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It Saves My Soul

Caroline Allen
Caroline Allen Author Interview

Water follows a young woman that has felt unfilled throughout her life and doesn’t understand why. Learning about her spiritual abilities puts her on a path that will help her find her true self and heal. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Water is the fourth novel in a five-book series called The Elemental Journey Series (Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Ether). The first four books are published and are semi-autobiographical, loosely following my journey of growing up in Missouri, living abroad for a decade in Tokyo and London, and finally in WATER repatriating to the U.S. and coming to terms with my mysticism. WATER is based in Seattle and explores my years reading tarot there. The novel isn’t memoir, though, and as fiction, I created characters and scenes to illustrate my main theme of fully owning who you are. To quote Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures.” In reality and in the novel, I am a mystic. I had to learn to channel my visions and did so using the tool of tarot. During the time period of the novel, I read for hundreds of people in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. (Today, that number is in the thousands.) I love the idea of showing in the novel how tarot brings forward higher spiritual truths to apply to the daily tribulations all of us undergo. There are so many unseen forces at work directing our lives in a good way, even when times are difficult. My protagonist Pearl was a journalist and was being called to give it up to become a metaphysical healer. She doesn’t go willingly. Even though the path was difficult, it really was the universe guiding her to a better, more fulfilling life, and one where she could be of greater services to the world. This echoes my own path, and the path of many of the people I now coach as a book coach and a metaphysical healer. So, I wanted the novel to convey this — the path to spiritual awakening may be difficult but ultimately it’s fulfilling especially with the direction the world is going now with pandemics and climate change.

I fictionalized it for two reasons, to help the real people in my life have privacy, and to give me more freedom to explore my themes. I have an active imagination and characters and scenes come to me by the hundreds daily.

I am compelled to write to understand my own life, without writing I don’t know where I’d be. It saves my soul. I hope my writing also informs, entertains and heals the reader.

What were some driving ideals behind Pearl’s character development?

I wanted to show, really show, how much despair we suffer when we don’t accept who we truly are. I show step by step my protagonist coming out of that despair into the light. I demonstrate the resistance and the difficulties involved with being profoundly alternative in mainstream society. I hope I show how owning our power transforms our lives and the lives of others. Pearl, my protagonist, owns her mysticism and takes her second sight — a gift that would have historically gotten her persecuted — and turns it around to help heal herself and others.

I didn’t want to pull the punches on how she resists her path. So, I have Pearl reject everything she builds again and again (this actually happens throughout the series). I wanted to show how long and arduous this path to finding purpose really is.

Gem, her nextdoor neighbor, is a radical on-the-edge artist who helps Pearl accept her radical self. I’m interested in developing characters who don’t fit into the mainstream. I’m interested in a mainstream that is crumbling, and how outsiders might be the wisest people of all.

What are some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Self-acceptance and self-love are the primary themes. As a coach for nearly 30 years now, I’ve found the single biggest stumbling block people have is that they simply don’t want to accept who and what they truly are. The ego drives them to be what society defines as successful, instead of what their soul is calling them to do. This is my life’s work — through writing, visual art (I’m also a visual artist), and coaching, I assist people in owning, living, and loving their authentic selves. It can be a long journey.

To me, the diversity of the human soul is like a tropical rainforest. Each of us is a unique and wild entity in this vast forest of the human experience, and we’re losing that diversity. Our eccentric alternative selves are needed now more than ever. Our creative cores are necessary so that we can come up with radical solutions to today’s problems.

Mysticism is another theme. I wanted to show how the mystical works for those many people who are unfamiliar with it or scared of it. Throughout religious traditions, there have been famous mystics. A mystic is simply someone who has a direct channel to the divine. I wanted to demystify mysticism in WATER.

Water also plays as a theme as the title of the book suggests. Set in the Pacific Northwest, rain and bodies of water permeate the book. More importantly, I’m interested in the notion of water in Jungian psychology. To Jung, water represents the depths of our untapped subconscious. How can we deep dive into our souls and stop skipping the rock over the surface of our lives? That is a profound theme in my work.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on three books now.

