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Water by Caroline Allen takes readers on a spiritual journey following a journalist named Pearl, who has worked jobs in America and Europe. She discovers mysticism when she meets a medium as a way to retake control of her life. Pearl explores the abuse she endured from her parents, nuns in the Catholic school and her nonchalant boyfriends. She fights to find her purpose in life. She is supported by her close friends and spirit guides who advise her on decision-making about career and love life. She becomes a Reiki healer, tarot card reader, dream interpreter and adds more spiritual skills to her bucket of metaphysical abilities.

Water, while a work of fiction, educates readers about various spiritual and metaphysical practices, and shares illuminating experiences, all from a medium’s point of view. From this captivating novel, readers will understand why people choose to embrace their psychic abilities and learn about their grounding principles in communing with the spirits. One of the primary lessons learned is that psychics are averse to drugs, alcohol, violence, abuse, and other forms of negativity. It is for this reason that psychics interpret dreams and act as healers; they have a deep sense of needing to help others. What makes the plot of this intriguing novel interesting and immersive, is how well the characters are created. They are well defined and their experiences are vividly described. Reading this absorbing story will transport readers into the often misunderstood world of psychics.

Author Caroline Allen uses strong symbolism when describing Pearl’s dreams and possessive visions, and premonitions. Flashbacks are used in Peals journalism writing, keeping the plot unpredictable and engaging. It’s impressive to see how she meshes themes of abuse, religion, divinity, career, poverty community, and relationships into a spellbinding but cohesive story. This hodgepodge of themes helps the reader understand the chaotic life that Pearl is living and why she is determined to find peace, even if it means leaving a job she is successful at.

Water by Caroline Allen is a riveting novel that will resonate with readers who are interested in mysticism and spiritually. It will also appeal to readers of women’s fiction and those that have a curiosity about divination and philosophy.

Pages: 414 | ASIN : B08HY1VMY7

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The Sound of Wings

Three women from different social backgrounds, united by their shared interest in the creative arts, have their fates collide at an auction. Bound by their insecurities, their encounter reveals the dark secret they have buried inside themselves. The secrets slowly come to light as their friendship solidifies. However, it is not only the bond they share that proves therapeutic to those women, but also that flutter of wings, signaling the everlasting presence of the vital forces in their lives.

The author of the book, Suzanne Simonetti, expertly depicts the anxieties and uncertainties of the human mind through the voices of women of various ages, experiences, and circumstances. From the struggling writer who fears losing his son’s legal custody to the ‘real-life Cinderella’ of Cape May Krystal Axelrod. Each character in this women fiction novel is on the hunt for their individuality. The motherly affection contributes an important part in the story, cropping up through Jocelyn, Goldie, and Pearl, the housekeeper.

In addition to focusing on its human characters, this psychological thriller also explores and depicts animal faculties. The statement “Her babies always knew where to find the love and could easily decipher whether they were in companies of allies and foes” provides the reader with an interesting glimpse into animal nature observed by the author. In titling The Sound of Wings, which begins and ends with the arrival of monarch butterflies, the author does an excellent job of conveying the sentiment behind the work’s subject matter. The concept Suzanne Simonetti has associated with butterflies and their arrival will fascinate readers.

The Sound of Wings, by Suzanne Simonetti, enumerates the practicalities of life with its mystical elements. The theme of self-belief, or lack thereof, runs throughout the book and the characters. Characters displayed courage and determination through their interactions with each other. The pace of the narrative will appeal to people who enjoy slow-paced novels that spend time really developing their characters and telling their stories. This women’s fiction novel will prove to be a page-turner if you enjoy mystery fiction, with plenty of drama and a drizzle of occult and spiritualism.

Pages: 297 | ASIN : B08F2BJP1N

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Chindi by [Timothy Bryan]

Chindi by Timothy Bryan begins in Northeastern California in the fall of 1862, diving into the story of a man named Abraham. As Abraham and his brother Billy dig something up in the rural landscape, they find a horrifying skull that strikes fear deep into their hearts. The story then travels across the plains to find a Native man named Chief Hakan as he discovers the bodies of a murdered family. He assumes the worst—that their tribe is being attacked.

