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Rise Above And Overcome

David Gittlin
David Gittlin Author Interview

Three Days to Darkness follows a man that dies and is sent to Heaven but then is sent back to earth to save humanity from renegade angels. What was the inspiration for the setup in your story?

The novel started with two characters that popped into my head. They are almost direct opposites except for their shared ethnic background. Darius starts out as a straight arrow and Javon is a street thug. Their interaction has profound effects on both characters.

Darius is an intriguing character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

When I originally wrote this novel, I was feeling downtrodden by my circumstances and the people around me. I believe the driving force behind Darius arose from a need to rise above and overcome my limiting beliefs and outer circumstances.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Two major themes revolve around building self-confidence and mentoring. Like most heroes, Darius begins his journey concerned mostly with his small circle of relationships and his career goals. In his spare time, Darius helps out as a mentor to at-risk inner-city youths. I believe Darius’ community work is a major reason why he is chosen for the pivotal role he eventually plays in the course of human affairs. There are two other themes, but revealing them would be a spoiler.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’ve just completed a sequel to “The Silver Sphere–No Time to Waste.” The second novella in the series is titled “Cataclysm–End of Worlds.” The book is currently in production and I expect to release it in early October 2021.

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Heaven isn’t the reward Darius McPherson expected it to be. For one thing, he’s too young to be there. And now the Archangel Aaron and the Board of Director angels are telling him he has to return to earth to save humanity from itself and an army of renegade angels. He’s not exactly in the mood after losing everyone he loves, including the lovely Rebecca, the soul mate he was about to marry before he was killed in a drive-by shooting.

No one seems to care that Junior Operative Darius McPherson is woefully short of adequate training and skills for the difficult task ahead of him. The Archangel keeps assuring him he’s the man for the mission, while Darius wonders where the more experienced Senior Operatives have gone.

As his mission briefing draws to a close, the Archangel calmly announces that Darius has three days to defuse what his superiors refer to as “The Big Emergency,” a budding cataclysm that threatens the orderly evolution of consciousness itself.

Reluctantly, Darius accepts his assignment. Immediately after the Hyperspace Conveyor Tube deposits Darius in a run down section of Miami, Florida, Darius meets the first member of his mortal task force: seventeen-year-old Javon Quincy, a street hustler on the run from a botched robbery attempt.

Scarlet Ambrosia

Scarlet Ambrosia: Blood Is The Nectar Of Life by [David Gittlin]

Scarlet Ambrosia by David Gittlin is a gritty and steamy vampire novel laced with an air of criminal mystery that follows Devon Furst as he meets the enigmatic Mathilde de Roche. Devon is a sleek businessman used to expensive taste and a successful routine.  His connection with Mathilde occurs in the middle of several disappearances happening around downtown Miami, claiming the lives of many who look just like Devon.

While it seems that there is a mysterious threat on the Miami streets, Devon finds himself intimidated by the power that Mathilde herself holds. She seems to know more about him than he thought possible as they’ve only just met and spent time engaging in a casual relationship. But Mathilde has seen Devon for some time, and kept her sights trained on getting him. He’s suspicious of her allure and her cunning words, until he finally learns her devious secret: Mathilde is a vampire.

I enjoyed this new take on the typical vampire genre. The story itself was seductive and pulled me in, with Mathilde being such an enigmatic character. I liked the fact that the female character in this story had power in creating other vampires around her, while trying to escape the hold of her cruel companion. Her relationship with Devon was steamy and exciting and gave us an opportunity to learn about this vampire realm with unique clarity.  As a reader, we got to discover so much about the world just through Devon’s growth as a new vampire, the villains he met, and the hardships the people around him went through under vampire influence.

While I enjoyed the story, I felt that it was a bit rushed at the beginning, pulling us right into the world of Mathilde with little information about Devon. I would have liked to see a regular day in his life before he met Mathilde to give more context to what his life was like. However, I thought that once the story kicked into Devon’s life as a vampire and the loss he faced through this change, the fast pace helped keep the story exciting and lively.

If you want to read something fast-paced, intense, and dark, Scarlet Ambrosia is an amazing novel for you. The vampire underworld explored in this story is alluring and sexy and will draw in any reader. This book is perfect for someone looking for their next exciting read.