ETHER is the fifth book in the Elemental Journey Series. It’s actually a memoir. I’m calling the entire series “Four novels and a memoir.” I was called so strongly to go from semi-autobiographical writing to direct autobiography in this final book in the series. I write in my yurt studio in the woods, and the work is exploding. ETHER explores my further awakening as a healer, my veganism, and my coming full circle back to the earth when I gave up living in cities and moved back to nature. I now live on many acres in the woods in Oregon (after decades living in Tokyo, London, Seattle, and Boston). The memoir process is quite a bit different than writing a novel. As a book coach over the past 20 years, I’ve mentored lots of memoirists, but this is my first time writing the genre. I’m having profound epiphanies and just loving the process. ETHER will be available in 2024.

BLUE is a middle grade novel about a mystical 11-year-old girl named Maisie-Grace whose best friend is an old growth Douglas Fir named Blue. The characters include a Japanese American girl in a wheelchair named Jack who’s an artist, and Macon, a farm girl who’s bullied. The three girls come together to try to save Blue and the forest. This novel is finished and I’m shopping it around to publishers now.

And finally, I’m working on RED, a young adult novel that follows Maisie-Grace, Jack, and Macon as they become teenagers. Maise-Grace loses her magic and becomes embittered. Slowly, she finds her spirit back again through a horse named Red. This is slated for completion in three years.

Author Links: GoodReads | Instagram | Facebook | Website

Winner of the 2021 Independent Publishers’ Gold Medal for Visionary Fiction. Pearl Swinton is drowning in a dark night of the soul. In the depths, she hears a cry to purpose, but to what? A former journalist who has spent years trying to outrun her psychic visions, Pearl meets a mentor in an urban mystic named Rayne, who introduces her to the concept of the Divine Feminine and sets her afloat on the turbulent waters of healing and self-acceptance. On a spiritual journey, Pearl finds herself navigating Seattle’s metaphysical scene, studying tarot, shamanism, and past-life regression. As a journalist, she gave voice to the voiceless, and in the transformative journey she’s now on, she is being asked to find her own voice. Accepting her new mystical calling finds her at the helm of a rickety folding table in the back of a bookstore reading tarot for the public. Daily she dives deep into the psyches of many, finding inside each person a lushness and a rootlessness, a poetry and a thirst. Still Pearl resists this life. Still she runs away. It will take a national tragedy to break through the walls of her resistance and show Pearl how desperately the world needs women to step into her power, to own the divinity of their feminine voices.

Becoming Soul

Becoming Soul by El Alma is an intriguing book that reminds us of the simplicity of life. Before the modern age and having technology at our fingertips, we as humans were connected to our god. Our soul is the one being reborn with a purpose that is chosen before we enter this earthly life. After we are born, we forget this purpose to learn from our experiences in an unbiased view; thus, we settle into our life here on Earth, unaware at the beginning of how we arrived at this point or why we are even here. The book starts with a striking opening, ‘We start our journeys long before we arrive on Earth, for we are eternal consciousnesses.’ This take on life makes readers think back on their past experiences and contemplate their beliefs on life and the afterlife.

The author describes seven steps to reach Heaven and be together with the mother of all. These seven steps are Silence, Hope, Suffering, Loss, Survival, Believe, and finally, Heaven. This process, however, is not as easy as it sounds. Comparing and contrasting with Jesus’ journey, the author tells the tale of Asina. She embarks on her journey, where she almost gives up her quest for reaching the mother. There are times she thinks of ending her life and pursuit, but with the guidance of her guardian angels, she climbs one step after another in her journey to Heaven. This complex novel gives readers hope that even in your darkest moments, you can pull through and find the light that will lead you to answers and enlightenment.

Throughout the book, we also follow the story of women connected to Asina. Ezara, her grandmother, and Nettie, her own daughter. Both of these women, too, live through their seven steps, and sometimes it’s heartbreaking to see them suffer, but it is unrealistic to imagine a life without ups and downs. Yet, these moments strengthen the soul and your courage and determination to fight and survive till the end. The realistic approach to life without sugar-coating one’s existence will allow readers to take with them seeds of hope that the darkest moments of your life are part of the lessons your soul came to Earth to learn.

