or positively, and how this affects not only the employees behavior but also the work production and the company itself. Incivility should not exist, yet due to differences in people’s viewpoints, it unfortunately does. 

Dr. Lewena Bayer provides ample examples to illustrate the point that workplace incivility is a real issue that permeates companies and has lasting affects on business as well as people. I appreciated the in depth research provided, and Dr. Lewena Bayer’s expert perspective provides an experienced lens through which readers can understand the information. What could have been a dense book is instead a thoughtful and factual examination of the subject that exhibits a substantial amount of emotional intelligence.

I have worked in many corporate offices and business throughout the years and I always, as Dr. Lewena’s statistics show, experienced some form of incivility everywhere I worked. But I never really thought about the ramifications of those experiences on the people involved and the company until I read this informative book. This book provides real world context and shows you real world impacts to an idea that was previously abstract; or at least it was abstract to me before reading this book but now I feel I have a good grasp on the topic. I think this is where the book really shines; while it can be used as an effective tool by CEO’s and HR heads, it is also a vital tool for the average worker as it illustrates its points and provides actionable advice in easy to understand ways that anyone can grasp.

Civility at Work is an intelligent guide book that has the potential to change the workplace environment for the better.

Pages: 150 | ASIN: B08W9QFTC2

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Literary Titan Book Awards August 2021

The Literary Titan Book Awards are awarded to books that have astounded and amazed us with unique writing styles, vivid worlds, complex characters, and original ideas. These books deserve extraordinary praise and we are proud to acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and imagination of these talented authors.

Gold Award Winners

The Narcissism of Small Differences by Dennis Dorgan

Literary Titan Silver Book Award

Silver Award Winners

What the boy hears when the girl dreams by Greame Friedman

PIZAHN by Axel Schilton


Visit the Literary Titan Book Awards page to see award information.

The D Word

The D Word: 12 Steps to Diversity Recovery is a book that will make you appreciate everyone’s background, and understand that it is ok to be different. Susan McCuistion writes extensively about diversity, sharing her journey as a child of many cultures and writing about her experiences. The author did a lovely job telling her story. Many readers will enjoy and even relate to her tales. Susan McCuistion is a great narrator and one gets engrossed in the stories that she shares. When talking about diversity, the author ensures that the reader understands the importance of inclusivity and why working with people from different races, nationalities and ethnicities is a great thing.

Susan McCuistion is a great author not just because of how well she narrates her story, but also because of the solutions she gives when airing out issues. The 12 steps to diversity recovery shared in the book are what every adult needs to read in order to understand diversity better. The author breaks down diversity and goes deeper to share how it affects our daily living, each of the 12 steps is crucial in our growing and living. One of the biggest things that I took from the steps is that not many people admit when they are wrong. Society has conditioned us to group ourselves on the basis of us versus them, which takes a physical and emotional toll on many. Susan McCuistion writes on the dangers of grouping and gives effective solutions on how each situation should be handled.

The D Word: 12 Steps to Diversity Recovery is easy to understand, even when diving deep into topics. I also enjoyed this book because it gets one to be curious about different cultures and the ways of life of people that live in different parts of the globe.

The D Word: 12 Steps to Diversity Recovery provides readers with a candid examination and reevaluation of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and in our community. It provides actionable advice to implement real change and shows how that change will benefit us all in real and life changing ways.

Pages: 144 | ASIN: B0964CH26D

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