Pages: 355 | ASIN: B00PBCA0HU

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Consumed My Every Waking Thought

Hermione Lee
Hermione Lee Author Interview

In the Name of the Otherworld follows a young orphaned girl into a magical land where she learns her true identity and must come to terms with who and what she is. What were some sources that informed this novel’s development?

I’d say that Alexandria’s struggles and inner demons parallels that of my own. Before I became an author, I had a strong lack of confidence. I didn’t like being me at all, no matter how much I achieved. For some reason there was this little part of me that kept discrediting and doubting myself. But then all changed since the idea of writing In the Name of the Otherworld entered my mind. Finally, I had a goal to strive for, a dream worth fighting; something that consumed my every waking thought and absorbed my energy like a huge magnet. The notion of penning a novel kept me excited, and I was so focused on my book that I didn’t even have the time to feel insecure or question my abilities. But along the way, few people were willing to support a young author like me. My enthusiasm won me many perfunctory compliments, yet almost nobody was truly interested in what I was doing. In the Name of the Otherworld would never have been born had my will been just an ounce weaker. I felt that, like Alexandria, I was proving my worth to not only myself but also the others during my journey.

Alexandria was a character I enjoyed following. What were some obstacles in the story that you felt were important in defining her character?

Her Cover of Courage

First of all, she was mistreated as a child. This made her independent and fierce yet terrified inside. She performed magic without herself being aware, hurt people, and inflicted damage without meaning to. She was scared of herself. But as a victim of bullying, she donned a mask of bravado to conceal the many insecurities that dwelled underneath.

Her Personality

Alexandria didn’t have many people to love. Her parents were believed to be long dead (or at least at the beginning of the story). She had very few friends, while most of her peers either bullied or shunned her. Because of this, she is fierce, loyal, and will do everything to protect the few ones she loves.

Her Ambition

She endured years of bullying in the orphanage and school. Plus, she was often defined as a “freak” and a “witch”, labeled different in a negative sense. This made her rather ambitious. As an underdog, Alexandria was eager to prove the people who despised her wrong. She did her best in every battle, fighting not only for the people she loved but also to prove herself worthy.

This seemed like a fun book to write. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

This is no easy question to answer. As the author of this book, every scene has a significant meaning to me. To a writer, a scene is never just a scene. Memories, those of where I wrote it and how I got the inspiration of creating it, are linked with the scene itself. In other words, every scene is memorable in its own way. I can name a few that stand out in particular, though— the scene which the protagonists had to cross the bridge (in chapter five), Clarissa’s first time flying on a cloud, the part where they all had to jump into a waterfall for dear life, the chase in the desert, the final battle…. Oops! Did I give away too much?!

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I finished the sequel of In the Name of the Otherworld six months ago. It’s titled Marvels of the Underworld, and hopefully it’ll be published next spring. I haven’t signed the contract yet, so no promises, but I try to look on the positive side and cross my fingers for the best. Two weeks ago, I completed the third book of the Otherworld trilogy, War of the Chaotic Worlds. I can’t give too much away, but there will be a great many twists and turns in both the second and third book. They’re much darker compared to In the Name of the Otherworld. I’m busy editing the third book now, but as soon as I finish, I plan to start a young adult novel without speculative elements. It’s going to be very different from what I have written in the past. As an author, I always enjoy challenging myself to new heights.

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

Regarded as a witch and alienated by the majority of her peers, fourteen-year-old orphan Alexandria Richardson wants to be anybody but herself. However, this all changes one day, when the mysterious fountain in her school transports her and her three classmates to a world of magic— the Otherworld. The four of them are brought to the palace of the Otherworld on the rulers’ orders, and the shocking truth of Alexandria’s identity and parentage is revealed. As Alexandria then participates in a miraculous adventure with her companions, she explores the depths of courage, kindness, and friendship. But will she make it safely back to the Otherworld? Or will she eventually yield to her biggest enemy, someone no other than herself?
It’s not just an adventure. It’s a journey of growth and redemption.

Real Magic Isn’t That Simple

Byrd Nash
Byrd Nash Author Interview

A Spell of Rowans follows a family who must deal with the dangerous aftermath of their mother’s death while carrying the scars of their childhood. What were some sources that informed this novel’s development?

Unfortunately, I grew up in a home where physical abuse of my brothers by my father was the norm. While none of my experiences are to the extreme seen in this story, I think the scenes in the book feel very real because of drawing upon that background. I also come from a large family with three brothers and a sister, so writing about sibling experiences, the guilt and shame (“survivor guilt”) is something I know firsthand.

