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Delilah Recovered 

Delilah Recovered by Amelia Estelle Dellos tells the story of Delilah Smith, who lives a dull and uninteresting life as an accountant. Her world turns upside down when she meets the handsome Samuel Solomon, who introduces her to the exciting realm of fairies, witches, angels, and witch hunters. Delilah quickly learns that everything she thinks she knows about her ordinary reality is wrong. Her authentic memories reveal that she will play a pivotal role in this world. Delilah discovers that many of her memories have been sealed from her. She begins to learn about her prophesied destiny and that many aspects of life have been hidden from her. The world she uncovers is dark, extraordinary and ominous.

The world that is constructed by Amelia Estelle Dellos in this enthralling fantasy novel is imaginative and enchanting. I enjoyed how the author articulated the contrast between Delilah’s mundane existence as an accountant in an office and being thrown into a chaotic dark fantasy realm with danger and excitement. The book has a compelling story line and a fascinating protagonist. The story delves into the colorful and dynamic lives of the characters and I really enjoyed watching how their actions impacted one another; sort of like a paranormal melodrama on television. There is no shortage of action and intrigue to lure readers into this richly imagined world.

The author brilliantly integrates elements of the Samson and Delilah story into the book and shows how the past can have a profound effect on the present. Romance, mythology, magic, and an intriguing mystery all coalesce into an exciting journey. I was enthralled with the surreal theme of this book and reveled in the unique supernatural and time travel elements. I recommend Delilah Recovered to readers who are looking for an imaginative urban fantasy novel with a protagonist that goes through a massive evolution.

Pages: 276 | ISBN: 1639885145

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The Nephilim Project

The Nephilim Project: A Demon’s Chronicle is an intriguing historical/biblical fiction novel that focuses on demonic attempts to corrupt mankind throughout the ages. Starting at creation, we follow a servant of Satan, named Utoneious, as he records the events of early Old Testament figures like Noah and Moses, or more accurately, their less-famous family members who succumb to demonic temptation in one way or another. Over the course of Utoneious’s chronicles we are introduced to the Nephilim, creatures begotten by the mating of a demon and a human woman. The story eventually moves on to events of the New Testament, and then the Knights Templar of the Crusades.

The Nephilim Project is a visionary novel. The attitude of Utoneious is of someone who has a job to do, as opposed to someone hellbent on being evil for evil’s sake. As he observes mankind he also takes part in bureaucratic meetings with other demons, who are aptly described in horrific and beastly ways, but also have a certain diplomacy to them. The juxtaposition of the business-as-usual demonic conversations overlayed with something like the death of Christ is jarring, but amusing and entertaining.

I felt that author Steve O’Dell’s writing is a bit esoteric at times, but the story is still fascinating. The humans of the story are often driven by a loyalty or faith in God, but are corrupted through demonic interference, usually through an ancient relic. The demons themselves assail mankind with temptation rather than brute force more often than not, making their influence more subtle as man falls to greed, war, and other vices.

This is a spellbinding Christian fiction novel. I enjoyed the unique and fascinating mythology of this world and reveled in it’s creativity. Readers who enjoy historical fiction with a supernatural element, especially history centering on the time of the Crusades, will really enjoy The Nephilim Project.

Pages: 389 | ASIN: B01N2WJ4I9

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Return to the Absolute

Return to the Absolute creates a compelling case for the existence of the universal consciousness. It is a refreshing read that employs a unique mix of physics and spirituality elements and his own personal experience to support this conclusion. McCoard writes from an interesting perspective that’s intriguing for anyone new to this subject and for individuals looking to expand their thinking and understanding of physics, consciousness, the universe, and how it all relates to us.

McCoard gives you a greater sense of the powerful energies present in our world while inviting you to use your knowledge to your advantage to find and achieve a personal balance. While the author deals with complex ideas, the general theme conveyed by McCoard masterfully brings science and spirituality into agreement to a degree.

