The Lightning Rod for the Unusual and Unexplained

Dan McEwenAuthor of the fantastic novel A Force of Nature, Dan McEwen takes some time out of his day to discuss his work with The Monster.

Claire lost both her parents when she was young, she escapes death several times in uncanny ways, and she’s lost lovers to death and divorce. She is far from the average thirty-eight year old. How did you create such an imaginative character? Is there any inspiration pulled from real life?

Claire the PR guru is a composite of several very savvy women I enjoyed working with/for during my career as a freelance writer. As well, her narrow escapes are based on actual events that happened to people I know. Beyond that however, Claire “the lightning rod for the unusual and unexplained”, is entirely a figment of my imagination.

Claire meets Tom Katz, a veteran bush pilot, familiar with the dangers of the wilderness he flies over. What was your inspiration for his character?

Many years ago, as a program producer for a northern Ontario TV station, I had numerous opportunities to fly with Rusty Blakey, one of Canada’s most renown bush pilots. I was in awe of him – he inspired me to get my pilot’s license – and I soaked up every bit of his wisdom about the wilderness. I tried to reflect that expertise in Tom Katz.

Discovery and justice were highlighted themes throughout the book. What were you hoping your readers would take away from A Force of Nature?

I would love to claim that my novel has at least some small literary aspiration, some bigger meaning or hidden message but I’m not there yet as a writer. With this first novel, my only goal was an entertaining read. What I want readers to take away from the novel is a strong sense that they got good value for their money.

Where do you see your characters after the book ends? Laying on a beach in Maui?

Interestingly, one reader-reviewer has suggested that I have deliberately set up the ending for a sequel. No way. I have too many other stories I want to tell. I’m content to leave Claire and Tom canoeing the Upper Amazon, fly-fishing in New Zealand, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or….maybe just laying on a beach in Maui.Buy Now From

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