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It Was Going To Get Away From Me

GJ Scherzinger
GJ Scherzinger Author Interview

The House on Chambers Court follows a corporate spy who’s forced to steal a special book in a magical but dangerous land. What were some sources that informed this novels development?

I challenge myself with each book. In the case of “The House on Chambers Court” I wanted to write a ‘caper’ novel, but within a Fantasy setting. That was the core of the book and the story evolved from there. More than any other book I’ve written, it evolved with the writing, a lot of the characters and circumstances appearing rather than planned. The secret is to write what one knows, and I’ve years of experience in martial arts, and include rock climbing as part of my past endeavors. I was living in Mexico during the writing. As I was a 6’4″ red-headed Gringo, there was no way I was ever going to blend in, and I thought it made for an odd counterpoint for a ‘spy’. I also love the intelligence inherent in the animal kingdom and all of my books give them some kind of inclusion.

This seemed like a fun book to write. What scene did you have the most fun writing?

It was fun throughout, as I really felt like I was trying to keep up with the characters rather than leading them on. The whole instance of them stealing all of the horses instead of just the one was a prime example. I live on a farm now, and horses have their own heads. It was obvious when I started writing the scene that, like the horses, it was going to get away from me and yet it provided the opportunity for the packet to fall in their hands. The interactions between Xavier and Kendra were fun to write as well. Their conversations really fell out of me easily, two people who genuinely liked each other.

What were some ideas that were important for you to explore in this novel?

The idea of writing of shapeshifting really started listening to a recent album by Santana called ‘Shapeshifter’. I was blissfully unaware of the glut of ‘shapeshifter’ urban fantasy novels on the market, or I’d never have used the device. The album, and cover, really got me thinking more in terms of the shamanistic legends as the basis for my character. In researching the worlds related to spirit or guide animals, it’s really a mechanism by which we try to understand at our own natures. We have elements of the animal kingdom that influence us, we are animals after all. We also have our culture and the genetic memories of our ancestors. There are also the male and female qualities inherent in each of us. Thinking of ‘shapeshifting’ allowed for all of these things to come into play for me, so in the process of writing the story, a lot of those ‘conclusions’ came out. It’s impossible to put ourselves into the minds of the various beasts. We’re so involved in verbal communications and the electronics of life. I wanted to explore the animal sense where so much of the communication is non-verbal, then relate that as a writer. I dedicated the book to the ‘animals in our lives’. Anyone who loves their pets will understand.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I presented myself with another goal, to write a murder mystery. Agatha Christie did it. Why not me? And of course toss in layers of magic, for what would Fantasy be without it? Those sorts of whodunits have all kinds of suspects and motives and so it presented a new challenge for me as a writer. I hadn’t gone too far along in the plotting before I included the characters of Xavier and Kendra which were introduced in ‘The House on Chambers Court’. They were still fresh in my mind and fun to write, so I kept going with them central to the plot. The story has become “The Masque of Count Milado”. It’s a spoonerism on a Poe title and I’m not changing it. Bibliophiles will laugh. ‘The Masque …’ isn’t a sequel, rather a whole new tale. I’ve just had the second draft returned by my editor, so the final draft is being polished. I hope for its release in Spring 2022.

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Xavier Gaines, a corporate spy on the run, stumbles upon a strange house in a neighborhood he thought he knew. When the door shuts behind him, he finds himself shanghaied by the mysterious Tamarina Voxana to a land of magic and shapeshifters, charged with stealing the Book of Undone Deeds as his only hope of reprieve.
Xavier becomes a stranger in a strange land and must stay beyond the notice of the ruthless Guardsmen as well as a powerful Oracle, all who have reason to want him dead. To succeed, Gaines must discover the location of the Book and in the process, the truth of his own inner nature.

The Change Agents

Legal reporter Eliza is stunned when she finds a bug and two spiders talking to her and asking for her help with a cause. The puzzled and yet intrigued Eliza at the Mausoleum door follows the creatures through the crypt to NoHoSap, a safe place for living animals, away from humans and their exploration. As the surprises and shocks unfold for Eliza in NoHoSap, she learns of her role in a great cause – climate change. Will the Change Agents of NoHoSap be able to influence the world with the help of their human friends? Or penetrate the skeptical human conscience indifferent to the world’s real issues prowling the Earth?

