For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! is a sacred book that discusses bible stories, prophets, contemporary Christians, the end of times, the holy scripture, and religion in general. Author Ernest Clark takes the reader on a wild ride of the teachings of Christ, religious beliefs, faith, and God. In a captivating manner, Ernest Clark expounds on various concepts and spiritual topics, Introducing unheard-of views and tales. The author is candid and forthright to the reader. This book will have you critically think about your beliefs and question some of the practices you partake in.

Not many religious books are laid out like For Such a Time as This. This book may appear peculiar to some, but there is a sense in what the author writes about. Ernest Clark gets the reader to understand the Bible differently and paints a new picture of God. The content is not for those reserved about their religious life. The author is raw, bold, talks about unorthodox topics, and is not afraid of speaking his mind. To understand where he is coming from, the author talks about his relationship with God, the times he fell short of the glory of God, and how he got back to his faith. He writes immaculately and can capture the reader’s interest with ease.

Ernest Clark made the reading experience easy as he shared his thought by talking about his life, journey in faith, and spirituality. The discussions by the author are sober and can appear radical for some staunch Christians as the author is raw. However, I like how passionate Ernest Clark is about false prophets and the end of times. Reading this book will enlighten you on the false prophets of today and help you analyze those that use prophesy to manipulate God’s people.

When discussing Doomsday, the author is armed with attributes based on his research, historical occurrences, and known beliefs. I like that the mention of Doomsday does not send a shiver down my spine when discussed by Ernest Clark. This is because the author understands the art of wording and uses phrases that readers can relate to without feeling fearful. Ernest Clark is excellent at demonstrating how faith works and debunking myths and false beliefs.

Apart from false prophets and Doomsday, other topics that I immensely enjoyed were new heaven and earth, death and resurrection, and the new testament. You feel refreshed by the end of the reading and learn dozens of religious jargon. I enjoyed reading For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! Because of how natural Ernest Clark is when writing and how articulate he is when expressing his thoughts.

Pages: 476 | ISBN : 0578974088

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