The character of Liam, who presents as learning disabled in the story, is from my experiences of having two grown sons, both with ADHD. My oldest had many problems in public school because of the administration not understanding how to handle his learning disability. I’ve worked with doctors, teachers, principals, and counselors to get my kids’ help, and have experienced the frustration of trying to navigate a system that is simply out-of-date with what we know now about how kids learn.

I’ve also donated my time to several non-profits that are about early childhood development and working towards child abuse prevention.

On a completely different note, I’ve worked as a reporter covering government meetings, schools, and crime, so have lived in a lot of small towns, exactly like Grimsby. The streets, the police force, and the history of Grimsby are pulled from these life experiences.

What were some ideas that were important for you to personify in your characters?

It was really important to me for the sibling connection between Phillipa (the oldest), Victoria (our protagonist), and Liam (the youngest “baby” of the family) to feel real. I wanted their interaction to be something the reader would go “oh yeah, that’s exactly how my siblings would act.” Their connection to each other, almost knowing what the other needs, but also being defensive about past events, was really important to me to get right.

Phillipa, as the oldest, was the one who broke away first, and is successful, but at what cost to herself? Victoria, perhaps has the most realistic perspective of both parents. She is caught between guilt for leaving, but also knowing that she had no other choice but to save herself. Liam, the one left behind, is the least functional adult (as we classify it), and has his lack of self-worth and self-destructive traits to deal with.

Despite all of their differences, all three still feel a strong family bond.

How did you balance magic and its use throughout the story to keep it believable?

A Spell of Rowans is in a contemporary setting and I knew I wanted the magic to be something they could use every day, but not be a cure-all, miracle worker. 

I did not want the magic to be something you would see in a television series like Charmed or Sabrina. As I keep telling my husband, there will be no “wave the magic wand and the cupcakes dance.” Magic was going to be gritty and problematic, but for the characters who had it and the ones who loved them.

Phillipa has a talent for making people immediately like her – charisma. Something you see in some television and movie star actors. She has leveraged this to make a successful career as a realtor.

Meanwhile, Victoria, as an empath, can sense other people’s emotions. As a character, I wanted to showcase someone who could know another person from the inside-out, but was also rather oblivious to her own emotions. I wanted to write about an empath that, maybe because of her knowledge, had to fight against getting involved with people in order to save her own sanity.

Liam’s psychometry, the ability to read objects, not only makes him appear strange to outsiders, but was the talent most twisted to evil purposes by his mother.

I wanted the magic to be something that was used every day and was an essential part of the personality of each character. 

Magic also had to have strict limits and not be something that solved the character’s problems or revealed the mystery. 

This is a pet peeve of mine, when magic acts as the deux de machina. I also call this issue the K-9 problem from the robotic dog in Doctor Who that always came in at the last minute to save everyone from the corner the writer had painted them into.

At one point in the story (no spoiler!), a spell to reveal their mother’s killer doesn’t go as expected. Real magic isn’t that simple and never will be.

What is the next book that you are working on, and when will it be available?

I’ve got several projects in the works right now. One is the last book in my College Fae series called Storm of Songs. This will wrap up the story about my fae dryad attending an European university alongside human students. I hope to have that out in 2022, but it is still very much in the first draft stage.

I’m also working on a new series about a lady detective where the heroine is a Ghost-Talker, someone who can speak with the dead. It will be high fantasy, set in a mythical land similar to the early 1900’s Europe.

The best way to know about my projects is to join my newsletter (you also get a free book!). Or join the private Fan group I have on Facebook as I announce a lot of projects under development and time schedules there. Also, those followers get the first chance to be a Beta readers or ARCS of my books.

Free books, behind-the-scenes, and new reads at

Author Links: Goodreads/Byrd_Nash | Instagram/Byrd_Nash |

Magic comes in threes.

Victoria, whose empathic talent reads hidden feelings. Phillipa, with a glamour that bewitches. Liam, who can touch an object to reveal its past.

All are in danger.

Their narcissistic mother, Rachel Rowan, sniffed out secrets and she used her antique shop, Rosemary Thyme, to torment the residents of Grimsby.

But with her death and the murder of her assistant, Vic must discover the truth before the past destroys what remains of her family.

And that hometown boy she dumped way back? He’s in Grimsby and knows the truth about her.