In this unique urban fantasy novel, author Sarah E. Lewis honors her canine Bebop and inspires people to save the Earth from climate change. Bebop plays a significant role in the story as he is not only Eliza’s faithful companion but also a guide for NoHoSap, a change agent dedicated to making the Earth a flourishing home for all creatures. This intriguing story also satirizes the whole human race using several discourses and interactions among animal species. The story features a scene where animals protect and help rescue humans in a flood. It comes off as a silent mockery upon humans encroaching on animals’ natural habitat.

The Change Agents presents a critical topic wrapped in fantasy fiction, in which animals have taken over the role of humans. Readers will appreciate the comical representation of technology-driven animals in the story, such as BG (Billy Goat) rapping and mixing crazy tracks amid the dancing animals. Having the animal participate in such a serious social issue as climate change adds fun and makes the book ideal for older elementary children. The chapters were reasonable lengths and easy to break out for discussion topics.

The author wisely enlists the state of every habitat due to weather fluctuations by including the species that live there in The Alliance members of NoHoSap, who help explain to readers the ravaging change in the ecosystem. With subtle satire, the book invites readers to become Change Agents by adopting lifestyles that improve nature.

The Change Agents is a valuable book for parents and educators to teach children a valuable lesson on climate change while entertaining them with amusing creatures.

Pages: 380 | ASIN : B09LJX3MT7

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Along The Messy Paths Of Our Lives

Michelle Picard
Michelle Picard Author Interview

The Whisper of Dragons follows a Story Whisperer that must solve the mystery behind the chaos engulfing the planet before a deeper threat leads to the death of humankind. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

I first pictured the story world of The Whisper of Dragons when I was walking through a state park, looking at tree roots poking out of the ground. I’d been listening to a podcast reviewing a book about the complex communication and social networks of trees and the messages that flow between them under the earth. I began to think about how everything communicates with everything else. And that was the beginning of the magic system of the novel, the idea of magic manipulating the stories between everything. As a writer I value language, and believe that the stories we tell affect reality. So it was an easy step to think about stories as the connection between matter and a force that could be manipulated to influence matter.

The other major influence on my novel was the common experience of living with the existential threats to our world today. We face so many problems that it’s pretty disheartening at times. So like anyone else, I look for solutions. Since I’m not a scientist, technology maverick, politician or spiritual leader, I’m stuck trying to build solutions with my writing. It helps me process all of the uncertainty we live with. In this book I got to combine many of my interests including language, a fascination with human nature and its shortcomings, and a curiosity about what constitutes life. Plus, I’ve adored fantasy and science fiction all of my life and have so much fun building worlds out of my interests.

What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I relate to my protagonist Kavi’s need to find a purpose in her life and untangle her identity. My day job is as a psychotherapist, so I love questions about how people develop their identities. Since it’s a common for most of us mere mortals to walk around feeling disconnected and different from other people (I don’t mean to be negative, I just listen to so many folks who feel this way), I wanted my character to be experiencing her personal version of the largescale external threat of the novel, humanity’s disconnection with itself and how that threatens everyone’s survival. And wanted her to figure out her way through to accepting herself and to finding a way to humanity to become more connected.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

As I have already mentioned, some major themes include connection versus disconnection, and how love, forgiveness and compassion help address the contrast between the two. I also wanted to address the idea of magic and science as a blend. Not because I believe we’ll be able to harness magic in our real world to help solve our complex problems, but because any of our solutions will mean thinking out of the box and redefining what we often assume are singular solutions that look at something only from one lens. And finally, I wanted to think about how we make assumptions in our personal relationships, and how even when they have been injured or fragmented along the messy paths of our lives, there is a chance to heal and to develop more understanding. I wanted to explore this idea not only in the main love relationship of this novel, but also in the protagonist’s relationships with her foster sister and her long time mentor.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

