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The Rainbow Blots : A Children’s Storytime Book About Rainbow Colours and Learning Through Play

The Rainbow Blots follows a family of color blots that have a colorful day of play, educating readers along the way, until they get tired and head off to bed. Author Carlie Wright has provided readers with a wonderfully creative children’s picture book that teaches young readers about different colors and shows them how those colors exist around them.

The art in this imaginative children’s book is very cute, with vibrant illustrations filling each page. This gives kids plenty to look at as parents and teachers read the story to them. Each color of the rainbow is represented and each is given its own charming personality. Each color states what they love, and it just so happens to be related to their color, and this provides an opportunity for children to think of other things that are the same color. This makes The Rainbow Blots a fantastically engaging educational tool. My child kept giggling at all the cute things on the pages. My favorite was the orange pumpkin, so cute!

This is a perfect picture book for children in kindergarten and first grade as it teaches different colors, color identification, and helps build kids imagination. I can easily see these delightful Rainbow Blots going on many more color-oriented adventures. The Rainbow Blots is an adorable children’s book that educates as well as it entertains.

Pages: 19 | ASIN: B08TMVNP21

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Opening Doors for Many Children

Diane Hull
Diane Hull Author Interview

Be Proud to Be Blue follows a baby bird that is rejected because of his color and finds his own self-confidence to make friends anyway. Why is this an important lesson for kids to learn early?

We should teach children from an early age to be proud of who they are. A positive sense of self is one of the greatest gifts we can give a child. Talking to children from an early age is important if we are to prepare them mentally for the future.

The illustrations of the frogs and goldfish in this book are my favorite. What is your favorite image or scene from the book?

I really like the scene where Baby bird makes friends with the frogs. They really seem to be having such fun together.

This book was written to be dyslexic inclusive. Why was this an important aspect of the book for you to include?

As an Early Years teacher, I think it is important to help children with dyslexia in every way possible to encourage a love of reading and build their confidence. By producing books with a font that makes the text easier to read, we are opening doors for many children.

Do you have future books planned with baby bird in them?

The first book, “Be Happy to Be You,” encourages children to be happy with their own strengths and individual rather than trying to be like everyone else. I have written a third story about the difficulties Baby bird has building a nest. His mother encourages but does not build the nest for him. The story teaches children about independence and perseverance.

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This book is Dyslexic inclusive; it is printed in a font that everyone can read, including people with dyslexia.

Baby bird wasn’t happy.
He wanted to play with the fish and the horses and the frogs.
But they won’t play with him…
Because he is blue!

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Butterball’s Christmas Surprise

BUTTERBALL'S Christmas Surprise (Butterball the Poodle Book 3) by [Julia Seaborn]

Butterball’s Christmas Surprise follows the life of an adorable poodle as she prepares for Christmas. Butterball goes shopping, decorates a tree, and goes to the groomer to get ready for the big day. Butterball gets into mischief along the way, but does her best to show her mummy that she’s a good dog and is rewarded with a special visit from Rudolph and Santa.

This is an adorable holiday picture book that is perfect for young readers who are advancing to stories with full sentences and paragraphs. There are no difficult words, but word repetition will help develop reading comprehension and confidence.

Each character is doe eyed and very cute. The illustrations cover each page with a soft color palette and simple yet emotive graphic art. Readers are given a challenge at the beginning of the story to find 12 Christmas Candy Canes throughout the story ensuring that readers will be fully engaged with this entertaining book. The bonus ‘Fun Questions’ section at the back of the book makes this book a full reading comprehension lesson in itself.

Author Julia Seaborn provides elementary readers, parents, and teachers with another beautifully illustrated children’s book that is a prefect fit for the holidays, as a learning tool, or as a delightful bedtime story.

Pages: 32 | ASIN: B08XQ6F32Z

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A Unicorn From Ancient China

Crystal Z. Lee
Crystal Z. Lee Author Interview

A Unicorn Named Rin follows a Chinese unicorn on a mission to find the missing royal Phoenix before the Friendship Concert. What inspired you to write this beautiful children’s book?

We’re a family that loves unicorns but I couldn’t find a unicorn book that featured a protagonist which looked like my daughters. After conducting some research, I discovered unicorns were a part of Chinese history, and even Confucius himself wrote about them. Thus I set out to write an early readers book about a unicorn from ancient China, along with a Tang dynasty princess.