With their magical talents twisted by a traumatic past, the Rowan siblings must face the deadly fallout of blackmail, murder, and magic in this emotional page-turner.

NOTE Trigger warnings for discussion of child abuse and trauma, with one assault scene, and some cursing.

At the Publisher’s request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

I Wanted to Create A New Villain

Shana Congrove
Shana Congrove Author Interview

Sins of Chaos finds the Breedline species safe from Breedline hybrids but now they face something far more deadly. What were some new ideas you wanted to explore in this book that were different from The Immortal?

For Sins of Chaos, I wanted to create a new villain, or rather a trio of villains, who are far more powerful than the Breedline or any other species in their Covenant. Bringing forth this type of supernatural villains would give me the opportunity to introduce some new “winged” characters to the story who will play a crucial role in my Breedline adventures in the future.

I loved all the new exciting characters included in this story. What were some sources of inspiration that informed their character development?

Everyone wants a hero, especially in a world filled with evil and destruction. That’s when my heroes started to develop. And why not five battle angels. Of course, they are not your typical white winged angels with halos hovering their heads. I wanted my new heroic characters to be larger than life with personalities and special powers to match. Their purpose is vital to the story and will continue on in the future.

How did you come up with the idea for the antagonist in this story and how did it change as you wrote?

Crazy as it sounds, my idea for the antagonist in Sins of Chaos, came from a dream. I knew I needed new exciting villains for my story, but I struggled with the idea. One night I dreamed of three fraternal siblings with supernatural powers. They all had specific characteristics and unique powers. As time passed, they became more vivid and believable in my own mind. Although they are the “bad guys,” their story will shift toward the end.

What can readers expect in the next book in your Breedline Series?

Next in line for my Novels of the Breedline series follows:

  • The Curse
  • Living Nightmares
  • Vampires in Manhattan

Author Links: GoodReads | Twitter | Facebook | Website

As the Breedline species—a race of humans born with special powers and the gift to change into wolf form—finally destroy Dr. Hubert Crane and his unholy creation of Breedline hybrids, they are faced with something far more dangerous… and deadly. When widespread reports of gruesome attacks on homeless victims sweep across Berkeley California and the San Francisco Bay area, two local human detectives are desperate to catch whoever is responsible for the disturbing and heinous crimes. But… they are not prepared for what they discover when they encounter three malevolent supernatural beings called… the Fury.

Abbey, desperate to keep her she-wolf at bay, has been on the run from ruthless scientists—backed by wealthy and dangerous prospects dealing in drug and human sex trafficking—who will stop at nothing to use her to locate her beloved Steven for his unique abilities of healing.

With the help of the Breedline species and a group of highly trained soldiers, whose special skills go beyond the norm, the human race finds hope of surviving the dangers that are fast closing in. But will the combined efforts be powerful enough to save them?

While war wages on, Sebastian Crow continues to suffer Lucifer’s curse—trapped in a coma and forced to face the forgotten trauma of his childhood. And the only way to awaken from his hellish nightmare, Sebastian must hand over his son Arius to the dark side.

Stolen Redemption – Book Trailer

To Adrian Powell, the easiest way to get what he wants is to simply take it, and the quickest way to deal with an obstacle in his path is to destroy it. After forming a lawless alliance with his two closest friends, Willy and Riley, Adrian Powell makes himself the most feared man in Chalvey. But he then tries to expand his criminal enterprise by stealing a kilo of cocaine from a dealer in Slough, then eighty thousand Pounds from another, which leads the dealers to join forces in a move to have him eliminated. To get the job done, they turn to a corrupt police inspector named Ray Warran, who owes them favours. Warran has no interest in committing a murder, so he sets out to concoct a fraudulent case against Powell that will get him locked up for life. Warran and Powell soon find themselves drawn into a desperate game of cat-and-mouse, but quickly become their own worst enemies by making one reckless decision after another, until both their lives are in danger of collapse. When the two men end up alone and out of options, they both realise that any hope of redemption for them has fallen beyond their reach, and their karmic debts have now come due.