Becoming Soul is a beautiful story, and El Alma’s style is relatively easy to grasp. The characters show substantial development throughout the story, and at the end, the reader is left wondering and reflecting on their own journey and existence on Earth. Readers of inspirational fiction, new age fiction, or religious spirituality will find this an inspiring and thought-provoking novel.

Pages: 103 | ASIN : B085DHJC62

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I Experienced True Freedom

Victoria Davis
Victoria Davis Author Interview

Addicted to Health is a roadmap for improving your health, mind, body, and soul with deeply personal testimonies. Why was this book important for you to write?

As someone with an extensive background in health and wellness, I knew that I needed to write it because of the fact that my identity was so wrapped up in what I did. Instead of living from a place of health and freedom, I ended up in utter bondage, living a life ruled by fear. I was afraid to let people down for fear that they wouldn’t see me as legitimate or credible. I knew that I used to struggle with feeling like I had to have all of the answers, yet deep down, I felt like I couldn’t be alone in that. Freedom in how I viewed health in general, how I viewed my own health, and how I coached and consulted others on their health journey didn’t come until I experienced three miracles. Once God radically healed my body, I knew that it wasn’t my doing, but his. I had never experienced that kind of love before. After years of trying to heal my body on my own, I kept hitting a dead end. I felt like I was a failure and disappointment to my Creator. But when I invited God back into the process on his terms, he flipped my understanding of his nature upside down and I was able to get freedom from all the lies I believed and the insecurities I hid behind in both my health and my career in health.

Once I experienced true freedom and asked God to highlight how to handle my health, he gave me downloads for what to do next – just the next step. As I began walking this out, six different people who I didn’t know or barely knew (all in the span of one year) asked me if I was writing or told me I would be. I violently rejected that idea, but realized it was coming directly from God. So, once I surrendered to what He was asking me, the words just flew out onto paper.

All this goes to say, I realized I had to write the book for people to be able to experience freedom in their health journey. We need to go to the source of our health in order to get the map or blueprints for what to do next, and Addicted to Health is a roadmap dedicated to helping people figure out what they believe and why, and what to do next, all while asking the One who made them.

What is one thing about health that you think is misrepresented in the media?

There are so many things! But for starters, the media is typically biased and they should not be the ones defining what it means to be healthy. Unfortunately, given the monopoly we have with the media in the United States and the fact that negative or chaotic news gets more publicity, there seems to be a constant agenda in regards to health. Much of what we are fed through mainstream media is defined on their terms and in favor of their agenda. While it may not always be true, it’s important to seek out information about health from legitimate sources not in the media. Instead of allowing or encouraging people to think for themselves and make their own health choices, there is so much fear, condescension, and misinformation. For example, with everything still going on with the pandemic – it’s surprising how much sway the media has when it comes to telling us what we should and shouldn’t do with our bodies. Each person’s body is different and the media should not be advising people on what’s right and wrong as if it applies to the masses. Having an opinion is one thing, but reporting information in a way that fits each media outlet’s personal agenda or opinion is completely unacceptable.

What was one of the hardest parts in Addicted to Health for you to write?

Honestly, I didn’t want to bring God into it! That’s funny to write now, but I thought that I could share testimonies or provide steps and tips without even mentioning him. But without my encounters with Jesus, and without partnering with the Holy Spirit to actually write the book, it wouldn’t have even happened. In fact, I was a child with dysgraphia, which means I was able to verbally articulate my thoughts well, but sentence structure and clarity went out the window when writing. I think I was afraid of sounding “preachy” or “fake,” but after having a heart to heart with God, I realized I was just letting my fear of what people would think get in the way of what really needed to come out. So, writing this book became an opportunity for people-pleasing to die and to allow God to use it however he saw fit, and I’m glad it turned out how it did!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Great question! I’ve got a short baking book filled with alternative, health-centered baking recipes called “Baking Free with Tori” (available for download now on Amazon). As for another book, there are a couple in the pipeline, but I’m working on one that will be about how dreams and fantasies within your heart can actually be a possibility in the natural world. I’ve experienced the supernatural on so many levels in my life and I’ve also had dreams come true that I believed to be too fantastical and impossible. God had to rewire my thinking so much so that it offended me, but when I let him do it, he began to show me new ways to think and live, and many of my dreams became a reality.