What I enjoyed most about this book is how the author’s ideas can work in harmony with any spirituality or belief system, including Hermeticism (the Occult), Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Sikhism, Islam, Judaism, and the Law of Karma. It’s relatable to a variety of readers, regardless of their personal creed. McCoard tackles complicated philosophical and scientific ideas with clear visuals and a tone of humility and honesty that makes it easier to understand. The author takes the reader through an emotional and profound spiritual journey, sharing his insights gently and thoughtfully, like a mentor.

I recommend Return to the Absolute by Calvin McCoard because the author does an excellent job of translating very complex and sometimes debatable concepts of religion, spirituality, and philosophy into practical tips and shows how to apply these concepts to real life. The book was particularly helpful in suggesting meditation, mindfulness, and working towards securing a greater connection to one’s body, its energies, and the mind for a more fulfilling, balanced life.

Pages: 115 | ASIN: B09XQ9FDY5

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Darkness Is Her Greatest Fear

Kaylin McFarren Author Interview

Annihilation is a gripping paranormal fantasy novel that explores good vs. evil and shows that things are not always split down the middle. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

There are grey areas when it comes to good verses bad and not everything is clear-cut or simple when it comes to making educated choices. Black and white lines are so much easier. Right or wrong, good or bad. Righteous verses evil. When you try to find a compromise between godliness and sin, it only results in waffling, vacillating, wishy-wash gray areas that cause a host of problems. This is the dilemma of many of my characters.

Your characters are very compelling. What were some driving ideals behind your main character’s development?

Samara is a Nephalem being and is struggling to find herself in Middle Earth and also in Hell. She is a strong, independent female who is slowly discovering her strengths and capabilities. As the story progresses, she grows as well in more ways than one. Although darkness is her greatest fear, her endurance, determination, and developing powers become her greatest strengths.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

As with every book I write, I like to express the importance of family and friends, loyalty and devotion, and the true meaning of unselfish love. I believe it’s also important to point out that people who just go with the flow – lacking feelings or any kind of commitment – often end up on a wide road that leads to disappointment, heartache, and sometimes destruction.

What can readers expect in book three in your Gehenna series?

Samara learns how to stand up for herself when pitted against Lucifer in the cruelest way possible and also finds herself betrayed by the love of her life.

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With the death of Lucifer, Queen Lucinda assumes control of Hell, ordering her soldiers to prepare for a doomsday war with Heaven. Craving eternal power, she devours the souls of gifted demonic beings, acquiring their abilities to destroy her perceived political enemies.

Meanwhile, the Black Crows meet with the Knights of Darkness in their hidden headquarters, plotting against Lucinda in their efforts to maintain peace and the balance of power. Consumed by hatred over Crighton Daemonium’s unrequited love, Lucinda is unaware of the secret conspiracy brewing, or that Lucifer’s spirit has returned to Hell inside the body of a soul–trapped demon.

Reclaiming his throne, Lucifer punishes his daughter for her act of treason. However, his obsession with Samara, Crighton’s beautiful daughter, leaves him incapable of controlling his stolen body. After forcing her into submission, he names Samara the new Queen of Hell yet continues his authoritarian rule. When an insurgency breaks out on Earth, he becomes distracted long enough for her to be kidnapped by Nexus rebel forces, believing her to be the prophesied savior of their planet.

Is Samara the Phoenix, destined to destroy Lucifer? Or is she his soulmate and the true Queen of Hell?

Awards: 2021-2022 Reader View bronze medal winner in Erotica and Horror categories; 2022 Independent Press Award Distinguished Favorite in the category of Horror; 2021 Incipere Awards silver medal winner in Romance category; 2021-2022 Global Library Award


Annihilation by Kaylin McFarren is a story that explores the age-old issues surrounding light and dark or good versus evil, the balance between the two, and the blurred edges between distinguishing them. Following the central family of Ariel, once an angel now trapped in a demon’s body, her husband Crighton, a half-angel half-demon, and their children living between Heaven and Hell. As both realms are on the brink of the ‘Red War,’ it becomes clear that their family, especially their children, are going to be vital in the outcome, and Lucinda, the Queen of Hell, is not going to take any chances.

This novel is scattered with references to well-known myths, legends, and fables such as the ‘eternal fire from hell,’ angels, demons, and werewolves. These are all prominent symbols of the battle between good and evil, and they assist the reader in understanding some of the stories. However, throughout the story, things are not always so clear, which enables people to think more about their perception of where the line between the two would be.

