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For Such a Time as This

Ernest Clark is not your average author. This is evident in how he lays out his thoughts, his method of expounding on subjects, and how forthcoming he is with his takes. In his book For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers!, the author shows the reader a different side of religion, as he breaks down the bible, scriptures, and God.

I enjoyed how the author reveals facts and gives readers time to digest one subject before moving to the next. This educational book primarily concentrates on biblical prophecies, holy teachings, and disproving the message of false prophets. The author draws comparisons and contrasts between ancient and modern prophets, framing his thoughts in a rational and non-biased manner. Readers will see how different 1st century Christianity is compared to today’s Christianity.

Clark guides his readers on how to interpret the word of God, and how to read, analyze, and shun false prophets and phonies that lie in the name of God. This book is eye-opening disproving the lies and myths that false prophets have peddled.

As you read the book, you will notice how genuine and open the author is. I love that Clark is consistent with his truthfulness and uses historical facts and happenings to support his concepts. One of my favorite discussions was about the end times and the tales peddled about the coming of Jesus again. Clark’s writings on eschatology and salvation were among my favorites.

For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! is an incredible book for people that have studied or want to study theology, as the author gives additional information that may not be known to contemporary theologians and Christians in general. This book is also a great read for believers and followers of Christ. The author is transparent in his message and will help you in your religious journey.

Pages: 476 | ISBN : 0578974088

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Real-Time Earthquake Tracking and Localisation

After the tragic earthquake that hit China in 2008, both George D. Daglish and Lurii Sizov came together to create early warning seismic software. Readers get an in-depth look at the work they’ve done as well as the testing they’ve done.

Both authors provide a wealth of knowledge in their book, and their experience shows. Some readers may find this book overwhelming at times because of all of the information that this book contains, but the authors also take the time to explain it to the reader.

The mathematical equations in the book cover algorithms to calculate and determine where epicenters and hypocenters are active. If you are not a mathematician, some of these concepts can be confusing, but the authors do a great job breaking them down for those new to the concepts. The provided formulas are explained with enough information so readers can follow along and understand what is being discussed. The authors offer theories and provide evidence to support their theories making this plausible.

I did feel as though I was reading a textbook written by professors, but surprisingly the topic was interesting. The seismograph images included in the book are interesting to look at and would be helpful if this is your field of study or if you are interested in earthquakes. Both authors also include their test parameters to show what areas have earthquakes and if the software will detect an earthquake in that region. The software both Daglish and Sizov are working on to assist with the early detection and prediction of earthquakes is commendable as it can save thousands of lives and be used in many countries.

Real-Time Earthquake Tracking and Localisation: A Formulation for Elements in Earthquake Early Warning Systems (Eews) is an educational book for those who are interested in science, specifically earthquakes. There is an abundance of testing, evidence, and documentation in this book that can be used by someone in this field of study or those just wanting to learn more about the technology being created to help save lives.

Pages: 395 | ASIN : B07MHTK6ZZ

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A Collection of Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena

Clinton Laird’s fascination with Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) will intrigue you from the start of the book. The author enthusiastically writes about UFOs, how his interest started, his childhood memories, and why it is crucial to have a little knowledge of them. Clinton Laird is knowledgeable in this area and shares this information in a conversational style. After reading this novel, I was set on doing my own research. A Collection of Unidentified Flying Object Phenomena is a fountain of knowledge regarding UFOs.

I like that Clinton Laird started the book by introducing the reader to the early history of UFOs and early Egyptian and African myths. It was clever of him to take the reader back in time, as not many people are aware of the history despite having a general understanding of what UFOs are. In the first chapter, Clinton Laird ensures that the reader entirely comprehends the text, as he uses simple verbiage and is amusing throughout. It is fascinating how much history can be learned in a few chapters. In addition, the author’s writing will entice the reader to want to know more about outer space and beyond. I commend Clinton Laird for his modesty when writing, good diction, and ability to explain even the most minute elements related to UFOs.

The author provides articles about UFOs from other authors, which I thought interesting. In these articles, we get an inside look at UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, nuclear power plants and UFOs, the military’s response to UFOs, and so much more. There is an abundance of documentation available to UFO enthusiasts. The author has done his research, and it shows in his novel. The author’s opinion is compelling, but he does not force it upon you. Instead, the author lets you, as the reader, decide what you decide to be as the truth from the book. He informs you but does not coerce you to believe in what you don’t believe in.

