The Brink

Julie Tiscareno is an archaeologist who sets out on a trek through the remote wilderness of Botswana to learn more about the indigenous San people. She documents the discovery of what she believes to be the world’s oldest petroglyphs found in a sacred cave. After an explosion causes a rock slide that traps her inside, along with her African guide, Kemba, and a student from the local university, they escape out another exit to find Kemba’s village under attack. They are too far away to help and can only watch in horror as everyone is killed and the village burned. Why was the village destroyed and who is responsible? Could it be related to her recent discovery? And how is this connected to the murder of a cyber-security analyst for the Ministry of Jerusalem? It will be up to Vince Ramsey to find out the answers–but how can he focus on this when there is trouble back home?

I loved the global feel of this suspenseful novel. Especially when events happen on different continents and we find out that they’re connected, the writing makes it feel like this story can go anywhere. Readers who enjoy history will revel in the historical elements that weave this suspenseful story together and ground this otherwise fantastic adventure. There are so many things that are unknown throughout the story that readers must piece together. The author sure does know how to consistently elevate the level of intrigue in the story with a balance of curious little mysteries and interesting resolutions. I was very invested in the mystery of why Ramsey’s friend was murdered and I wanted to see how the threat to Ramsey’s wife April would be eliminated.

I liked the sense of urgency during most of the story as it truly does feel like a race against time for Vince Ramsey to complete his mission and return home to save his wife and unborn baby, and he must discover the truth so that his family will not be placed in danger again. However, I felt that the domestic aspects of Vince Ramsey’s everyday life, which are shown at the beginning of the story in scenes with his wife, slowed the pace of the story a bit. I was much more interested in jumping right to following the trail of clues to learn who killed D.K. and what happened to Julie after she disappeared.

The Brink is a spirited adventure novel with a surprising ending that I was certainly not expecting, but enjoyed nonetheless. Even though this is the fourth book in the series, I think that it can still be read and enjoyed as a standalone story. Fans of globe-trotting action adventure novels will find James McPike’s mystery novel simply engrossing.

Pages: 309 | ASIN: B09YMQCDFD

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