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What Is Truth?

The reader notices the first Carol Byers’s writing is meticulous. While writing, the author writes about even the most minute differences between the two religions. She takes pride in her knowledge of the Bible and makes biblical references on every page. In What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran, the author draws comparisons between the two religions’ differences observed, analyzing the Bible and the Koran and breaking down the various practices. The author goes above and beyond when explaining every detail. I love Carol Byers’s writing because she is passionate about religion. This is displayed in her in-depth research and how she states her points.

This educational book starts by giving the most essential comparisons between the Bible and the Koran. I like that the author simplified this part of the book for the reader, as it made comprehension easy. Next, the author discusses Prophet Muhammad, examines his character, and shares their beliefs about him. Carol Byers uses the ideal language and phrases when discussing the Muslim deity and also helps the reader get a true reflection of him. The book uses simplified language, a deep and insightful analysis of Christians, Muslims, and other religions, and closing remarks for the questions readers may ask.

Carol Byers’ writing will appeal to fundamental Christians and believers that recognize that the Christian God is supreme. The author uses multiple scripture passages throughout the book. By giving direct bible verses, she gives the reader a better reference point for where she is developing her analysis from. In addition, the author is conversant with the Bible, Christianity, and even Islam. This is evident in how she writes about the history of both religions, the steps Christians have taken over the years, and why religion is crucial in human existence.

Reading What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran was an enjoyable experience. The book is divided into two parts, with part one mainly discussing the disparity between the Bible and the Koran, while part two focuses on Islamic practices like marriage, faith, war, and peace. Each of the two parts had weighty topics that would motivate Christians, Muslims, and believers of other religions. Some of the most insightful chapters that I read over and again discussed subjects like the Muslim messiah, how Muslims fight for the cause of god in the name of Jihad, and the last day, salvation through Christ, and truth in Islam and Christianity.

As you read on, you realize that despite Christians and Muslims have a few similarities in how they worship, believers of the two religions have diverse ways of practicing religion. I also love that the author touched on Jews and their common beliefs.

What is Truth?: The Bible Vs. the Koran is like a summarized theology class. The author writes in detail and tries to reach her message to both believers and nonbelievers in the gentlest way possible. I rate this practical book a 4 out of 5 stars because the information in this book is clear and provides perspective on the end of times.

Pages: 409 | ASIN : B08CY7ZC9V

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Peyton’s Promise

When Peyton arrived at Calumet Castle for a summer job, she had only a vague idea of what to expect. She knew of her wealthy employers and that her progressive ideas and choice of career made her a target for the social circles but little else. It came as a huge shock to find herself working alongside her childhood best friend, Patrick, and in turn, they were both shocked at how much their three-year absence from each other had changed them. Rekindling her relationship with Patrick, navigating new feelings for him, rediscovering her faith, trying not to anger the staunchly old-fashioned housekeeper of the castle, and doing her actual job give Peyton a busy and conflicted summer to contend with.

Peyton’s Promise is the third novel by Susan Mathis in her Thousand Island Gilded Age Series. Set in the Thousand Islands, on the St. Lawrence river, these stories take the setting and make it a palpable part of the story being told. Peyton’s Promise is no exception, describing the sights and homes of the area with beautiful depth and recreating what it might have been like in the early years of the 20th century when the area was a popular destination for many of the wealthy elite in society.

Mathis is adept at weaving historical figures into her fiction and has done so in this story with the Emerys. Calumet Castle’s owners function as the mostly absent champions of Peyton’s work, an upholsterer beyond her apprenticeship. Mathis always includes a brief note to explain the real history she has included, with details about the families, their homes, and more about the area.

Peyton’s Promise has a similar feeling to the other Thousand Island stories. Readers will find enjoyment and take comfort in returning to the beloved landscape and having the experience of revisiting a favorite vacation location. The storyline moves quickly with an internally conflicted heroine, a love interest that seems too much at odds to ever succeed, and a rival antagonist that seems on the cusp of bringing disaster more than once. This book is truly wonderful and difficult to put down! The pacing has readers engaged from start to finish. Additionally, the amount of detail included about the Islands is just enough to encourage some further research. They are perfect for a light read for those that love a Christian historical romance novel.