Pages: 408 | ASIN : B09FYLR2T2

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For Such a Time as This

For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! is a sacred book that discusses bible stories, prophets, contemporary Christians, the end of times, the holy scripture, and religion in general. Author Ernest Clark takes the reader on a wild ride of the teachings of Christ, religious beliefs, faith, and God. In a captivating manner, Ernest Clark expounds on various concepts and spiritual topics, Introducing unheard-of views and tales. The author is candid and forthright to the reader. This book will have you critically think about your beliefs and question some of the practices you partake in.

Not many religious books are laid out like For Such a Time as This. This book may appear peculiar to some, but there is a sense in what the author writes about. Ernest Clark gets the reader to understand the Bible differently and paints a new picture of God. The content is not for those reserved about their religious life. The author is raw, bold, talks about unorthodox topics, and is not afraid of speaking his mind. To understand where he is coming from, the author talks about his relationship with God, the times he fell short of the glory of God, and how he got back to his faith. He writes immaculately and can capture the reader’s interest with ease.

Ernest Clark made the reading experience easy as he shared his thought by talking about his life, journey in faith, and spirituality. The discussions by the author are sober and can appear radical for some staunch Christians as the author is raw. However, I like how passionate Ernest Clark is about false prophets and the end of times. Reading this book will enlighten you on the false prophets of today and help you analyze those that use prophesy to manipulate God’s people.

When discussing Doomsday, the author is armed with attributes based on his research, historical occurrences, and known beliefs. I like that the mention of Doomsday does not send a shiver down my spine when discussed by Ernest Clark. This is because the author understands the art of wording and uses phrases that readers can relate to without feeling fearful. Ernest Clark is excellent at demonstrating how faith works and debunking myths and false beliefs.

Apart from false prophets and Doomsday, other topics that I immensely enjoyed were new heaven and earth, death and resurrection, and the new testament. You feel refreshed by the end of the reading and learn dozens of religious jargon. I enjoyed reading For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! Because of how natural Ernest Clark is when writing and how articulate he is when expressing his thoughts.

Pages: 476 | ISBN : 0578974088

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If Only I Could Read

If Only I Could Read by Robert Cox is an extremely insightful autobiography of a man that spent almost all his adult life without the ability to read. Life is already pretty hard for most of us, but imagine how things would be if you couldn’t read. From small things to big and important ones, reading is essential to get by in life: to remain in school, get into a competitive job, and even get groceries or reading directions. So the ability to read is necessary. Robert’s book fantastically describes how much of a difference being able to read can impact someone’s life and how this can become a huge setback.

Regardless of his problems with reading, what I enjoyed most about Robert’s description of his life were his perseverance and resilience. He never gave up, and he made the most of his life despite not being able to read. In his story, we get to see the multiple jobs and projects he worked on and the effort he put in to support his family. It wasn’t easy, but he always had a positive attitude. From his childhood, we see the difficulties he encountered that could have negatively disrupted his life; however, he got through it with determination.

The book is fast-paced and is written engagingly. Reading this story was an inspiring journey that allowed me to get a new perspective that I had never considered before. There are many people out there that can’t read for whatever reason or that possess learning disabilities. This book does an excellent job of portraying what it’s like to navigate life with this problem, letting readers worldwide understand the struggle.

Robert felt that there might be something wrong with him throughout his life, feeling unintelligent at times. Nevertheless, he experienced a lot of exciting situations from which he was able to learn. However, his reading problems constantly haunted him and even kept him away from taking advantage of some incredible opportunities that came his way. With time, he had to find a route to overcome his problem and understand it in the first place.

The author perfectly illustrates the journey that a person has to make when they simply can’t read. Through this book, people will gain a better perspective and insight on learning disabilities, maintaining a compassionate and understanding look of those out there that may have some disadvantages in life.

If Only I Could Read is an uplifting autobiography of a man that made it well into adulthood before learning how to read. His remarkable story of getting through school despite his inability to read and eventually uncovering why he could not learn in school is eye-opening. In addition, his struggle is a view into the world of people with learning disabilities and the challenges they face.