The meat of the story begins with conflict. After the shocking deaths of many good people, Lieutenant Crook realizes that the Native Americans must be attacking white settlers. This spurs him to ready his men for battle, as more disastrous deaths occur around them. As we watch him struggle to understand why the conflict is happening, we learn that Abraham has been possessed by a being named Chindi—as he traverses the landscape, he collects the bodies of the dead, raising them to join him in his trek.

I found Chindi to be a harrowing story that explores history while emphasizing elements of horror. I loved the action throughout the story, and found Crook’s battles with the creature haunting and intriguing. As Crook and his men learned of the demons entering the bodies of the dead, I felt their fear along with them, completely entranced by the terrifying tale.

I would have liked to see even more description of the actual monsters. I had a hard time picturing the creatures at first, but I was thankful when Bryan explored the fearful aspects of their appearance. However, I sometimes felt that the increased dialogue took away from the atmospheric terror.

If you’re a fan of horror stories, Chindi takes the idea of a classic western and turns it into something absolutely haunting. I loved the unique nature of the monsters and enjoyed how history played a part in this spooky story. I recommend it to anyone looking for an exciting and scary read this Halloween season.

Pages: 243 | ASIN: B09FSCS87K

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The Betrayal Of The Inquisition

Mace Merle Berry
Mace Berry Author Interview

The Oath Breaker continues the story in The Witch Hunter General series. What were some new ideas you wanted to introduce in this book that were different from book one?

I really wanted to add some emotional depth to Victor’s character and make sure he didn’t come off as just some mindless, heartless killing machine. He may be an immortal half-witch, but he is also still half-human who is dealing with an immense amount of grief, sorrow, and loss. I’ve also always loved the idea of the hunter becoming the hunted and wanted to incorporate that element into his story. I think Victor being on the run really gave him a chance to face his metaphorical as well as literal demons head-on which gave him some extra depth for the rest of his team to try to navigate as well. I love watching their team dynamic unfold as the story progresses.

Victor Cain continues to be a riveting character. What were some challenges that you felt were important to his characters development in this book?

I tried to make Victor just as complex as any living person. He’s been struggling with so many things for so long; from the death of his wife and son, to his loss of faith and hatred of God, to the betrayal of the Inquisition. He is a man besieged by guilt and near-crippling depression, all while still trying to lead his team who don’t know if they can fully trust him anymore. Trying to convey all of those things and make it honest and believable was definitely challenging and the most important for his development.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun writing?

The scene that jumps out at me as the most fun to have written was the siege of Requiem Tower. The chaos and devastation the Thunderbird wreaks was a pure joy to write.

What can readers expect in the book in the series?

I think readers will be able to expect a thrilling and epic conclusion in the third book of the trilogy. There are many more battles to be fought and revelations to be had by the time it ends. I am also currently working on a series of short stories that tie into the novel series, each one focusing on an individual character before they joined Victor’s team. There just might be a spin off series in the works as well.

Author Links: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Reeling from the loss of Magnus, the team is forced to find a replacement, and Harik has someone in mind. His old bounty hunting partner, Remo Alaris, reluctantly joins Victor’s team as a favor to his old friend. At the same time, Aka Manah, the demon prince of evil minds, has risen, and he has chosen a lieutenant. The Mortifer, a being of pure malevolence that lives and kills in the shadows, has begun systematically wiping out Puritan Inquisitors and pinning the blame on General Victor Cain. Now, disavowed and disgraced, the excommunicated master hunter has become the hunted and labeled a wærloga or Oath Breaker by the very Inquisition he swore to serve. Now, Victor and his team are forced to go on the run westward to the neighboring city of Paratus. But the Inquisition is not the only obstacle in Victor’s way. Supernatural creatures long thought extinct, the long-awaited plot to usurp the Inquisition and the peace treaty to bring war against the World Tree Coven, as well as the trauma of Victor’s past, have all come calling, and they will not be ignored. Meanwhile, Scarlet and Harik face an obstacle of their own that threatens to end their relationship and their lives. Victor and his team are at a breaking point. Will they come together and be forged stronger in the flames of perdition? Or will they fracture under the pressure?