The art in this book is well drawn and vibrant. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Li (Lily) Liu?

Lily lives in France and I’m in the US, so we had numerous video chatting sessions to discuss the illustrations. We both have children so at times our virtual meetings were very chaotic from hilarious kid-related disruptions! I’m just in awe of Lily’s talent. She really brought every page to life! She is originally from China, and I had lived in Shanghai for years, so this book was a very meaningful project for the both of us.

What were some aspects of Chinese culture that were important for you to include in this book?

I’m a big fan of ancient Chinese poetry, so there some Tang dynasty poems included in the book. And although this is a fantastical story with mythical creatures, the geographical locations are real.

Will you write more children’s book of this type in the future?

Yes, my second children’s book will be released next year.

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The Royal Phoenix is missing from the Tang dynasty palace! Princess Pingyang is worried. Can Rin the Unicorn find Fan the Phoenix? Together with her friends — Dragon, Tiger, and Tortoise — Rin embarks on a journey to mystical lands in China. Along the way, Rin discovers the value of teamwork and the warmth of friendship.
A Unicorn Named Rin celebrates the wonder and beauty of Chinese history and culture. This exquisitely illustrated picture book makes an ideal gift:
*Easy-to-read vocabulary enables confidence in early readers
*Whimsical illustrations encourage imagination in all unicorn lovers
*Storyline fosters dialogue around collaboration, empathy, and kindness
*Real locations in China make for an inspiring geography, history and cultural lesson

Be Proud to Be Blue

Be Proud to Be Blue follows a blue baby bird that goes out and tries to make friends but is rejected by the other animals because of his color. Baby bird is sad because no one wants to play with him, he doesn’t understand why his color should matter. With self-confidence and pride, he goes back and makes friends anyway, all color differences aside.

In this delightfully illustrated children’s picture book we follow baby bird on a mission to make friends, he’s rejected because of his color, but what I really enjoyed about this book was how baby bird gains the confidence he needs to make friends. He does not need any external force or person to tell him his self-worth, he finds it on his own. I found this to be unique in this marvelous children’s book. This is a great way to teach children to become self-reliant.

Each page has wonderful illustrations that look simple but depict a wide range of emotions in the characters. The frogs were my absolute favorite characters in the book. They were so cute! The illustrations will surely capture children’s attention and keep them coming back to this book again and again. The emotive characters also provide a great learning opportunity for toddlers to point out and talk about what characters might be feeling.

Author Diane Hull provides young readers with an easy-to-read book that helps build reading comprehension with the use of simple words that repeat throughout the story. Be Proud to Be Blue is a fun and educational children’s book that teaches kids about self-confidence, diversity, and inclusivity all in a super fun and adorable way.

Pages: 34 | ISBN: 1643723693

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A New Social Issue

Lisa Jacovsky
Lisa Jacovsky Author Interview

Let’s Talk! Going to the Zoo educates readers on how fun the zoo is along with what autism is and what that means. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The inspiration was really my own real life experiences. I have a passion and connection with animals. I thought it would be great to use that in the story and show that little ones do not have to be held back by Autism. If they want to go to the zoo, their family should take them. I felt it would really show how little ones with Autism would be able to enjoy this type of experience.

What were some key ideas you wanted to share in this book that were different from book one?

I wanted to show a new social issue that little ones not just with Autism, but in general face. Also, to show little ones how to overcome that kind of an issue. That is why I wanted to put the idea of a group of bullies in. Then having a little one realize that Harper is right and see the beauty in Autism would add to Autism being something positive. I also wanted to show different cultures and that is why each character is a different ethnicity. I really want my books to focus on diversity not only in disability but in culture and ethnicity. Having different themes represented I think is so important because if you look at the current repertoire of children’s books, which I did recently, each character was a boy. Girls are rarely represented. And the majority of books showcase a Caucasian character. Diversity, culture as well as disability is very under represented and I want to break that pattern.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your book?

Strength. I want little ones to realize they are strong and can stand up to that bully. To see they are strong and do not have to hide their disability but proud of it. To be strong about wanting to go new places and try new things. Determination and strength is so important for our children to see represented. I want children to see themselves in my books and gain determination and strength and confidence. If I can do that, then my series has reached its goal.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I have written a new series actually. I wrote and put it out there first as a short story and changed my mind. I will be starting the publication process in November of this year for the Rascal Cat Brothers part 1. Which is a story of the silly shenanigans my two cats get into. I am not forgetting about the Lets Talk! Series though, book 3 is done and will go into production early next year, stay tuned!!