McFarren has done an excellent job of telling the story from various perspectives through short chapters dedicated to specific characters’ points of view. It is easy to follow, ad each storyline overlaps. Imagery is another element that has been successfully used, for example, ‘belied by the unshed tears glistening in her eyes or ‘sheets of bubbling flesh.’ These are powerful images that allow you to see the story as you are reading it.

McFarren is imaginative and explores themes such as the power of women and how everyone is constantly battling internally with good versus evil. From the wonderful use of dialect to the flow of the story itself, this was an excellent read, one I would read again and recommend to others.

Annihilation is a gripping paranormal fantasy novel that explores good vs. evil and shows that things are not always split down the middle. Readers of occult horror will find this book thrilling and different from your usual dark fantasy novels.

Pages: 428 | ASIN : B09KMNBNQG

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An Endeavor I Was Committed To

Becky Parker Geist Author Interview

The Left Turn follows an author and her partner who are desperate for inner peace and find a split-second decision propelling them into different versions of their lives. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I lived that moment, in a sense. I was on a bike ride with my husband in San Francisco and he was riding way ahead, and I’d also been experiencing that sense of drowning in our relationship. And that “what if” thought popped into my head. But unlike so many “what if” thoughts that raced around in my thoughts at that time, this one stayed with me and formed itself into a scene. So I wrote it down. Somehow the end also arrived with the beginning, which was cool and already lent a mystery to what that might all mean. Then over weeks and months, more scenes would show up in my mind. At a certain point I had enough related scenes that I knew I had to figure out how they fit together. That’s when writing this novel because a real thing for me, an endeavor I was committed to.

Hannah is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

So many of us live like life is a struggle, it feels hard, and it feels like it is happening to us, like it’s out there and we have to navigate it somehow. I certainly used to feel that way, and sometimes still do. But I’ve grown personally in ways I never expected and initially did not pursue. Once the door started to open, mostly out of my intense desire for a better life, I started to see how I was creating my own experience and that I could change what I was creating to something better. It’s that moment of the cracking of the shell, the opening of the door to new possibilities that is so fascinating to me. That’s where Hannah and James are—in that first opening.

The ideals, you might say, are around willingness or openness to see things from a different perspective, to consider the possibilities that maybe things aren’t the way we thought. Or maybe we knew that, but forgot while getting through each day. I believe we all have more creative power and agency that we think we do, and that we can heal ourselves, each other, and the world as we accept and live into that power. It’s challenging to move beyond the ways we’ve been trained to think and feel and behave, but we’re the richer for it when we make the effort.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Synchronicity is one. We tend to write off coincidences like they don’t mean anything, they’re just funny. But I think they are clues, reminders that the Universe is constantly shifting and adjusting to manifest what we choose to pay attention to. They are a kind of magical sticky note.

Which brings me another theme: intention and focus. “Energy flows where attention goes.” I think Tony Robbins is right about that and we can easily test it out and experience it. Most of us these days are so constantly distracted by everything from advertising to our own to-do lists, that we tend not to notice or our energy is just a chaotic mess. Really holding an intention with focus consistently can produce some mind-blowing results.

And one more I’d like to mention: perspective. Changing our perspective is a powerful exercise. As an actor, it was part of my training to put myself in a character’s shoes and think their thoughts and speak their words. It helps us both understand others more, but also helps us stay flexible in our own thinking. For every way one might see something, there is another way to see it. I don’t believe there is an objective reality. How could any of us ever perceive it, since we are all seeing from our own perspectives and cannot do otherwise? Understanding that can help us heal from divisiveness (from political to familial) and to recognize how we are one.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Book 2 in the series doesn’t have a title yet, but it’s in the works. My plan is to launch it September 2023. For this next book we’ll explore the other side of the parallel universe split that happened in Book 1. And we’ll be exploring some different themes in more depth, including how we personally grow while in relationship, and what death might be from a different perspective. In Book 1 Hannah split off from James. So in Book 2, they will have started apart, and now will be together.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website

