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Man, Kind

Man, Kind is a frantic and dramatic story following two women on the run from dangerous men. Through a scarred land Juno faces many deadly obstacles and learns more about herself, and the past, than she ever expected. One little girl might be the only hope for mankind, but surviving is harder than it seems.

This is an intense story that likens itself to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, but I found that this book moves a lot faster than McCarthy’s post-apocalyptic tale. But in this novel C.C. Berke is still able to keep that emotional and contemplative feel even within the quicker pace. Filled with suspenseful events and perilous decisions, I found myself on edge through most of this gripping story.

I appreciated how well developed the characters were, and how they slowly evolved over time. Lexa is just as interesting as Juno, but what I really enjoyed in this story was how their relationship developed. The developing bond between Juno and Lexa is endearing and makes you root for them. I found that by the end, they each had layers and depth to their character that made them feel authentic.

The author has created a thoughtful and intellectually invigorating post-apocalyptic future that provides stimulating commentary on humanity and our choices. The backstory that is slowly revealed is intriguing and has links to contemporary issues, while hinting at the self-sabotaging nature of humans. This is a story with something to say, and knows how to say it, without ever feeling preachy.

Man, Kind is a compelling post-apocalyptic science fiction story that surprised me with the depth of its world and the tenacity and bond of its characters. For anyone who loves thrilling adventures with strong female characters on a headlong and perilous journey. This is an emotionally charged adventure story set in a striking apocalyptic landscape.

Pages: 370 | ASIN: B08Q7F158Q

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Lucy Finds a Home

Lucy Finds a Home (Lucy's Tale #1)5 Stars

Lucy Finds a Home by Rolynda Tassan features an adorable little grey kitten who got lost in the forest after climbing out of the basket she shared with her siblings. It is a short and sweet tale about a lost animal searching for it’s place in the world, and comes across many different animals and struggles as it looks for a family and a home to call it’s own. It rings true to classic children’s stories that revolve around discovery and identifying animals, and the kitten Lucy goes through a series of emotions as she tries to find a family with the forest creatures.

This book is good for children because you can show them that hard-work will always bring in good results. Most children books have simple meaning to them, and the story about Lucy is the same. You can teach a lot of different easy to understand life lessons by following Lucy’s quest for finding a home in the world. When the story begins, Lucy is in a basket with her other siblings, and the picture shows that the kittens are free and available to be taken in by a good home. Of course Lucy doesn’t read the sign, and wanders off to go explore.

In her exploration, Lucy comes across animals like turtles and deer, whom all welcome her into their lives. Unfortunately, Lucy finds out that she doesn’t quite belong with the woodland animals as she tries out their different food and living situations. This can be a great way to help children learn more about animals and their habitats, while also encouraging them to be brave and try new things.

The plot of the book is centered around the lost kitten Lucy and her struggles to find a home. You can get your children involved with the storytelling by asking them who they think Lucy should live with and why. As the story gets closer to the end, Lucy has to deal with scary parts of the adventure like a rushing river and losing her dry place to sleep. Remind your children to be brave, just like Lucy was in the story!

This is an adorable, sweet little book that children will love. I liked the adventures that Lucy went on, and how it showed she wasn’t afraid to try new things, but was also brave enough to admit when something didn’t work out. My favorite thing about the story, and that I hope to see featured in the rest of the line of books that Lucy will be featured in, is that she never gave up. This is a great thing to see in children’s books, and as a mom personally, I’m always encouraging my kids to stay strong. Having a kitten like Lucy to remind them of when times get tough is a great thing, and I love that it is shown here!

Pages: 28 | ISBN: 0998331805

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