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Scars of Gold

Scars of Gold is Sharon Stoliar’s true story of giving birth in the hands of a system that failed her and the long-lasting effects it has had on her life. In November 2011, Sharon Stoliar became a mom for the first time. After a fairly unproblematic pregnancy, she was sent off to an emergency cesarean section due to her posterior-facing baby. However, instead of getting to heal and enjoy the precious first moments of her baby’s life, she was faced with the fact that she had developed acute compartment syndrome, a rare complication in the postpartum period that requires urgent decompressive surgery (a fasciotomy) to prevent permanent damage and amputation. Sharon’s case, however, was not handled as it should have been despite her being a midwife herself and trying to open the medical staff’s eyes in order to treat her properly. The poor care she obtained left her with immense problems in her right leg that continue to cause physical challenges in her daily life.

This eye-opening book left me speechless reading the author’s story. Why is the most beautiful thing in the world handled so poorly? Another thing I thought of while reading is all the women whose healthy babies die during birth due to various causes; I can’t even imagine the pain these women face. And finally, the fact that this doesn’t just happen during childbirth; it occurs in all aspects of seeking medical help and all around the world. People end up with a worse prognosis, are severely injured, or even die because of the lack of medical attention or the carelessness of the medical practitioners they relied on to help them.

Sharon is truly a hero and inspiration both as a mother who went through a horrible experience leaving her with lifelong health issues and as a midwife who is passionate about making a change. And on top of that, she doesn’t put the blame on anyone, knowing that there was nothing they could do to prevent her syndrome, but rather encourages her colleagues to listen because if they did, she might have ended up with fewer consequences now.

I genuinely applaud the author for sharing her experience, no matter how painful it is for her, and how time doesn’t heal everything. I commend her for dedicating her life to helping better a somewhat broken system, and I think that this book should be a conversation starter for people who have been wronged and scared by the hands who were supposed to heal them, no matter if it was new moms or patients suffering from anything else. 

Pages: 130 | ASIN : B0BLWCVRTL

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Aging Wisely

Aging Wisely: Facing the Emotional Challenges from 50 to 85+ Years is a powerful and insightful book written by Viola Mecke, a clinical psychologist who draws from her personal experiences and professional expertise to delve deep into the emotional complexities of aging. Through her words, readers are transported into a world where they come to understand that as the years pass by, not only do our bodies change, but so do our emotional expectations and capacities. Mecke masterfully illustrates that by learning to accept and anticipate these changes, we can truly embrace aging and make the most of the precious moments in our golden years.

“I hope to show how to greet the emotional stresses that aging brings so that it can become a time for realizing the fullness of life.”

In this comprehensive 13-chapter book, Mecke divides the aging process into four distinct stages: The Phase of Fulfilment (50-65 years), the Phase of Retirement (65-75 years), the Productive Years (75-85 years), and the Phase of Loving Living (85+ years). Mecke guides readers through the unique challenges that come with each stage, such as physical and social changes, the independence of children, and the grief associated with loss. One of the book’s highlights is Mecke’s expert handling of the topic of dependency. Mecke dives into the murky waters of dependency with a deft hand. She shines a light on the possibilities of making the most of dependency and even turning it into a tool for personal growth.

As the years creep up on us, many older individuals find themselves losing touch with their ages. The days blur together, and birthdays slip by unnoticed until a loved one surprises them with a cake adorned with a number that jolts them back to reality. Despite this, we may not feel old, but our bodies, physical health, and societal acceptance serve as constant reminders that we are indeed getting older.

Aging Wisely is a must-read for anyone looking to live their best life at any age. With its insightful content, relatable anecdotes, and practical advice, it is a guidebook for navigating the emotional complexities of aging and embracing the fullness of life. In addition, the author’s vivid imagery and descriptive yet simple language bring the aging process to life, making it a truly immersive and thought-provoking read. 

