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Radek Wyrzykowski
Radek Wyrzykowski Author Interview

Becoming a CFI provides readers with practical guidance that will help them be a better flight instructor. Why was this an important book for you to write?

I started writing this book in 2007 when I realized as an already experienced flight instructor that many, if not most, flight instructors don’t know the basics of education. Teaching is not about the knowledge that you have but about the ability to pass it along to someone else. And pass it along in a way that another person will understand and be motivated to acquire more knowledge on that subject. Education was and is a passion of mine for my entire life. It also runs in my family. Both of my parents were academic teachers; my grandparents were teachers. My great grandfather was a teacher.

What is a common misconception you feel people have about flight instructors?

The problem is that our system of developing young professional pilots forces them to do something many of them are not interested in doing—being instructors. To accomplish their ambitions to be an airline pilot, they have to “survive” until their “time-building punishment” is over. Most CFI candidates think that teaching is easy, and it is the way for them to quickly build hours in the air. In reality, it is an exceedingly complex and challenging task. The flight instructor position is probably the most essential certificate in aviation. Your action in the form of your signature in the student’s logbook stating that someone is ready to fly solo is literally a life and death decision that you must make. It is a huge responsibility, and not everyone is prepared for it.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this book?

My overall theme, if you will, is that short-term fixes may alleviate short-term symptoms. Only long-term solutions based on an assessment of the big picture make any sense. It is up to us to guide, mentor, and demand a higher standard. This book aims to show the way for anybody who wants or “needs” to be a flight instructor the path which can be beneficial for their students and make them, flight instructors, successful. Doing the right thing is not only going to give the instructor “moral satisfaction,” If you will, but also has some tangible benefits. If your students like you, then your flight school will like you. There is no better benefit than a long list of positive referrals in your resume or when you are a well-known flight instructor in the industry when you apply for that airline job.

What is one piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you became a flight instructor?

I wanted to be a pilot since I was a child. I was able to start realizing this dream in my thirties. I always knew exactly what I want to do in life, but it was in a sphere of dreams. I always liked teaching, and I wanted to be a pilot. I concluded to connect those two passions late in my life. I could have done it a lot sooner. I wish someone would tell me it is doable when I was twenty. Most people think the aviation profession is something that is out of reach. It may seem that way, but it is more achievable and reachable than we realize. So, yes, I wish someone would give me that piece of advice by telling me it is possible much sooner.

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This book identifies the key psychological elements of flight instruction and the importance of their use in practice. It is written with all aviation enthusiasts in mind. It is for those pilots who already provide flight instruction and would like to take it to the next level or for those in training to be flight instructors. It is also for student pilots who want to see what they should expect from their flight instructor and everybody who wants to see what flight instruction is about. Based on the scientific study of student behavior and the author?s 20 years of experience as a CFI. The ?Becoming a CFI? offers practical advice to identify the critical elements in effective aviation education. It also analyzes Fundamentals of Instructing by focusing on those elements which are crucial to understand and use. Author and aviation educator Radek Wyrzykowski provides rare insights into the process of flight instruction by using his real-life experiences and actions over the years, from his student pilot certificate through becoming a Chief Flight Instructor for one of the large flight schools in the northeast.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat

Becoming a Cfi: A Story About the Right Seat. by [Radek Wyrzykowski]

In ‘Becoming a CFI : A Story About the Right Seat’, author Radek Wyrzykowski  shares his experiences in the aviation industry, how to become the ideal Chief Flight Instructor (CFI), the joys of flying, the good, the bad, and everything in between. Through this book, readers will learn the beauty of aviation and why it is more than just being up in the sky.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat provides readers with pragmatic and actionable guidance that flight instructors, or forthcoming flight instructors, can utilize to identify and implement crucial components of effective aviation education. Through the book, readers will gain knowledge on the significance of patience, learning new skills, listening to pioneers and how to have a successful career.

Radek Wyrzykowski writes about aviation with passion and that affection comes through in every word. That decade of experience that author Radek Wyrzykowski has is pronounced throughout this book and elevates the content. His passion and enthusiasm is encouraging especially to students that want to pursue a career in aviation. As a chief flight instructor, Radek Wyrzykowski writes about his best days, the challenges he went through, working with other professionals and how best to handle every individual. Reading about his stories while in the field was a delight.

Becoming a CFI is more than just being up in the sky. I enjoyed reading about the author’s family and his encounters outside his profession. His stories give you a different perspective nf life. You learn to appreciate every time you are alive and able to work. Becoming a CFI can also be classified under inspirational books. The author time and again encourages his reader’s not to give up on what they love. Radek Wyrzykowski is able to flawlessly switch from talking about careers to talking about real life situations that everyone who is trying to make it is going through. The seamless transition of the text keeps readers engaged throughout the book.

Becoming a CFI: A Story About the Right Seat is an engaging flight reference book that explores flight instruction and makes it accessible to everyone. This was an informative book, and I enjoyed the fascinating anecdotes that broke up the text and made this instructional guide very enjoyable.

Pages: 84 | ASIN: B093F91CT6

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