Pages: 126 | ASIN : B083HMJT32

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Bible, God and Free Will

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Bible, God And Free Will examines each term of the title, analyzing, interpreting, and determining its intricate components. Author Vasile Ghiuta draws on Genesis, the Holy Scriptures, and personal religious reflections to analyze the words and messages in the Holy Bible.

The book is divided into four parts, with the first three used to enlighten on the Bible, God, and Free Will. The fourth part – conclusions – presents the summation and overview of the key components of the ideas and beliefs discussed in the first three parts.

This first part of the book examines the Old and New Testaments, shedding light on their origins, evolution, and content. Questions such as ‘Can atheists and believers alike comprehend the complexity of messages in the Bible or is it altogether out of human understanding’ constitute the basis for this section. Furthermore, the author attempts to decipher the important book of creation, Genesis; on what day He created the universe, the human, the soul, the heavens, and angels, or was the day really bound by temporality? Finally, part one finishes with the concept of time and morality.

The second part continues the elaboration on God as a creator, and energy, with a comprehensive and thorough interpretation of God in both the old and new testaments. It explores the relationship of God to humans, the three hypostases of the Holy Trinity, and the value of love of humans expressed towards others and in deeds as the supreme expression of God.

A key component of part three deals with Man’s free will, endowed by God with the authority to decide and put God within him by relating both human and divine will. This part concludes with a new perspective on sacrifice in light of Jesus’ sacrifice, which brought upon death as a stage for mankind’s eternity.

This thought-provoking book sets forth logical, comprehensive, and coherent explanations of a vast array of enigmatic topics through philosophical interpretations of different concepts from the Bible. For example, one of the author’s claims is that social behavior toward God’s creatures, even in the absence of trust in God, is fully capable of bringing one salvation. While some points in the book seem to have been repeated in chapter after chapter, the repetitions emphasize the might of God and his message of life – love.

Bible, God And Free Will is written in a manner that Christians, atheists, or agnostics can find meaning in this illuminating book. The book focuses on human love and deeds rather than being a pious man with no principles.

Pages: 171 | ISBN : 978-1-7775695-1-8

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Look Inside Yourself for Healing

Ashley Bernardi  Author Interview

Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel offers science-based facts and solutions that help readers start their personal journey towards healing. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This is the book I wish I had when I was going through my health crisis of Lyme disease and postpartum depression. I also felt called to write this in the early days of the pandemic when I found myself faced with familiar feelings: Anxiety, grief, confusion, despair, and more. Yet this time around, I gave myself permission to feel all of those messy critters, and felt called to write about my healing journey in hopes to inspire others to move through and process their feelings in healthy ways. The pandemic was a collective trauma for our world, and we as humans need to give ourselves permission to feel all of the feelings from these past two years because that is where healing and transformation will happen.

I appreciated all the references and research that went into this book. Was there anything that surprised you during your own research?

I interviewed several experts about the science behind stress and how chronic stress takes a toll on the body. Dr. Marianne Teitelbaum, an ayurvedic practitioner, discussed that stress particularly takes a toll on the immune system. Stress was a constant element in my life as a journalist, and when I look back now, it’s no surprise that the stress on my body from my career and previous life circumstances such as witnessing my father’s death later continued to my impacting my immune system, leaving my body unable to fight Lyme disease.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

There are so many important themes that the book explored, including grief, connection, feelings, spirituality, empathy, and more.

The theme of grief was a very important subject for me to explore because I had spent most of my life burying the loss from my father at the young age of eleven years old. In chapter 6, I interviewed renowned grief therapist Edy Nathan, discussed how we can lean into the power of grief. When Lyme disease hit me on the head and death felt near, I began to revisit losing my father in a way I never had before. Instead of ignoring my feelings of grief as I had done so for more than twenty years, this was the first time I allowed myself to feel, process, and move through my grief. What I discovered was profound healing, peace, and discovery of a way to have a relationship with my father, even in death.

Another theme I felt very important to address was the importance of the power of connection to heal our lives. When I was in the throes of my health crisis, I was isolated and alone, and preferred to stay that way. But something called me to reach out to my loved ones and friends and get vulnerable about what I was experiencing. What happened next will forever be with me: I was met with open arms of compassion, love, and understanding. My connections with people deepened. I found that when you get honest and vulnerable with what you are experiencing and how you are feeling in your life, you open yourself up to deeper and more powerful connections with others.

