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Nobody Left Out – Jesus Meets the Messes

Nobody Left Out – Jesus Meets the Messes: A 40-Day Devotional for Messy, Broken People (Like Me!) is an upbeat book that will help you get out of the mess you are in and also help you know yourself better. Michael Murray uses biblical stories and real-life experiences to talk about the complexities of life and how we can make our living experiences better. The author makes readers feel like they belong and is not judgmental. He understands that all his readers have their shortcomings.

Want to live a righteous life? Picking yourself up? Struggling with understanding the purpose of life? When you read Nobody Left Out, readers will feel the presence of other people that have gone through similar struggles. Reading this book will expand how readers think and improve their reasoning abilities. The author makes readers feel like they are a child of God and unique in everything they have. Michael Murray is not only a talented writer, he has the ability to give readers an encouraging outlook. This book is inspiring and eye-opening.

There are many lessons and messages shared in Nobody Left Out, patience, forgiveness, hope, faith, peace, tolerance, and much more. The biggest lesson, however, is about love. The author, through his text, preaches about the love of God and how God never leaves his people. By loving God and other humans, we get to live graciously and contentedly.

The eight stories the author shares in this book are all-powerful. There are, however, three stories that spoke to me on a different level. The story about Jesus meeting the unwelcome dinner guest, Jesus meeting the invisible widow, and Jesus meeting the honest criminal were the three stories that had me reflect on certain things about life.

Nobody Left Out – Jesus Meets the Messes: A 40-Day Devotional for Messy, Broken People (Like Me!) is recommended to any reader who wants to turn a new leaf, believers, and people who wish to strengthen their faith.

Pages: 126 | ASIN : B08MY583G8

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Christianity A Flawed Religion

Christianity A Flawed Religion provides an argument on how Christian dogma keeps humanity in bondage to sin and a suffering world, and how to fix it. This insightful book provides readers with author Warren William Luce’s wisdom and thought-provoking arguments about Christianity and its tenants. This informative book presents details of the philosophy behind why Christianity, like many other religions, is flawed in some aspects. Among the chief reasons for this logic are the arguments of Trials and Tribulations, Change, Excommunication, and how man has inserted their views into the word of Christ. Luce presents a well-thought-out thesis for the arguments made and does a great job of expanding upon those ideas.

The beginning of the book entails a broad view of Luce’s life. It goes into detail about his upbringing, his family life, time in the war, and living a nominal Christian life– that is, being a Christian in name only, instead of abiding by the true teachings of Jesus. Among many arguments made, the details that hindered Luce’s belief in Christian doctrine consist of questions, the validity of his own beliefs, and how professing Christians in the world today do not mirror the Christians found in early church accounts and biblical scriptures. The book closes with a charge from Warren, asking who it is you believe: Christian theologians or Jesus. And if it is Jesus you profess in creed, then to live through the example He set, and the way of life He paved according to the Christian scriptures.

Luce has written a compelling book that brings up good points and ideas to support his argument that Christianity is a flawed religion in some ways. However, it seemed as if the views in this book were relatively negative, but ended with a challenge to the reader, and had plenty of scriptures to support the claims made. I would recommend this book to anyone who might be interested in exploring religion or challenging their own viewpoints of Christianity.

Christianity a Flawed Religion: How Christian Dogma Inadvertently Keeps Humanity In Bondage to Sin and a Suffering World and How to Fix It is a thoughtful book that will interest readers of religious dogma, spiritual texts, and philosophical non-fiction.

Pages: 248 | ISBN : 9781716028793

The Gift

Esther wants nothing more than to play with her friends in the park, but she can not enjoy the day. Her feelings have been hurt, and she just wants to be alone for a while. Children can be cruel. Esther knows this, but it does not make things any easier. Then, while sitting alone and thinking over her day, she hears a voice she can not place but knows it makes her feel calm and somehow loved. The voice has a lot to say and offers her a gift that will change everything for Esther. This gift will teach her more about friendship, kindness, and hope than she could ever imagine.

The Gift, by Lizzie Jayne, is a captivating children’s book. It is the sweet story of one young girl’s discovery of how to truly experience and spread joy, peace, hope, and love. The book’s main character, Esther, learns how to be “the light” with those around her who are going through a difficult time. She is reluctant to give it up but still willing to share what she has been gifted; she brightens the world of everyone she meets. The author has managed to create a charming story for children that teaches quite efficiently how to share God’s love and how they, as children, can still be a light for those around them and make a difference.

The Gift is a heartfelt picture book that children can relate to and understand the concept of sharing love, joy, peace, and hope. This exceptional children’s book is recommended to any parent who wishes to add a highly-relatable picture book to the child’s home library. Religious education teachers will find this beautifully written book a great resource when explaining God’s gifts to younger elementary-age children. Children and adults alike will find Esther’s story inspiring and heart-warming.