Pages: 150 | ASIN : B0BFD8S5MY

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Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease

Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease: How To Improve Kidney Function And Avoid Dialysis by Yaw A Boateng, MD, Ph.D., is a self-help book for anyone with chronic kidney disease who wants to improve their kidney function. This book also serves as an excellent manual for healthy people who wish to learn more about kidney health and how they can utilize the natural health remedies around them to maintain kidney health while helping with the prevention of acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Many medical texts, articles, and publications emphasize the need for a healthy lifestyle to keep chronic, debilitating conditions and diseases like CKD at bay. However, the ambiguity in this medical advice is that there are rarely instructions on specific habits that must be dropped or adopted to promote healthy living. Furthermore, where such instructions exist, there is not enough information highlighting how these habits work to benefit general body health.

This 12-chapter book on CKD and how to reverse it by Yaw. A. Boateng introduces new health remedies to help reverse chronic kidney disease, a phenomenon considered impossible by many health practitioners. In addition, these remedies are considered new because they are widely under-utilized by medical practitioners. However, Boateng, with years of experience managing CKD patients, demonstrated that he had applied the techniques highlighted in this book to improve the conditions of his patients.

From the commonly known need to drink specific amounts of water daily to the less known use of baking soda, Omega-3 fatty acids, and even Vitamin D, these remedies proposed by Boateng in this book have scientific and medical research findings proving their effectiveness in reducing CKD and their potential to reverse chronic kidney disease without dialysis. Another unique quality of this book is how there are copious details on how the physiology of the kidney works. While the readers may have benefited more from a brief illustration of the renal anatomy and/or structure, it does not detract from understanding how the kidney works to maintain a healthy body.

Reverse Chronic Kidney Disease: How To Improve Kidney Function And Avoid Dialysis is eye-opening and comprehendible to the average reader as the medical terminologies contained therein are explained simply. Anyone can find great use of this informative book, whether you have CKD, know someone who does, or just want to learn how to prevent kidney failure in the first place.

Pages: 222 | ASIN : B0BL6QFBJB

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The ISSA Manuscript

The ISSA Manuscript: An American Public Policy Statement is a well written book that discusses every critical aspect of Social Security. The author, who at the start of the book says he did not intend to write a book, did an impeccable job explaining Social Security, how it worked for Millennials, Generation X, and baby boomers, and how it should be for future generations. Scott A Ginn is articulate in his discussion, focusing on the vital details and giving comprehensive conversations with just a few words. Everyone knows that Social Security is a federal government-run program whereby Americans are provided with a source of income when they retire or are unable to work due to disability. Scott A Ginn, in his book, is here to tell readers that there is much more that the general public is unaware of.

Within the first few pages, the reader is introduced to the Independent Social Security Administration (ISSA), how one can enroll and how various demographics of people benefit from it. While reading this informative book, the reader is introduced to multiple terms and social security jargon. Scott A Ginn defines and clearly clarifies what unfamiliar terms mean and how they are used.

Tax and taxation are some of the major topics in this book. The author enlightens readers on how tax is calculated and how contributions are made. I also got to learn about terms of trading, equity funds, investments, retirement, and pension. Even for someone with no financial background, this book becomes easy to read thanks to the dozens of definitions given by the author and his explanations when expounding on a new topic.

Two features of The ISSA Manuscript: An American Public Policy Statement make the book worth reading; the tables and illustrations shared by the author when he is discussing complex topics and how articulate his points are. I enjoyed going through the tables. Scott A Ginn simplifies everything for the average reader, making his book interesting. It would take a lot of effort for a book whose main subject is social security to be enjoyable, but for Scott A Ginn, everything is flawless and, thus, easy to read.

The intricate nature of Social Security and related policies appears smooth, simple, and even fascinating for curious minds. I applaud Scott A Ginn for the solutions he offered and the letters to the US Senate, House of Representatives, and the Federal Reserve Board chairman. His letters give the reader a clear perspective of the status quo.

The ISSA Manuscript: An American Public Policy Statement is the perfect reference book for all things social security. The author uses statistics and research to back his facts while explaining every theory logically. As a result, this book has the ideal financial blueprint that is quick to read.

