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Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat

Becoming a Cfi: A Story About the Right Seat. by [Radek Wyrzykowski]

In ‘Becoming a CFI : A Story About the Right Seat’, author Radek Wyrzykowski  shares his experiences in the aviation industry, how to become the ideal Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), the joys of flying, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Through this book, readers will learn the beauty of aviation and why it is more than just being up in the sky.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat provides readers with pragmatic and actionable guidance that flight instructors, or forthcoming flight instructors, can utilize to identify and implement crucial components of effective aviation education. Through the book, readers will gain knowledge on the significance of patience, learning new skills, listening to pioneers and how to have a successful career.

Radek Wyrzykowski writes about aviation with passion and that affection comes through in every word. That decade of experience that author Radek Wyrzykowski has is pronounced throughout this book and elevates the content. His passion and enthusiasm is encouraging especially to students that want to pursue a career in aviation. As a chief flight instructor, Radek Wyrzykowski writes about his best days, the challenges he went through, working with other professionals and how best to handle every individual. Reading about his stories while in the field was a delight.

Becoming a CFI is more than just being up in the sky. I enjoyed reading about the author’s family and his encounters outside his profession. His stories give you a different perspective nf life. You learn to appreciate every time you are alive and able to work. Becoming a CFI can also be classified under inspirational books. The author time and again encourages his reader’s not to give up on what they love. Radek Wyrzykowski is able to flawlessly switch from talking about careers to talking about real life situations that everyone who is trying to make it is going through. The seamless transition of the text keeps readers engaged throughout the book.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat is an engaging flight reference book that explores flight instruction and makes it accessible to everyone. This was an informative book, and I enjoyed the fascinating anecdotes that broke up the text and made this instructional guide very enjoyable.

Pages: 84 | ASIN: B093F91CT6

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