As radical as it may seem, many things that occur in fantasy and superhero stories contain elements from the kingdom of heaven and they should be more of a norm in our world, but we aren’t taught to live life believing it’s true. I think that’s why we’re all so attracted to these stories – because some elements resonate deeply with our true identity. More to come!

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Addicted to Health teaches the steps to change how we view health and find lasting freedom without obsession or punishment. In a world where everyone is aiming to find the perfect solution to their health problems, what happens when we go too far? Healthy living is incredibly important; however, anything deemed as “healthy” is often seen as negative, too difficult to make a part of your lifestyle, or too confusing to know what to do and who to trust. This is NOT what “healthy” should look like for anyone. It’s time to redefine health culture and to walk in lasting freedom and joy with God in your health.

This book gives specific steps for how you can experience personal freedom, lasting transformation, and constant joy in your health journey.

When Facing Life’s Challenges

Pamela Ann Rice
Pamela Rice Author Interview

Tarnished Crowns a Memoir details your personal struggles and your transformative journey towards God. Why was this an important book for you to write?

What God did and showed me in my life was not just for my growth but also for sharing with others. 

God’s ways are not our ways, and many get lost in their faith journey when God changes the road map. I want to help others understand how to better cooperate with the process of salvation. If we learn to look inside ourselves and ask God, “What do you want to teach me?” We will often realize how he uses situations/challenges to build character and faith. Sometimes we get so fixated on the problem we can’t see past it to the higher ways of God. 

That’s why I wrote this memoir to show what growth and Transformation look like in real-time. It’s not always pretty as we face our fears, doubts, and insecurities, but we have an advocate in those times we can turn to, and he will strengthen our trust and faith in him. 

I hope it helps others learn how to stay the course, see beyond the moment, and become more connected to God when facing life’s challenges.

I appreciated the candid nature with which you told your story. What was the hardest thing for you to write about?

To understand some of the difficulties I faced in trusting God as a born-again believer, I felt I had to let readers know about my life amid the glamour and self-indulgence of my past life. I experienced what the world had to offer and how it seduced me into the “desert of spiritual poverty.” Without a purpose beyond “wealth, success, power, and self-gratification,” there is a void inside. 

It was difficult recounting those days where I was lost, abused, and confused. I had no idea how to overcome the damage I had done to myself. I didn’t think God could help because “my issues were emotional, not spiritual” – until I met Jesus.

What is one piece of advice someone gave you that changed your life?

The most significant life-changing moment was wrestling with becoming the director of a crisis house in Hollywood. It meant leaving my security and comfort to move into a house serving at-risk youth, prostitutes, and other hurting humanity. I went to my pastor for advice, and he lovingly looked at me and said, “Pick up your cross and follow Jesus.” Not what I wanted to hear, BUT that started my journey to follow Jesus, and it has been the most incredible adventure of my life. 

What do you hope is one-thing readers take away from your story?

I hope it will help them question God’s purpose for their lives. I want them to hunger for a more intimate relationship with him. 

The church is the starting place, but the adventure with Jesus begins with following him wherever he leads. “Come follow me,” Jesus said. I hope the reader will realize that God is not afraid of our emotions – he understands what we are going through. As we risk being honest with God, we find he is reasonable, merciful, and full of compassion. That’s where we discover our purpose and the freedom to be authentic—in the context of his unconditional love for us. The more honest and open with God, the deeper our love for him becomes. 

I hope readers will be encouraged by my story and risk asking God to show them where their adventure begins.

Author Links: Website | Amazon

What do you do when life doesn’t turn out the way you expect? When your idealistic world crumbles and disappointments, heartbreak, and abuse, batters down your door? When despair swallows you, and your dreams lay shattered at your feet? You can’t help but shout, where are you, God? Are you even real?