Pages: 62 | ASIN : B0B8Q8D8HN

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Son of Man becomes Son of God

Son of Man becomes Son of God by Trinity Royal is a 10-chapter spiritual book that offers profound insights into the dynamics of the spiritual realms of Earth and heaven. The rendition of the temptation of Jesus Christ on Mount Hermon, the book’s primary focus, raises the veil beyond what transpired at the event. Instead, it illuminates the battle between God and Satan for possessing human souls.

With that backdrop, Trinity Royal raises essential questions about the cosmic significance of humans on Earth and, in the bigger picture, why our souls are constantly battled for by the devil. This engaging book explored Jesus’s mission as an emissary of Light on Earth and why the devil sought to tempt Jesus in one of His most vulnerable states.

Readers will begin to ask critical questions about their faith when reading this book. What does all this have to do with a believer today? What can they do? How are they supposed to navigate this new knowledge?

As readers delve deeper into the repository of new information they are sure to gain from this book, they will find a part that addresses a concern faced by many Christians who wish to directly communicate with God. How do they know what is of God and what is mere hallucinations? With the grave implication that comes with yielding to temptation, how do you know your tempestuous moments are real and not fragments of your imagination? Trinity Royal sampled a few answers to these while emphasizing the importance of preparation and how to prepare to circumvent all such situations.

The graphic details of this book, Son of Man Becomes Son of God, with scriptural backing for all theories posited, offer a delicate balance between science, theology, and Bible scriptures. While it has the potential to make you tremble at what could have been had Jesus Christ fallen to the temptations of Satan, it gives hope for the salvation of the human soul and equips you with the best tool for rebuking Satan and his demons.

Son of Man Becomes Son of God is a fascinating look at scripture and offers readers a unique perspective on the interpretations of the Bible. Focusing on questions that are rarely asked, readers will be enlightened on the deeper and more profound meanings behind the temptation on Mount Hermon. This thought-provoking book would be a good resource for those interested in theology and Bible studies.

Pages: 129 | ASIN : B0BJRWPHCR

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Bugles in the Dust

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Written by George Levy, Bugles in the Dust charts the astonishing story of the Chicago Fire department from 1865 to 1913. Painstakingly researched and assembled, the book maps out the men involved with detailed information on ages, nationality, and family taken from historical records. In addition, it combines many historical reports from newspapers to men’s transcripts relating to handling specific fires. This provides a fascinating illumination into the historical context of the fire department and how social issues and politics shaped individual outcomes.  

Through his research, Levy makes the connection between the veterans of the civil war and the men serving in the Civil War. Around 29 civil war veterans served in the Chicago Fire Department. Many of those veterans were of Irish descent. The book begins with a detailed rundown of the veterans employed by the CFD, detailing the battles in which they fought and other notable information.  

The book gives a review of the overall management of the CFD from its transformation of being served by a volunteer firefighting force that formed in 1935, which was well organized but unable to cope when faced with widespread fires. The first paid fire department came under the control of the three-men police board, who it seems were somewhat unsuited to the role as it gave many jobs away to friends and family who were not qualified for the roles they applied for.  

I really enjoyed how this book pieced together the historical information to give color and a clearer picture of events around the CFD and how they faired in the four main catastrophic fires that rocked Chicago.  

The men fighting these fires had an uphill battle with limited equipment and a great area of the city to protect. The book greatly illuminates the firemen’s struggles, from dangerous fires to poor equipment, hard living conditions, bureaucracy, and corruption.  

My favorite part of the book was the individual transcripts of the firefighter’s testimony to the police board and the fire Marshall regarding the events at The Great Chicago Fire in 1871. This testimony really breathed life into the story and was extremely interesting and absorbing to read.  

The beginning of the book is mainly facts and figures relating to civil war veterans. It is quite a dense amount of information you are not immediately connected to. However, if you persevere, you soon become engaged with the narrative.  

