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True Colors

True Colors by [Aditi Nair, Morgan Colonna]

Crystal, a magnificent peahen in her own right, is looking for answers. She wants to know the secret to becoming as beautiful as her best friend, Alejandro, a peacock. Crystal prepares herself for a journey of self-discovery without realizing that she will meet new friends and be reintroduced to her true self along the way. From the very beginning of Crystal’s adventure, she meets with fabulous creatures who offer her words of wisdom and the encouragement that makes all the difference in her own confidence. She soon finds out that what she seeks was inside her  all along.

True Colors, written by Aditi Nair and illustrated by Morgan Colonna, is the beautiful story of Crystal, the peahen, and her desire to change her dull feathers with the help of the magical green elephant. This is much more than an ugly duckling tale. Crystal, the book’s main character, learns a slightly different lesson from each of the animals she meets on her journey. The story gradually builds with each of the characters tacking onto her lesson another aspect of self-confidence and inner strength as Crystal’s story unfolds.

This book is the perfect story with which to introduce or review the concept of a central message to elementary students. Nair’s book is the ideal length for in-depth discussions and offers teachers and students ample opportunities to analyze character traits and motivations. Nair has produced a real asset for classroom teachers.

True Colors gives young readers engaging characters from which to learn some very important life lessons. This beautifully illustrated book is a must-have for teachers in grades 2-5.

Pages: 29 | ASIN: B08VFH7ZJF

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