If your past vanished . . . who might you become?
Hannah, a forty-six year old author plagued with anxiety, and her partner James, an HR recruiter caught in a headlock of grief over his brother’s death, are as desperate for inner peace as they are clueless about how to find it.
But when they embark on a sunny bike ride shortly after moving to the San Francisco Bay Area, a split-second decision propels them into different versions of their lives—ones they don’t recognize as their own. With a mental fog obscuring their recent past and who they were, they are forced to dig inside themselves to figure out who they are now. Surprising discoveries about the nature of the universe send them on a psychological journey towards who they can be.
Will they be able to let go of their deeply ingrained subconscious beliefs about life and themselves to embrace the unfamiliar potentials they now face?
Reminiscent of the film Sliding Doors and novels The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, and The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver, and related to books The Bond and The Field by Lynne McTaggart.

The Left Turn

The Left Turn by Becky Parker Geist is the first book in the Split Universe Series. The book is a blend of genres, part science fiction, part romance, part self-help book, and part beginners guide to quantum physics. That may sound like a strange mix but rest assured, Geist nails it.

The book follows Hannah and James, a couple who have been together forever. Both characters are haunted by their pasts. Hannah is a mess of anxiety and neuroses, whilst James is unable to settle, determined to forever keep pushing forward. Both unhappy with their lives, a sudden decision made by Hannah during a seemingly ordinary bike ride throws both of them into a parallel universe.

In this new universe, they are seemingly separated, both left with few memories of their former lives. Yet, both set out on a journey of self-discovery to discover their authentic selves as they attempt to fill the shoes of their alt-universe counterparts.

The book is excellently written, and Geist proves adept at blending genres. The characters and the story itself are both deeply engaging. Geist sprinkles mysteries throughout the book as the reader is left trying to work out the differences between universes. At times these mysteries can feel like plot holes. For example, who is Bob? But it seems that the loose threads Geist leaves here are picked up in the next book.

The book deals heavily with quantum physics and the idea of self-actualization. These are clearly things Geist is passionate about, and for the most part, she weaves them into the book naturally. No prior knowledge of quantum physics is required to enjoy the book, but a little might help. Geist seems to know this as she name-drops several beginner guides to quantum physics.

There are many minor characters Hannah and James meet through this journey. The people they encounter come across as walking, talking self-help books at times. These characters have a tendency to dive into deep conversations with complete strangers in a way that can feel a little unnatural. Still, it is a great way to get information and help the main characters figure out themselves.

The Left Turn is an excellent book that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has left me with several questions I can’t wait to answer in the sequel.

Pages: 238 | ASIN : B0B54B3HSL

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Ghost Mark

Jane Walker is a tough yet gentle woman trying to live an everyday life despite her paranormal ability. Ethan Bryce is a bartender with a chip on his shoulder that loves his girlfriend, Jane Walker, and is coming to terms with Jane’s ability. Sadie Prescott is Jane Walker’s best friend and might or might not be missing her former hooker life. Jane runs into an old friend, Dylan O’Brien, but he claims to not know her. Jane is surprised by the brush-off but lets it go. However, it’s not long before Dylan becomes an integral part of Riptide, a club Ethan works at, but Dylan is not the sweet and bright friend Jane remembers.

Ghost Mark by JP McLean is a gripping story many urban fantasy lovers will enjoy. The lead character Jane is tenacious and kind, and her dilemma is fascinating and never boring. Ethan, Jane’s boyfriend, is tough, too, but his kindness and compassion are apparent throughout the story. Sadie, Jane’s friend, has a narrative that is interesting and compelling to read about. The character’s development throughout the story is beautifully crafted and well thought out. The way the characters interact with one another is realistic, allowing readers to be drawn into the world created by JP McLean. This makes for excellent reading.

Ghost Mark by JP McLean is a thrilling occult horror story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The crime constructed throughout the novel is fundamental to the plot and is setup in such a manner that you feel compelled to see where things end up. The action is set at a pace that never lets up. The world-building is expertly done and is commendable. Many moments in the story have you wondering what could possibly happen next, and it delivers at a satisfying pace. The author has provided an intense, riveting, and fast-paced novel.


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