My current project is a book tentatively named Dreams Walk the Earth. It is another contemporary fantasy set on modern day earth. The premise is that the collective dreams of humanity have been harvested to bring the magical creatures from human imagination to life. Dragons, faeries, witches, shapeshifters, unicorns, and vampires. They have hidden from humanity because of the danger to themselves with exposure, having only come out to the world when they helped heal society in the aftermath of World War II. They withdrew again after that grand effort, but with environmental threats and political unrest, the protagonist Aislinn, who embodies a mixture of all of their magic, must convince them to help heal the world and save humanity. Only they discover that another magical race has been created from the dregs of human nightmares and is a threat to everything. I am hoping that this novel will be available by next Christmas. In the meantime, I have another complete manuscript that needs revision and then I will push forward o publish called The Demon’s Whip. It’s a dark high fantasy, very different from what I’ve written in the past. I worked on the project years ago but was distracted from the finish line. But I’ve gotten some good feedback on it and want to get it out there.

I’ve previously published a contemporary fantasy trilogy called The Eden’s Court Saga, also available on Amazon. The first book of the series is Ruling Eden, so check it out. There are some similarities of that story world to my current project, Dreams Walk the Earth, although they are not at all meant to be set in the same universe.

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Something is wrong with the Story of the world….

Stories are the bonds of connection between all matter, and their breakdown is causing earthquakes and social unrest to tear apart 21st century Earth. Kavi, a Story Whisperer, must solve the mystery of this chaos before a deeper threat leads to the death of humankind.

Kavi has a secret. A dragon chose her as its heir when she was a child because she possessed strong magic to bend the Stories of matter. Kavi’s dragon wants her to inherit its mantle, transform, and join the ranks of the Guardians who protect the world.

But if the dragon’s powerful Story magic cannot save her people, how will she?

And will she have to give up her humanity to do so?

The Whisper of Dragons

The Whisper of Dragons, by Michelle Picard follows Kavi, a Story Whisper, who must solve the mystery of the earthquakes and social unrest that is tearing apart 21st century Earth. She is also the heir to one of three dragons who are Guardian to Earth’s Story. What happens when humanity loses its connection with itself, causing the Void to tear apart the very fabric of the world? And what happens when the Kavi’s dragon wants to kill humanity to get rid of the Void? Kavi must decide between saving humanity and merging with her dragon to make a new Guardian.

I enjoyed that this novel is written from the first person perspective. It allowed me into the story, into the character’s mind, and into a familiar but magical world. Michelle Picard uses poetry to advance the storyline and give readers insight into the character’s thoughts. She kept it tied to the character, a good way to define Kavi, with the poetry taking over to be the end all of the story.

Stories have been a cornerstone to passing on history for as far back as people can remember. So, Michelle Picard’s inclusion of having everything, including the Earth have a story was truly wonderful. She made it clear that everything encompassing humanity is connected by the Long Story. The author while giving readers enough information about the Long Story to fully understand the situation, managed to keep the novel focused on the threat and the solution Kavi must carry out.

The Whisper of Dragons by Michelle Picard leaves the reader with a deeper understanding of the connectivity of all things in nature, and that sometimes those we believe are on our side can make bad choices. This is a complex and creative story about humanity that I highly recommend to fans of paranormal and urban fantasy.

Pages: 442 | ASIN: B098LYMKJ6

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A Truth That’s Often Omitted

Martyn Stanley
Martyn Stanley Author Interview

Ofelia follows an immortal vampire who faces a choice to either embrace her immortality or eliminate the vampire race. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

That’s a difficult question because it’s complex. I was actually part way through writing Deathsworn Arc 6: Emergence at around August 2019. At the time I was in Avignon in France and we’d been to the famous bridge and learned all about its history. I can’t explain why, but Avignon inspired me to write the character of Ofelia. The idea for the actual story? Well that goes back to a book I read to my son years ago called ‘The 1000 year old boy’. In that story immortality seems to be presented as a bad thing in a very black and white way. While we were on holiday in France, after we’d left Avignon and driven to the south coast, I got a call from my father to tell me that my mother had been taken into hospital. She’d been terminally ill with cancer for some time, but that phone call marked the beginning of the end. It got me thinking about how transient and short life is, and that maybe we shouldn’t judge people for wanting to live longer. A further inspiration was a good Romanian friend of mine – Nicoleta Mocanu. She lives near Brasov and has been following my Deathsworn Arc series since book 1. We talk books a lot, and though we’re good friends she’s one of my harshest critics. I wanted to give Ofelia an authentic origin story. Nico helped me with choosing many of the names in the book, though she didn’t want me to use Magdalena Florescu as that’s actually a quite common name in Romania. Like a Jane Smith or something? I was writing for a British and American audience mainly though and I liked it, so I went with it anyway. Researching the history of Brasov and Bran Castle, and the surrounding area? That was really when I got who Ofelia was and how she came to be what she was. It’s also how I came to visualise Dealul Negru, Ofelia’s village.