Pages: 291 | ASIN : B09N6J5X6M

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You Got This – A Tale of Courage

A young little girl loves to play in her garden. Here she feels safe and protected and can let her imagination flow. Her best friend in the garden is an angel. She and the angel do everything together, from painting to tea parties, to exciting adventures battling pirates or dragons. As the girl grew, the angel taught her to have courage, not just in battling dragons but against the fear that lived inside her. Whenever the girl was afraid, she would go to the garden to see her angel friend. Here she would hear the whisper from her friend of all the wonderful things she could do when she had the courage to follow her dreams. As the girl grew into a young woman, she became unsure of things, so she returned to the garden to see her old friend. The angle reminded the girl to choose courage over fear.

You Got This – A Tale of Courage by Wanda Carter Roush and illustrated by Nataly Simmons is an inspirational Christian picture book. Children learn that strength comes from within themselves from this story. The message of confidence and faith is inspiring. The girl in the story has no name, making it easy for young readers to relate to the character and imagine themselves in her place, fighting off mean words, battling fear, and overcoming doubt.

The artwork in this children’s book is breathtaking. The little girl, as she grows, transforms from a carefree child to an unsure school girl to a young woman filled with confidence. Each page is filled with details that bring the story to life and draw readers into it, making it easy to incision themselves as the character, not just someone looking into the book.

You Got This – A Tale of Courage is a beautifully written picture book to help children build confidence and self-esteem. The phenomenal messages of courage, confidence, and defeating fear will inspire young readers.

Pages: 32 | ASIN : B08Q8SD46V

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You Are The Driver Of Your Own Life

Author Interview
Elizabeth Grubbs Author Interview

Grip Life is a self-help book that will help readers find balance in the key areas of their life using a Christian-based approach backed with research to guide them. Why was this an important book for you to write?

This book was important for me to write because it raises awareness of the need for a person to care for his or her health, in all seven elements of health- physically, mental, family, vocational, spiritual, financial, and social and to remind all humanity that one element can influence the status of the other health elements.

What were some ideas that were important for you to share in this book?

Life offers choices in every element of health regardless of quality. If one is breathing one is participating in life. Thus, one needs to evaluate self/ health to maintain or improve his or her health.

What Is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

You are the driver of your own life. Don’t allow anybody to sit in your seat.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from this book?

Life is precious because you only get a chance to live it one time. Grip Life by caring for all seven elements of your health.

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Grip Life addresses the following seven health elements that are experienced by most humans:
•physical health: body wellness
•mental health: mind wellness
•family health: relative contacts
•vocational health: employment skills
•financial health: budget mastery
•social health: group participation
•spiritual health: Christian living

Use the suggestions in this book to help yourself to maintain or to acquire a normal, productive life by not neglecting any element of your life. Use the spaces provided to write your improvement plan or maintenance plan for each element for a healthier you.

Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life

Evolution theories have always sparked unending debates. Human beings have different beliefs about how life was created and how we have developed. In Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life, author Daniel G. Vintner compares old and new evolution theories, alternative theories, and everything in between. Daniel G. Vintner starts by discussing Darwin and his original theory of evolution. As you keep reading, the author gets to more complex topics like how accurate the theory is and how Darwin came to his conclusions. The concepts may appear a bit puzzling for starters, but one soon catches up thanks to the author’s brilliant way of breaking down his points.

Following the author as he expounds on the theory of evolution over the centuries, was exciting. I like that Vintner is detailed and diverse in his discussions. The author combs through more than a dozen theories and explains the hard stuff to the reader’s satisfaction. Daniel G. Vintner may be a bit radical, but I like the author’s attitude and firm stand on his philosophies and views.

Some Mistakes of Darwin and a Programmer’s Theory of Life is a great read, not just because of how thorough the author is but also because of how convincing he is. He quotes renowned icons and supports his findings with facts and research. Reading this book made me elated and increased my curiosity about evolution. After reading this book, you will question life and concentrate on the creation story and the origin of species.

This informative book may have been about Darwin and the theory of life, but at no point was it monotonous. Daniel G. Vintner knows how to blend the various sub-topics and how to introduce a new topic even while still discussing the main subject. I enjoyed his personal tales of being a programmer. Learning about the various historical figures and their theories was eye-opening and exciting. I learned more about evolution and got to understand why some problems of evolution not solved by Darwin still have no answers even with the modern advancement.

This book is not for the close-minded; some views by the author may seem extreme, but that only improves the reading experience. The author is an excellent narrator and an even better interpreter. His strength in convincing skeptics to subscribe to specific theories and beliefs is admirable. The technical terminology was easy to understand as the author gives a clear definition and extra description when introducing complex terms. Some topics that were most touched on were Genesis of Genetics, Mutating Randomness, and the Story of Creation. The author leaves readers with an understanding that nature is a bit more complex than we may think and that most things do not happen by chance.

