This Story Has Been Years In The Making

Marieke Lexmond Author Interview

The Dagger follows a young detective who is also a witch, as she uncovers secrets that her family has kept hidden for generations. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

They always say you should write about something you know. I love tarot cards, magic and family.

When I grew up I was the youngest of five, a quiet child that loved observing others. I kept myself entertained with the family dynamics. Some people love their family and it’s a safe heaven, while others feel like aliens in their family. It’s something you can endlessly dissect!

I was fascinated by the idea that a each family member would represent the qualities of one of the major arcana cards in the tarot deck. That’s what the whole Madigan family does, even literately in Book 2 “The Magical Tarot Deck.” This story has been years in the making. It took me a long time, before it found its present form.

Last but not least, the magic! I enjoy using real life witch practices and spice it up with a healthy dose of fantasy. It’s so much fun.

These three things combined is how the Madigan Chronicles started.

Bridget tried to separate herself from her family’s magical abilities but ends up reconnecting with her family and her powers. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Bridget made a choice to leave her family and her gifts behind. What happens if you deny your true self? As it turns out,Bridget unconsciously still used some of her magic.

How do you find out who you are? It’s something most of us struggle with growing up, and even later in life. Through Bridget and her magic I get to explore that. To find out who and what she is and finding the courage to be yourself. That’s one of the joys of writing. You get to be all these characters. You learn a lot!

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Consequences is one of the themes I explore in Book 1. Most of the time we make choices or do things that effect other people, it’s not something you can avoid. But I think it’s important to realize some actions can have enormous ripple effects.

Tara is confronted with the consequences of her secrets. Bridget, she cut herself off from her family to protect herself from emotional stress, but forgot the immense hurt she causes her twin with that.

Another one is Balance. Nobody is all good or bad, there’s always a balance! It’s something that I explore throughout the series.

What can you tell readers about the second book in the series, and when will it be available?

​The second book: “The Magical Tarot Deck” is available! The Madigans thought they could relax after they retrieved the Dagger of Consciousness, but malicious Lucy takes possession of the family’s Magical Tarot Deck. Now they must get it back in time before she will use it against them. Lucy sees her chance not only for revenge but also to pressure the Madigans to return the Dagger. More family secrets are forced into the open and magical talents emerge.

The third installment is also available: “The Wand” The struggle to keep the elemental powers safe continues, and the family dramas deepen.

As “The Wand” begins, Ceri has a hard time finding the balance as the Keeper of the Land in Fairy and being human – alienating her daughter, who finds a dangerous friend in Mab, the Queen of Fairy.

In the meantime, Maeve must face up to her teenage trauma and wrestles with accepting her true self. Bridget does her best to help her twin, and make up for some of the pain she had caused by leaving her behind all those years ago. At the same time, she is forced to take on a responsibility she never wanted and upsets the entire family in the process.

I’m currently working on book 4 “The Cup”, which I hope will be published before the end of the year.

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“The Dagger” is the first in a mystical, magical series featuring three generations of powerful, headstrong witches from the Madigan family. The family struggles to work together to keep a centuries-old promise. One leg in the real world, one in the magical, Bridget Madigan is a young detective working in Boston. Even though she has sworn never to use magic again, she caves to watch a flashback from the murder. She never dreamed her findings would implicate her own blood.

This unstoppable magical rollercoaster unearths long-kept family secrets. The Madigan family bond is pushed to the limit. Will they be strong enough to keep that century-old promise and protect the elemental power objects from a dark witch?

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