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The Experience Of Love

Geraldine Moran Author Interview

The Moon Child tells the story of one adopted girl’s connection to her birth parents through the Moon and Sun. Why was this an important book for to you publish?

My daughter is adopted and this story was something that I used to tell her when she was little.

I think the personification of the moon and sun allows a child or parent that may have had the experience of separation from a parent to understand that they are never forgotten and always loved. The sun and the moon provide that tangible link as we all look at them from time to time.

The art in the book is fantastic. What was the art collaboration process like with illustrator Daniella Banco?

Dani is such a legend and beautiful person. She nailed the concept of the book in her first draft drawing which happens to be the cover.

She asked wonderful questions, got some photos of our family and made the book such a personal joy for my daughter, Bella. She captured the words and gave them life through her illustrations.

What scene in the book did you have the most fun creating?

I think capturing The Moon Child with her favorite things was the most fun. Morphing Bella’s favorite things into the image with the sand and her dog and her tutu. The joy of a child in their experience of love.

Dani and Bella met after the book had been published and they were like kindred spirits. It was beautiful.

What is one thing you hope readers take away from your story?

My hope for readers is that they can share in the love that exists for children in adopted or foster families.

Most importantly allow a child to understand that no matter where in the world or what happens in their life, their birth parents never forget them or stop loving them. Just as their adoptive or foster parents provide love to them.

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This is the story of Bella, who was born in China and is growing up into a beautiful young woman in Australia with her adoptive parents, Geraldine and Geoff.

Author Geraldine Moran first wrote this story when Bella was a baby, and has continued to tell it to her over the years. Bella has always loved hearing her story. It has also been told to Bella’s friends, classmates and teachers, and resonated with them as the story of Bella’s special life.

Both Geraldine and Bella are delighted to now share her story with a wider audience.
The Moon Child celebrates the importance of adoption but never forgets the parents who still love their child, but cannot be an active part of their life.

It is also a story of belonging.

If I Knew You

If I Knew You is a stirring poem about parenthood, growing up, and family that is paired with beautiful watercolor artwork to create an emotional picture book that will be impactful to both kids and adults.

Although the book is short, it conveys the emotions and thoughts expectant parents usually have. I thought at first the poem would be about a mother wondering about the first few years of their child’s life, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the poem goes much further than that and explores the many different phases of life, and parenthood. The last few pages certainly touched my heart as I reflected on the same times I had with my children, and those times that are yet to come.

The poem is easy to follow, and lyrical, which will make it perfect for beginning readers. Young children will be glued to the pages as their parents read this wonderful poem to them as the mix of watercolor and graphic art makes for a vibrant picture book that is eye-catching. There are both boys and girls, men and women, all throughout the story so the book will speak to anyone, no matter their age.

If I Knew You is a memorable and evocative picture book that is a perfect gift for expecting parents, or as a book to read to children as it will inspire them to think about their life ahead.

Pages: 41 | ASIN: B0BQNZM7V6

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The Moon Child

One night, a baby is left outside a doorway. The parents kiss their child goodbye, leave a note, and say goodbye. The Moon takes great interest in the child and asks the Sun for help. She is watched over by the Sun and the Moon throughout her life and is connected to her birth parents through them.

Author Geraldine Moran shares a personal story with readers with her heartfelt children’s book, The Moon Child. This is an imaginative story that bring the Sun and the Moon to life and gives hope to any child that is adopted and might feel disconnected from their birth parents. It inspires hope and tells a stirring story that feels like a folktale.

The gorgeous artwork by illustrator Daniella Banco reflects the warm and sincere tone of the story. Each page contains beautiful watercolor artwork that will capture the attention of any young child as their parents or teachers read this story to them. I especially loved the image where the baby’s parents stood under the tree at night.

The Moon Child is a stirring and uplifting children’s book that will touch the hearts of readers. I would highly recommend this wonderful book to children who are struggling with adoption, or to anyone who feels out of place.

Pages: 24 | ASIN: B0BN5LL69R

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Noah’s Wild Birthday

Noah likes animals. He especially loves lizards. He knows all about them and hopes to own a Leopard Gecko one day. Noah sets off to show his mother that he can be more responsible, and with his birthday just around the corner, he’ll be older too. Will he get the Leopard Gecko he’s been hoping for?

Author Christina Champion has turned her family stories into a wonderfully educational children’s book. This vibrant picture book follows a cheerful little boy that knows a great deal about lizards. He shares his knowledge with readers and gives interesting facts about a variety of lizards throughout the story.

Every page includes a cute illustration that fits the story well. I especially loved the page where the Leopard Gecko was drawn and the anatomy was pointed out in a way that a child will be able to relate to. I also enjoyed how the narration and dialogue bubbles worked seamlessly together to tell a cohesive, engaging, and fun story.

