The Monster and his Dalliance with Dillydallying

dalliance: [dal-ee-uh ns, dal-yuh ns] – noun – amorous toying; flirtation.

dillydally: [dil-ee-dal-ee, –dal-] – verb –  to waste time.

Dalliance with dillydallying? Don’t worry about the title. You’re here! And now we can both move on together.

The Monster was asked by Steven Capps to guest post on his site, S.T. Capps. The purpose of his blog is to create a place where we can talk about how to become better writers and get some tips for the industry as well. The Monster was honored and provided a post about author interviews and how to make the most of them. If you’re interested in finding loads of good information on being a writer in today’s world go to and follow his site.



About Literary Titan

The Literary Titan is a book review website which consists of mostly fiction books, but we do enjoy non fiction works that we're excited about. All reviews are the reviewer’s honest opinion. We love books and read constantly (seriously, it’s an addiction). We're always open to book review requests and have aspirations of one day being sucked into the Twilight Zone episode with Burgess Meredith where all he wants to do is read, but can’t until the world ends; you know what I mean?

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