The Witch Hunter General II

The Witch Hunter General II: The Oath Breaker by [Mace Berry]

The Witch Hunter General: The Oath Breaker, by Mace Berry, is about the two-thousand-year-old Inquisitor General Victor Cain. He’s a witch hunter who has been framed for murder by Gabriel/Mortifer. General Cain is confronted with Aka Manah, an enemy from his past, and learns who his friends really are. Mace Berry has written a great book that sucked me into the story. I truly enjoyed the read and the characters. I cared about what was going to happen to Victor Cain. Berry has created a unique and creative world with lots of depth to explore.

In the prologue, Aka Manah and Gabriel are introduced, but neither one of them were named right away. This makes the story feel lived in and like we are stepping into the story as it is already moving along, much like the beginning of A Game of Thrones where we enter a world with an established history and we are only catching up.

This is followed by getting into the first chapter and Victor knows that Aka Manah still lives, but I didn’t see any information as to why Victor would know this. This speaks to how invested I was with this intricate story. When the members of the High Council are introduced in chapter seven, it is so that they can choose a new Grand Inquisitor. I’m left wondering why they would be involved with this when it is explained a bit later that the High Council and the Inquisition are separate branches of the government. There are many layers to this novel that I sifted through because I was enthralled with the characters and the detailed nature of the story.

While I enjoyed the story I felt that the ending was a little abrupt. I will not give too much away here, as it is definitely worth the read, but it ends with an important change to one of the characters. Readers looking for a dark fantasy series that looks like it can easily run several novels will have plenty to enjoy here.

The Witch Hunter General: The Oath Breaker has excellent characters that I cared about, in a world that feels real (whether it’s a future Earth or a different planet all together), and a story that pulled me along. This is an enthralling fantasy adventure that is a wonderful addition to what is proving to be an epic fantasy saga.

Pages: 328 | ASIN: B09C6TX88B

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Elizabeth Franklin, A Witch’s Tale – Book Trailer

Raised in a family spanning generations of witches, Elizabeth Franklin was faced with a decision: to follow the teachings of her mother, or venture into the shadows of dark magic as her grandmother before her. In pursuing the darkness, Elizabeth would ultimately be banished to Hell in her quest for power, as she violated the sacred Witch’s code through her own slave’s deception.



Nothing to Get Nostalgic About

Nothing to Get Nostalgic About by [Eddie Brophy]

Charlie Harris has lived a life of fear, stemming from his troubled childhood and one fateful day in 1997. For the most part, he has managed to keep the monsters at bay. Not only that, but he has successfully capitalized on them by being an author of the macabre. But now, they are all coming out of the woodwork, and they have found a nice, cozy spot underneath the crib of Charlie’s infant son. 

With a premise like that, any horror fan is sure to recognize the influence of Stephen King in this novel. Not only is it set in Maine – the master storyteller’s hometown and favorite setting – but it is also about an alcoholic author haunted by his past.

Automatically, titles like The Dark Half and The Shining come to mind. But instead of distracting from Brophy’s identity as a writer, the contrast between King’s signatures and Brophy’s distinct style only shines through. While King is the self-proclaimed “literary equivalent of a Big Mac,” Brophy delivers the scares through a more cerebral approach.

The novel is sprinkled with meditations on fear and how it never leaves us after it has made its mark. It only mutates and adapts to scare us until our dying breath. It is undeniably a dark concept, and Brophy takes readers through the journey with an unflinching eye. Luckily, he manages to make it easy for us with prose that is somehow both conversational and sophisticated at the same time but never pretentious. The dialogue ranges from unrealistic to dull at times, with some of it being there simply to provide exposition but this does not take away from the story. 