Overall I found the book educating and interesting. The use of historical sources and pictures uncovers and displays some riveting information and facts. It is extremely well-researched, and I recommend it to history lovers and people who may not usually choose to read this sort of book, as it adds significant value to the reader’s knowledge.

Pages: 202

What Is Truth?

The reader notices the first Carol Byers’s writing is meticulous. While writing, the author writes about even the most minute differences between the two religions. She takes pride in her knowledge of the Bible and makes biblical references on every page. In What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran, the author draws comparisons between the two religions’ differences observed, analyzing the Bible and the Koran and breaking down the various practices. The author goes above and beyond when explaining every detail. I love Carol Byers’s writing because she is passionate about religion. This is displayed in her in-depth research and how she states her points.

This educational book starts by giving the most essential comparisons between the Bible and the Koran. I like that the author simplified this part of the book for the reader, as it made comprehension easy. Next, the author discusses Prophet Muhammad, examines his character, and shares their beliefs about him. Carol Byers uses the ideal language and phrases when discussing the Muslim deity and also helps the reader get a true reflection of him. The book uses simplified language, a deep and insightful analysis of Christians, Muslims, and other religions, and closing remarks for the questions readers may ask.

Carol Byers’ writing will appeal to fundamental Christians and believers that recognize that the Christian God is supreme. The author uses multiple scripture passages throughout the book. By giving direct bible verses, she gives the reader a better reference point for where she is developing her analysis from. In addition, the author is conversant with the Bible, Christianity, and even Islam. This is evident in how she writes about the history of both religions, the steps Christians have taken over the years, and why religion is crucial in human existence.

Reading What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran was an enjoyable experience. The book is divided into two parts, with part one mainly discussing the disparity between the Bible and the Koran, while part two focuses on Islamic practices like marriage, faith, war, and peace. Each of the two parts had weighty topics that would motivate Christians, Muslims, and believers of other religions. Some of the most insightful chapters that I read over and again discussed subjects like the Muslim messiah, how Muslims fight for the cause of god in the name of Jihad, and the last day, salvation through Christ, and truth in Islam and Christianity.

As you read on, you realize that despite Christians and Muslims have a few similarities in how they worship, believers of the two religions have diverse ways of practicing religion. I also love that the author touched on Jews and their common beliefs.

What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran is like a summarized theology class. The author writes in detail and tries to reach her message to both believers and nonbelievers in the gentlest way possible. I rate this practical book a 4 out of 5 stars because the information in this book is clear and provides perspective on the end of times.

Pages: 409 | ASIN : B08CY7ZC9V

Review requested by Pen2Paper Press.

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For Such a Time as This

Ernest Clark is not your average author. This is evident in how he lays out his thoughts, his method of expounding on subjects, and how forthcoming he is with his takes. In his book For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers!, the author shows the reader a different side of religion, as he breaks down the bible, scriptures, and God.

I enjoyed how the author reveals facts and gives readers time to digest one subject before moving to the next. This educational book primarily concentrates on biblical prophecies, holy teachings, and disproving the message of false prophets. The author draws comparisons and contrasts between ancient and modern prophets, framing his thoughts in a rational and non-biased manner. Readers will see how different 1st century Christianity is compared to today’s Christianity.

Clark guides his readers on how to interpret the word of God, and how to read, analyze, and shun false prophets and phonies that lie in the name of God. This book is eye-opening disproving the lies and myths that false prophets have peddled.

As you read the book, you will notice how genuine and open the author is. I love that Clark is consistent with his truthfulness and uses historical facts and happenings to support his concepts. One of my favorite discussions was about the end times and the tales peddled about the coming of Jesus again. Clark’s writings on eschatology and salvation were among my favorites.

For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! is an incredible book for people that have studied or want to study theology, as the author gives additional information that may not be known to contemporary theologians and Christians in general. This book is also a great read for believers and followers of Christ. The author is transparent in his message and will help you in your religious journey.

Pages: 476 | ISBN : 0578974088

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