Tarnished Crowns doesn’t offer platitudes and clichés but the story of a nineteen-year-old girl from the Midwest who travels to Hollywood and receives an inside peek behind those glamorous doors. Her compromised life and broken relationships devastate her, leaving her depressed, confused, and searching for answers. In her desperation, she makes a deal with God. She gives him six months to prove he is who he says he is. Nothing could prepare her for what happened next. God unfolds an unexpected adventure filled with twists and turns and begins to reveal himself in powerful ways.

Learning to trust an unseen God is not easy, and Pam wrestles with him along the way only to find that every conflict brings his reality closer. Her honest transparency receives understanding and God’s compassion. She discovers how to go from brokenness to wholeness–fear to faith–and resistance to surrender. Tarnished Crowns is her pilgrimage to the heart of God, where she found restoration, purpose, and destiny.

Six Healing Qigong Sounds

Reading Six healing Qigong sounds is good for your heart body and soul. Author Ricardo B Serrano writes about the elements in life that can assist you in living a peaceful and fulfilling life. The six Qigong sounds are perfectly illustrated and give the reader an idea of what they are and how to apply them to obtain the benefits of this holistic healing practice. Readers will appreciate the author’s detailed writing style on this topic. He provides readers with historical information on using Qigong sounds for healing and presents practical examples on how to implement them. The combination of information in this comprehensive book will allow readers to understand what the theory behind and the benefits of using Qigong sounds.

As a Wing Chun Qigong teacher and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, Ricardo B Serrano is equipped with the knowledge to help those that want to find deeper meaning of their existence and to lead a fulfilling life. The author carefully selects the language he uses allowing readers to understand how he breaks down each sound. Through this book, readers will learn that Qigong sounds can also help one boost their immune system. With a clear mental health and learning how to take care of your body physically, you get to subconsciously improve your immune system.

Six healing Qigong sounds is both enlightening and entertaining. Ricardo B Serrano is engaging in his writing and knows how to use appealing and interesting phrases to expound on complex topics. This book is recommended for readers that are looking for their physical and spiritual awakening, as the author covers a variety of topics that can make one a well-rounded individual. The broad illustration and excellent breaking down of points are just a fraction of what is good with this book. The author understands that language and literature are vital in passing messages and promoting cultural values that help man.

Pages: 130 | ISBN ‏ : ‎ 0988050269

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Water by Caroline Allen takes readers on a spiritual journey following a journalist named Pearl, who has worked jobs in America and Europe. She discovers mysticism when she meets a medium as a way to retake control of her life. Pearl explores the abuse she endured from her parents, nuns in the Catholic school and her nonchalant boyfriends. She fights to find her purpose in life. She is supported by her close friends and spirit guides who advise her on decision-making about career and love life. She becomes a Reiki healer, tarot card reader, dream interpreter and adds more spiritual skills to her bucket of metaphysical abilities.

Water, while a work of fiction, educates readers about various spiritual and metaphysical practices, and shares illuminating experiences, all from a medium’s point of view. From this captivating novel, readers will understand why people choose to embrace their psychic abilities and learn about their grounding principles in communing with the spirits. One of the primary lessons learned is that psychics are averse to drugs, alcohol, violence, abuse, and other forms of negativity. It is for this reason that psychics interpret dreams and act as healers; they have a deep sense of needing to help others. What makes the plot of this intriguing novel interesting and immersive, is how well the characters are created. They are well defined and their experiences are vividly described. Reading this absorbing story will transport readers into the often misunderstood world of psychics.

Author Caroline Allen uses strong symbolism when describing Pearl’s dreams and possessive visions, and premonitions. Flashbacks are used in Peals journalism writing, keeping the plot unpredictable and engaging. It’s impressive to see how she meshes themes of abuse, religion, divinity, career, poverty community, and relationships into a spellbinding but cohesive story. This hodgepodge of themes helps the reader understand the chaotic life that Pearl is living and why she is determined to find peace, even if it means leaving a job she is successful at.

Water by Caroline Allen is a riveting novel that will resonate with readers who are interested in mysticism and spiritually. It will also appeal to readers of women’s fiction and those that have a curiosity about divination and philosophy.