Pages: 276 | ASIN : B0B29G9CY9

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Grip Life

Grip Life by Elizabeth Grubbs helps readers to look within themselves and find areas that need improvement based on the seven elements of life. These seven elements are physical, mental, family, financial, vocational, social, and spiritual health. The author discusses each element by providing her experiences and her professional opinion, which is backed by science. At the end of each chapter is a biblical thought that relates to the seven elements and a checklist for readers to create a plan to better themselves in these areas.

Author Grubbs has written a mentally stimulating short read that doesn’t waste time with extra fluff. The author gets to the point, and I appreciate that she included her own experiences based on these elements as it helped make her advice believable. The author also provides research to back up her claims making this a credible read.

The seven elements listed are great points to help you become a well-rounded person as it touches upon your mental health, work, physical health, and even your social life. This is the perfect read to guide us to bettering ourselves in certain areas of our lives especially since we are all picking up the pieces from dealing with COVID. I appreciated that the author included a health self- checkup list after each element, as this allowed me to score myself in this particular area and list my thoughts on what I just read. This helped me to reflect on the information that was provided to me as well as the areas I need to improve.

I highly recommend Grip Life to everyone in different stages of their life as there is always something to improve within ourselves. The fact that this is a short read is perfect for our busy lives.

Pages: 34 | ASIN : B0916ZYK3V

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Our Church Mothers

Our Church Mothers by Gwen Ehrenborg follows seven inspiring women in the history of Christianity; Katharina Luther, the first lady of the Reformation; Susanna Wesley, the Mother of Methodism; Catherine Booth, co-founder of the Salvation Army; Mary, the Mother of Jesus; St. Clare, best friend of Francis of Assisi; Mother Teresa of Calcutta; and Judge Deborah. The author introduces the women individually and their accomplishments in the Christian practice. In addition, each woman has written letters sharing their experiences with finding their voice in the church, marriage, and having a family.

Author Gwen Ehrenborg has done her research and her knowledge shows all throughout her informative book. The author brings women from different cultures and countries together to share their experiences and show readers how they became chosen to lead others. Readers get to dive deep into these amazing women’s lives and see how they came to be. I found each one of their stories to be very compelling. We learn of their accomplishments in the church and we also get to understand the struggles and sacrifices that they have made for God; and I certainly walked away with a deeper appreciation for them. Readers also learn of their mentors, husbands, and the families they’ve built along the way.

This is an educational and inspiring book. We get to see the respect and appreciation that many people have for these women. However, depending on these women’s cultures, some of them were not seen as equals to their husbands, so they faced significant struggles regarding having a voice in the church. The author includes discussion questions at the end of the chapters; which helps readers begin deep and meaningful discussion with others on the subject.

Our Church Mothers is an illuminating and encouraging read that I recommend to those who are strong in faith or anyone looking to learn about strong women in history. Through these women, readers learn how to be selfless, care for others, and to love everyone, but most importantly readers learn to never lose sight of their faith.

Pages: 251 | ASIN :  B09H2XVLHM

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For Such a Time as This

Ernest Clark is not your average author. This is evident in how he lays out his thoughts, his method of expounding on subjects, and how forthcoming he is with his takes. In his book For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers!, the author shows the reader a different side of religion, as he breaks down the bible, scriptures, and God.

I enjoyed how the author reveals facts and gives readers time to digest one subject before moving to the next. This educational book primarily concentrates on biblical prophecies, holy teachings, and disproving the message of false prophets. The author draws comparisons and contrasts between ancient and modern prophets, framing his thoughts in a rational and non-biased manner. Readers will see how different 1st century Christianity is compared to today’s Christianity.

Clark guides his readers on how to interpret the word of God, and how to read, analyze, and shun false prophets and phonies that lie in the name of God. This book is eye-opening disproving the lies and myths that false prophets have peddled.

As you read the book, you will notice how genuine and open the author is. I love that Clark is consistent with his truthfulness and uses historical facts and happenings to support his concepts. One of my favorite discussions was about the end times and the tales peddled about the coming of Jesus again. Clark’s writings on eschatology and salvation were among my favorites.

For Such a Time as This: Let My People Go, You End-Times Doomsday Sayers! is an incredible book for people that have studied or want to study theology, as the author gives additional information that may not be known to contemporary theologians and Christians in general. This book is also a great read for believers and followers of Christ. The author is transparent in his message and will help you in your religious journey.

Pages: 476 | ISBN : 0578974088

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