Ofelia is an intriguing character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

I think with Ofelia, a key part of her story and character is about what it means to be a child. There are times in the book, when Ofelia seems almost powerless in the cogs of bureaucracy. I was writing this story for a slightly younger audience than my Deathsworn Arc novels and I wanted to capture the frustration youngsters feel when they swept up in adult decisions which they have no influence over. I wanted to explore what the life of an orphan in modern Britain might be like, but at the same time with the added frustration of actually being a 500 year old immortal. Throughout the story I think you get the impression Ofelia avoids relationships with people. I wanted to paint the relationship with Amicia Le Moyne as having been particularly important to her, and also that when that relationship ended it hurt. Perhaps hurt so much she didn’t want to befriend anyone else, only to watch them grow old and die again. The last thing I wanted to portray, was that living for 500 years has made Ofelia unusually pragmatic and logical. I think if we’d seen half a millennia of history unfold like that, that’s perhaps a direction we’d lean in. There were times when I was writing Ofelia that I was quite depressed. I could sense myself trying to avoid having feelings for anything or anyone. With Ofelia’s long and dark history, I thought she’d probably have found herself doing the same thing, particularly while under the influence of the immortal paradox. That was something I wanted to subtly infer, I suppose it’s made a little more obvious in the closing chapters.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Oh, there were so many! Immortality and the morality of immortality is definitely a key one. So many books paint immortality as bad thing to aspire to, but life is never truly as simple as ‘this good’, ‘that bad’. I wanted to to break that genre trope. I also really wanted to explore this idea I’d had of what it would be like for an ancient child-vampire to end up being taken into care against their will and treated like a child. Once I started having images in my head of this, I had to really explore it. I can’t explain why, but I found the idea intensely compelling. The last thing, but maybe the most important thing was a theme which Ofelia shares with my Deathsworn Arc novels. I love subverting reader expectations and breaking genres and tropes. There are various tropes, you can probably guess which ones I’m referring to, that perpetuate YA vampire stories. If there are rules for writing in a genre, then the first thing I will ever do is figure out how I can break them. I was particularly pleased with the vampire lore in Ofelia. To my knowledge, it is completely unique and again once I had the secret for turning vampires figured out, I had to write it. I was immensely satisfied with how that worked out. I didn’t want the antagonists in the story to be evil for evil’s sake, irredeemable monsters. The alternate future Ofelia saw for herself would have happened if Ofelia had chosen that future. I also didn’t want my protagonist to be a squeaky-clean, perfect, Mary Sue. If anyone’s read my Deathsworn Arc they’ll know I’m a big fan of characters making plans, but those plans never quite fall into place as they are supposed to. Almost universally my characters plans either have to be abandoned or adapted on the fly. I think this is reflective of real life, but it’s a truth that’s often omitted from fiction.

This is book one in The Book of Davoth series. What can readers expect in book two?