This is a great kid’s book for early readers as the language used throughout is perfect for young elementary school children. Younger children will also be glued to the pages as their parents read the story to them as there are a variety of cute animals throughout the book that they’ll adore. Noah’s Wild Birthday is a humorous, entertaining and educational children’s book that I would highly recommend to parents and teachers.

Pages: 31 | ASIN: B0BSG342M2

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Cassie’s Big Change: Going from the Living Room to the Classroom

Cassie is finally getting to return to her school building after learning from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. She did not love going to school in her living room on a laptop. She missed her friends and teachers. Now that there is a vaccine, she can return to her school and be with her class in person again.

Cassie’s Big Change: Going from the Living Room to the Classroom is more than a story about returning to school. Author Tamera Foley uses this children’s story to validate the feelings many young children have had during the pandemic and the emotional struggles they felt. She uses Cassie’s writing assignment to show children different ways to express themselves and let others know how they feel. It shows children that the adults at school and home care about how they are feeling and that what they feel is important and real. I loved the part where the children were sharing their feelings on the playground, and they were not superficial remarks like you might expect in a kid’s book. Instead, they show just how aware children are of the world around them and the impact that things like COVID-19 have had on their world.

The childrens book Cassie’s Big Change: Going from the Living Room to the Classroom is beautifully written and shares ways that children can express their emotions in a positive and safe manner, be it through clay models, writing a story, or talking one on one with a teacher or parent. Tamera Foley shows kids that they have a voice and that their feelings are important. This is a wonderful children’s book that any elementary classroom would benefit from having.

Pages: 44 | ASIN : B099B13X7T

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My Sister Wants an Elephant

My Sister Wants an Elephant follows two siblings who fall in love with animals. Randy adores llamas, especially a soft and gentle one named Timba, and young Jerica adores elephants. They beg and plead with their mother to get them these animals as pets, but there is just no room for them. The siblings prepare their best pout and get ready for one last attempt to convince their mother, but just then their mom comes up with a compromise.

This is a humorous and educational children’s book that follows two kids who are persistent and follow their dreams. This book does a fantastic job of showing how, when you are passionate about something, you have to come up with a plan to accomplish your goals. Randy is a lively character and the story is told from his point of view. This adds a relatable angle to the book as most kids will be able to relate to his thoughts and will find his reactions entertaining.

I thought this story was going to end with the children getting their animals. Well, they do, but not in the way that I expected, and it was fantastic. Their mother comes up with a crafty compromise that fulfills all their needs. It was surprising but sensible, and I think this is an important lesson to teach children; to come up with sensible solutions to problems.

My Sister Wants an Elephant tells a true story in a way that is a bit whimsical and fun but still conveys a useful message to young readers. This is perfect for readers in kindergarten through third grade as the words are easy to read. Elementary school children will love reading this down-to-earth and charming picture book.

Pages: 35 | ASIN: B0BR4J4S1H

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I Can Do What Daddy Can Do

Young Logan is hanging out with his dad this weekend and is going to accompany him as he completes his chores and has fun at the park. Throughout the day readers learn that, although Logan is only four years old, he can still do many of the things that his father can do.

Author Kitty Arceneaux has created a wonderful children’s book that will help parents get their kids used to the idea of doing chores. I enjoyed following Logan and his father around because it shows readers how they complete basic chores together. This will inspire little children to try new things, especially chores, and shows them that they can do things that grown-ups can do.

Readers are taken through a variety of activities and I loved just how encouraging Logan’s father was. Readers looking for an inspirational Christian picture book will love the scene at the end where the family prays together. In this wonderful scene young readers will also learn how to thank God in their prayers.

I Can Do What Daddy Can Do will show young children that they can complete chores around the house, just like dad does. This vibrant children’s book will inspire them to be helpful and to do their chores, all within a wonderfully relatable and entertaining story.

Pages: 23 | ASIN: B08B5FZKFC

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I Can Do What Mommy Can Do

Four-year-old Tess wants to try all the different things that her mother does throughout the day. Together, they fold the laundry, go shopping, build a business, and pray, among a variety of other daily activities. Tess and her mother have a fun-filled day together and we learn that Tess sure can do what her mother does.

This is an inspirational children’s book that shows that, with a little encouragement, young children can do the things that adults do. Readers are taken through various task that Tess’s mother has to complete for the day, and at each one we either learn why it’s important or what might be challenging for Tess. Her mother is wonderfully encouraging at every activity.

This wonderful picture book provides plenty of encouragement for young kids to try things. We should be letting kids try things, so they learn how to do them, and we let them know we’ll be there to help them. I also loved how Tess and her mother are shown growing a business. This adds a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit to the book that many children’s books often lack.

I can Do What Mommy Can Do is a charming picture book that will motivate young readers to try things and to do what their parents do. This kid’s book provides a lot of great bonding experiences, teaching moments, and fun all in one book.

Pages: 23 | ASIN: B08B4YJSY3

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