What do you hope is one thing readers take away from your book?

As a society and culture, we are taught to look outside of ourselves for answers, especially when it comes to healing. Yet my hope is that by reading Authentic Power, readers will feel empowered and inspired to discover that we already hold those answers inside of us. We are the experts of our own lives, and when we get quiet and still, and turn off the outside noise, therein lies our Authentic Power, which is the wisdom we have within each of us. We need to learn to trust that wisdom and once we do, profound healing and transformation happens. My story and journey is a testament to that.

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Whether it’s grief, despair, or anxiety, society will always find a way to label feelings as “messy.” But burying these reactions only leads to greater emotional turmoil. In the past, we have looked to self-help gurus like Gary Zukav, whose Seat of the Soul inspired Oprah Winfrey to help America process trauma. So why did that book resonate with her, and what does everyone still love about Oprah? It’s not that she’s rich or that she’s successful…it’s her authenticity. She taps into what she has described in her SuperSoul Sundays as Authentic Power: uniting all the pieces of herself so that she’s always bringing her whole self to everything she does. Oprah didn’t ignore her messy feelings: she shared them with America, and she processed and integrated them in order to tap into her own authentic power. She became her authentic self, which exudes from her in every second that you see her.

In Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel, accomplished entrepreneur, journalist, publicist, and award-winning podcaster Ashley Bernardi continues the brave work of these great thought leaders by teaching you that your darkest hours are disguised opportunities to uncover and process, feel, heal, and grow.

Bernardi’s personal journey began when she witnessed her father’s sudden death at age eleven. Years later, a mysterious illness began a personal quest toward healing and taught her that trauma and adversity can be sources of strength and self-discovery. Through daily affirmations and writing prompts, you will discover Ashley Bernardi’s F.E.E.L. Framework:


You will explore chapters such as:

Embrace the Waves of Emotions

Lift the Emotional Fog

Make Space for the Brave Conversations

The F.E.E.L. Framework

Balanced Body, Balanced Heart

Discover Your Deeper, Powerful, Self

Exercise Your Empathy

As the founder of a national media relations and publicity firm, Ashley has the privilege of access to many of the world’s leading experts in health and wellness who offered healing and hope with her personal challenges—a rich collection of top doctors, neurologists, psychologists, nutritionists, coaches, spiritualists, and others. She shares their profound wisdom so that you can build hope during your times of struggle.

Bernardi searched for true healing and growth for more than twenty years; Authentic Power equips you with the tools to ignite your own journey now.

Authentic Power

Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel, is a thought-provoking self-help book by author Ashley Bernardi. This inspirational collection of anecdotes and affirmations is compiled in a book that is part journal and part self-help, providing information on how to handle trauma and the overwhelming emotions that go with it.

The author draws on her hurtful past experiences of witnessing her father lose his life to a fulminating heart attack when she was nine years old. She also opens up about the long process of searching for a diagnosis for a mysterious chronic illness that left her severely debilitated. Bernardi offers readers different insights and strategies that they can use to navigate stress and trauma in their lives.

This helpful book is a unique work that is different from traditional self-help books. The layout is in the form of a journal, where each chapter begins with a small introductory text and includes a paragraph with a positive affirmation to be said aloud, a quote, and a blank space where the reader is encouraged to put into practice the proposed exercise. Some examples of the exercises included are to make a list of objects for a self-care kit or to express their thoughts after their first attempts at meditation. This organization and structure makes for a safe environment where anyone can express their emotions freely, away from third-party judgments.

It should be noted that the author’s strategies and tips are validated with evidence-based data, and she makes sure to cite the sources in between pages. This makes her work stand out from other self-help books that might rely more on religious doctrine and be as adamant about following scientific guidelines.

The book includes approaches to challenges that have arisen amidst COVID-19. This updated work is another differential that will lend a hand to those struggling with social distancing and losing loved ones during the pandemic.

Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel is a secular, science-based self-help book for those that are looking for a fresh approach to dealing with grief and trauma. Readers will learn how to build emotional wellness through the steps set forth in this well-researched book.

Pages: 195 | ASIN : B09FTLLSLM

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