Book 2 is well under way! It’s called ‘Ouroboros’ or ‘The Ouroboros Ring’ I haven’t decided yet. I actually started writing it BEFORE Ofelia, it was going to be the first in the ‘Book of Davoth’ series. However, I got so swept up in the ideas I’d had for Ofelia that got pushed to the front of the queue. At the moment I’m about half way through writing it. Deathsworn Arc 6: Emergence will be my next release. The Book of Davoth series is really about the book, rather than a specific character. Ouroboros starts following a different protagonist and a different antagonist who is also in possession of a copy of the book. The thing is though, when I read back my paperback copy of Ofelia and started reading the reviews people were leaving for the book… I realised how much I loved the character of Ofelia and how much my readers did too! I had to get Ofelia back. As it happens, I’d been at a stage in the story where I’d ended up in a kind of literary dead-end. The idea of bringing Ofelia into the story REALLY opened up possibilities and showed me a pathway to the conclusion. In effect I think the idea of bringing Ofelia in saved the story. It takes place after the main events of Book 1, but before the epilogue. Will there be another 100% Ofelia-centric book? Yes, that’s either book 3 or 4 in the series. I haven’t decided yet, but it will take place after the events of the epilogue in book 1 and will likely involve the mysterious vampire who Victor went off to turn during book one. As you can imagine, that individual is still around years later, but desperately wants to make more vampires. Except of course he can’t! That’s where the series is going. Book 2 is about an ancient warlock that’s been surviving since the 16th century by stealing younger people’s bodies, swapping minds with them. All using the spells within the Book of Davoth of course. How does Ofelia come into it? Well she ended up with Victor’s copy and she’s been studying it. It’s a dangerous thing and she’s wants to protect the world from the damage the book can do, which was only touched on in book 1.

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From the author of the ground-breaking ‘Deathsworn Arc’ fantasy series, comes a new take on the vampire novel.

For centuries, a hidden clique of vampires ruled Europe from the shadows. Then they created Ofelia. Turned into a vampire against her will at the age of 11 in the 15th century, Ofelia has never aged.

After centuries of hunting vampires, she’s on her way to Stonehenge to perform a ritual, which she hopes will restore her humanity. However, an unfortunate turn of events will see her taken for an orphan, placed in a children’s home and forced to attend school.

When her copy of the ritual vanishes, she loses all hope of lifting her curse.

Worse still, it turns out she hadn’t defeated all the vampires, and the one remaining vampire needs her blood to rebuild the vampire dynasty with him at the head.

Now Ofelia faces a choice: embrace her immortality and usher in a new generation of vampires, or finish what she started.

Ofelia (The Book of Davoth 1)

Ofelia (The Book of Davoth 1) by [Martyn Stanley, Rachael Stanley]

Since the 15th Century, Ofelia has been faced with the ultimate challenge to be forever alone and to never grow up. With growing hatred of the life she has been given, Ofelia has gathered all she needs to pursue her true desires: the dream to live among the mortals, to age beautifully year after year, and to escape the cruel world of vampirism. Being the last of her kind, she must do it quickly, or risk being trapped forever. With a companion by her side and a map in her grasp, what could go wrong?

Yet her dream of human life becomes dust when an incident takes her companion and only resources to the gateway of humanity. Ofelia is now left to her own devices when forced into what seems to be a child-like prison. From social services to medical discoveries, Ofelia continues to long for a life outside her child form. Ofelia later meets another, who offers what seems to be the crossroads to her mortal and immortal freedom. Ofelia must now choose between the destiny she has been chasing for centuries or the new future of her kind.

This exciting book jumps right into the story. Leaving character building for later, readers are treated to a dark and detailed supernatural world. Author Martyn Stanely creates suspense and sudden interest in the novel right from the very beginning, ensuring readers will be enthralled with the action and sense of supernatural adventure inherent in the story. While I would have enjoyed more character development to build a connection to the protagonist, I felt like the plot more than made up for it.

Throughout the rest of the novel, the imagery of a vampire and the interpretation of vampirism is unique and refreshing in comparison to most modern literature. The lore and backstory seems so deep and fascinating. This is a short novel, or maybe it was just a quick read that was hard to put down, either way I got through it really fast. The content is new and this dark fantasy series shows a lot of promise for vampire fans looking for an invigorating urban fantasy story.

Ofelia offers something new and refreshing on the concept of vampirism, which is hard to do in a packed genre. I look forward to seeing more character development in future novels in the series because what is given here is certainly intriguing.

Pages: 272 | ASIN: B08MQPS2DD

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It Always Felt Incomplete

Rizwan Asad
Rizwan Asad Author Interview

Dio in the Dark finds the Gods of Greek myth living among mortals, and when Zeus goes missing in Toronto it’s up to his son to find him. What was the inspiration for the setup to your story?

Honestly, this story began as practice. I wrote a short story several years ago to experiment where I felt the Greek gods would fit into today’s world. It always felt incomplete to me, and I revisited it some years later, and it turned into this novella.

Dio is an intriguing and well developed character. What were some driving ideals behind your character’s development?