Pages: 50 | ASIN : B09JGQ4PJ6

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When Facing Life’s Challenges

Pamela Ann Rice
Pamela Rice Author Interview

Tarnished Crowns a Memoir details your personal struggles and your transformative journey towards God. Why was this an important book for you to write?

What God did and showed me in my life was not just for my growth but also for sharing with others. 

God’s ways are not our ways, and many get lost in their faith journey when God changes the road map. I want to help others understand how to better cooperate with the process of salvation. If we learn to look inside ourselves and ask God, “What do you want to teach me?” We will often realize how he uses situations/challenges to build character and faith. Sometimes we get so fixated on the problem we can’t see past it to the higher ways of God. 

That’s why I wrote this memoir to show what growth and Transformation look like in real-time. It’s not always pretty as we face our fears, doubts, and insecurities, but we have an advocate in those times we can turn to, and he will strengthen our trust and faith in him. 

I hope it helps others learn how to stay the course, see beyond the moment, and become more connected to God when facing life’s challenges.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

To understand some of the difficulties I faced in trusting God as a born-again believer, I felt I had to let readers know about my life amid the glamour and self-indulgence of my past life. I experienced what the world had to offer and how it seduced me into the “desert of spiritual poverty.” Without a purpose beyond “wealth, success, power, and self-gratification,” there is a void inside. 

It was difficult recounting those days where I was lost, abused, and confused. I had no idea how to overcome the damage I had done to myself. I didn’t think God could help because “my issues were emotional, not spiritual” – until I met Jesus.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

The most significant life-changing moment was wrestling with becoming the director of a crisis house in Hollywood. It meant leaving my security and comfort to move into a house serving at-risk youth, prostitutes, and other hurting humanity. I went to my pastor for advice, and he lovingly looked at me and said, “Pick up your cross and follow Jesus.” Not what I wanted to hear, BUT that started my journey to follow Jesus, and it has been the most incredible adventure of my life. 

What do you hope is one-thing readers take away from your story?

I hope it will help them question God’s purpose for their lives. I want them to hunger for a more intimate relationship with him. 

The church is the starting place, but the adventure with Jesus begins with following him wherever he leads. “Come follow me,” Jesus said. I hope the reader will realize that God is not afraid of our emotions – he understands what we are going through. As we risk being honest with God, we find he is reasonable, merciful, and full of compassion. That’s where we discover our purpose and the freedom to be authentic—in the context of his unconditional love for us. The more honest and open with God, the deeper our love for him becomes. 

I hope readers will be encouraged by my story and risk asking God to show them where their adventure begins.

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What do you do when life doesn’t turn out the way you expect? When your idealistic world crumbles and disappointments, heartbreak, and abuse, batters down your door? When despair swallows you, and your dreams lay shattered at your feet? You can’t help but shout, where are you, God? Are you even real?

Tarnished Crowns doesn’t offer platitudes and clichés but the story of a nineteen-year-old girl from the Midwest who travels to Hollywood and receives an inside peek behind those glamorous doors. Her compromised life and broken relationships devastate her, leaving her depressed, confused, and searching for answers. In her desperation, she makes a deal with God. She gives him six months to prove he is who he says he is. Nothing could prepare her for what happened next. God unfolds an unexpected adventure filled with twists and turns and begins to reveal himself in powerful ways.

Learning to trust an unseen God is not easy, and Pam wrestles with him along the way only to find that every conflict brings his reality closer. Her honest transparency receives understanding and God’s compassion. She discovers how to go from brokenness to wholeness–fear to faith–and resistance to surrender. Tarnished Crowns is her pilgrimage to the heart of God, where she found restoration, purpose, and destiny.

Four Rights The Intersection

Four Rights The Intersection: The Right Man The Right Time The Right Message The Right Agenda: God's Messenger by [Fritz Michel]

Reading the Bible is one thing, understanding it is another. It requires a specific analytical approach as well as God’s grace to see the light between the words. Fritz Michel discusses four points in his illuminating book. The first being the right man who is announced and created for a specific purpose. In a way, we are all the right man. The second point is the right time which is God’s timing. We are all advised to be wary of our own impatience. The third is the right message which the appropriate understand of the word. The fourth is the right agenda which is a divine inspired intention. The author summarizes the kingdom and Christianity in a way that makes it simpler and easier to understand. It is a breakdown of something that has caused an ideological divide between people with different understanding of humanity from God’s perspective.

The author takes his time to highlight different beliefs and myths. Then he goes ahead to confirm or debunk with scripture. His commitment to ensuring appropriate and correct understanding of God is evident through the level of effort he has put into writing this book. One notable element is his discussion of worship. He urges on the importance of worship. There is also an extensive discussion about Satan. His days in heaven before he became the adversary and the actions that led to his banishment. This book provides a wealth of information.