Author Links: Twitter | Facebook | Website | Instagram | GoodReads

Harper and Emma are two best friends who first met at the pool in the summer. Emma has Autism which affects her speech, but she does not let it slow her down. She has a different way to communicate. Harper learned about Autism and how to communicate with her new best friend. Now the girls are getting ready to go to the zoo for the first time. What animals do you think they will see?

While enjoying the animals Emma becomes excited and flaps her hands, making noises. A group of children come over and begin to point and stare. What do you think Harper does when she sees this group being not nice to her friend? Come find out when you read the next book in the Lets Talk! Series.

A Unicorn Named Rin

A Unicorn Named Rin is an adventurous children’s story that follows a qilin, a Chinese unicorn, that must help Princess Pingyang find Fan, the royal Phoenix, before the Friendship Concert begins. Rin sets off on a wonderous journey that takes him to many real life locations where he meets many mythical creatures from real Chinese legends.

This is a beautifully illustrated children’s picture book. Every page is covered in bright colors that will surely keep young readers attention. I loved all the creatures that Rin encounters as they were intricately drawn and each helps Rin when he needs it, and lift his spirits when he is down. In the end they all work as a team to find Fan in a clever twist that requires teamwork, a fantastic message for children. This is the most unique children’s book that I’ve read as it combines Chinese culture in every aspect, from myths, to poetry, festivals, and real geographic locations.

This fairy tale is easy to read, with a couple of larger words that will challenge young readers, but with repetition they are sure to pick it up. The message this story delivers is an important one for children to learn, don’t despair, ask for help, and work as a team. I appreciate how all of this is never stated outright, but learned through the story.

A Unicorn Named Rin is a fun and educational picture book that teaches children about Chinese culture as well as building literacy skills. Highly recommended to parents and teachers who are looking to diversity their children’s bookshelf.

Pages: 32 | ISBN: 1913891127

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Baby Out of Wedlock

Baby Out of Wedlock: Co-Parenting Basics from Pregnancy to Custody by [Jim and Jessica Braz]
Co-parenting is not easy especially for unmarried parents. So how does one go about it without a hassle? Jim and Jessica Braz have answers to all the questions that involve co parenting. The authors write from their own experiences and give solid advice. One major lesson that I picked up from this book is that the children’s interests should come first no matter the issues at hand. The reader gets to learn a bit about Jim and Jessica at the beginning of the book. Jim narrates his story as well as Jessica’s and one gets to share the mistakes both made while young. Both Jim and Jessica had children with people they were not married to. From their stories, one can conclude that it is not a pleasant experience to not be on talking terms with the person you are expecting to have a child with.

Baby out of Wedlock is the right book for you if you are expecting a child with someone you have no intentions of settling with. The authors are friendly, honest and make the reader feel like they are not alone. Carrying a pregnancy to full term is challenging and that is why women are advised to have their partners with them when pregnant. If your circumstances are however different, the authors advise not to feel lonely. I like the fact that Jim preached about being positive even in distressing situations. The author has a way with words and will make every mother expecting a child out of wedlock to not feel alone. Jim advises against thinking of the pregnancy as a mistake if things fail to work out with your partner. The authors are practical and share nuggets of wisdom for both young and seasoned co parents.

Another major lesson in the book was about child custody and finances. Discussions revolving around money are not easy to have. While sharing the custody of a child however, it is important to lay out a firm financial plan and get to communicate with the other parent how the child’s upkeep will be taken care of. I appreciate Jim for telling it as it is, that money talks are difficult and can drive one to the edge. The author gets real with every situation and even gives disclaimers when discussing. Legal battles are another thing that mint money from both parents. The authors advise that one gets a family lawyer, and not just any lawyer when faced with custody battles. This will help you get the correct advice and save you tons of money as not every lawyer knows how to give counsel on custody battles.

Baby out of Wedlock is a short book that talks about almost all the scenarios that could happen when you get pregnant with or impregnate the wrong person. The authors use facts and statistics to support their arguments and share words of encouragement for readers that are in the situations discussed in the book.

Pages: 176 | ASIN: B092Z1GC6D

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