Pages: 414 | ASIN : B08HY1VMY7

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Inspired By A Trip

Eleanor Tremayne
Eleanor Tremayne Author Interview

The Agape Journey follows an journalist on a globe trotting race to find the a powerful historical artifact. What excited you about this story and motivated you to continue writing?

All of my female protagonists are strong women that are challenged to pursue various paths in their lives that ultimately establishes their credibility. Imani Lewis has always been surrounded by impressive role models. Both her mother and grandmother gave her the inner confidence. Nevertheless it is her father’s letters, perhaps ironically and unexpectedly that guides Imani to accepting her calling in life. As I was creating the Imani character I was able to include many of my own personal experiences as well as others who have learned how to move beyond their own limitations.

Imani is a unique character that felt authentic. What were some character traits of hers that you most relate to?

Imani is determined to face any obstacle that she meets as long as it does not require her to become emotionally involved. Her relationship with Phoenix is her Achilles Heel, and she realizes this while at Santander. I believe many strong women have this same apprehension and must learn how to move forward.

I enjoyed the history and culture in this story. What research did you undertake for this novel to get it right?

I have been very fortunate to travel the world using personal experiences in many of my novels. Thesituation that Imani has at the Cairo Marriot was inspired by a trip that my daughter Alexandra and I took in 1994, where we stayed in that hotel for one week.

Many of the spiritual lessons alluded to in the novel were learned during Bible lessons and sermons by the two pastors that I dedicated tis book to.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

There are two projects on my schedule. The first is an adaptation of my novel, High Tea with Ophelia, to a play script. I have always thought this novel would make an entertaining play and several theatre actors agree. My next novel is, The Saint Augustine Sisterhood. It will be a story of five ladies from very diverse backgrounds containing DNA from powerful historical women. Together these ladies dedicate themselves to making significant cultural improvements in the ancient city of Saint Augustine. There will be supernatural events blended with new medical research to offer readers some fascinating answers to immortality. This novel is scheduled to be released late 2022.

Author Links: Amazon | Twitter | Facebook | Website

If Ann Frank had the Agape Carpet would she be still alive today? How many lives did the Agape save from its conception in 200AD? Phoenix Baldwin has been hired by the Firm, a group of wealthy investors who are anxious to discover Agape’s powers. But, will Imani Lewis, the determined independent journalist, from New York be the one to discover Agape?
From Cairo, to Machu Picchu, to a small city in the Midwest the race to find the Agape continues.

Addicted to Health

In her book Addicted to Health: Going with God to Break Free from a Health-Obsessed Culture, Victoria P. Davis preaches about healthy eating and healthy living in a different way. The author talks about societal norms, dieting, good health fused with faith and belief in God. The content in this book is far from the usual health advice that we read about every day. Victoria P. Davis shares proven ways in which readers can lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Victoria P. Davis invites readers into her world, and shares her wins, challenges and the battles she has fought. She uses examples from her interactions with family and friends to show how God has been faithful to her and why it is possible to beat every challenge in life if you have faith. For someone that battled and won the fight with Tourette’s Syndrome, skin issues, and hormonal imbalances among other things, Victoria P. Davis sure is an inspiration to many. Her life is a true testament to the fact that nothing is impossible if you are determined.

One thing stands out in this inspirational self-help book; it is how she writes about the various topics and blends mini-topics in every chapter. Addicted to Health has three parts, each covering crucial topics that are somehow related. The first part of the book covers topics on health addiction, health obsession and different views on health. In the second part of the book, Victoria P. Davis tells her story and gets personal. There is a lot to learn just by reading stories of people that have gone through challenges that not many openly talk about. Victoria P. Davis’s writing style shows her compassion for others and their unique situations. When reading about steps to freedom and leading others to freedom, one can realize that the author is a kind soul that does not mind helping those in need.

Addicted to Health will restore your faith in humanity even as you work on your healthy living. The author’s words will also help you live righteously. The text in the book is well written and arranged in a meaningful and easy to follow manner.

Pages: 139 | ASIN : ‎ B096L68VL9

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