This enlightening spiritual book breaks down the Bible so that average readers can understand it better. It is a study guide of God’s word. It has minced complex biblical chunks into bite sized bits. While I enjoyed the content within this informative spiritual guide, I felt that the structure of the book could have been improved by increasing the font and line spacing to make it easier to read the spiritually enriching content.

That said, this book is an interesting paraphrasing of the Bible. It is an intriguing retelling of the events that have shaped human life for generations. This is a thought-provoking book that will have readers challenge some of their long-held beliefs. It might also reinforce some beliefs readers have but cannot quite explain. This is an interesting piece of literature to discuss with your Christian book club.

Four Rights The Intersection is an informative and illuminating spiritual guide that will leave readers feeling informed and spiritually enriched.

Pages: 164 | ASIN: B098TYGK2Z

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Abraham’s Tears

Bruce Stein’s novel, Abraham’s Tears, takes readers on an educational and eye-opening journey surrounding the conflict in the Middle East. We learn the values and beliefs of two families- one of Israeli/Jewish decent and the other with a Palestinian/Muslim background. The question of what can be done to bring peace between the religions and the ethnicities is explored through an emotional and exciting tale, supporting Ghandi’s prophecy of “An eye for an eye makes a whole world blind.”

The two protagonists are Jamil Monsour and Jacob Goodman. Proud of their religion and heritage, they have strong views surrounding the reasons for the divided state of the middle East and solutions for peace. Jamil grew up believing he was a Shiite, then learns he was actually born a Sunni that had been adopted as a baby. Jacob grew up believing he was Jewish and was even serving in the IDF, only to learn that he was also adopted and had been born to an Arab/ Muslim family. The revaluation of their previously unknown identities comes as a shock to both young men, making them question their beliefs. This realization brings into question if someone is who they are born as, or who they are raised as. Through horrible loss and tragedy, hope is instilled in the end, as two women from opposing sides are brought together to fight for peace and an end to the senseless fighting and killings. Author Bruce Stein creates rich, believable and empathetic characters in his thought-provoking novel. I really enjoyed the thoughtful character development and the emotional journey the characters embark on.

Abraham’s Tears will appeal to readers looking for an educational novel. This is a thought provoking story that provides readers with different viewpoints and reasons for the events that are happening in the Middle East. This book brought a humanistic aspect to the topic, making it feel close to home. Bruce Stein has created characters that are easy to identify with. Seeing the way this conflict affects everyone involved, no matter where they are living, was an eye-opening realization.

Pages: 185 | ASIN: B009368OLE

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Your Costly Blood Covenant – Book Trailer

Countless Christians have endured strong doses of religious tradition disguised as Christianity. They attend church on Sundays and read their Bibles daily, but they still sense a spiritual void. Nothing seems to fill it, and ultimately they wonder, “Is there anything else? Does a relationship with God offer me more than attending services and memorizing Bible verses?”

The answer is yes! Over two thousand years ago, the most precious blood covenant was created between almighty God and the Lord Jesus. Their unbreakable relationship clearly demonstrates God’s supernatural love for all people. It provides the opportunity for the most intimate fellowship possible with the One who sees our salvation as worth the life of His Son. This holy bond perfectly fulfilled one covenant and established a far better one. In this new covenant, God has guaranteed complete salvation with even greater promises for every part of life. Today anyone can surrender a hard, corrupted life in the world for a glorious life in the kingdom of God. All who believe in and receive Jesus as Savior can freely access this beautiful relationship and then discover the abundant riches of a covenant relationship with God.

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How Did It All Start?

As human beings, it is only natural to wonder where we came from and how we came about. It is only natural to wonder about the Earth and its history. Biku Ghosh has contributed to the conversation with an enlightening book that provides an exploration of the origin of the earth that the average person can understand. The author Biku Ghosh has done extensive research and provides a lot of great ideas to ponder.

This book reads like a campfire story session. It contains different origin stories from around the world, from Africa to Europe and Asia, and I found them all to be fascinating. It provides interesting insight into the beliefs of different communities. Although, a common element is a deity as the originator of the world. The Slavic creation story is especially funny in that it suggests that mountains came about as the devil coughed and fell over while trying to scamper away.

The author seems committed to presenting a well-rounded book. He begins the book with the scientific basis of the history of the planets. It also provides a historical account of the evolution of human beings. He ends the book with a catalog of interesting facts about Antarctica like the Blood Falls and diamonds floating in the air, for example. All of this is intellectually invigorating and provides plenty of food for thought.

Like all human beings, the author admits that no one really knows much about where everything came from and what was there before the Big Bang. His is a simplified account of what is known about the origin of planets and evolution. He strikes a delicate balance between scientific lingo and symbolism making the book more palatable.

How Did It All Start is not a menu of conspiracy theories, it is a museum of beliefs and scientific findings. It is a literary presentation of conversations we have all had in our heads. It is an excellent source for interesting tidbits to share with friends over wine under the stars.

Pages: 180 | ASIN: 183819178X

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