Thank you! Dio was a challenging character for me to write for the same reasons that he experiences challenges in his life. How can one forgive their father for murdering their mother? How do you respect yourself when the only thing people like about you is the same thing everyone mocks? His story is very much about learning to accept himself as a god, while tuning into a sense of familial responsibility rooted somewhere deep within.

What were some themes that were important for you to explore in this book?

Acceptance of oneself, familial responsibility, and the long-lasting effects of trauma.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

I’m working on the sequel to Dio in the Dark! It doesn’t have a title yet…or a release date, though I’m hoping it will be out by late-2022 or early-2023.

My next release is a children’s picture book called “City Kitties”. It’s scheduled to release on December 3rd, 2021.

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The powers of the pantheon have faded. The gods live amongst the mortals, grasping for what little of their divinity remains.
When Zeus – King of the Gods – goes missing in modern-day Toronto, it is up to his estranged son, Dio, to find him.
And with rumours of The Darkness coming, Dio will have to race to find his father, and uncover the truth before it’s too late!

There Is A Lot Of Emotion

Shana Congrove
Shana Congrove Author Interview

Unleashed Chaos follows twins Jace and Jem who find their lives changed forever after the Chiang-shih demon is destroyed, freeing their evil half-brother Sebastian. What were some changes you made to this revised edition?

I believe you can always make a story better, no matter how seasoned the author is. And that’s exactly what I did in addition to a new cover, a new editor, and published it myself. Now, as I move into my sixth novel in the series, I have developed more skills as a writer—thanks to helpful tips from talented authors, a real editor, and gracious readers—especially when it comes to the fight scenes and the sizzling romance.

I enjoyed Jace and Jem Chamberlain characters. Who in Hollywood do you see playing them if this were turned into a movie?

Jace and Jem Chamberlain are my dearest characters. They started my story from the very beginning at the tender age of four. Since they are identical twins and all grown up now, their characters are very similar, although somewhat different in personality, like fire and ice. What actor do I see playing their parts in a movie? Well, that’s tough to say. My characters actually came from a “real” person that is not an actor. Sorry, keeping that one a secret. So, I’d have to say, they look a lot like Brad Pitt when he played in the movie “Legends of the Fall.” But since that was years ago, the actor in today’s time would be Charlie Hunnam. His voice would be great for Jace!

Your characters go on a deeply emotional and transformative journey in your novel. Is this intentional or incidental to the story you want to tell?

Yes, there is a lot of emotion in my novels between my characters. Lots of new budding love, new beginnings, revenge, and forgiveness. I definitely wanted to start this story with our everyday human emotions. In my opinion, it makes the characters believable and seem “real” to the readers. Although most of my characters are not human, they still share all the traits of humanity.

What is the next book that you are working on and when will it be available?

In 2022, I will release my sixth novel of the Breedline series, The Curse, along with revised editions of Sweet Chaos and Total Chaos. In 2023, I plan to release the seventh novel of the Breedline series, Living Nightmares. In 2024, I’m writing a special edition of the Novels of the Breedline series, The Vampires in Manhattan. This book will take readers into the era of the mid-eighteenth century.

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Identical twins Jace and Jem Chamberlain, born of the Breedline species—a secret race of humans with the gift to change into wolf form—find their lives changed forever after the Chiang-shih demon is finally destroyed, freeing their evil half-brother Sebastian Crow of the demon’s possession.

As Sebastian moves on with his new life, evading punishment for his crimes against the Breedline, he uncovers a secret from his past, leading him down a dangerous path he hadn’t bargained for.

Meanwhile, Jace is fiercely determined to protect his beloved Tessa, who is pregnant with his twin sons, from Sebastian Crow and his recurring nightmares. Worried his dreams are visions of her death, Jace battles with the lesser of two evils: to seek revenge against his half-brother, or to surrender his fury before his thirst for vengeance destroys everything he loves.

Now that everyone in the Breedline Covenant looks forward to Jem and Mia’s wedding, a mysterious guest arrives unexpectedly with an extraordinary gift of healing. The question is… are they all prepared to deal with the unforeseen visitor’s dark past of running from a corrupt group of scientists obsessed with his rare abilities, or will they be driven to the brink of madness?
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