Horror hounds will find a lot to sink their teeth into in Nothing to Get Nostalgic About. It is a creepy, psychological tale that is not your run-of-the-mill paperback, making it well worth a read.

Pages: 352 | ASIN: B08RCW4YPM

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If A Fallen Angel Arrived Today

Brian G. Walsh
Brian G. Walsh Author Interview

The Last Angel To Fall follows Federal Agent Stone who is tasked with hunting a Fallen Angel, in his pursuit he reveals a conspiracy between the State Department and Lucifer. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

The tagline came to me very early in the process: “Everything we’ve been taught about Good & Evil is a lie.” How does the world really operate? What is the real truth behind the war between God and Satan? There are two sides to every story, but for the most part, we’ve only heard one and it’s pretty much universally accepted without equal time from the antagonist. Wouldn’t it be interesting to speculate about that?

This novel began as a screenplay but the story demanded the expanded palette that only a novel could provide. I wondered what would happen if a fallen angel arrived today. How would it be handled? Is there some secret government agency already in existence tasked to respond and cover up improbable events like that? I thought about allies and enemies and how alliances are often of convenience and not always due to similar perspectives and goals. What could possibly compel any nation to sign a treaty with Lucifer? I then thought about the Apocalypse. What would be the signal event that triggered it? I thought about the story of the fallen angels. That’s when I decided that there was a suppressed book of prophecy that foretold the story of the last angel to fall as being the event that triggered the Apocalypse.

Your characters are well developed and intriguing. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Some of it is personal experience. I’ve worked with a lot of interesting, diverse people from all kinds of backgrounds. The characters have a clash not only of personalities, but of politics and beliefs. They believe they are right, as most of us do, and fight to hold onto their beliefs, even when they are unsupported by facts or reason. I wanted to represent different points of view and open the mind of the reader to be able to “walk in another person’s shoes.” The character of Asheba Rain especially asks very searching questions that are meant to provoke objective analysis. Her point of view is completely outside normal human experience. To her, none of our universal beliefs are valid. The protagonist, Jubal Stone, eventually comes to the unsettling conclusion that lies and conspiracy are behind everything he’s ever believed in. Thad Coleman, a Black man who has experienced racism must struggle with a prejudice of his own due to his faith.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

The need to question everything we are conditioned to accept as absolute truths because in one way or another, not everything we’ve been taught about good and evil is true.

Challenging conventional beliefs that are unsupported by facts, logic or common sense is vitally important to our growth as a species.

Ethnic cleansing is unacceptable and unjustifiable, even when God is the perpetrator.

The Bible tells only one side of the story of Good vs. Evil. There is another side I wanted to explore.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

The sequel to The Last Angel To Fall is in the final stage of editing and should be available in late October 2021.

Author Interview: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Everything we’ve been taught about Good and Evil is a lie!
After 12 Federal Agents are murdered, Federal Agent Jubal Stone is pulled from a desk assignment and plunged into a nightmare pursuit of a Fallen Angel who was imprisoned inside a meteorite that struck south-central Michigan.

The State Department has a secret treaty with Hell!
As he hunts the last rebel angel, Jubal learns about a shocking conspiracy between the State Department and Lucifer.

In war, the winner writes the history.
The Bible tells us God’s version of the Eternal War, but neither God nor the Devil are what they seem. Jubal’s long-held beliefs are shattered when he learns the other side of the story of the war between good and evil from a beautiful, mysterious woman who was born in Hell.

What is the surprising truth about the origin of Hell?
Jubal is torn between duty and faith when he learns that this Fallen Angel has information that can help Lucifer win his war against God.

A rogue CIA agent is also in pursuit, and he has very different plans for the Fallen Angel. To make matters worse, Jubal learns that his teammates are keeping secrets from him – secrets that could get them all killed.
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