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Up To My Neck in Werewolves and Vampires

VK Fox
VK Fox Author Interview

Indie Saint follows a young woman who suddenly possess powerful abilities and embarks on a dangerous quest to stop a madwoman from destroying the multiverse. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

My biggest inspiration was to draw a comparison between the protagonist, Jane, and the antagonist, Eileen. They are both women who suddenly have the power to change the world. They both have family struggles and a desire to help other people. They both come from humble roots and are afraid of the rapid changes in their lives – both mundane and supernatural. However Jane works to stand against the darkness even though she is afraid and Eileen chooses to hide behind it. I wanted to show what happens when fear rules our actions and prevents us from being who we are meant to be. I liked the idea of contrasting that when we are faced with incredible challenges we can choose to stand tall or let it twist us.

For the setting I wanted to pull some flavor that doesn’t usually get page time. My inspirations from Catholic tradition, Sumerian Mythology, Urban Legends, and Jewish Mysticism (later books) is the kind of thing I crave as a reader who has been up to my neck in werewolves and vampires for the last two and a half decades.

Jane is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Jane is a combination of two of my friends from high school with a dose of Urban Fantasy lady protagonist thrown in the mix. I liked the idea of starting the book with a character that hit a few tropes so I could gently subvert as the story went on. A strong, snarky woman – but she’s primarily a healer, not a badass combatant. She’s inexperienced and sometimes clueless, but she questions everything she learns and realizes quickly that some of the pieces don’t fit (more on that in later books.) She’s swept up in a whirlwind romance, but instead of throwing caution to the wind she thinks about her choices and implements boundaries. I tried to tie her struggles and decisions back to core ideas that everyone has to face in real life because, ultimately, that’s why superheros are interesting: not because they have powers but because we can see ourselves in them.

This seemed like a fun book to write. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

I loved writing the Bunnyman scene – it was probably the most difficult because the point of view was so skewed, but trying to walk the line between horror and ridiculousness is one of my favorite elements to play with. The Jersey Devil fight was also very enjoyable – I based the initial encounter on an interview with a woman who survived a grisly bear mauling and incorporating her first hand descriptions of the event gave the scene a lot of flavor. Dialogue was also highly enjoyable, the characters developed their own voices very quickly and intra-character dynamics were really enjoyable to write. It often felt more like I was recording a conversation than making it up myself.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

Neon Redemption (Words of Power book #2) and Suicide Kings (Words of Power book #3) are available now through Amazon! Righteous Eight (Words of Power book #4) will be released August 17th. While this series is coming out I have started a new series about a man named Wade Rhodes in rural Virginia who works for the supernatural branch of animal control and is sent out on cryptid calls. I am planning on doing a mash up of a redneck Supernatural and a gay retelling of The Little Mermaid. His urban fantasy romance adventure is still in the works, but I hope to be ready to look for a publisher by Christmas.

Author Links: GoodReads | TikTok | Facebook | Website

Jane’s young. She’s broke. Oh, and she just discovered she has supernatural powers so bizarre they may end up killing her.

Since she read a biography of Catholic saints and began spontaneously healing the sick and calling down lightning, Jane’s day-to-day has become a trippy journey of self-discovery. Lucky thing a pair of magical special agents appear and offer to train her because it turns out that, not only has Jane’s life taken a hard turn for the weird, but the fabric of reality is beginning to unravel.

Urban legends like Mothman, the Jersey Devil, and Bunnyman are manifesting in a sleepy Pennsylvania town, and they are haaangry.

The good news: Jane’s new boyfriend is part of an ancient corporation of literary superheroes ready to save the world. The bad news: life expectancy for people with powers kind of sucks.

If Jane wants to live long enough to see the year 2000, she’ll have to work with her new mentor, a teenaged, angsty King Arthur; her current crush, cuddly god-man Enkidu, and a gun-nun from a neighboring comba-convent to seize her role as a try-hard hero and stop a middle-aged madwoman from ripping a hole in the multiverse.

Indie Saint is an urban fantasy adventure with a dose of Sumerian, Arthurian, and modern mythologies, and a dash of romance. Fans of Quentin Tarantino, Tamsyn Muir, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will enjoy the cheeky writing, toasty romance, and technicolor brawls.

Note: This series features M/F and M/M slow burn, steamy romance that starts sweet and gets spicy in later books.

MY NAME IS ROBERT! – Book Trailer

Robert Barton was born a boy who loved to dress up as a girl. That was his only crime.

When he was 16, five high school football players and a man raped and brutalized him for hours before dumping him in a vacant lot.

The day after he is found alive, the bodies of his assailants start stacking up in the morgue.

Detective Sylvia Gomez must find this avenging angel before he or she takes out the last player and its game over!

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