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Could It Be?

Could It Be?: Biblical Gems from the Garbage Dump takes an alternative look at various bible passages which are often discarded or misinterpreted. Joseph C. Way reflects on why many believers are losing faith and attempts to make these passages easier to understand and more applicable to modern-day life. Joseph C. Way, a past minister, believes that it is essential to ‘stir the status quo’ in order to be able to grow spiritually. Each chapter of Could It Be? begins with a bible verse and some insight into how believers usually interpret it, followed by Joseph C. Way’s deep reflections and thoughts.

I found this eye-opening book to be of great interest and recommend it to readers, no matter their religious beliefs. Author Joseph C. Way comes across as highly intelligent, and it is evident that he has years of spiritual experience. He writes in an encouraging and informative tone without coming off as dry. The author explains his experience to the reader so that we have a better understanding of his experiences and his faith in God.

The last chapter was my favorite part of the book, where Joseph C. Way explains the difference between tithing and stewardship. He promotes giving material goods to the church or charities and using and caring for what we have. In parts like this, I believe that he provides good advice that can be helpful to people of any faith. However, I would recommend the book to those who already have some involvement in the Christian faith or are questioning their faith. Although the author explains some metaphorical or symbolic meanings of the passages, the book assumes that the reader believes in the existence of God.

I learned a lot from Could It Be? but would have loved Joseph C. Way to address some of the more ‘controversial’ parts of the Bible, such as the subjects of evolution, gender roles, and homosexuality, which are huge talking points right now.

Could It Be?: Biblical Gems from the Garbage Dump is an inspirational look at Bible passages that are often overlooked and forgotten and give a modern take to make them accessible to younger generations. This would make an excellent book for a Bible Study group or a book club that wants to focus on Christian topics.

Pages: 190 | ASIN : B0791L6DZB

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